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Chapter 91: Immortal King’s Armor (2)

TL: Yoni

Editor: Lesurous



‘Demon Dragon Lethal Cannon’ was a cannon made to kill demon dragons.

However, it was sealed as an ancient relic and Bartas had recently lifted the seal.

Words couldn’t explain its destructive power but the problem was that it took too long to blast.

If the opponent was Dark Dragon Barca, it was enough time for him to notice the unexpected change and for it to avoid the attack.

That was why they left it to rust but it was still an item that required great secrecy.

He became confused as to how Muyoung knew of this item.

It was when he was about to glance suspiciously at Muyoung.

“My owner is ‘Oom’, the ruler of all the dokkaebis. He sometimes looks through the truth which no one knows of. Even coming here was to stop the future that is heading towards destruction.”

Kalmooh added an adequate amount of flavor to his words.

In reality, from Kalmooh’s perspective view, Muyoung didn’t know anything and openly acted as if he could see the future.

Muyoung was a wise owner.

Kalmooh believed that Muyoung could definitely find a way for everyone to benefit.

That was why he could lie without any hesitation to Bartas.

As currently, his owner was Muyoung.

“Oom you say? You are talking about the position that is chosen through the dokkaebi’s ceremony.”

Only then did Bartas look at Muyoung differently.

It was clear that he knew well of Oom.

However, if he was Oom, he was the owner of a few ten thousand dokkaebis.

He was unsure for what reason Muyoung came alone but…

‘Instead of filling the numbers with weak dokkaebis, it’s better to have one who is good.’

His skills were already proven.

The desperate fight against the twin head ogre.

He saw scenes like when Muyoung cured his own horrendous wound.

Bartas remembered the vivid scenes.

However, it was unknown if he could buy time against a dragon.

Bartas looked at Muyoung.

A look without of an inch of hesitation.

He couldn’t really know what Muyoung’s thoughts were but at the end, there was an abyss.

‘He has already witnessed his bottom.’

And those people had their own creed.

Oom indeed.

He could say that he was the ruler of dokkaebis.

On top of that, since Kalmooh followed Muyoung, he had more trust in him.

The Golden Hammer Tribe was known to be sincere and credible.

They didn’t really follow others but for those who were worthy, the Golden Hammer Tribe were the type of dwarves who gave out all they had.

“I will make you an armor. However, it will take time.”

Although Bartas managed the dwarves harshly, he was undoubtedly the blacksmith known as God Hand.

There was no way he would do a rough job in creating an equipment.

However, Bartas was asking what Muyoung would do if something was to happen by chance during that time.

Muyoung shrugged his shoulders.

“I will train them.”


“Dwarves were originally born with warrior’s blood. When you look at past literature, there are stories that explain how dwarves easily captured dragons.”

Although dwarves were famous for being blacksmiths, they undoubtedly had the characteristics of warriors who wore the equipment they made.

It was also the content written in numerous ancient literature.

Only, there were just so many who were after the dwarves that they had to live a long life of fleeing that they lost their tendency.

The fear and horror of being a fugitive had suppressed their instincts.

And Muyoung knew well of a way to calm those emotions.

Bartas’s eyes slightly shook.

It wasn’t like he didn’t know of these ancient stories as well.

However, he considered them as nonsense.

The superiority among the species was too clear. There was truly a limit to their origin.

Bartas was the one who was just satisfied to use his handcraft in order to toy with the dragon.

If the dwarves could hunt the dragon, there was no reason for them not to.

They were only half given up because they concluded that they couldn’t hunt dragons.

“How long are you planning to run away? The reason why the dragons are disregarding the dwarves and continuously attacking is because you guys don’t fight back. A chance to fight isn’t always given.”

Muyoung’s cold but sharp words pierced through his heart.

An enemy who doesn’t fight back.

Is there an easier target than this?

Just running away wasn’t everything.

In reality, although dragons were strong and arrogant monsters, they were quite careful about choosing their prey.

If the dwarves were actively counterattacking and were successful in landing a hit, the dragons wouldn’t easily meddle with them.

