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Chapter 53: The Outlaw (2)

The next day.

As the day brightened, the Fire Tars started their mass migration.

Their ability to carry out actions was outstanding.

However, Ogar remained.

“You are our tribe’s savior. I can’t send you away like this.”

A monster of huge flames.

He spoke as he smiled mischievously.

“There has always been someone to mentor a young Fire Tar. But, I never mentored anyone before. You should be honored to have this chance.”

“Coach? I don’t need one. You just need to tell me the location where I can find some prey.”

Muyoung was cold towards him.

If someone with a large presence like Ogar followed him around, even prey that would usually approach him would run away.

However, Ogar explained how useful he was as if Muyoung misunderstood.

“Are you sure? We Fire Tars control fire. Fire is a basic element and is essential to living creatures. With me there, you will improve twice as fast.”

“Are you saying that there is a Fire Tar’s method of training?”

“You could say it like that.”

They had their own method of training?

There really wasn’t much known about the Fire Tars.

Even though the Fire Tars were high ranked monsters, even the top ranked monsters would try to avoid them as they had the tendency to move in groups.

There weren’t any groups that would recklessly attack a group of Fire Tars.

Even when humans moved in large groups, they would avoid and go around Fire Tar’s territory as Fire Tars wouldn’t attack first as long as they didn’t bother them or enter their territory.

‘It’s getting interesting.’

Ogar was full of confidence.

He really didn’t seem like he was lying.

“Okay. I allow you to.”

“A, allow me…?”

Ogar stuttered as he was dumbfounded.

He couldn’t be blamed.

Would he, the vice-chieftain, the second in command, have ever been treated this way?

Even the elders couldn’t act like this to him.

However, the goblin in from of him was his tribe’s, the Fire Tars’ savior.

The Fire Tars would be free from their chronic problem if the method of using ‘natural predators’ spread.

There would be no need for useless wars to steal or to take away a Poom tree.

This one goblin saved tens of thousands of Fire Tars.

Therefore, the goblin in front of him had the right to speak bluntly like that.

‘Damn goblin.’

If it was some other Fire Tar or another goblin, the vice-chieftain wouldn’t have left him alive.

He would have ripped his mouth and stepped on him like a bug.

However, Ogar suppressed his anger.

His honor as a Fire Tar would weep if he went back on his words.

“Ehem, follow me. There is an opponent right for you.”


No wild beast approached them as Muyoung walked with Ogar.

Even in the territory of the Darkness, the Fire Tar’s existence was one of a kind.

“Over there, on top of the hill, there is a nest of a ‘blue horned lizard’. Catch it and bring me its heart.”

Ogar stretched his arm to point to a high cliff.

In the middle of the cliff, there was a huge nest.

Ogar crossed his arms.

As if he wasn’t going to help him any further.

Muyoung nodded as moved forward.

‘It’s a bit tough but I can handle it.’


At that moment the huge lizard lifted its body from its nest and looked towards Muyoung’s direction.

It ferociously glared at Muyoung as if it was going to consider him as an enemy if he approached any further.


* A blue skinned lizard with two horns stuck deep inside its skull.

* It has frost breath.

Strength 80~120   Agility 95~135   Stamina 80~100

Intelligence 50~70   Wisdom 50~70

*There could be a margin of error depending on the individual.


It was the normal stats for an adult blue horned lizard.

Of course, there were some that exceed it that but normally their stats were within that range.

If he compared his current stats to it, it was worth a try.

It would have been a bit easier if he used his undead but he wasn’t planning to.

After all, this hunt was made himself get stronger.


Muyoung took out Anguish and entered the territory of the lizard.


Immediately, the blue lizard left its nest and quickly charged towards Muyoung as if it was sliding.

Cold air spewed out from its open mouth.


Muyoung held his breath as his body disappeared in a blink of an eye.

At the same time, he appeared behind the lizard.

‘Shadow Teleportation.’

The usable effect of the Shadow Armor.

The effects that allowed the user to teleport to a shadow within their vision 3 times a day was activated.

However, the lizard had great senses.

Instantly, it turned its body and swung its horns at Muyoung.


