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Chapter 80: Star of the Absolute (5)

TL: Yoni

Edited: emptycube




It was against the rules to interfere with an ongoing battle.  

If no penalty existed, there couldn’t be a fair fight in the arena.  

It seemed they were lenient since it was his first time.  

However, it couldn’t be helped.  

‘To be 100% certain of my victory, I need to save them.’  

Muyoung found the way to win against Oloness.  

Bug and his colleagues possessed the decisive key to winning.  

‘He’s similar to me. The way he fights, his habits, everything.’  

Muyoung couldn’t help but be surprised as the fight intensified.  

Oloness was too similar to Muyoung himself. At least, in terms of fighting.  

He was careful and had the ability to find the best route of attack.  

They were even similar in the sense that they both used specter-like skills.  


His senses, judgment skills, etc.  

How could he be this similar to him!?  

The more he looked at it, he couldn’t help but laugh.  

It was as if he had a mirror in front of him.  

Of course, there wasn’t even a big different in fighting strength.  

Especially the existence of that ‘eye’ that appeared in the end was something Muyoung needed to be cautious about.  

Winning ratio 5:5.  

Before seeing the eye, the chance he would win was higher but with the appearance of the eye, it balanced out the difference.  

That was why the slightest difference would have an effect on the victory.  

And for that, he needed to save them.  

“Dokkaebi, why are you siding with humans?”  

Oloness ground his teeth. He was currently agitated.  

His three eyes were dyed red. He did his best to suppress his urge to attack.  

“It’s for my victory.”  

Muyoung didn’t hide the truth.  

Oloness was too similar to Muyoung.  

He couldn’t really believe it but it was true.  

That was why he didn’t feel the need to hide his true intentions.  

Especially since lies wouldn’t work in front of the third eye on his forehead.  

“The place for our fight isn’t here.”  

“That isn’t something that you decide.”  

Muyoung held Anguish and the Wicked God’s Sword.  

He showed a strong determination that he was going to continue if Oloness wasn’t willing to stop.  

While doing this, he turned his head half way to look at Bug.  

Bug who realized Muyoung’s intentions quickly got up, supported the warrior and grabbed the warrior’s arm that flew off.  

“Th, thank you. This debt, I will surely.”  

Bug and his comrades escaped the arena as fast as they could.  

Soon after, from afar, tens of living armor appeared.  

While looking at them, Oloness mocked him.  

“It’s such a moving scene. As expected for a guy who smells of Gremory.”  

Muyoung’s brows moved as he heard the unexpected name.  


The one who held the 56th seat of the 72 Demon Gods, the only Demon Goddess, the one who ruled over 26 demon armies.  

And Muyoung currently had the qualifications to become the 27th Demon King under Gremory.

Oloness looked at Anguish after reading Muyoung’s expression.  

“I know that sword very well. I also know the owner of the scent you give off. As the subordinate of that traitor bitch, it’s beautiful how you side with humans.”  


It was a remark where he couldn’t find a speck of respect for Demon Gods.  

However, Muyoung pretended as though he knew nothing.  

“I don’t know what nonsense you’re speaking of.”  

“Are you pretending that you don’t know or do you really not know? You’re the first one that I can’t easily read with this eye. However, it is clear that you are related to that bitch.”  

He bared his teeth.  

“The power of traitors are small. You started a fight you can’t win. That means no matter how many people like yourself make an effort outside, it’s all meaningless. And once everything is settled, the humans you sided with will all walk the path of destruction in an instant.”  

Muyoung was slightly provoked by him as he talked but he remained calm.  

Even if he was a bit surprised, he made a conclusion that it would be dangerous for him to act as if he knew what Oloness was talking about.  

As Muyoung continued to be non-responsive, Oloness turned his body as if he lost interest.  

“After all, you’re also aiming the place beyond the door the cerberus protects. Me for my honor, you for your own use, we are searching for that item. The place for us to fight is there.”  

Afterwards, Oloness left the arena as if he had no regrets.  

As Muyoung watched him leave, tens of living armors surrounded Muyoung.  

Everything was blocked in the cell.  

It was extremely cramped and it was even difficult to breathe.  

Since it was made out of an unknown material, it was hard to smash the wall.  

It wasn’t impossible to get out of this place but he didn’t find it necessary.  

‘When everything is settled, the Demon Gods will start to move. By settle, does that include the power associated Gremory?’  

However, it was better this way.  

No matter how cramped and uncomfortable it was, Muyoung wasn’t restricted by the location.  

If normal monsters were locked in a place like this, they would show all kinds of symptoms of mental disorder but Muyoung had already overcame those things in the past.  

On the other hand, he gained time to slowly think things through.  

‘In 10 years, the Great Calamity started and the Demon Gods attacked the humans. However, not all Demon Gods participated. Including Gremory, few Demon Gods didn’t appear from the start.’  

He didn’t even have to even think 10 years later.  

When humans first entered the Underworld, Demon Gods did not actively attack them.  

At most, the Demon Kings made their move.  

However, what if there was a reason why all the Demon Gods couldn’t leave their territory?  

‘Was there an internal conflict?’  

And did that conflict resolve within 10 years?  

Perhaps they made their moves after the conflict was resolved which led to the start of the ‘Great Calamity’.  

Muyoung’s heart started to beat a little faster.  

‘The Demon Gods also have factions…’  

No one knew. Of course, they didn’t know.  

