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Chapter 81: Star of the Absolute (6)

TL: Yoni

Editor: emptycube



Arc trolls were mutant species.

Their white skin made people think of albinos.

Also, mutant species could never mix into their group.

Normally, mutant species were abandoned and would die in the wild but due to certain circumstances, a very few of them survived.

And those mutant species that survived possessed a stronger strength than their counterparts. It was the result of their struggles.

One was able to exhibit the power of more than five.

On top of that, there were times when monsters with ‘arc’ in their names had strengthened inherent abilities besides their resistance to darkness and light.

And trolls were typically a race that possessed outstanding stamina recovery.

“What we are seeing now isn’t a dream, right?”

Bug blankly opened his mouth.

With an expression as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

The rest of his comrades’ expression weren’t greatly different from his.

“…He outran arc troll’s stamina recovery ability.”

“Can a dokkaebi, who isn’t even a duaxini, be that strong?”

An arc troll was able to instantly recover after being cut or pierced. If he was burned, it ripped that part off and continued to recover.

It was literally an astonishing stamina recovery ability.

However, Muyoung, who was facing the arc troll, was more astonishing.

At first, Bug thought he was a somewhat special dokkaebi.

Although he had a horn and even if he was a king, since he wasn’t a duaxini, his fighting ability shouldn’t have been greatly different.

However, his perception of him shattered after he began to fight in the arena.

Repeated victories.

After the appearance of Oloness, Muyoung instantly became a star in the arena.

And he now showed strength far greater than a duaxdini and captivated his audience.


The flames that soared from Muyoung’s back damaged the entire arena.

He swung his two swords and sliced off the arc troll’s body as if he was carving a sculpture.

This meant that the power he had shown until now wasn’t even the tip of the iceberg.

The arc troll was unable to resist him once.

“Or is the arc troll just weak?”

The priest replied as the girl in charge of the archer position asked.

“No, that dokkaebi is just stronger than what we imagined. Usually, people say arc troll could exhibit the power of 10 trolls but… I’m not sure.”

It was true. Arc trolls were never weak.

He was just strong.

Bug’s whole body shivered.

Muyoung possessed a keen insight that could identify his true character, the strength to back it up and even the meticulousness to plan ahead.

He turned his head to look at the undead.

‘I never heard of dokkaebis that could manipulate death.’


Bug felt like his saliva was drying up.

Sword and magic, on top of that, he could manipulate death.

He never heard of a monster that could use various of different skills.

If there was…

‘Human. Only humans could use strength in so many different ways like him.’


As he thought that, his whole body shivered again.

Is he really not a dokkaebi but a human?

He could appear as a dokkaebi as an effect of a skill.

Bug saw through him accurately but became even more confused.

At that moment, the fight ended.

The fight ended and the arena became quiet.

It was because he ended the fight by one-sidedly by showing strength equal to, or possibly greater, than Oloness.

Thump. Thump.

In the narrow hallway, he walked towards him.

The sound of his footsteps seemed especially louder.

“Are you… are you really a dokkaebi?”

Bug couldn’t help but ask.

Muyoung’s eyes turned towards him and, at the same time, he felt a chilling feeling piercing through his body.

However, this question was quite important.

Human or dokkaebi.

If he was a human, he needed to act more carefully.

Soul language users received attention wherever they went and since he, a dragon language user, was a level higher than them, it would only lead to a bigger commotion.

The world wasn’t that easy.

People who tried to use others were widespread.

However, if someone other than his comrades were to know this truth?

In Bug’s position, it was a matter of life and death.

Muyoug slowly opened his lips.

“I’m Oom.”


“The ruler of dokkaebies and the companion of souls. I’m even a Lord who rules over a quite a big territory.”

Then, he shoved the still beating arc troll’s heart he held in his hand into where Heidegger’s heart would normally be located.

It was a completely strange scene but Muyoung didn’t even bat an eye.


<‘Werewolf’s Heart’ has been changed to ‘Arc troll’s Heart’.>


Tips of Muyoung’s lips slightly curved upwards.

Afterwards, Muyoung looked at Bug.

“I understand what your worries are. However.”

This much caution was something any explorer should have.

As Bug looked at him with doubt, he continued to talk.

“Your worries won’t come true.”

“The ritual of Order Bless… I will start right away.”

“You’re wise.”

He picked things up quickly. He quickly understood what Muyoung wanted to say.

It was obvious as his main weapon were words.

“Oloness is my prey. Awaiting his death will also be amusing.”

Muyoung spoke confidently before he walked away.



<20 fights 20 wins! A bounty was placed on ‘Muyoung’ who has won continuously. >

<‘Victor’ effect has been added. ‘Victor’ is a qualification that allows you to take away an opponent’s continuous victory. It is only activated when the opponent dies. Fight with your victory on the line!>


Muyoung immediately went down to the next floor.

When he entered the 3rd floor, the number of monsters were a lot less than before.

