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Chapter 93: Dwarves’ Castle War

TL: Yoni

Editor: Lesurous

Woohee pouted out her lips.

She was luring the monsters because of Muyoung's favor but it was harder than she had expected.

"Woohee doesn't want to work…"

Blazing Avenger.

Woohee was whining while she sat on the flame mutant's shoulder.

From the start, Woohee was extremely lazy.

If she was diligent, she wouldn't have taken that long in creating the Endless Battlefield.

So, Woohee pondered.

Was there anything else new?

The undead just followed orders and it was when she was becoming bored from luring the monsters.

'Oh? What is that?'

It was when she was searching above the snow to find the next opponent.

A black box came into her sight.

'It's a mimic!'

After realizing what the box was, Woohee's eyes sparkled.

Mimic was a box type monster.

Normally, it was like a security magic placed on treasure boxes by high-rank magicians.

It was a monster created to automatically defend against those who touch the box.

She didn't know why a mimic was in a place like this, but that wasn't what Woohee was interested in.

Woohee instantly straightened her hand and ordered the mutants.

"Step on that!"


Mutants slowly moved and surrounded the mimic.

Mimics normally popped out of the box when someone tries to open it, but as the mutants trampled on it with their monstrous strength, it didn't have the ability to hold on.

Soon, as sparkling gold coins popped out in between the half destroyed box, Woohee quickly flew and held them with her hands.


Rings, circlets, and gold with patterns she couldn't recognize!

Woohee was clearly a female. She liked sparkling things.


Soon, treasures poured out and Woohee plunged on top.

"Aww, so comfy. If I have a house, I want it decorated like this."

With the treasures as her bed, Woohee looked up to the sky with her arms crossed.

If she could earn a 'house', Woohee had a small dream to completely fill it with treasures like this.

A house that was more wonderful and glamourous than anyone elses!

'Husband, let's live beautifully. Wooheehee.'

She couldn't stop laughing just by imagining her golden future.

If she had a huge house, full of treasures, and Muyoung, she didn't think she would have anything to envy in this world.

It was at that moment.


A huge black living thing flew past like an arrow in the sky.

In the surroundings, there were numerous flying type monsters.

Since it happened unexpectedly, Woohee couldn't react right away.

However, Woohee's face could only harden after seeing the trajectory drawn in the cloud.

"Ah, Dark Dragon Barca!"

The Dark Dragon Barca showed itself on the Northside.

It has been 68 days since he entered the castle.

"Fight with your life on the line. I will make you realize that a dragon isn't such a big deal."

Muyoung continued to train dwarves at an intense level.

He grouped them into tens and made them attack him.

Thump! Thump!

Dwarves were smacking their shields and swords rhythmically.

Dwarves were monsters only in the mid-level but if they were to wear good equipment, they would exhibit a strength greater than that.

Even if it was 10, Muyoung could not let his guard down.

'Without the Immortal King's Breastplate, it would have been hard.'

Muyoung's true strength came from the specters and the undead.

However, Muyoung faced the dwarves with only his own strength.

There, the Immortal King's Breastplate shined.

First, overwhelming defensive ability.

The dwarves' attacks couldn't even make a small dent.

Not just the dwarves but it was strong enough to even nullify Evil Spirit Predator Tacan's attack.

'But, I'm not unbeatable.'

The user, Muyoung, knew this.

That he couldn't fully block the Dark Dragon Barca's attack.

Indestructible was only true in terms of natural factors.

It meant that it couldn't be destroyed if the endurance level was worn out. If it was to receive an impact externally, there was no equipment that wouldn't break or shatter.

However, as his natural healing abilities greatly increased, he felt like he became a troll.

The consumed stamina normally returned back to normal with about an hour or two of rest.

Most wounds healed within half a day.

'Only if I could collect the set equipment…'

All he did was put on the armor but Muyoung's strength increased rapidly.

He couldn't even imagine how strong he might be if he was to collect 4 more equipment that relinquished the strength of the Immortal King.

However, this was the part Muyoung was unsure on.

He inwardly shook his head.

'Why it had the strength of the Immortal King and why it was considered as a set equipment.'

Immortal King.

He never even heard of the name.

If it was Muyoung who already experienced death once, in some ways he could be considered immortal, however, he didn't believe his strength could exhibit that much of a distinct characteristic.

When he thought back, it felt strange.

If he was told to re-enact it, he probably couldn't.

To suppress the Heart of the Phoenix and to fill it with his own colour.

He felt as though he acted as if he was bewitched by someone.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Dwarves smacked their shields and weapons loudly.

Before fighting, it was kind of a way of showing respect to Muyoung.

It was dwarves' traditional way of saying they acknowledged Muyoung as a true warrior.

Then, the 10 dwarves lifted their feet.

Muyoung got rid of his distracting thoughts and focused on the fight.

If it wasn't for Woohee who suddenly appeared, he would have been fiercely fighting a tight match.

"Husband! Husband! Something big happened!"

With gold rings on her neck and gold necklaces around her belly, Woohee hurriedly flew towards him.

"What's wrong?"


As Muyoung asked, Woohee gulped her saliva.