So fight.

Life is a battle and a continuous fight.

However, it wasn’t like a chance was always given.

If they were to give up even this chance, they would forever live a life as fugitives.

Muyoung was telling them so.

Bartas’s body was shaking fiercely.

Plot against a dragon?

He had thought of it countless times but never put it to action.

If someone else said this, he would have regarded as rubbish and ignored the person but the words of the dokkaebi in from of him were strangely persuasive.

He had more sincerity than anyone else and for some reason, the words he spoke of made him imagine them as though they were going to happen in real life.

It was an effect made by the combination of Muyoung’s fighting aura, purity, and Star of the Absolute.

Normally, Bartas would think about it more carefully before making a decision but his rationality had become very blunt after fighting with monsters for 15 days.

“…I will make you the world’s sturdiest armor that can sufficiently block a dragon’s attack.”

“I will make dwarves into the world’s bravest warriors.”

A deal was accepted.

Muyoung held out his hand and when their hands met, the counterattack had started.

Muyoung thought of a systematic training method for the dwarves.

As their species were different, they needed a different training method as well.

Dwarves were an unfortunate species with short arms and short legs.

However, their stamina was good and most of all they had the backbone.

Even from the start, they were able to follow a fairly intense training.

‘The best way to remove fear is to push them so that they don’t have any other thoughts.;

Pushing them to their limits, and in secret, removing the fear they had of dragons.

So that when they are faced with a dragon, they wouldn’t be as nervous.

If Muyoung had to buy time with just his strength, no matter how good the armor was, it would have been impossible. However, if the 30,000 dwarves actively took part in the battle, he could definitely bear it.

‘It would be quite worth seeing when I add the dragon’s head to my Skull Accessory collection.’

Muyoung slightly lowered his head and looked at his Skull Accessory.

The thing that wrapped around Muyoung’s neck like a necklace had a miniature version of the twin head ogre’s head.

It was the equipment he earned from the relic storage of the murloc king and when a head was added his stats also rose, and depending on how you use it, it was a necklace that could display an effect much better than what it was ranked.

As he looked more closely, a description about it appeared.


Name: Skull Accessory

Rank: A

Classification: Equipable Type

Durability: 16,842

Effect: It was an accessory used by the Lunatic Lich. As of now, there is only one skull, but you can increase the number of skulls to at most five. To increase the number, you can extract the head of your opponent and use this necklace to automatically minimize it into a skull that will be added to the necklace.

*Your stats increase by the number of heads you extort.

*Currently, two types of heads are equipped.

*Head of Jukchiho (Strength, Agility +4)

*Head of twin head ogre (Strength +15)


An effect that increased the strength by 15 was added.

This couldn’t be the end.

At most five.

He was still able to add three types of heads.

He couldn’t even imagine what kind of effect he would receive if he was to add the dragon’s head.

“Are you really planning to put those on them?”

From the side, Kalmooh worriedly asked as he held a heavy iron ball.

Dwarves had exceptional stamina. It would take time to push them.

That was why he was going to experiment their limits using heavy iron balls.

In the beginning, they might oppose him, but in time, they would feel a sense of kinship.

“When will they be finished?”

“Since it isn’t really a difficult job and a lot of dwarves are working on it, it should be finished in half a day but… Isn’t that something you put on slaves?”

“Dwarves are currently no different than slaves. If they don’t become strong enough to break free on their own, they will forever live as slaves.”


Kalmooh quietly nodded his head.

This iron ball was literally a type of trial.

It was his goal to make them fight on their own instead of as slaves.

Muyoung closed his eyes and sunk into meditation.

Although the surface injuries from the twin head ogre had healed, his inner parts were wrecked.

To stabilize this, he needed to look into his inner parts.

It was quite a sight to see 30,000 dwarves wearing heavy iron balls.

And it was unexpected when the amount of backlash was less than what he had expected.

Was it because of the lord of the alliance, Bartas, supported Muyoung?

