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He who was both the ruler of the ice dokkaebis and a duaxini approached Muyoung.

Muyoung turned his head and said to the excited Seohan.

“What is it?”

“Oom, please show the difference between the humans and dokkaebis.”

Behind him was another duaxinis. The two kneeled and requested.

“Tell me what the problem is.”

“The dokkaebis aren’t able to comprehend why these few tens of humans are living in the center of the settlement. Aren’t more than tens of thousands living on the edges?”

It was as if he was saying that the positions of the owner and the guest were reversed.

However, Muyoung shook his head.

The ones who made the dungeon and all the building in the center were humans.

To chase away these people who had united together after experiencing Heidegger’s tyranny together?

It wasn’t rational. Though this could be beneficial today, if he gave in once, there was nothing saying that he could stop it next time.

Muyoung had no thought of discarding either the humans or the dokkaebis.

‘If I create harmony, my Lord point will go up.’

Above all, Muyoung remembered that his Lord points would go up.

It said that the humans and the dokkaebis were living in harmony and granted him 10 Lord points that were difficult to achieve.

It meant that if he developed it further or embraced more species, he would be able to earn even more.

There was no precedent where all intelligent species lived in one territory.

And Muyoung thought it wouldn’t be bad to have these humans and dokkaebis as a start towards that kind of territory.

Could it be due to being in the Forest of Death for 40 years?

He didn’t have almost any of the natural bias other humans had.

“They were living here first. And in my territory, I will not let any sort of depredation on any species.”

And so, Muyoung decided to call those actions ‘depredation’.

It was the first rule he founded as the Lord.

“Then are you telling us to just endure?”

Seohan too did not want to take it by force.

He wanted a compromise. That Muyoung would act rationally.

It seemed like the dissatisfaction among dokkaebis was at its limit.

It wouldn’t be wise to leave like this.

Muyoung said.

“I will allow duels. However, I will not allow forced duels. When you guys come to an agreement, each side will bet what they want and with my permission, you can ‘duel’. The victor will gain while the loser will lose.”

This was the Underworld.

it was honestly impossible to truly come to an agreement using only words.

A world where the strong survive.

There was a need for physical action to settle disputes.

But, he planned to add a rule to make them recognize that they were members of the territory.

As he didn’t have any experience leading people, his actions may seem crude but this was why he needed experience.

Muyoung decided that he would first face the problems head-on.

“We follow the wisdom of Oom.”

Seohan deeply bowed his head as if he liked this method.

Including him, a few dokkaebis had the warrior blood flowing through them.

There was no way they didn’t know the sacredness of a duel.

“It will start after a month, once the territory has become secure.”

Muyoung sternly emphasized this point.

With this one month, he would be able to pacify the dokkaebis’ dissatisfaction briefly and give the humans time to get stronger.

There definitely was a gap between the dokkaebis and humans.

This time would be used to close that gap.

‘Baltan is probably good.’

Baltan was the only undead that could grow.

He would also become stronger during defensive battles.

There were various ways you could interpret ‘defensive battles’.

This duel was also something he needed to defend. And it was possible for him to grow stronger to do so.

With a bit of Muyoung’s help, it could actually become an equal fight.


Muyoung sent Baltan into Murdudun’s dungeon.

When he explained the situation, he replied, “If it’s for the citizens, I will,” and entered the dungeon without hesitation.

It seemed that Baltan understood that if they lost this battle, humans would have no place to stand.

As humans were a minority and dokkaebis were the majority.

And another day had passed before Woohee returned.

“Wooheehee. Woohee has brought you incredible news.”

She flapped her wings as she whirled around Muyoung.

It looked like she was extremely happy.

“Is it information about a trial?”

“Yup. A fatty who followed me around was building a nest.”


She was more useful than he thought.

For her to be able to find a method to beat a trial on top of finding its location.

And then, Woohee stuck her lips out.

“But, the important thing is, there is a rule where I can only tell you one thing. Solomon said that if we break this promise, he wouldn’t give us a house. So I can only tell you one thing.”

“One thing, huh.”

“What are you curious about? Woohee saw everything. The structure of the trial, type, the list of rewards and even the method to beat the monster guarding the door!”

It seemed like the four things Woohee said were the key issues with this trial.

And that she judged that picking one of these four would give him the most advantage.

On the other hand, looking at how she didn’t mention the location of the trial, it seemed like her guiding him wasn’t a problem.

‘Trials make me stronger.’

Muyoung made a decision.

There was a limit to only hunting.

However, every time Muyoung passed a trial, he would get stronger.

Trials were the reason why he was able to advance at such a steep rate.

The key to the awakening, he believed that was in trials as well.

“I’ll hear the last one.”

“You made a good choice!”

Woohee briefly explained.

The method of exterminating the monster that guarded the door.

Muyoung nodded his head after listening to her explanation.

“Guide me to the location of the trial.”

“Yes, just trust and follow Woohee.”

When Woohee stuck out her lips, Muyoung raised his finger and blocked her.


It was a cave that led underground.

As he slowly descended, he saw the box of the trial at the bottom.

Looking at the 3m tall door, Muyoung nodded his head.

“This is it.”

“From here, Woohee isn’t able to go in. Woohee has to remain a spectator of the trial. If I personally give support, then the lightning will fall on my head.”

Woohee drooped her head with regret.

However, Muyoung didn’t care.

