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Chapter 90: Immortal King’s Armor (1)

TL: Yoni

Editor: Lesurous



Muyoung shrugged his shoulders and held Anguish and Wicked God’s Sword.

If Bartas was to start acting again, it was now time to deal with the monster in front of him.

‘It was most difficult to lure you.’

The twin head ogre was a mutant.

They were different from the albino mutants called arc but he could say that they were the top of all ogres.

Normally, they were active as the owners of the harsh land or high summits but Muyoung did whatever he could to lure them.

He made traps, destroyed all its surrounding food, made it starve, and then afterwards disturbed it.

He even used 6 out of the 15 days of attacking the dwarf’s castle to lure him.

It was because he needed its monstrous power to break the gate.


Afterwards, the arm of the twin head ogre started to regenerate.

Its strength wasn’t just 20 times of a normal ogre but even his regenerating abilities was also 20 times.

A level where this injury was akin to slapping the troll’s cheek or gently stepping on it.

In simple free-for-all fight, he could say twin head ogre was the strongest.

1 vs. 1?

Without being crazy, there was no way Muyoung would take a chance like that.

Crack! Craack!

The dwarves fired their crossbows and shot a cannon charged with gunpowder.

Since they were species who developed mines and mined them, it was obvious that they could handle gunpowder.

However, they were ridiculously short on firepower.

The twin head ogre’s skin didn’t even burn from the mediocre gunpowder explosion.

‘It would be hard to get more backup than this.’

The place was the reason.

They couldn’t just explode an unlimited supply of gunpowder inside the castle.

If they weren’t thinking of dying altogether, this would be all the fire powder they could use.

‘It’s better that way.’

From the beginning, he didn’t really have high hopes.

The more their helplessness is proven, it would be used as a good opportunity for him.

And if more than consistent attacks overlapped, its defensive power and its regeneration power would all become useless.



However, the twin head ogre didn’t even give him time to think.

It raised its fist and pushed right where Muyoung was standing.

Muyoung barely blocked it but his body bounced off afar.

The speed was also out of the ordinary and if he was even slightly late to react, his whole body would have turned into dust.


Muyoung spit out blood mixed with dirt.

It seemed like his left arm was out of joint.

Crack! Crackle!

After forcefully pushing his joint back into place, he looked at the twin head ogre that was running towards him.

Proclaiming territory.

As he mumbled quietly, the surrounding air and the pressure of magic changed.

A wide Absolute’s Territory was spread out with Muyoung in the middle.

A territory-wide authority that weakened individuals prescribed as an ‘enemy’ and increased Muyoung’s presence.


The moment Muyoung lifted his foot, he was behind the twin head ogre.

In a moment of acceleration, Muyoung simultaneously pierced three acupunctural points.

Acupunctural points were the energy pathways of a living body.

As the twin head ogre was also a living being, there could only be pathways where energy flows through.

Even though those places might be different, Muyoung was considered to be an expert better than anyone else at killing a living being.

Not just humans but he had already dissected a few thousand, no, a few tens of thousands of monsters.

Exactly 3 seconds.

After the acceleration ended, the ogre’s calf, in between its ribs, and behind its head started to bleed all at once.

However, it couldn’t recover as fast as it could in the past.

‘Recovery means to restore your energy back to normal. Your recovery will obviously slow down if your veins are blocked.’

Then, Muyoung looked down at his hands.

To pierce through its extremely tough flesh, his hands were wrecked.

It was because the returning damage doubled when acceleration was added.

At least his bones weren’t damaged.


Both heads were both releasing their fury.

Muyoung hastily dodged with his body but all the surrounding buildings collapsed by a touch of the ogre’s monstrous power.


However, the twin head ogre sat down in its spot.

It seemed like the calf Muyoung sliced off was quite a blow.

Muyoung wasn’t the type to lose a chance like this.

By climbing up a side of a building and going around it quickly, he confused the twin head ogre’s gaze and quickly jumped on it.


Like a hawk snatching its prey, he held Anguish with both his hands and turned his body once before stabbing the ogre’s eye.


The head with its eye stabbed started to go completely insane.

No matter how tough its skin was, the eye tissues could only be thin.


The problem was his fit of raving was rougher than what he thought.

Just by grazing, Muyoung’s body was floating in the air.


He barely landed on the ground but his ribs were completely busted.

That moment.



The dark aura started to stretch out from Muyoung’s entire body.

It was the Lunatic Warrior effect which was activated when his life was at risk.

However, if there was something that changed from the past, it was that the Star of the Absolute reacted.

