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Chapter 100 – I Only Want to Play a Small Role

“If you climb to the window, you might be able to see me.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“Ah?” Su Mucheng was still wrapped in her blankets. She kept the blankets wrapped around and climbed to the window. She looked out and swept across the streets. Although the she was pretty high up and the people on the streets were pretty small, it was still easy for her to recognize familiar people. But when Su Mucheng scanned outside, she didn’t see anything: “I don’t see you…..”

“Diagonally opposite to you on the streets is a Happy Internet Cafe.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh, I know that Internet Cafe.” Su Mucheng said. After all, she lived around here. Even though she had never been to the Internet Cafe, she still knew of it. Her gaze shifted to the Internet Cafe direction, but she still didn’t see him.

“Yeah, I’m in the Internet Cafe!”

“You’re pulling all-nighters again?” Su Mucheng understood Ye Xiu well.

“For work.” Ye Xiu said seriously.


“Right, I’m working in the Internet Cafe right now.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh, that fits you well!” Although Su Mucheng said that smiling, she couldn’t help but grieve in her heart. It didn’t matter who switched, this type of gap in level couldn’t be adapted so quickly right? Ye Xiu’s tone seemed to say that like he couldn’t care less. There even seemed to be a trace of pride. But this guy…… had always been a “mouth says yes, heart says no” type of guy. Even for her, who was very familiar with him, sometimes didn’t know what he was thinking.

“Yeah, I’m on night-duty everyday. My life is awfully disciplined now.” Ye Xiu said.

“Where are you living?” Su Mucheng asked.

“The Internet Cafe takes care of food and shelter. Let me tell you this. This Internet Cafe’s lady boss is a super big fan of yours. Give me a signature some time later. If I give it to her, she’ll definitely raise my salary.” Ye Xiu said.

“Really? Then I’ll go visit you?” Su Mucheng said.

“This….. Do you want to visit me or do you want to be surrounded by fans?” Ye Xiu said.

Su Mucheng was helpless. It’s not like she didn’t know of this. Regarding pro-players like her, Internet Cafes were the number one forbidden place. If she went, then she’d definitely cause chaos. Su Mucheng’s skill level wasn’t considered top-tier in the pro scene, but her popularity didn’t lose to anyone. This was the beautiful girl effect. Just by relying on her appearance, advertising companies favored her highly. Most of the reason why Chen Guo felt that Su Mucheng was the best female player was because of this sort of PR effect.

For example, in the recent years, with his influence rising, Zhou Zekai could be considered the number one player. He might not be as skilled as the top-tier players like Huang Shaotian or Han Wenqing. But he looked handsome and was also stylish. He was suitable for the young and old. Both males and females liked him. The media praised his accomplishments. The advertising companies thought highly of him. From a business standpoint, Zhou Zekai was the undisputed number one. In addition, his skill really was good. Nowadays, the only thing he was missing was the title of League Champion. If not, then he would have taken the throne of number one long ago.

“Then maybe later when there’s a chance!” Su Mucheng wasn’t in a hurry. Knowing that Ye Xiu wasn’t too far away and was even in the neighborhood, she immediately felt at peace.

“I saw yesterday’s match. You played pretty well!” Ye Xiu said.

“I don’t like Sun Xiang as a person, but…… he really is quite strong.” Su Mucheng said.

“But he’s still a bit inexperienced.” Ye Xiu sighed.


“Are you busy these days?”

“You still need to ask this?” The two had been so close for all these years. They understood each other’s lifestyle and habits extremely well.

“Come to the new server and help me set a new record.”

“You’re playing in the new server?” Su Mucheng stared blankly.



“I transferred Lord Grim over.” Ye Xiu said.

At this moment, Su Mucheng was silent for quite a long time. She clearly knew a lot about this account.

“You’re planning on leveling this account?” Su Mucheng asked.


“Compared to leveling, the Thousand Chance Umbrella is even more troublesome right?”

“Right! But one year is more than enough time.” Ye Xiu said.

“And one year later?”

“I’ll return. I said that a while ago. “Ye Xiu said.

“Okay……” Su Mucheng suddenly felt like crying.

“What dungeon record do you want to set?” Su Mucheng suddenly felt that this was a problem. If Ye Xiu wanted to set a new record in the new server, why would he need her to help?

Soon after, Ye Xiu explained it to her. After hearing it, Su Mucheng understood: “So it turns out you were going to use this type of method to gather materials. No wonder you chose the new server. If things go smoothly, then you might not even need a year.”

“The crucial point is at Level 50. I still need to figure out how I’m going to upgrade it to Level 70.” Ye Xiu said.

“I’ll definitely come help you.”

“Okay. So you need to hurry up and level an account to 25. Afterwards, you also need to keep leveling with it, so that you’ll be available at any time.” Ye Xiu ordered.

“Sure…..” Su Mucheng smiled while agreeing.

After hanging up the phone, Su Mucheng’s mood became incomparably good. In reality, she wasn’t actually too interested in Glory. She only started playing the game to purely play a small role. Who knew that after all these years she’d risen to such a situation? So many people admired her, yet Su Mucheng only wanted to play that small role in her heart.

When Ye Xiu was forced to retire, she felt that her career as a small role should have also ended. But Ye Xiu said that he was still going to come back, so she decided to continue holding on.

