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KotB Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Star of the Absolute (7)

TL: Yoni

Editor: Obelisk



Oloness’s expression hardened right away. He instantly opened his 3rd eye and got ready to attack Muyoung. He also realized that he could instantly get attacked if he was to engage half-heartedly.

Oloness raised his hand as he opened his eye half way. Numerous hands appeared from the floor to hold Muyoung back but it was useless.


The flames that soared from his whole body refused the hands of the specters.

‘The Cry of Fire’ had the basic property of rejecting darkness.

‘Shadow Teleportation and Acceleration.’

And Muyoung knew that Oloness became defenseless when he summoned his hands.

Using Shadow Teleportation, he moved behind Oloness and used Acceleration on Hermes’s Boots.

Duration 3 seconds.

Oloness’s eyes moved and detected Muyoung, but he was too slow.

Anguish moved first and sliced through Oloness’s shoulder.

However, the Wicked God’s Sword missed.

It was because Oloness instinctively twisted his body after receiving a blow.

At the same time, a small beam shot out in a straight line from his third eye.


A wall on the side of the arena was destroyed.

Muyoung, who dangerously avoided his attack, rolled on the floor before he got up.

“My eye can read everything. It seems like you can’t use that attack twice, it must be disappointing.”

Oloness mocked him as he held his half amputated left shoulder.

As if Muyoung wasted his first and last chance.

Oloness wasn’t completely wrong.

However, Muyoung wasn’t disappointed at all.

‘It’s enough.’

The injury Anguish caused was hard to recover.

The truth was that Oloness’s injury wasn’t recovering.

Vitality was spurting out and was continuously being absorbed into Muyoung.

From the beginning, Muyoung was just after wounding him first.

‘It will be a long fight.’

It was fight he needed to fight for the long run.

Muyoung and Oloness’s skills weren’t that greatly different.

However, Oloness was quite exhausted and allowed Muyoung to attack him.

All that was left was time.

The time for him to collapse.

Thump! Rumble!

As Oloness fiercely attacked Muyoung with his long nails, Muyoung calmly blocked his attacks and summoned Murdudun.

‘Stop his movements.’

Murloc King Murdudun appeared with a few thousand  specters.

After Muyoung ordered him, Murdudun ground his teeth as he looked at Oloness.

– Devil! The one that I hate most!

After being tricked by Demon God Dantalian, Murdudun harbored a strong hatred against Demons and Demon Gods alike. Even if he was a slave, there was no way for devil Oloness to look good in Murdudun’s eyes.

Instantly, under Murdudun’s command, thousands of specters restricted Oloness’s movements.


Oloness bit his lips as his movement instantly became dull and his body didn’t listen to him.

The third eye opened halfway and started to indiscriminately shoot out beams.

Thump! Thump! Crash!

“No one can stop me!”

His eye became redder.

Small veins bulged and his whole body slowly bloated up.

All the hands that originally rose from the floor were absorbed into Oloness’s body.

In time, huge horns appeared on both sides of his forehead and wings sprouted from his back.

‘Form of the devil.’

That what his true devil form.

They would normally go around in similar forms to other species but when they began to fight, they would sometimes transform like this.

And devils who changed into a form of a devil earned destructive power beyond one’s imaginations.

Of course, not all devils could change into their true form. Only a few chosen devils could have a true form and Oloness seemed to be one of those chosen devils.

‘He can’t maintain it for long.’

However, there weren’t many devils who could maintain the form of the devil for a long time. Unless they were a Demon King or a Demon God, at most they could maintain it for about 10 minutes.

‘When the change is lifted, the rebound will also be big.’

It meant that Muyoung could win if he killed time.

The problem was that it was really hard to endure for that period of time.

Oloness, who finished transforming into the form of the devil, let out his breath and spoke.

“I will kill you most painfully. You shouldn’t have offended me.”

Oloness fluttered his wings and declared to Muyoung.

Muyoung took a big breath.


When he closed his eyes and reopened them, something deep inside ‘Asura Path’ responded.

His heart beat violently.

‘Asura Path wants his body.’

It was unexpected.

However, something in Asura Path wanted the current Oloness’s form.

Muyoung instinctively knew that this something was one of the rulers of Asura Path.

‘Do you want him?’

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Muyoung’s whole body shivered.

A supremely evil spirit that wanted the form of the devil was slowly opening its eyes.


<‘Evil Spirit Predator’ is acknowledging ‘Muyoung’.>


Evil Spirit Predator!

Muyoung had already conquered a significant part of Asura Path by using Murdudun, and when a special condition was added, the Evil Spirit Predator seemed to have awakened and acknowledged Muyoung.

‘I will accept.’

Muyoung nodded his head.

At the same time.


The few thousands of specters Muyoung released, all gathered inside his body.

– This strength… isn’t it the strength of the Predator?!

Murdudun’s eyes widened.

Murdudun also knew of the few sovereigns in Asura Path.

However, it seemed like he never in the world expected that one of them would lend Muyoung their strength.

Soon, a skull-shaped spirit was casted behind Muyoung’s back.




The old dwarf Kalmooh couldn’t take his eyes off  the fight for even a second.

