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Chapter 84: Three Pickaxe Sack Alliance (1)

TL: Yoni

Editor: adkji



A cerberus was a top ranked monster that could handle water, fire, and lightning.

However, its opponent was bad.

Death knights were undead monsters that were acknowledged to have no rivals. It was comparable to a lich, and a well-made death knight was known to have the destructiveness of a dragon.

To be exact, the Evil Spirit Predator was not at that level.

However, he was able to developed boundlessly and had the qualifications to be a sovereign.

That meant, in some ways, the Evil Spirit Predator was better.

Even during the fight with the cerberus, the Evil Spirit Predator continued to get stronger.

After a few hours of fighting, he was able to oppress it and designated it as a ‘mount’.


Muyoung never thought he would be able to tame a cerberus!

What he was half in doubt about became true.

A cerberus was quite lacking compared to a magical dragon, but it was still a top rank monster.

Monsters that were very small in number but could change the flow of the battle were known as top-ranked monsters among the people.

A death knight and now a cerberus.

A ‘walking nuclear bomb’ was basically created.




Muyoung tilted his head.

On top of his hand, a key that emitted a yellow light appeared.

However, he had never heard of the present he received.

As he concentrates on it, information about the key appeared.


Name: Starlight

Rank: None

Classification: Functional type

Endurance: None

Effect: A key that allows you to handle starlight

* Depending on the star you possess, a different ability will be activated.

(Star of the Absolute: When it is up in the sky, you can declare ‘Absolute’s Territory’.)

(Absolute’s Territory – While the light is in reach, the enemies inside it are weakened. The toughness effect will be greatly reduced.)

* Depending on the number of stars you possess, the ability increases.

(Star of the Absolute: All stats +10)

*’Star looter’ authority

– When you suppress a star holder, you can forcefully steal the opponent’s star.


Muyoung’s gaze didn’t leave the key for a while.


Like the name, it was a word with endless possibilities.

‘Stars are presents given only to special existences.’

There were other occasions where this happened.

Heroes were those who were known to receive callings from stars.

With the appearance of these people, a special star appear in the sky.

From the appearance of a star, the people were able to know that a great existence had arisen.

And Muyoung became one of those people.

On top of that, he even had the authority to steal other stars.

Of course, the star he talked about weren’t only given to heroes.

The star appeared as a symbol of those who were incomparable to others.

If he could steal all the stars?

The stolen star instantly became his power. Depending on the star, the ability differentiated so the starlight could be considered potential itself.

‘The Queen of the Moon and the Star…’

She was different from the Masters of Darkness who have appeared until now.

It was a name he saw for the first time.

It meant the person wasn’t actively participating in Muyoung’s evaluation and, for some reason he didn’t know of, suddenly decided to change their mind.

Death Lord, Shadow Lord, the Ruler of the Afterlife, the Spirit Sovereign, the Star of 12 Zodiacs, King Slayer, and the Queen of the Moon and the Star.

With this, Muyoung knew of 7 Masters of Darkness.

The other 4 were still under a veil.

“Until when are you going to just stand there blankly.”

The Evil Spirit Predator, who got on the cerberus, spoke.

Muyoung nodded before putting in the key.

‘The thing Oloness continuously re-challenged and searched for is beyond that door.’

A total of 7 times.

There was something he wanted to get even by participating in the arena 7 times.

And Muyoung was planning to find out what it was.

Muyoung moved and passed the huge door.

He entered the huge door but inside it, not a lot of things were seen.

To be exact, there were only three books.

, and were written on each.

‘I can only choose one from these.’

Muyoung rubbed his chin.

Normally, you could only choose one of these limited rewards.

Probably something different would happen when he chooses one.

There was no relationship with the order of the people who entered.

Just one.

He needed to be careful.

‘Rewards that are given in the form of books are normally skills or treasure maps.’

He thought carefully.

By looking at their titles, they didn’t seem to be a skill.

Then, would they be a treasure map?

‘What Oloness wanted.’

There was a limit in knowing their titles.

That was why he changed his focus to Oloness.

Although he was a slave devil, it seemed like his sense of loyalty towards Vassago was still the same.

On the other hand, since he had the pride of devils, he must have been sad that he had become a slave.

He would have tried to be free from the slave status and, to do that, he needed to achieve something that would have been a direct help to the Demon God Vassago.

‘Call of the Devil.’

Muyoung selected the book that was in the middle.

His reason was simple.

Angel of Retrogression…

There are no angels in the Underworld.

History of Twilight?

It was most likely to be a story about the elves that opened the Twilight Era.

There were stories about the Underworld that he occasionally found when he looked through old books.

This was also no different for humans and the Demon Gods.

If there were at least some possibilities, it would only be the Call of the Devil.

However, when he tried to open the book, it wouldn’t budge.



‘High ranked devil, you say.’

From just these messages, he could tell that this item was uncommon.

