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Chapter 92: Immortal King’s Armor (End)

TL: Yoni

Editor: Lesurous



‘It’s hot.’

Small flames were splattering on the armor.

A Phoenix was a monster that reached the limits of fire.

Since all its strength came from its heart, it was an obvious thing.

Bartas spoke as he smacked his lips.

“I have seen the Heart of the Phoenix a few times but I haven’t seen one like that. It didn’t simply have fire but had all kinds of characteristics. Where did you even find this?”

Hedley’s Kow was able to transform however it wanted.

Transforming into any living thing, Hedley’s Kow became it.

It’s greatest form was the Phoenix but it didn’t have any limitation to attributes.

As Muyoung didn’t reply, Bartas continued to talk as if he knew Muyoung wouldn’t.

“Either way, that armor is incomplete.”

“It’s incomplete?”

This time, Muyoung’s voice became quieter.

The armor he received was spotless and had a beautiful exterior.

At least to Muyoung’s eyes, it didn’t have a problem, internally or externally.

However, Bartas was God Hand.

His opinion was probably right. If it was incomplete, he needed to know why.

“It means it doesn’t have a specific characteristic. Right now, the energy of fire is strong and is suppressing the other characteristics but that wouldn’t last long.”

“Then what happens?”

“I’m not sure. It could get destroyed, lead the user to a path of self-destruction, or even drag them to ‘Subterranean’.

The Subterranean was the world where shadow monsters lived.

It was also called the hidden world and there was no appearance of monsters that weren’t strong.

Like the time when a shadow criminal appeared in the trial of Oom, the destructive powers would toy with everyone.

Muyoung slightly anticipated that the 11 Masters of Darkness might be the shadows that are active in the hidden world.

Also, there was no standard as to when the Subterranean opened and closed.

Just that in a time, in a place, a rift was created and when it linked to the Subterranean, the shadows from that place flooded out.

There were a considerable number of normal people who were dragged to the Subterranean.

Bartas was talking about that Subterranean.

They say that the Subterranean was born from chaos. Bartas meant that sort of chaos might occur due to the armor.

Either way, it wasn’t an ending Muyoung wanted.

“Is there a way to fix the characteristics?”

“The blood of the user. Basically, by imprinting your blood. Since it’s an item you are going to be using, you can fix the characteristic so that it matches you. It will become a finished armor only you could put on. The problem is…”

An armor only Muyoung could wear!

It was what he wanted. A customized armor meant that it could display that much efficiency.

But, he noticed Bartas’s last words.

Bartas led out a deep sigh as Muyoung met eye to eye with him.

“If your distinct characteristic is weaker than the Heart of the Phoenix, you will be devoured by it. Your body could burn in an instant and disappear. Even I have no idea why that kind of armor was created. Not a magical sword but a magical armor, hah.”

If it was used for something, it was for a type of weapon that could pierce someone.

There were barely any cases where it happened for an armor.

And items that were known as magical swords were swords normally restricted to the user and demonstrated power.

From the beginning, armors were items that existed to protect the user.

There was no reason why it would be jinxed.

However, Bartas called this armor a magical armor.

‘Do you want to devour me?’

Muyoung quietly looked at the armor.

The small flames crawled higher and were now about to touch Muyoung’s shoulders.

As if it was starving, it was desiring Muyoung’s source itself.

Muyoung couldn’t help but to quietly laugh.

A mere armor is aiming for his life.

An armor born to be worn was trying to kill him.

Only laughter came out at this self-contradicting situation.

Knock it off.

Muyoung instantly wiped his smile off.

Slowly, he started to put on the armor.

Bartas who watched him widened his eyes.

“W, wait! You can’t just thoughtlessly wear it. That armor is jinxed. If you wear it before taming it, it would definitely harm you!”

Bartas was in a hurry.

He was God Hand. There was no way he would have made an armor carelessly.

If anything, he could say it was a better result than normal.

However, to be clear, that armor was incomplete.

To bring out an armor that no one could wear, it was a shameful thing to Bartas.

Only, because he didn’t have time because he made a promise, he just didn’t have a choice.

But, he never thought that Muyoung would just wear it right away.

However, Muyoung didn’t listen to a word Bartas said.


Instantly, Muyoung’s whole body started to burn after he finished putting the armor on.

The flames permeated and ripped his skin.

As the running blood permeated the armor, the flames burned more fiercely.

Soon, Muyoung had the image of a huge flame reflected in his mind.

That was the Heart of the Phoenix.

It was the will of the heart to devour Muyoung.

‘You cannot consume me.’

However, to Muyoung, an equipment was no more than a tool to him.

A tool to kill someone and protect himself.

He didn’t need a will from a tool he was going to use.

‘Just follow.’

The blood that was permeated into the armor became a medium in which Muyoung made his command.

A small will suddenly became greater.

All of a sudden, Muyoung’s will surpassed the image the Heart of the Phoenix gave.

The heart was the armor’s ego.

If it was a normal person, it would have tried to oppress the ego and comfort it.

However, Muyoung’s thoughts were different.

Equipment didn’t need a will.

Equipment shouldn’t have a will.

Ego was an authority only given to the user of the equipment.

How the equipment was going to be used was dependent on the user.

Even more, it already showed its teeth.

Muyoung burned the ego the armor had. He removed it.


Was it the Phoenix, or the Hedley’s Kow?

The armor screamed it’s death throes.

Muyoung planted his strength in the place where its ego was.

It was his strength of death.

Since he had already come back from the dead, it was the strength only Muyoung could display!

It was at that moment.