One year! She had originally thought she’d need that much time, but after just a few days, Ye Xiu had already come back.

That’s right, Ye Xiu still hadn’t returned to the Professional Alliance. But Su Mucheng had never thought of this. She had only wanted to play a small role, whether it be in the Professional Alliance or the game, it didn’t matter.

The happy Su Mucheng hummed a song while getting out of bed. Right when she was washing her face, her cell phone rang again. She immediately ran to look and then picked up the phone.


“Mucheng……. You said that you wanted to transfer clubs, but that isn’t so easy to do! I know Ye Qiu’s retirement hit you hard. But you have to know that Excellent Era won’t easily let you go……”

“It’s all right sister Yang, I was just randomly asking that’s all.” Su Mucheng smiled.

“Ah? Randomly asking?” The person on the other line was somewhat puzzled. When she had asked for this before, it didn’t seem like she was just randomly asking. It seemed like she wanted to leave no matter what.

“Right, I’m doing quite well like this. Do you have anything else?” Su Mucheng asked.

“No….. that’s it.”

“Then I’ll be hanging up! Bye bye.”

Su Mucheng really did want to transfer at one point. It was at the same time Ye Xiu left. But now that she knew Ye Xiu was still here, then it didn’t really matter anymore.

After tidying everything up, Su Mucheng wrapped herself up tightly and went out the door. When a famous person went out, then she needed to be armed. The club definitely had a new server account card, but Su Mucheng still felt that it was better to buy one herself.

Su Mucheng bought a tenth server account card at a newspaper stand diagonally opposite to Happy Internet Cafe. Carrying the new card, Su Mucheng looked at the Internet Cafe across the street in a daze and wanted to go in to take a look.

I’ve covered my self so tightly. I don’t think anyone will be able to recognize me right? Su Mucheng thought to herself. Then she saw a person swaying side to side with a cigarette in his mouth. Both of his hands were rigidly in his pockets. His head peeped out of the door and he looked around left and right. He turned his head as if he were saying something and then came out.

This person, why was he always like this? Su Mucheng looked at him from far away. She didn’t know why but she wanted to laugh. In the end, after seeing the person take a few steps, he unexpectedly waved his hands at her.

What! He could still recognize me like this? Su Mucheng was amazed. She immediately looked around left and right to see if anyone else had noticed her. Club Excellent Era wasn’t some top secret military base. The fans in the area all knew where the club was located. There was no lack of zealous fans that would stand guard outside the club waiting to get a signature or take a picture with them. Especially since this place also had the super secret God Ye Qiu. They would sometimes even lie low like a paparazzi.

Su Mucheng looked left and right and didn’t see anything abnormal. But she still felt that it’d be best to not go forward. She immediately put the account card into her pocket and hurriedly ran back. She snuck back to her room like a thief, locked the door, and then logged into the game.

She looked up Lord Grim. Online. “Oh? You went back pretty quickly.” Su Mucheng said to herself. The direction Ye Xiu was previously going towards should have been to eat breakfast.

She sent a friend request over which was quickly accepted.

“I’m coming!” Su Mucheng sent the message over.

The reply came a while later: “Huh? Are you his friend? Can you wait a moment? He’s out right now so he’s not here.”

Su Mucheng was startled. This account had the Thousand Chance Umbrella! How could this account just be casually thrown to the side?

“You are?” Su Mucheng asked.

“I’m his co-worker. He went to buy breakfast. He’ll be back soon.” The person using Lord Grim was obviously Tang Rou.

“Oh, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Tang Rou was doing the last dungeon run of the day and finished it in a short moment. Ye Xiu had also come back with breakfast.

“There’s someone looking for you.” Tang Rou took the breakfast and gave the computer to Ye Xiu.

“Oh?” Ye Xiu looked. A level 1 new player. He figured out who it was. But when he saw the name, he fainted! Why does it also have the word “Mist”? Did girls nowadays like this word?

“What name is this?” Ye Xiu sent a message.

“Cleansing Mist! Poem, it’s from a poem in the Song Dynasty!” Su Mucheng replied.

“You always liked to take . Lord Grim, etc. they’re all your masterpieces.” Ye Xiu returned.

“It makes me seem cultured!” Su Mucheng replied.

“Then what about my One Autumn Leaf? You messed up a word big sister! Shouldn’t it be One Falling Leaf?” Ye Xiu said.

“A mistake. That’s a mistake.” Su Mucheng replied.

“Whatever. Hurry up and go level! The faster the better.” Ye Xiu said.

“Who was the person using your account just a moment ago?” Su Mucheng asked.

“Oh. That’s a sister in the Internet Cafe. Her mechanical skill is really good, but she’s a newbie at the game. She has a lot of potential!” Ye Xiu said.

“How could a newbie have high mechanical skill?” Su Mucheng didn’t understand.

“Fast hand speed.” Ye Xiu said.

“Why would her hand speed be high?”

“How would I know? Can you stop chatting? Hurry up and level for me!” Ye Xiu said.

“Yes sir!” Su Mucheng took her new account and began to level. Champion? Individual glory? They were okay, but they weren’t what she most wanted. The thing she wanted the most was to play a small role like this.

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