While placing his hands together, he concentrated all his nerves on Muyoung and Oloness’s fight.

“I can’t believe it! He used Acceleration?”

Beside Kalmooh, the four humans, including Bug, were with him.

They were also able to reach the 2nd floor by winning on a roll, but the reason why they continued even though they could leave the arena was only to watch this fight.

They were curious as to how well Muyoung was going to fight against Oloness who sliced off their comrade’s arm.

But, as the fight began, Muyoung used Acceleration to successfully injuring Oloness.

‘Please, please.’

Kalmooh felt his helplessness as he could only pray.

However, it was true that he felt an odd pleasure whenever Muyoung pressed Oloness with the equipment he touched upon.

Son’s revenge.

If he could kill Oloness, he would do anything.


However, Kalmooh strongly bit his lips after seeing Oloness transform into the form of the devil.

He never thought Oloness was a devil that had the form.

Normally, it was only possible for high-rank devils. Even though Oloness’s skills were exceptional, Kalmooh couldn’t say he was a high rank.

That was why he didn’t even think about it.

If he was transformed, Muyoung’s winning ratio would drastically decrease.

When they were finally able to fight on an equal level, the tables were turned at once.

Crushed to death.

Even if the duration was short, it was still possible to crush his opponent as long as a gap was created. Unless Oloness was an idiot, he would try to end the fight as quickly as he could.

And Muyoung didn’t have any moves to stop him.

Everyone thought that.

“Withdraw. I can feel the strong strength of a curse.”

The priest spoke.

Afterwards, he kneeled and repeated the name of ‘Soon’.

As a cloud was summoned and surrounded the people around them, a strong curse blew out in waves with Muyoung at the center.



A half transparent and enormous skull soared up behind Muyoung.

Very quickly, a few monsters that were watching the fight from the stand collapsed onto the floor.

They were unable to withstand the aftermath of the curse.

“What exactly is that skull?”

Bug asked the priest.

The priest barely answered while he was dripping with sweat.

“I’m not sure. However, I am certain that it is a denied existence that should not exist in this world. Something that normally has to be sealed in Abyss…”

“The abyss?”

“It’s a place where the gods seal up evil spirits. Ha, even when he’s not completely exposed, he still has this much presence… I’m truly curious as to how a dokkaebi is able to draw out that sort of evil spirit from the Abyss.”

The eyes of the priest were shaking as it looked at the Evil Spirit Predator.

An existence inside the Abyss was awakened.

The dokkaebi woke it.

On top of that, the existence from the Abyss was now helping the dokkaebi.

Something unbelievable was happening.

Evil spirits locked in the Abyss hated and wanted to destroy everything.

Help? They didn’t have that kind of sense. That was why they were sealed by the gods.


Oloness and Muyoung collided.

However, whoever watched them could tell Oloness’s urgency from his movements.

Muyoung didn’t yield an inch.

It seemed like he was at a disadvantage for a second, but they were back to being equal opponents.

However, Oloness’s movements resembled a frantic last-ditch effort.

That was also the final struggle dependent on time.

And after 10 minutes had passed, the form of the devil was lifted and Oloness returned to his original state.

“What are hell are you?! A strength that my eye can’t read, it’s not possible!”

Oloness shouted.

Muyoung lifted his hand with an emotionless face.


Anguish pierced Oloness’s heart.



As Muyoung took out Anguish, Oloness’s body drooped.

However, it wasn’t the end yet.

At the same time, tears of blood suddenly started to pour from Oloness’s third eye.


As he knitted his brows, the Evil Spirit Predator acted faster than Muyoung.

As it approached, permeating into Oloness’s body, bloody tears stopped flowing down his third eye.


With a small explosive, Oloness lowered his head.

However, it seemed like it was late.

‘…The brain self-exploded.’


He clicked his tongue lightly.

Like this, even if he was to make an undead, he couldn’t collect the information he wanted.

The situation with the Demon Gods factions and Gremory’s position, there were so many things he wanted to ask but before he had the chance, the situation had ended.

As he turned his head, the Evil Spirit Predator looked down on Muyoung.

‘You want me to use the Art of Death skill?’

Even if it stopped his self-destruction, it seemed like it couldn’t force itself into the body and take control of it.

Muyoung nodded his head and used the Art of Death skill.

At that moment, the Evil Spirit Predator was absorbed into Oloness’s body.


Level: 350

Type: Death Knight

Strength 380   Agility 365

Stamina 338   Intelligence 210

Wisdom 249   Magic Resistance 300>


+ Completely autonomic individual (Does not listen to orders.)

+ Boundless development (It develops on its own.)

+ Qualification to be a Sovereign (It can have its own territory and order soldiers.)



A black cape fluttered as it held a thick long sword.

Muyoung could only be greatly surprised by the finished product.

A death knight!

It was a top class undead that even liches only had one of.

The Evil Spirit Predator that occupied Oloness’s body looked at Muyoung.

Do you want anything?

He felt as though it was asking him this.


Only one thing came to Muyoung’s mind.

He believed it was best to prepare the 3 things needed and put cerberus to sleep but if the Death Knight appeared, the story changed.

Something no one could challenge.

It seemed possible to even hunt the cerberus.

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