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Chapter 76: Star of the Absolute (1)

TL: Yoni

Edited: Myoni




It was a voice that transcended all awareness. He felt a great influence he hadn’t felt even when he faced Asura.

The owner of the voice spoke.

Where does your true purity lie?

Muyoung momentarily recalled what Ogar had said in the past.

‘Who am I.’

Not a dokkaebi or a human, not in the past or the future, an existence in the middle.

That was Muyoung.

He went into metamorphosis.

This was a phenomenon and a present he obtained after breaking through his limits again.

The longer he spent in this state, the more likely he would be able to find his true purity.

Muyoung looked into to his past.

And slowly retraced his steps.

‘What do I want to become?’

It was the single question that crossed his mind during his exploration of his past and future in search for his true purity.

Did he want to become a hero?

Or did he want to become a Demon King?

His goal was to complete his revenge and to drive out the Demon Gods.

However, after that.

After accomplishing all his goals, Muyoung didn’t know what he truly wanted to be.

He thought it wouldn’t be too late to think about it after he completed his current goals.

However, that wasn’t right. It shouldn’t be this way. The order was switched.

Since then, everything had become slightly crooked.

If he was unable to tread the path of purity, he would have gone further and further away from it.

‘Who do I look up to?’

There was an existence whom he couldn’t reach even when he stretched his hand out towards it.

He had turned his back away from it thinking that he, who had killed countless of others, shouldn’t be given this opportunity.

He comforted himself by saying that he had no choice but to walk a path different from others.

‘I want to become a hero.’

It was actually different.

Muyoung wanted to become a hero.

Not an assassin, not a Demon King, but truthfully, he wanted to become a hero.

Like the Dragon Lord he killed.

Like the other heroes who carried out their will until the bitter end when they died by his sword.

‘However, I can’t become one.’

It was impossible.

He who kill others without hesitation and who didn’t care about the sacrifices of others, how could he become a hero?

He once did think about becoming a Demon King-like hero but that was partially a joke.

And that thought didn’t change even now when he stood on the path of purity.

Just, if there was something he wanted.

“To become absolute.”

He was going to be like an enormous tree that did sway from any wind.

What if he was a dokkaebi or a human?

What if he was a hero or a Demon King?

It was the same for the past and the future.

If he stood at the pinnacle, if he reached the utmost limits, there was no point to differentiating.

The absolute.

Purity, it was the very thing that could overcome anything.

An existence that was acknowledged as only one form.

It was a position that no one could sway and one where everyone could only gaze at, a genuine sky that existed above the sky.

That was Muyoung’s purity.


<‘Star of Purity’ has been passed down.>



It felt like a lot of time had passed.

A few days, few months, perhaps even a few years.

Muyoung floated in a place where he was unable to notice the passage of time.

He opened his eyes when the wall of specters and flames subsided.

‘Something has changed.’

First, he noticed that his body had changed.

Externally and internally.

His skin was soft like a newborn baby and his senses had become enhanced.

He was able to hear all the movements and sounds around him.

That wasn’t all.


After checking his changes by turning his Status Viewer, he laughed in disbelief.

A lot of things had changed as a result of his awakening.

Especially, the thing he earned at the end, he was dumbfounded in amazement.


Achievement Effect –>

Star of Purity (S, All stats +20, Waking phase of the Absolute)


S rank!

Perhaps it was because the absolute had to be strong without leaning towards one place.

What was more, it increased all his stats by 20.

The A rank Gremory’s Anguish stopped at increasing his stats by 3 but that only showed the great difference between A rank and S rank.

It wasn’t like Muyoung was attempting to create or find an S rank equipment for no reason.

‘Waking phase. It probably means that there is a possibility for it to go higher in rank.’

The fact that this might not even be the end was enough to give him goosebumps.

Even Intelligence and wisdom’s pure stats rose by 10 each.

With just one awakening, it completely overturned his fighting strength.

While he looked through the rest of the changes, Muyoung couldn’t help but exclaim in awe.


Stats ->

Strength 162 (109 + 53)   Agility 156 (103 + 53)

Stamina 144 (102 + 42)   Intelligence 116 (74 + 42)

Wisdom 112 (70+ 42)   Fighting Aura 104 (66 + 38)

Magic Resistance 92 (54 + 38) Spirit Ability 86 (38 + 48)

Special Note: Fighting Aura has been awakened. Completed the 1st metamorphosis. You have accomplished Three Flowers Condensing onto the Head and Five Qi and have realized purity.
All five main stats passed 100.

Since Intelligence and Wisdom were tied to the effectiveness of skill, it was very difficult to raise but even they passed the 1st wall.


Muyoung placed his hand out.

Flames formed above it.

It was the skill ‘Cry of Fire’ the Blazing Spear Soldier had.

‘Is this the first attack skill I’ve obtained?’

It was forcefully taken by using Soul Exploitation.

When he thought about it, it was the first time he had even obtained a proper attack skill.

Since up until now, all Muyoung had learned were skills regarding undead.


The flames burned rapidly.

The flames reflected in Muyoung’s eyes.

At the same time, he was naturally able to understand its structure and how to use it more effectively.






‘What the…’

Muyoung’s body flinched.