While Bartas was making the armor, Kalmooh and Muyoung suddenly became the second-in-command.

This was also possible because Bartas was in good control over the alliance.

‘It turned out well.’

If he could start right away, there was nothing better than this.


The iron ball constantly produced a sound whenever dwarves moved.

It was an obvious thing considering how something weighing over 50kg was attached to both legs.

While everyone was curious as to what kind of training he was going to teach, Muyoung spoke briefly.


After running around the castle for half of the day, all the dwarves laid flat onto the ground.

However, just running wouldn’t be all of it.

“Fight against each other. I will form ranks in numbers of tens, hundreds, and thousands.”

By placing ranks and dividing the numbers into small, medium, and large, he was planning to use it effectively.

Since the dwarves didn’t have this kind of system, they weren’t able to react quickly in case of an emergency.

Didn’t they waste a lot of time when the gate was opened by being confused?

He couldn’t see it happen again.

Dwarves stole glances at one another.

‘Asura’s Path.’

But, it wasn’t like there was no way.

Muyoung opened his Asura’s Path.

Murloc King Murdudun and numerous mad specters popped out.

-Oh ho, they are tasty looking dwarves!

“Make them fight.”

– Hmm? Are you not making them into specters?


-That’s disappointing.

As Murdudun smacked his lips and starting to move, the specters also started to spread.


The mad specters of Asura Path started to meddle with dwarves’ mind and as one started to move, in an instant, 30,000 dwarves started to fight with each other.

Looking at how they were so helpless against the mind-controlling type…

Muyoung couldn’t help but laugh but it meant that they were at their limits mentally.

Muyoung nodded his head and waited for the fight to end.

Besides simply being strong internally, they were also given hardship.

It was the invasion of monsters.

Muyoung needed to continuously lure monsters since he might have been found suspicious if monsters stopped invading after his arrival.

And that part was played by Woohee and the undead. Although they were a bit late, they brought a few tens of Jeokchio.

Jeokchio were monsters with red fur and looked similar to huge lions. They were more famous by their nickname, Ruthless Hunter.

“Jeokchio can ravage dwarves more cruelly than a dragon. If you don’t fight, you will suffer.”

With his arms crossed, Muyoung looked on.

By slowly degrading the dragon, he was planning to lower their fear of the dragon from their impression.

From continuously pushing the dwarves without rest, their reason was half gone.

As the specters consistently stimulated the dwarves that they were in tip top shape.

If they don’t fight, they will become prey.

Everything was a continuous battle. Dwarves were slowly understanding this.


Jeokchio that felt something strange, moved back a step.

However, in an instant, the dwarves surrounded the Jeokchio.

‘Truly, the dwarves have the disposition to become warriors.’

At last, their hidden potential started to bloom.

There was an effect from cornering them.

Mad. They needed to become mad. They couldn’t survive unless they were mad.

After a month.

The dwarves were completely altered.

Bartas who showed up after a month of seclusion couldn’t help but widen his eyes.




As if they were holding real weapons, they were really fighting as their life depended on it.

He couldn’t find the simpleness they had before and instead, they were full of spite.

“It seems like the armor is finished.”

As Muyoung slowly approached Bartas and spoke, Bartas stammered.

“What the… what happened?”

“Didn’t I say that I will make them into warriors?”



Bartas gulped his saliva.

They were true warriors.

However, no matter how he looked at them, they didn’t seem like normal warriors.

This was still a great improvement.

By looking at how the corpses of monsters were piled up in the middle, it seemed like he had really trained the dwarves properly.

“Take this. It’s the armor made from the Heart of the Pheonix.”

Black freckles were all around Bartas’s eyes.

It was because he didn’t sleep for a month and devoted himself to creating this.

With his exhausted expression, he passed the armor he brought heavily.

Soon, Muyoung’s eyes became conspicuous.

‘At last.’

As he lifted the armor structured with dragon bones, a hot fire engulfed Muyoung.

As if it was alive, the heart of the armor was pumping.

Muyoung’s heart also started to pump as he looked at the armor.


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