He was really curious about the content inside but for now, he left it alone.

Since he would meet a high-rank devil one day.

Muyoung had become a lord who owned a territory in the Demon God’s Territory. As he continued to increase his territory and strengthened his control, another devil around it would inevitably react to his territory.


Suddenly, the arena shook.

The rest of the two novels disappeared as if they evaporated.

As he looked around, cracks appeared on the rocks as they fell and  turn to dust.



At the same time, Muyoung body started to fade.

When he opened his eyes again, he was outside of the box of trial.

He returned back to the place where he first entered.

However, there were things that definitely changed.

First, the cave collapsed. To be exact, there was a pile of rocks.

And the surrounding was filled with the presence of slaves.

A surprising number of two thousand slaves all stood there while they looked at Muyoung with an odd expression.

The Evil Spirit Predator, who was riding on the cerberus, looked at this scene with great interest.

He was also someone who was trying to become a king. It was obvious he was interested in Muyoung’s actions as he wanted to be a sovereign in the current world and not the Asura Path where he ordered the specters.

‘A star… a real star is in the sky.’

However, before handling them, he first looked at the sky.

There was a particularly red star among the numerous stars in the black night sky.

Muyoung instinctively knew that that was his star.

Muyoung had killed a few who had their own star but never did he ever earn a star for himself.

Emotions he couldn’t explain overflowed.

Muyoung considered this feeling as ‘being moved’ or ‘happiness’.

An emotion, that he never really felt and believed was already dead, was slowly surfacing.

He shook his head before he looked around again.

“Follow me. We will go to my territory.”

And slowly, he started to move.

There was no better place for all the different types of species to live in besides his own territory.

While he was vacant, his territory developed astoundingly.

20,000 dokkaebis were pioneering the territory and the humans were spreading seeds.

In the Underworld, most crops wouldn’t grow. However, in Muyoung’s territory, they would grow as long as they gave them a good amount of water.

Not too long after, a few messages appeared.




A higher rank and a castle.

It brought him to partake in his activities as a lord.

As Muyoung stepped into his territory, the first to greet him was Baltan and Seohan.

Both kneeled in front of him with determined eyes.

“Dear Oom! Please accept our fight.”

“Greetings, lord.”

However, the duaxini Seohan spoke in quite a worked up voice while Baltan spoke in quite a calm voice. From the beginning, since Baltan was an undead, his emotions were swayed.

However, he had determination.

It was a fight with the pride of humans and dokkaebis on the line. They were never going to be careless about it.

However, Muyoung shook his head.

“First, make space to receive them. The fight can start after.”

2,000 slaves stood behind Muyoung.

Elf, beast, dwarf, etc., over a 100 different species were gathered but their conditions didn’t seemed to be all that great.

They were suffering from malnutrition, all kinds of injuries, and filled with vague fear.

They needed a place to receive them.

“I will guide them. Follow me.”

Irene who lightly walked towards them stood in between Baltan and Seohan.

While Baltan and Seohan didn’t easily move as they were busy studying each other’s face, Irene who realized her exact role stepped up.

Unlike before, she smiled refreshingly and led the slaves.

And Kalmooh spoke as he saw numerous dokkaebis from afar.

“Is this my master’s land?”

“It is.”

“There should be many things I need to do.”

Kalmooh slightly smiled.

He probably said it after looking at the buildings.

There was enough work for the dwarves.

Muyoung nodded as he walked forward.

‘After organizing the territory, I will go find the Three Pickaxe Sack Alliance.’

He needed to do the things in the proper order.



At the same time.

The leaders of large organizations looked up in the sky.

They focused on the particularly red star in the sky.

An appearance of a new star always made everyone nervous.

If they got it, the star would provide them with strength for them to leap up and if they didn’t, it would be a huge hindrance that would make them ground their teeth.  The leaders of the large organizations all got up at the same time.

“What is the name of that star?”

Among the recruiters, there were some that studied stars.

Large organizations would have at least one research lab, and they would study the existing stars to estimate the time the gates would open or when an unexpected situation would occur.

There were some research labs that read signs that something would happen in 10 years from now, but they were not certain what that was yet.

Anyhow, an appearance of a new star was also something they needed to study.

And the name of the star could be easily figured out.

“The Star of the Absolute… that’s what it’s called.”

“The Star of the Absolute?”

They could only knit their brows after hearing the title.

How could a name be so arrogant!

No one could discuss the absolute.

It was the same for those that were in the top 10 strongest human beings.

The title of Absolute had that much weight.

But, a star related to that title was up in the sky.

“Find it. Find who the owner of the star is! You must find it faster than anyone else.”

All the organizations, small or big, started to act.

Their goal was one thing.

To find the owner of the Star of the Absolute!

However, no one could produce any results.

It was an obvious thing.

The place they were in was humanity’s territory.

How could they find Muyoung, who was increasing his influence in the Demon God’s Territory?

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