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As soon as he sliced off the head of the lizardman king, a long message appeared.

It seemed like the ‘King Slaughterer’ skill effect had activated since it was a monster with ruler qualifications.

‘Strength 5.’

Not bad. Actually, it was surprising.

Furthermore, not a supporting stat but a pure stat was increased.

Muyoung stretched out his hand and held the spirit of the lizardman king.

‘It’s a pity they can’t be repeated.’

It meant that if he was to kill another lizardman king, it wouldn’t be counted.

Muyoung looked at the duaxini Seohan for a second then turned his head.

The Underworld. There was an uncountable number of monster species.

And duaxinis, like Seohan, were necessary to keep the dokkaebis under control. It was foolish to take action.

‘By the way… lord quest?’

Muyoung frowned at that part.

Occasionally, there were times when an associated achievement appeared when you solved a specific trial.

And when all associated achievements were completed, an enormous reward was given.

The lord quest he received this time meant that if he killed 100 different types of kings, a reward depending on the grade of the content would be given.

“In the name of Oom!”

“In the name of Oom!”

It was a very memorable scene to see 20,000 dokkaebis crushing the lizardmen.

From the beginning, lizardmen weren’t high-rank monsters. So, they couldn’t overturn the absolute difference in numbers.

As if it was obvious, the fight simply ended in an instant and Muyoung returned to his territory as if nothing happened.

“Greetings, Lord.”

Baltan was the first to kneel.

Everyone else started to kneel, following Baltan’s actions.

However, everyone’s faces were filled with curiosity, astonishment and nervousness.

They were curious as to where and how he gained this many dokkaebis and were scared they might be harmed.

Muyoung calmly spoke.

“From now on, these dokkaebis will also be the citizens of this land. Try to get along with each other.”

Surprise spread on the faces of those who heard his words.

To get along with dokkaebis!

Even more, there were tens of thousands.

However, Muyoung didn’t speak any further. That was the end of his explanation.

‘They need to develop quickly.’

The words of ‘Oom’ placed quite a strong power on the dokkaebis.

If they were told to die, they wouldn’t really die but they would at least pretend to act something similar to that.

Since he had already warned them numerous times, there was no worry that the dokkaebis would attack the humans.

Just, he was worried how 20,000 dokkaebis would be able to settle down in this land.

If they didn’t handle the job swiftly, they would only walk the path of self-destruction.

This was Demon God’s land.

You could only earn what you wanted through struggles.

They needed to cooperate with each other to live.

‘First, I need to suppress the surrounding monsters.’

Muyoung nodded as he entered the village.


20,000 dokkaebis settled near the village but as they lacked the infrastructure, it was hard to even call it a settlement.

To stabilize the land and for the dokkaebis to settle, there was a need to tidy up the surrounding monsters.

“Strong monsters don’t live within a few kilometers of this place. With Baltan and Irene leading the way, start suppressing the nearby monsters.”

The two were familiar with surrounding land.

If the dokkaebis weren’t careful, they might stir up a hornet’s nest, so Baltan and Irene would only lead them to prevent that.

“The rest of the 5,000 dokkaebis move the materials and build homes. Also, help the humans increase the size of the field.”

And there was another problem he needed to take care of.

There wasn’t a lot of food stored up.

They could make it work temporarily by hunting but there was a limit to that.

Heidegger had cultivated a small field to produce crops but Muyoung was planning to increase the size to prepare for the future.

It would take some time but since he had already decided, he was planning on setting up proper foundations.

Following Muyoung’s orders, 20,000 dokkaebis moved busily.

The people who were hesitant at first started to help the dokkaebis and were adapting to the new situation.

And not long after.
<20,000 dokkaebis joined.>


Once the dokkaebis had completely adjusted with the village, it resulted in a steep increase in his rank.

Muyoung rubbed his chin.

Lord points.

Lords were able to use these points and exchange them for all sorts of things.

Compared to them, he was still lacking but it seemed like he could continue to receive the points since there were many areas that still needed to be developed.

‘Depending on how the lord uses their points, the structure of their territory changes.’

However, he needed to use the lord points carefully.

Besides building castles and buildings, there were a lot more uses for the points.

For example, hiring guardians to protect the territory, establishing knights, purchasing a Marble of Territory, etc.

It could also be used to get the most important ‘shrine’.

There were few different types of shrines and depending on the god they worshiped, the content also changed.

However, when they set up a shrine, believers would also appear.

From what he knew, a blessing would also be given to the territory and the invasions of monsters would decrease.

‘To get a shrine, I need at least 2,000 points.’

He slightly clicked his tongue.

And he turned his head after observing his territory that was slowly developing.

“Dear husband, is something concerning you?”

“There is a needless name attached.”

A small fairy flying around with her fluttering wings.

He looked at Woohee.

Woohee kept following Muyoung around everywhere after they came out of the Trial of Oom.

She somehow noticed Muyoung’s change in emotions and like she said, he was continuously troubled by one thing.


Besides his territory getting stronger, there was a need for Muyoung to develop himself on his own.