Normally, if they were able to reach the 3rd floor, it was because they had gathered a million onz and left the arena. At the very least, there weren’t many monsters that were obsessed with obtaining an escape ticket.

However, while the numbers were small, they didn’t lack strong individuals in the arena.

Every monster was starving to fight and fighting was their only goal.

Of course, there wasn’t a better battleground to activate the ‘Victor’ effect.



There was also an unexpected change.

That two undead were added as warriors in the arena.

It all happened so naturally.

So that no one could realize that Muyoung was their owner, he made them act like others.

‘Sure enough.’

He was half in doubt but his plan was successful.

However, even if the undead won, the victory did not go to Muyoung.

‘They measured the outcome differently.’

It was better this way.

If they were measured together, it would mean that their wins and loss would also be together.

If they were to lose even once, the record of his continuous wins would all go to waste.

Anyhow, Muyoung was planning on using Black Sun Warrior and Heidegger to hold Oloness back.

The source of Oloness’s strength was very similar to Muyoung.

Of course, their weakness would also be similar.

‘While Order Bless is in effect, Oloness’s attacks won’t work.’

At least, he could say that specter-type skills would be useless.

He couldn’t do anything about physical attacks but Black Sun Warrior and Heidegger’s endurance were formidable without a doubt.

And Oloness’s physical attacks weren’t that strong.

It seemed strong because he strengthened them with the strength of specters.

If they were to fight, it was possible to continuously drain his stamina.


Muyoung swung his two swords.

At the same time, the hairy abominable snowman’s head fell to the floor.


<‘The rank of ‘Swordmaster’ skill went up. F -> E.>



Like the title, it was a skill that allowed him to become the master of his swords as it increased in rank.

Muyoung was trained to be able to use all the weapons but he was far from having a deep understanding of them.

However, after learning the Swordmaster skill, for the first time he was able to question about ‘what was a sword’.

On top of that, his understanding of swords and skills had also increased.

‘I’m not going to stop.’

Muyoung was naturally getting stronger.

His development speed was ridiculous, however, that didn’t mean he wasn’t devoted to the basics.

It would have been impossible if he was his past self.

Even the strong individuals who were known as world-class geniuses couldn’t have developed as fast as Muyoung.

However, Muyoung didn’t doubt his growth.

It was because he knew that his growth would stagnate the moment he doubted it.


<37 wins 0 draw 0 loss.>


‘Not long until 10 million onz.’


The betting ratio was continuously getting lower.

However, once he collected 10 million onz, he would have basically achieved his first goal.


The gatekeeper of the last gateway.

To attack cerberus, he needed 3 things.

One of which was a special incense that could be purchased with 10 million onz.

Since the fight with Oloness wasn’t everything, he needed to prepare ahead.

Even if the level of arena increased, Oloness and Muyoung were like a two running horses.

No monster could stop the two.

As if they made a promise, the two ran forward, only looking ahead.

However, that all ended on the next floor.


<‘Dokkaebi Muyoung’ has chosen ‘Slave Devil Oloness’ as his opponent.>


As if Muyoung had been waiting for this moment, he chose Oloness.

Oloness had already used a lot of stamina fighting Black Sun Warrior and Heidegger.

His mind and body had become exhausted from the appearance of new foes.

Now was his chance.

To strike him from the rear when he least expected it.

Oloness had a strange expression on his face as if he didn’t expect to be chosen yet.

“I think I said this wasn’t the place you and I were going to fight.”

“I choose the place I fight.”

There was no reason for him to follow Oloness’s intentions.

And it wasn’t like Muyoung to lose his most advantageous chance.

On the other hand, Oloness fought continuously because he was planning to fight him on the first floor.

He didn’t even think about saving his stamina.

Especially since Black Sun Warrior and Heidegger held him back, his specter strength was significantly weakened.

“You think well for someone related to Gremory.”

Muyoung chuckled.

He thought Oloness would denounce him for being a coward but it was the opposite.

In a battlefield where people had to kill one another, one must do whatever it took to win.

Since Oloness was also the same, he was taken back but wasn’t angry at Muyoung.

A devil wasn’t just a devil for no reason.

‘He’s not easy to provoke.’

Oloness wasn’t the type to be provoked easily.

The more he was provoked, the clearer his mind would become.

Instead of provoking him, it was better to just show his skills.

Muyoung slowly unsheathed Anguish and his Wicked God’s Sword.

And while looking at Muyoung, Oloness coldly said.

“Ah, I will make you regret your decision.”

“I never regret my decisions.”

Muyoung instantly replied.

Oloness didn’t know.

What kind of life Muyoung had lived.

And what an amazing happiness it was to be able to make your own choices.

How far he had come compared to his past where his right to make his own choices had been revoked.

How could he regret his own decisions?

At least, since returning to the past, Muyoung had never regretted a single decision he had made.

He always did his best to produce the best results.

It was the same right now.


Anguish and Wicked God’s Sword rang fiercely.

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