There would have been no way for humans to know if the problem amongst the Demon Gods was solved before they started to make their move.  

He couldn’t be certain. However, all possibilities were open.  

‘I need to ask Oloness directly.’  

Muyoung nodded.  

He was certain he could ask Oloness after beating him.  

Muyoung knew how to find out what he wanted to get in the room beyond the door the cerberus was protecting.  

Muyoung calmly sat.  

He quietly concentrated and drew a picture in his mind.  

‘Moving your body isn’t the only way to train.’  

More realistic imaginations than reality.  

Muyoung prepared for all the moves as he drew the fight with Oloness in his mind.  


After 3 days, he was instantly matched with a fight as he left the cell.  


Muyoung stretched his body before heading for the arena.  

“Thank you.”  

On his way, Bug was waiting for him.  

He was also with his comrades and everyone had their heads lowered.  

They were hopeless and embarrassed but it was true that they did receive help from him.  

They didn’t know how to act and just had their heads lowered.  

Muyoung didn’t really help them to receive thanks.  

He only helped them because he wanted something.  

“The price for reckless actions is death. You were lucky this time.”  

“…We know. If it wasn’t for you, we would have all died.”  


As Bug tabbed the shoulders of a comrade beside him, his comrades said a word of thanks to Muyoung.  

Even the guy who was pale.  

It was the huge shield-bearing warrior who stood in the frontlines and had his left arm cut off.  

Even if they had a priest, it seemed like the Blessing of Strength didn’t work for him.  


This was because Oloness’s power of evil was much greater than the experience level of the priest.  

However, they felt something much better than the pain and sorrows of losing.  

“You want revenge?”  

Bug widened his eyes.  

He roughly understood what Muyoung wanted to say.  

“Ar, are you willing to work…”  

“No, I will fight alone. Instead, I’ll give you a chance.”  

However, Muyoung shook his head.  

Instead, he took out a talisman from his side. And after he shook the talisman, two undead appeared in front of them.  

The Black Sun Warrior in full armor and Heidegger stood stiffly before they kneeled.  



Everyone was alert as the undead suddenly appeared.  

They held their weapon and prepared themselves.  

Since they were humans, living beings, it was a natural reaction.  

Muyoung spoke calmly.  

“Strengthen these two by using the Blessing of the Cloud and soul language. You know how to use ‘Order Bless’, right?”  

Order Bless was a high rank blessing.  

The strength that allowed a strong reflective power against specters and the dead.  

The priest shook his head.  

“It’s impossible. With my skills, that much…”  

However, Order Bless was a blessing that could only be used when few priests combined their strength.  

Unless you were a top ranked priest, it was impossible for someone to do it alone.  

Muyoung chuckled.  

“You should be able to with Bug’s soul language. Your soul language seemed to be different than normal. A stronger power. I could feel drakan’s energy.”  

“How, how did you know?”  

Bug’s eyes widened.  

Drakan was a half dragon. A drakan born from a dragon and a different species could use dragon language.  

They manipulated a language a class above than normal soul language.  

He didn’t know at first.  

It was a truth he found out after awakening his purity and watching Bug use his powers.  

If he didn’t find out, he wouldn’t have saved them.  

“Even your name, Bug, is a lie. Since the dragon language is so strong that the user even needs to hide their true name. The difference I felt continuously was because of this.”  

The tips of Muyoung’s lip slowly went up.  

From the first time he met him and heard his name, he felt something was different.  

Most soul language users were famous but it was odd that he never heard of his name before.  

However, if it was the dragon language user, the story was different.  

Bug was beyond astonished as he had an expression as though his soul was drained out of him.  

“Are you still going to say it’s impossible?”  

Also, with the power of the dragon language, it was possible for the priest’s prayer to be helped.  

Priests could produce a power a level stronger than before.  

Shortly, Bug admitted.  

“It… it’s possible. However, even if we could use Order Bless, we can’t apply it on undead.”  

“For now, you can’t.”  

Muyoung turned his head and looked at the arena.  

A completely white monster known as an arc troll was waiting for him.  

Arc. It meant it had quite a lot of resistance to darkness and light and if he was to transplant its heart in Heidegger, it would be able to handle Order Bless.  

The Black Sun Warrior already had a strong resistance to light.  

On top, if the power of fire which Muyoung had was added, it didn’t seem impossible.  

“Wait for me.”  

Muyoung walked up by himself.  

His eyes sparkled.  

‘I realized you and I are alike. It should be meaningless to hide any further.’  

The third eye Oloness possessed could understand all of Muyoung’s strength.  

Muyoung also understood Oloness’s true power.  

Since it meant it was pointless to keep hiding his strength, he was going to try his best.  


Wings of fire sprouted from Muyoung’s back.  

Cry of Fire!  

It was a skill the Blazing Spear Soldier used but Muyoung had taken it from him using Soul Exploitation.  

However, the flame was much more intense than when the Blazing Spear Soldier used it.  

‘Quickly and overwhelmingly.’  

If up until now was a warm-up exercise, from now on, he was planning on being a rough typhoon that will destroy everything that blocks his path.  

If it was pointless for him to hide his strength from Oloness, he was going to make him be alert by showing his true strength.  

Oloness would become more cautious and careful after attempting to understand Muyoung and those exact actions would be his downfall.  

As he was narrow-minded and Muyoung knew how to use everything.  

This small but critical difference would change the results.

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