Normally, the Lunatic Warrior had an effect of using up stamina, but it was because the surrounding red territory was being absorbed into Muyoung’s body that the injuries were being cured.

Muyoung smiled after spitting out blood.

‘Activation of the Lunatic Warrior after just grazing twice.’

If he simply looked at physical stats, the twin head ogre would be within the highest rank among the top ranked monsters.

Although its overall stats were low and it was in the high rank, for now, it was too much for Muyoung to fight.

‘The figures don’t balance.’

There wouldn’t be a worst exchange rate besides this.

Like this, if he was to allow another attack, his body wouldn’t be able to handle it.

On the other hand, the twin head ogre was in a decent shape compared to Muyoung.

Although he lost sight of one eye, he still had 3 more.

It was a worthy monster to be called the strongest in 1 vs. 1 fights.

However, that was only when it was a 1 vs. 1 fight.


Muyoung screamed towards the sky.


At the same time, cerberus fell from the sky.

“At last, you call my name.”

With his black cape fluttering, the Evil Spirit Predator came down to the ground.

Although its flesh was rotten and was now only left with bones, its aura overwhelmed the surroundings.


It was the real name of the Evil Spirit Predator.

After Muyoung called Tacan, as if it was nothing, he started to create injuries around his ribs to remove his festered blood.

While cerberus was taking care of the twin head ogre, Tacan spoke as he was lost for words about the scene.

“But, are you truly a dokkaebi? Although I am the owner of numerous specters, I have never met someone this determined as you in my lifetime. How can you treat that sort of wound on yourself without changing an expression?”

Tacan was truly overwhelmed.

There were no specters that weren’t determined.

However, among a few thousands of specters, there were no one as determined as Muyoung.

Like when Muyoung pushed himself almost to his death and called for him.

Muyoung tossed a chilly gaze and spoke.

“We need to minimize the damage while gaining control over it.”

“Tsk tsk, I understand. Just trust me. No matter how strong it is, he is not an opponent for me, the Evil Spirit Predator.”

Tacan stepped forward, full of confidence.

He was going to win it on a 1 vs. 1 fight, something which Muyoung couldn’t do.

As the cerberus stepped aside, Tacan was next.

The specters overlapped his sword and black flames rose.

He ran straight towards twin head ogre and faced it face to face.


Tacan’s sword pierced through its chest but he had bounced off far away and was shoved against a wall.

Tacan got up from the collapsed building and spoke as he became embarrassed.

“…I think some surrounding buildings will collapse.”

By the look of it, it seemed like it was going to be hard for Tacan alone to minimize the damage.

Just in time, Muyoung was now ready to move a bit.

Muyoung stepped forwards and started to talk.

“Two of us will stop him.”

Tacan turned his head.

“You’re telling me to do something like that?”

“That’s most effective.”

However, Muyoung wasn’t willing to accept Tacan’s complaint at all.

There was a high chance that he would only leave a bad impression to Bartas if he was to burn down the place.

Muyoung going out alone in the beginning to fight and his efforts on trying to reduce the damages were all nothing more than a sort of a ‘show’.

A plan to make Bartas feel helpless and then to make him ask for his help.

Although it is his final goal to find a solution to Dark Dragon Barca together, if the infrastructure crumbles, it would be reversed.


With the strong wind, Muyoung ran like the storm.

Although he didn’t fully recover, he was burning his last bit of flames left.

Tacan shook his head.

“He’s quite a monster.”

Dwarves didn’t even dare to approach the twin head ogre.

Even if they poured gunpowder from afar, it was a situation where they couldn’t even make a dent on it.

For the dwarves who were completely exhausted to stand up to the twin head ogre, the wall was too high.

‘Were the dwarves this weak?’


Bartas shook his head.

There were many valiant dwarf warriors.

Just, as they lived a life quite far from the battle for a long time, they just became weak.

It was obvious for them to lose their bravery since they always ran away from the dragon.

Thud! Thud!

Bartas’s eyes touched the two figures who were fighting violently.

The dokkaebi and the death knight.

There wasn’t any other combination that clashed more.

Even more, although the dokkaebi had serious injuries that could kill him, he didn’t stop to rest but continued to run towards it.

Even though he was like a reckless tiger moth, his bravery must be recognized.

‘The thing we lost, that dokkaebi has.’

It thrilled Bartas.

It has been too long since he had seen a warrior fight like that.

While it was so long that he couldn’t even remember, there were dwarves who could fight like the dokkaebi.

Although they were the first to die by the dragon, and none were left…

He didn’t think the bravery would be reminded by the dokkaebi.