"Haaa! Haaa! There is a big problem. This isn't the time for us to be like this!"

"This isn't the time for us to be like this?"

"Barca, Barca appeared!"

Woohee's words had a huge ripple effect.

"Dark Dragon Barca!"

"He finally appeared."

Including Muyoug, all the dwarves surrounding him started to make a noise.

However, they weren't scared like the last time.

'It's the effect of brainwashing.'

Secretly, Muyoung brainwashed the dwarves that 'the dragon wasn't such a big deal'.

By pushing them to their limits and speaking a word afterwards was enough.

The words that were engraved in their minds controlled their instincts before they knew it.

Muyoung asked with a straight face.

"And it’s location?"

"It's almost here. It's probably getting ready. Woohee tried her best to approach it but Barca became aware and so she couldn't. Instead, I saw other monsters. There were wyverns, wind rides, and thunder bats…"


Woohee’s body was shivering.

It couldn't be helped as it wasn't like fairies could dodge all attacks.

Monsters that were born as half transcendental species like the dragon could destroy fairies or the trials the fairies created.

Since there were already numerous fairies who were attacked by the dragon in the past, it would be a lie if she said she wasn't afraid.

However, she took courage and checked nearby.

"Good work."

Muyoung placed his hand on top of Woohee's head.

Then, Woohee's shivers slowly stopped.

Afterwards, he turned around and yelled.

"Prepare for the castle war!"

This fight was going to be the castle war that would end this long and tiresome relationship between the dwarves and the dragon.


The dwarves were stomping their shields onto the ground with a hardened look on their faces.

The dragon was no longer an opponent they needed to avoid as they were reborn as warriors through Muyoung.

It was a hardship they need to face and win.

It was at that moment.

Dwarves' Castle War!

It just popped up as a quest.

It meant that if he was to solve this, there would be a lot of advantages to be earned.

However, it wasn't an easy task.

'The Dark Dragon Barca is accompanied by monsters…'

Dragons were normally monsters that moved alone.

However, he could handle so many monsters depending on how he looked at things.

The dragon was that sort of existence.

One of the monsters that were at the top of the food chain!

If it was accompanied by those numbers, it meant that it was determined to destroy the dwarves.

It probably was really enraged by being toyed with by Bartas.

"Go up the castle!"

"Get the cannon ready!"

The dwarves started to move in an organized order.

With Muyoung's help, their system had changed and allowed them to distribute the work more effectively.

Although it has only been 68 days, they were desperate.

Then, a huge castle wall over a good 20 meters shined and a magical barrier was created.

It was a wall built to maximize the defense against the dragon's attack.

It wouldn't collapse easily.

Dwarves climbed up the castle wall and loaded a few hundred cannons.

The rest of the dwarves protected the cannons or held a crossbow.

'We must win.'

Muyoung squeezed his fists to the point it was as if his bones would shatter.

Even if he was to exhibit all of his ability, he wasn't sure if he could win.

However, he needed to.

Even if it wasn't possible, he needed to make it possible.

"Hunt the dragon! It doesn't lack to be my opponent as the king of the specters. I feel impatient already!"

Tacan. The Evil Spirit Predator and one that managed Cerberus was truly strong.

However, he had a critical weakness.

He couldn't recognize his opponent's strength and would attack.

If Bartas was to attack it now, he would only be beaten to death.

"I need you to do something else."

Muyoung spoke coldly.

Then, Tacan tilted his head.

"Wasn't it my task to handle the dragon?"

"Not now."


"I need you to disperse the enemies. With the mutants, attack the enemies rear."

The Dark Dragon Barca didn't know any tactics or strategies. He would probably rush into it at once.

However, that would be dangerous. The number of enemies was greater than he thought and the flying type monsters were basically natural enemies of the dwarves.

He needed to disperse the numbers even by a little to raise his chance of winning.

Tacan accepted with difficulty.

"Hmm… I don't like it as a king, but if you want it, I shall. But, Muyoung. Are you planning to stay here?"

"I will command from here."

The reason why the dwarves changed was solely because of Muyoung.

If Muyoung was to vacant his place, their fighting spirit would greatly decrease.

It was also Muyoung's first time in leading and fighting with this great of a number.

However, he couldn’t do a shabby job just because it was something he had never done before.


Muyoung took out Anguish and the Wicked God's Sword.

At the same time, small spots started to flood in from the sky.

And the Dark Dragon Barca was in the lead.

'I will beat you.'

It wasn't like he hadn't fought a dragon in the past.

When he was facing the Dragon Lord, the demon dragon was the biggest obstacle.

Its armor was outstanding and even its existence was so powerful that it could even hunt transcendental species.

However, even the powerful demon dragon wasn't complete.

In the end, the Dragon Lord was assassinated by Muyoung and afterwards the demon dragon had also died.

When they were together, he thought they were unbeatable but once he faced them individually, it wasn't as hard as he expected.

This fight was in a much better position than that time.

At least, there were lots of options Muyoung could use.

Although his current strength fell far short from his past strength, compared to the hardships in the past, it was easier.

Muyoung focused on Barca.


The Dark Dragon Barca spouted out a rough breath.

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