He had already received important information about the trial, including its location, it would be pressing his luck if he asked for anymore.

Woohee’s existence was similar to that of a master key.

However, the master key was only able to open the door.

To go in and achieve his goals was solely up to Muyoung.

“Be careful. However, this trial will be of significant help to dear husband.”


Muyoung slowly moved towards the box of the trial.

His surrounding immediately turned dark and word formed with light appeared.


With this friendly welcome, his surroundings changed.

It was still dark but it was bright enough for him to look around.

“What the, new recruit? It’s a goblin this time?”

“Tas, ty.”

“Grrk, grrrr.”

All sorts of different monsters were crammed inside a small room.

Goblins, orcs, trolls, a devil with a brand… and even humans.

Muyoung lowered his gaze.


At some point, his feet were chained.

Unlike its appearance, it was quite heavy that it was hard to even move.

However, something was strange.

All these monsters were gathered together but there was no commotion.

It would have been normal if they tried to kill or eat each other.

It didn’t like it was simply due to the chains.

“Stop licking your lips, you trash. Since we’re going to be able to go crazy soon anyways.”

The devil with a ‘3’ branded on its forehead mocked.

Its tattered wings and black nails proved that it was a devil.

At the same time, Muyoung realized.

That this weird peace was due to this devil.

‘It’s a slave devil. The 3rd seat, Vassago’s…”

Devils lived deep in Demon God’s territories.

They only started to act after the Great Calamity.

So, in 10 years.

He never thought he would see a devil so soon but if it was a slave devil, it didn’t really matter.

A devil that fell after committing a great sin.

No one would care if it died or not.

The 3 brand was the symbol of the Demon God Vassago. It seemed like it was originally a devil that served Vassago.

Of course, there were more than ten million devils that served Vassago.

It meant that is just one of many.

He rid his mind of useless thoughts and with scraping sounds, moved his feet.

“Why is a person here?”

He approached a man and asked.

And the man filled with fear trembled his body.

“Th, that is, I found the box of the trial while exploring.”

His face was that of a person who didn’t know why he was here.

However, Muyoung was able to understand after listening to his words.

That there wasn’t only one entrance to this trial.

“Anyways, I’m not tasty. I am so thin that there isn’t anything to eat.”

“There is no excitement in eating you.”

“Th, that’s right?”

The man sighed as if he was relieved.

After some time had passed, as if his lips were itchy, the man started to mumble to himself.

“I thought I would die in this crowd of monsters. Everyone wanted to eat me. If it wasn’t for that devil, I would have already died. Sigh.”

Did he relax?

This situation really made one frightened but for him to drop his guard in an instant and approach him in a friendly manner was unexpected.

Muyoung asked a few things he was curious about.

“Did you come here alone?”

“No. Including me, 7 people entered… Like you see, we seem to have been split.”

There could even be more humans besides them.

However, Muyoung had never heard of the Underground Arena.

It meant it wasn’t a well-known place and if it wasn’t for Woohee, he would have passed it without knowing.


The steel bars that blocked the room slowly started to open.

At the same time, the slave devil said.

“Trash, fight hard. It’s still useless but it’s much better to die fighting here than being eaten by the Cerberus.”


<1000 onz will be given to the survivors.>


The door opened.



The first thing he saw was an ogre.

He stood in the center swinging a huge club.

As if provoking them.

However, the ogre didn’t last long.

As countless monsters poured in, it became chaotic.

“Active, small gust, active. A bit faster.”


Rough winds blew beside Muyoung.

The gust flung an approaching orc into the air.

When Muyoung turned his head, the man was holding a cane as he smiled shamefully.

“Let’s cooperate. Even though we aren’t the same species, I believe we are of the same mind.”

“Are you a soul language sorcerer [1]?”

One who creates and activates commands.

A soul language sorcerer.

“Well, something like that. Besides that, what is your name? Mine’s Bug.”


“You name is quite unusual. Though my name’s the same.”

Bug roared with laughter.

He looked to be in his mid-thirties.


Muyoung tilted his head.

He seemed to have heard of a similar name.

But, there was no one famous who had that name.

“Anyways, it looks like we can just stay put? It seems like it’ll end with those bastards fighting each other.”

The fight among monsters was intense.

Like he said, it looked like they would survive just by standing still.

There was no need to display their existence.

Bug let out a sigh.

“I don’t see my comrades. Ah damn, just where are they…?”


Muyoung unsheathed Anguish.

It was good to spectate but he wouldn’t earn much just by spectating.

To understand and comprehend the trial, it was best to just fight first.

When Muyoung entered into the chaos, Bug grabbed his forehead.

“Oh my, what to do. If he ends up facing the devil, he’s doomed.”

The slave devil was still a devil. It was stronger than most monsters.

On top of that, that slave devil didn’t seem like a normal devil.

Muyoung didn’t care as he wielded Anguish.

Though the dokkaebi was quite unusual, it was still a dokkaebi.

In Bug’s perspective, it looked rash.

Bug touched his cane before widening his eyes.

‘What the. Is that really a dokkaebi?’

They were unfounded worries.

There was no need for him to worry.


Blood splattered as the blade danced.

Unlike what Bug expected, Muyoung was like a fish in water as he whisked around the battlefield.


[1] 언령 – comes from the Japanese word ‘Kotodama’ which is a belief that mystical powers dwell in words.

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