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Sizzle, sizzle!

He heard something boiling.

Muyoung slowly opened his eyes.

His face scrunched up as soon as he found out where he was.

He didn’t know how long it had been but he was lying naked in a tub.

Different varieties of medicinal herbs were floating on the water.

What was more, it seemed like they were out of the ordinary as there were even some herbs Muyoung had never seen before.

“You’ve opened your eyes. Just stay still. This is the only way to provide warmth to your newly born body.”

Blip, blop.

Late in the evening, Ogar sat next to the tub as he put in small amounts of green powder into the water.

“You should know you’re blessed. I don’t even take care of mighty warriors like this. Do you know how rare this unicorn horn powder is?”

“You’re using it to warm my body up?”

Muyoung couldn’t help but be a bit surprised.

Unicorn horns were first-class materials.

It was a treasure that permanently increased the grade of whatever it was used on by a level or higher.

Ogar had made it into a powder and was pouring it into the tub.

He spoke as if it was nothing.

“You just need to know that. We Fire Tars definitely pay back our debts. The chieftain has allowed me to use this powder so you shouldn’t experience any side effects.”

“Side effects?”

“We forcefully balanced your body. The body is an amazing thing as it always tries to go back to its previous form no matter how bad it was. Normally, to maintain the balance that’s been set in place, you need to live at least half of a year in distress.”

“I guess you’re saying I’m fine now.”

“The unicorn horn powder produce the highest healing ability. As it has the power to correct the dislocation.”

Ogar explained in a very calm tone.

Muyoung ruminated his words for a moment before he lifted his hand up.

He nodded as he looked around his body.

‘It feels light.’

His whole body felt lighter.

It was the first time he experienced this kind of feeling.

He thought he could understand what it meant for someone to be born again.

‘My whole body is completely changed. This is incomparable to the past.’

Muyoung became more surprised as he checked his own body.

It was as if a rock had turned into a sponge.

Of course, he had to move to be sure but he expected his growth potential to be completely different.

He instinctively felt this way.

That he could become stronger faster.

He could reach higher peaks!

‘It said the 1st stage of metamorphosis was complete.’

It wasn’t like he didn’t experience something like this in the past.

However, the timing was very early and the content was completely different.

Traditionally, it was told that you needed to finish 5th stage of metamorphosis to become a Transcendent Being.

In the past, Muyoung had finished 4 stages of metamorphosis.

However, the transformation that he finished didn’t seem like a normal metamorphosis.

‘Magic resistance has increased by 30. There is a strong feeling that I have changed from before.’

In a normal transformation, the stats didn’t increase.

Only the growth potential increased.

However, magic resistance had increased by 30. His mind felt much clearer as well.

“But, which part of you is true?”

A voice cleared his thoughts.

Before he noticed, Ogar was looking straight at Muyoung’s face.


Muyoung lowered his head and looked at his own reflection.

However, nothing really changed in his appearance. His white hair and goblin horn were still there.

“What’s your meaning in asking?”

“Hmmm… if you’re trying to hide it, I won’t ask any further. You really are a rare breed. Even the fact that you neutralized a far greater dose of poison than you could handle.”

Ogar looked at Muyoung as if he was looking at a rare animal in a zoo.

Muyoung moved the poison using spirits but Ogar didn’t seem like he noticed it.

“Unlike the other Fire Tars, I am quite lenient. But, if you’re going to hide it, you must do it well. Because you cannot guarantee that others are going to be as lenient as me.”

Ogar got up as he stretched his back after he told Muyoung a riddling advice.

“In the morning, you will naturally be able to get up. This location is close to where we moved our tribe so there shouldn’t be any monsters attacking.”


However, Muyoung’s expression hardened.

He wasn’t certain but he had a notion of what Ogar was talking about.

‘There’s a possibility that he found out that I am a human.’

He couldn’t say that there was no possibility at all.

Muyoung’s appearance might have been revealed during the process of metamorphosis.

Ogar smiled as he turned around.

As Muyoung saw him, he spoke.

“Are you leaving?”

“I have done everything I need. Ah, also.”

As if he suddenly thought of something, Ogar turned his head and spoke.

“I have recently heard from goblins that a group of humans was roaming around here. It doesn’t seem bad for you to look into it.”

He tossed Muyoung information as if he was being generous.

‘He figured out.’

By now, Muyoung was certain.

That Ogar knew Muyoung was a human.

It seemed like he was telling him to return to the group of humans.

As this was a Demon God’s territory where humans weren’t allowed to enter.

But, Muyoung could see how generous Ogar was being by letting him go.

It was the most kindness Ogar could offer Muyoung.

It wouldn’t have been weird if a Fire Tar became furious for tricking him.

Muyoung could only acknowledge that this monster was better than humans in certain ways.

“Let’s meet again.”

“Bwahaha. It might be better to not see each other again. But, if we ever do meet again, that time make sure you know what you are.”

Ogar left after he laughed refreshingly.

For a while, Muyoung looked at his reflection in the water.


He regained his vitality as morning arrived.

Muyoung got out of the tub and changed his clothes.

Afterwards, he thought over what Ogar had said to him yesterday.

‘Humans are in the Demon God’s territory. Are they wanderers?”

There were occasionally people who walked the path of a wanderer after they escaped the Great City.

People who could no longer stand the cruelty of humans or some who had to live in hiding because they committed a sin.