At last, both heads of the twin head ogre were sliced off and it fell to the ground.

The dokkaebi and the death knight both sliced one off each.

It was a greatly satisfying victory.

“Who are you guys?”

Bartas couldn’t help but ask.

Either way, it was true that he did get their help.

Bartas wasn’t that lost to all sense of shame to ignore them.

However, the dokkaebi didn’t even glance at Bartas.

He was lost in thought as he collected the twin head ogre’s heads and rubbed his cheek.

‘Is he ignoring me?’

Bartas’s express was clouded with anger.

For someone who was respected as God Hand, it has been a while for someone to give him this kind of humiliation.

Even when Muyoung mentioned Heimdall, he got on his nerves but he was now publicly ignoring to see him.

It was at that moment.

“The lord of the Three Pickaxe Sack Alliance, God Hand Bartas! The top blacksmith of the Golden Hammer tribe Kalmooh greets you!”

Kalmooh, who hurriedly ran towards Bartas, kneeled in front of him.

Then, Bartas’s expression changed.

“Kalmooh! I have heard of you before. There was an exchange with the Golden Hammer tribe not too long ago.”

“Please, excuse my owner’s rudeness. It is because when he focuses on something, he just can’t focus on anything else.”

“Owner? Are you saying that towards the dokkaebi?”

Once again, Bartas’s expression contorted.

Dwarves were especially sensitive to the word slave.

As there were many species that were greedy over their special skills in handling iron.

Then, Kalmooh explained.

“I have been locked up in the underground arena with my son. However, my son was killed by a devil and the person who avenged him for me was my current owner. Please do not reprove him as it was something I decided for myself.”


“My owner wants to become a help to God Hand Bartas. It was the reason why he quickly ran here after realizing that the twin head ogre came close to this place.”


The dokkaebi, Muyoung, stood beside Kalmooh.

If there was anything strange, it was that while he was looking elsewhere, the twin head ogre’s heads vanished into thin air.

And on Muyoung’s necklace, a smaller version of the twin head ogre’s head was hanging.

“I am Muyoung. I have watched well of the dwarf’s fight. I have heard that Heimdall was a Battle God which dwarves served, indeed it was true.”

After a short introduction, he continued to flatter him.

Bartas could feel his cheeks glowing.


Could it even be called a fight?

It was better said to call it a joke.

In the end, wasn’t it the dokkaebi and death knight who handled the twin head ogre?

On the contrary, they dishonored the Battle God Heimdall.


However, since Muyoung had singled out that part and flattered him about it, he had nothing to say.

Then, Kalmooh spoke again.

“Bartas, this isn’t the time to share words. Barca is coming.”

“Dark Dragon Barca? It wouldn’t find this place.”

Kalmooh fiercely shook his head.

“No. Barca already found this place. Only, it changed its strategy. Didn’t monsters invade this place for a few days and not just today?”

“That is true, but you’re saying they are the acts of Barca?”

“Yes, Barca is behind all of this and was controlling the monsters. If you don’t take action, you will suffer. 20 days ago, we had seen Barca fly towards the north. We even reached this place from following Barca.”

Bartas slightly knitted his brows.

Barca that was known to have no patience destroyed their protecting wall and called the monsters?

He couldn’t easily believe him but didn’t think that Kalmooh would lie.

There was no reason for him to.

If he saw it 20 days ago and came to this place, the timing was also roughly right.

“We need to change our location.”

Bartas carefully made a conclusion.

However, without any preparation, it was impossible to face the dark dragon.

However, Kalmooh was still pessimistic.

“It’s too late. Barca is currently enjoying blockading this place while it sees a decline in dwarf numbers. It probably knew you were going to run away; do you think it didn’t make plans for it?”

That was also true.

Bartas squeezed his brows.

Dragons had high intelligence. To get back at all his suffering, it might be playing with them.

Before Bartas could get lost in his thoughts, Kalmooh made an offer.

“We will help. Let us help you.”

“How? Although the dokkaebi and that death knight seem quite strong, the strength of dragons is on another level.”

Then, Muyoung stepped forward.

“I have the Heart of the Phoenix, dragon bones, and a Piece of the Earth Dragon’s Skin. Make me an armor that can withstand the dragon’s attack.”

“Using the Heart of the Phoenix to make an armor…?”

“Don’t you have the ‘Demon Dragon Lethal Cannon’? The cannon that can give a sufficient blow to the dragon. If I buy some time, you should have enough time to blast a shot at it.”

“How, how did you!”

Bartas could not repress his astonishment.


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