<’Immortal King’s Breastplate’ has been completed!>


The colour of the flames coming out from the armor changed to black.

A breastplate that looked as if a black fog was spurting out.

As he stood there and watched, the information about the armor popped out.


Name: Immortal King’s Breastplate

Rank: S+

Classification: Equippable type

Endurance: Not Destroyable

Effect: The one that doesn’t die. A breastplate that relishes the strength of the Immortal King.

* Only equippable by the user ‘Muyoung’.

* Strength +15

* Fighting Aura +30

* Stamina +50

* Magic resistance +80

* Depending on the Fighting Aura, natural healing abilities increase (currently +154%)

** When you get 3 equipment with the strength of the Immortal King, all stats +50

** When you get 5 equipment with the strength of the Immortal King, you can use ‘Death Reversal’ once.


Muyoung continuously checked the information of the armor.

There was a big difference between an A rank and an S rank.

And from S rank, each existence of a + made that much greater a difference.

What Muyoung anticipated was A+++ rank to at most an S rank.

Even if he had the memorize of his past, an equipment that great that would be impossible to get unless he had incredible luck.

But, a S+ rank?

It even had the stats that suited its rank.


Muyoung’s whole body shivered lightly.

Only a very few guilds had this kind of equipment.

It was a reality for someone to not get even a glimpse unless they were a leader of a clan or a guild.

Top 10 of the humans, or special people like Wung Chunglin, would possess an item like that.

Since the weak would only get robbed of treasures.

If someone was to discover Muyoung right now, they would think of a way to try and kill him and take his armor.

There were a countless number of people who were stronger than Muyoung.

He just finished his first metamorphosis.

He needed to achieve at least the third metamorphosis in order to even place his foot in the circle of strong people.

Fortunately, this was the Demon God’s Territory.

Also, only Muyoung could wear the armor.

It meant that he currently didn’t have to worry about his treasure.

‘It’s a set equipment.’

And on top of that, there was even a set option.

When he put on 3 or 5 equipment, there was an added effect.

He was most curious about the ‘Death Reversal’ which occurred when he collected 5 equipment.

Since it was only effective once, it was most likely an ability to refuse death.

‘The power of revival was impossible even for a Saint who displayed a miracle through a wish.’

To soundly revive a dead person.

It wasn’t possible.

Unless it was an undead.

The ‘wish’ that destroyed a few demon king forces was unable to revive a person.

If Muyoung’s prediction was correct, this was something anyone would be shocked by.

Having a life reserved, just by that it was more fascinating than anything else.

The moment this information was leaked; all the huge organizations would madly run for it.

On top of that, as monstrous stats were added, Muyoung felt as if his head cleared out.

He felt as though he had a slight taste of the next ‘wall’.

Instantly, he opened his Status Viewer and found the reason why.


Stats ->

Strength 198 (115 + 83)   Agility 162 (109 + 53)

Stamina 210 (108 + 102)   Intelligence 116 (74 + 42)

Wisdom 112 (70 + 42)   Fighting Aura 154 (66 + 88)

Magic Resistance 202 (54 + 148) Spirit Ability 101 (53 + 48)


His stamina passed 200.

It was no way near in terms of pure stats, but due to different continuous effect and equipment effect, it has doubled.

Strength was also near the figure.

‘Like this, the supporting stats will surpass the pure stats.’

He seemed pleased with the results.

But, he wasn’t planning to neglect his own development.

“The characteristic of the armor… completely changed.”

As he turned his gaze, Bartas murmured as if he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Besides getting rid of the Phoenix’s ego, Muyoung filled it with his own colour.

Was this possible?

The monstrous strength the heart had was completely dyed.

The armor that was incomplete was now complete.

Just by Muyoung putting it on, it happened.

It was something he never thought of.

Oom, the ruler of dokkeabis.

Was that really all?

“What kind of magic did you use? To suppress the strength of a Phoenix!”

With a small smile, Muyoung looked at Bartas.

“Equipment are just tools.”

Bartas hesitated.

He couldn’t agree.

He was a dwarf and the equipment that was born from his hands were all like his children.

The words of it just being a tool became a dagger and pierced through his heart.

However, Muyoung only smiled coldly.

If he was to empathize with tools that are supposed to become and move as his hands and feet, he would be swayed at that moment.

It was the reason why he erased the ego of the Phoenix.

“Bartas, the lord of the alliance. Is the Demon Dragon Lethal Cannon ready?”

Muyoung changed the subject.

Making the dwarves into warriors was near complete and he had earned the Immortal King’s Breastplate.

Now, all that was left was the Dark Dragon Barca.

To stop his attack.

He didn’t think that Barca wouldn’t be able to find this place.

It would definitely attack before the start of the ‘Devil’s Long Night’.

Bartas led out a deep sigh and nodded his head.

“I tried to reduce the time for it to blast but I still need 60 seconds. It’s enough time for the dragon to notice and escape.”

“30 seconds.”


“Reduce it to 30 seconds. For the duration of that time, I will definitely hold Barca back.”

Muyoung boasted.

Barca wouldn’t invade the location right away.

However, it was at most 2 months.

Barca knew almost correctly of the dwarf’s location and was moving towards them.

After roaming around a few times, it would head north.

He needed to find a solution by then.

‘A second would determine the victory.’

Muyoung’s eyes sunk deeply.

1 second. Even by a shorter time than that, the winner and loser would be determined.

Even if he used all his strength, he couldn’t be certain.

All his muscles were a bit contracted and then relaxed as he let out his tension.

The war against the Dark Dragon Barca had already started.


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