It was most likely they were the latter but Muyoung was still curious about the wanderers in the Demon God’s territory.

‘Even the people who run away don’t run away to a Demon God’s territory. Unless they committed a capital offense. It could be a guild who entered to gain something from here.’

He quietly rubbed his chin.

Muyoung even considered the fact that they might have information that Muyoung wasn’t aware of.

Or they were after the same thing as Muyoung…

Whatever the reason was, Muyoung was interested.

However, he didn’t know their specific location.

The goblins did testify but they could be lying or the humans might have left already.

‘If they are nearby, I will meet them one day.’

First, he needed to hunt.

He thought of a few places he had seen when he was wandering around with Ogar.

There was a ‘perfect hunting place’ for Muyoung.

Muyoung slowly walked sweeping the ground.



A predator of the rugged wilderness.

It was a cat-like monster with such a high agility that it was very difficult to detect with your eyes.

However, if you could just detect it, it wasn’t a hard opponent to fight against.

Muyoung’s eyes were easily able to locate them.

With his incredible eyesight and his ability to predict its movements, Muyoung was able to easily capture a fossa.



However, the fossa was with four others.

‘Poison shade.’

33 shadows popped out of Muyoung’s body.

Shadows would attach onto the bodies of the fossae and release a poison. The fossae started to die as their bodies were turning into green lights.

The fossae noticed the change in their bodies attacked more violently.

It was because they realized that if they didn’t kill Muyoung that they would die.

However, Muyoung’s eyes which looked at the charging fossae were the same as a hunter.


He unsheathed Anguish.


The massacre had started.


Muyoung wiped his brows and drank water.

‘Some are still following me.’

It was already 15th day since he parted with Ogar.

He continued to have bloody battles in the Demon God’s territory.

During the process, he faced a pack of fossae and they have been chasing him for the past three days.

Although he killed more than 20 of them, he still had more than 100 left.

Muyoung was slipping past their tight blockade as he reduced their numbers.

The fossae would probably be incredibly pissed right now.

‘My stats are continuously improving as I hunt.’

Muyoung looked at his Status Viewer as he rested his tiresome body.

Within just 15 days, his stats rose steeply.

It was an amount that would have taken him at least one or two months.

If he continued on like this, it seemed like he would be able to accomplish his goals in achieving a 100 on all his basic stats.

The problem was…

‘I need to get rid of the fossae that are following me.’

Fossae were very fast.

They specialized in group hunts.

They were even good at quickly running away.

Even though Muyoung was alert even while he slept, he wasn’t used to being publicly chased like this.

It took him about an hour to kill 4 fossae.

He was able to win as he created lots of wounds and used the poison shades to spread poison through their wounds.

Muyoung would have been out of options if he loosened his guard and was surrounded by over a 100 fossae.

He tried erasing his markings but the fossae were able to find Muyoung’s location like a ghost.

‘I kill them or get killed by them.’

It was a chase that would have only ended when one of the two was satisfied.

It was fortunate that he wasn’t giving them any openings. The fossae wouldn’t be able to carelessly attack him as they also had their guard up against him.

If this delicate barrier was to break, a full-scale bloody battle would begin.

“He, help me!”

The guard that he had continuously placed on for the last 3 days was broken due to the intrusion of a person.

An almost naked woman was being chased by about 10 very excited fossae.

The woman only had a piece of cloth over her body.

She seemed young but was very lean and had scars all over her body.

‘The fossae lost their guard. I have no choice but to fight.’

The barrier between the pack of fossae and Muyoung was being maintained very risky.

The fossae didn’t easily attack him because they knew how great Muyoung’s skills were.

If they attacked him with their lives, the fight would have been over already.

Fossae were monsters that were that cautious.

However, they were excited when the woman barged in. To the point, they were willing to just enter the area Muyoung was in.

If this was true, then he couldn’t just send them away.

If those 10 fossae lived, instantly more than 100 fossae would approach.

It would be your end if you ever took a monster in this world lightly.


It would have been reckless for Muyoung to handle 10 fossae alone.

Muyoung could only summon his undead. For now, it was the best way.

The Blazing Spear Soldier, the Sorceress of Lightning and the Black Sun Warrior were summoned.

It might not be a good thing to summon a lot of undead to deal with the fossae.

“Kill the wild cats.”

Muyoung made a simple command.

And together they went to fight them.

A woman who was approaching him on the other side widened her eyes in shock.

She thought he was a human but found that he had a horn was on his forehead.


Like a marionette with its strings cut off, she fell to her knees as she found out he was also a monster.

How stupid of her to ask a monster for help.

Her last bit of hope disappeared as monsters approached from both sides.

The woman closed her eyes.


Clang! Clash!

Huge explosive sounds erupted around her.

However, her body was fine.

She felt weird so she opened her eyes only to see the fossae and the goblin fight each other.

‘I will get eaten after the fight.’

It was a splendor even those who were vigilant couldn’t follow.

But it was certain that the goblin was winning against the fossae.

She thought of running away while they were busy but soon realized it was useless.

She was destined to die as she entered the territory of the fossae and the goblin.

She just blankly watched the fight with a resigned look on her face.

‘He isn’t a normal goblin.’

He was much stronger than most goblins.

The woman’s expression became gloomier.

The fight ended after 30 minutes.

It resulted in the goblin’s victory.

The goblin who was scratched by the claws of the fossae approached the woman and spoke with impatience.

“Who are you?”

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