The first thing was awakening.

He about to reach 100 in his main pure stats.

‘Strength and agility are over 100.’

All that was left was stamina. However, his stamina stat didn’t seem like it was increasing like before.

In the past, Muyoung had a chronic problem with low stamina.

Since intelligence and wisdom were stats that influenced the mind and unless he planned on becoming a magician, they could be left low but there was no way to advance with his low stamina.

It was clear that there was a limit in raising it simply by moving.

Of course, unlike the past, there was a way.

‘King Slaughterer and Soul Exploitation is my last resort.’

He believed he could raise the rest of his stamina using these two methods.

However, it would take time or he would need to take apart the undead he made already.

It was best to try his best and use the two methods as last resort.

“Then, husband?”

Woohee spoke as she twisted her body as if she was embarrassed.

For a moment, Muyoung looked at the land beyond his territory.

“Since you’re a fairy, you should know a lot about the trials.”

He openly ignored her but Woohee didn’t care.

Instead, she placed her hands on the side of her waist and confidently spoke.

“Of course, I do. In that field, there is no fairy who can catch up to Woohee.”

“Is it possible to find out what kind of trials are nearby?”

Woohee placed her hand on her head and pondered for a moment.

“Hmm… I think it is possible. Since Woohee is very popular among fairies. Obviously. Wooheehee.”

He didn’t think she would be useful but if what she was saying was true, she would be quite useful.

If he could learn of the locations of trials, it would be possible for him to monopolize them!

“Lead me.”

“What? Now?”

As Muyoung nodded, Woohee’s cheeks turned red.


“I can’t do it for free… with one kiss…”

Muyoung’s eyes were completely cold and emotionless.

He was already a cold man but now he felt much colder.

After realizing this, Woohee broke out into a cold sweat.

“It’s, it’s a joke. Wooheeheehee. I will quickly look for them and come back.”

And she fluttered her wings and left the territory.

For a moment, Muyoung watched her go and then clenched his fists.

‘Since I’ve already completed the 1st metamorphosis, I can’t be certain if I can repeat it when the time comes but I will look for the dwarves afterwards.’

He had a lot of materials like the Heart of the Phoenix, dragon bones, etc., but there weren’t a lot of blacksmiths who could make use of these materials properly.

Though it was possible that the fire tars could but the dwarves were probably multiple times better than them.

And Muyoung knew a way to find the dwarves.

Even if he didn’t, he could just use a ‘Little Wish’.

Since they weren’t the type to run away, he needed to meet the criteria first for the awakening.


Woohee flew up the sky and looked down towards the ground.

And then, she continuously dropped her wing dust and waited for a response.

Wing dust was like a signal among fairies. Not too long after, a fairy who read the signal flew towards her.

“Pant pant! Woohee! Oh, my love!”

The fairy was quite fat. He was sweating as he approached her.

Woohee completed knitted her brows.

“What. You’re Pantpant. Why are you here?”

“Pantpant! I’m repairing a trial. Woohee, are you now willing to accept my love?”

“In your dreams. I’m taken.”

“Wha, what did you say…?”

The fairy called Pantpant fell to his knees when he heard this shocking news.

A stream of tears fell down from his eye.

Woohee didn’t care and just spoke proudly.

“Besides that, I can take a look at it, right? Where is it?”

“What are you talking about?”

“The trial. Who knows? Maybe my heart will be moved if you make a good trial and receive a wonderful house. Woohee hates fairies who are incapable. To take Woohee, a huge house big as a castle is a must.”

She raised her head high.

Then, the fairy who was kneeling got up and tightly bit his lips.

“Pantpant! Then, follow me. I will prove my abilities to you!”

Fortunately, if she looked at trials, he had a possibility.

He was planning to make the most balanced trial out of all the fairies and receive the dream house of all the fairies as a reward.

Normally, it was custom for the one who courted to prepare for the house and Pantpant was confident.

Soon, Woohee was guided into the box of the trial.

“It was well-made considering it’s made by someone like you. But.”

Like a sister-in-law, she looked around the trial and made a face.

“Why, what’s wrong?”

“This is too hard. Why are monsters like Cerberus in here?”

“Pantpant, the three-headed Cerberus is a guardian that guards the room. It’s the part I am the most of.”

“There’s no way you would have placed a monster like that all of a sudden. There is a way to clear it?”

“Of course. Since there are three heads, three methods are required. I’ve modified it so that the challenger has to consider the balance of them all to beat it.”

Woohee smiled brightly.

The fairy who watching her held his chest.

His heart was felt like it was about to burst. There were no words that better explained his emotions better than this.

Woohee was like a princess to fairies.

A fairy of matchless beauty and confident personality that would even make the gods fall in love with her!

It was merely from the standard of the fairies but that was why numerous fairies tried to win her heart and Woohee always gave them a flat refusal.

But, now that chance was given to him.

How could he not be excited!

Then later, Woohee secretly asked.

“Wooheehee. Is that so? What is the method you speak of?”

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