When he concentrated for a moment, the rank of the skill increased.

It jumped up by a whopping three ranks.

From understanding after a single use.

‘You can increase a skill rank faster with high Wisdom but even considering that, it’s too fast.’

It was impossible.

It was a speed that wouldn’t make sense unless his Wisdom stat had surpassed 500.

This meant that there was another cause, did the Star of Purity produce this effect?

Muyoung shook his head.

‘Three Flowers Condensing onto the Head and Five Qi.’

It was probably due to them.

The pathways in his body had opened and his ability to understand all things was forcefully increased under the sole influence of these two.

‘It must be possible for the other skills.’

Muyoung experimented by using lower rank skills.

However, after experimenting, only one other skill rose.

‘Eye of the Sky.’

The rest of the skills didn’t even budge.

The Lord skill was influenced by the land and the citizens so it was understandable but it was unexpected to see only the Eye of the Sky skill rise in rank.

‘It looks like I can’t increase the skills from Lord Classes.’

It was because the rest of the skills were from the Lord Classes.

However, at least it was something.

His Intelligence and Wisdom had already greatly increased.

If it wasn’t for the Lord Class skills, the rest of his skills could instantly be raised to C rank.

Asking for more than this was excessive greed.



Just then, Muyoung was called to fight.

After recalling the specters and the flames, he left the room.




The upper body of an ogre fell to the floor.

Its severed arms and head were thoroughly burned.

And Muyoung stood on top of it.


“He gets stronger the more he fights.”

“He probably hid his skills from the start.”

“9 wins, complete victory? with no forfeits?”

“Ogre Paratchae was one of the losers of the 5th arena…”

Murmur, murmur!

Unlike in the past, this wasn’t a fight people didn’t watch.

Numerous spectators paid attention to Muyoung and ogre’s fight.

The result was, again, an unbelievable victory.

As he continued to thrive, the betting ratio had decreased significantly but there was a great deal of people who thought that he probably wouldn’t win against the Ogre Paratchae.

The difference between dokkaebis and ogres were too great that you could even say that ogres were their natural predators.

But even then, Muyoung’s betting ratio was still low because the fights Muyoung participated in were all full of tension.

It wasn’t odd to see something unexpected happen in Muyoung’s method of fighting.

He won all the fights people declared he couldn’t.

Muyoung rapidly rose to become a new star in this Underground Arena.

‘It was a bit dangerous.’

He sheathed Anguish.

Afterwards, he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

However, the tip of his lips had slightly curved upwards.

Although it was dangerous, he won against an ogre without any help of his undead or specters.

It was also different from the time he fought against an ogre in the ‘Hoom’s Trial’ not too long ago.

Back then, all he could do was hold back an ogre. Even with the help of the specters.

However, he was now strong enough to fight an ogre with his natural strength.

’14,000 onz.’

He even received an additional income.

With 14,000 onz, he could buy the old dwarf and get most of the supplies from the general merchandise store.

If he strategically used losses and forfeits, he could have gathered even more onz but to get his name on the Solomon’s Hall of Fame, he needed to restrict himself to some extent.

Muyoung turned his head and looked at the electronic board.

The huge electronic board in the air showed a ranking dependent on the winning ratio.

Two jointly placed first place and Muyoung was obviously one of the two.

And the other one was Oloness.

Oloness had also just finished his fight.

‘9 wins 0 draws 0 loss.’

It wasn’t different from Muyoung’s record.

However, the difference was that Oloness won without fighting his opponent once.

All monsters forfeited when they were matched with him.

“Oloness and Muyoung! Both will fight for their 10th win.”

“Even if a dokkaebi has won 9 times, he can’t win against Oloness.”

“Keeck, that bastard, he’s something else.”

“If that dokkaebi has a brain, he would forfeit as well.”

At the same time, it quickly became a hot topic of people’s conversations.

Muyoung and Oloness’s fight.

It was highly likely that he would be chosen as the next opponent.

However, this time, everyone was certain Oloness was going to win.

Not one supported Muyoung.

‘I haven’t completely adapted to it but, not bad.’

By awakening, his body suddenly became stronger. It was obvious that it would take time for even Muyoung to adjust to the changes.

In fact, if he did finish adapting, the fight with the ogre wouldn’t have been difficult.

However, it was also true that he was anticipating his fight with Oloness.

It was a something he needed to overcome at some point.

Just when Muyoung turned his head and looked at Oloness.


Speak of the devil.

Like Muyoung, Oloness had just finished his match.

However, before having time to rest, they were chosen as each other’s next opponent.

Both their gazes entwined.

And Oloness raised one hand.


“That Oloness did? No way!”

“Is there really something with the dokkaebi? Hah!”

Everyone in the audience got up from their seat.

Oloness was the strongest in the arena. He was such a strong existence that all the monsters forfeited before they began the fight.

But, for him to forfeit.

An unprecedented situation had occurred.

Muyoung was also surprised.

He was planning on bracing himself as he believed Oloness was an opponent he needed to surpass.

When he looked at Oloness again, his mouth started to move.

‘This isn’t the right place for us to fight.’

After quietly leaving those words, Oloness turned his body and left the arena.

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