Muyoung barely blocked its attack but his hands were trembling fiercely.

Muyoung clenched his teeth as he rushed in again.

‘Its left side is its weak point.’

The lizard was slightly limping its left leg.

If you didn’t look carefully, you would have missed it but Muyoung was able to notice it.

He constantly turned towards its left and continued to look for an opening.

Like this, he struggled for three hours playing cat and mouse.



Anguish sliced into the lizard’s body.

Afterwards, he took out the heart and returned to Ogar.

Ogar looked at Muyoung as if it was very unexpected.

“It seemed like you struggled quite a bit for a goblin who passed the 18th wave.”

Muyoung didn’t bother replying.

Considering the nature of warriors, the vice-chieftain might be disappointed if he knew that Muyoung controlled dead corpses.

It wasn’t something Muyoung needed to try and explain if it wasn’t necessary.

“Either way, eat that heart. And turn around and sit down.”

“You want me to just eat this?”

“Yes. You need to chew it and eat it raw.”

The blue horned lizard’s heart was big.

It was the size of Muyoung’s head.

To eat this…

Even if it was the Underworld, if he was a normal human, he would have freaked out.

However, Muyoung took a bite out of the heart as if there was nothing unusual about it.


Blood spread inside his mouth.

‘It’s cold.’

Perhaps it was because it was a lizard that used frost or maybe it was because it was a monster with low body temperature but its blood was really cold.

As he slowly chewed it, Ogar was surprised.

“You eat well even though it doesn’t look or taste good. It’s a food even Fire Tar warriors won’t eat.”

“This is nothing.”

The lizard’s heart tasted horrible.

However, Muyoung could eat and gulp down anything that was edible, whatever it was.

He didn’t put much importance on how the food tasted. Since he didn’t know the delight of eating.

Chomp. Chomp.

After eating all of it, including the last sinew, Muyoung turned around and sat down.

Ogar placed his hand on Muyoung’s back with a disgusted expression.

“Close your eyes and calmly accept the flame. Slowly, it will balance out your unbalanced body. It’s going to be painful but you mustn’t open your mouth.”


Although Muyoung didn’t know what the vice-chieftain was going to do, he just closed his eyes like he was told.


Soon, a small flame started to spread from Muyoung’s back.

The flames entered the back of his body and helped the heart of the lizard find its place inside his body.


A different kind of energy stirred up inside his body.

Ogar’s flames removed the impurities in his body.

However, the pain was so great that it even made Muyoung flinch.

He didn’t spit out a word as he tightly clenched his teeth as if they were going to crumble apart.

How many hours passed…

“It’s done.”

Ogar got up as he wiped his brows.

“Amazing. Even 9 out of 10 warriors normally groan.”

“Didn’t you say that I can’t?”

“You’re right. If you breathe out, the good energy will leave your body. Balancing a body can only be done once or twice in a lifetime. If you groan out loud, the balance will be slightly off.”

“Say that first.”

Muyoung spoke with a pale face.

He never thought that the vice-chieftain would tell him the most important information after everything had ended.

“It’s more valuable when you attain it yourself.”

Ogar rotated his shoulders as if it was nothing.

And then opened his mouth to speak.

“Rest for today and tomorrow we will work on the next part.”

“Is there still more to do?”

“There is about 2 more things to do. After you finish these, you will notice how much you have changed yourself.”

Muyoung flopped down onto the ground.

With a completely exhausted face, his whole body felt weak.


The next day.

Muyoung hunted the ‘typhoon stingrays’ that flew in the sky.

As he tried to eat the heart he finally managed to get, Ogar stopped him.

“You can’t just eat the heart of a typhoon stingray. You need other ingredients.”

“What are the ingredients that I need?”

“Sinful poisonous mushroom, five ptomaine stringy snakes and one frog of despair…”

Muyoung wrinkled his expression as he heard the ingredients.

“Are you trying to assassinate someone?”

There were all extremely poisonous.

They were living creatures that were so poisonous that they could instantly kill an elephant if it ate one.

If he ate a mixture of them, his body would become all mushy and melt away.

Ogar pondered as he understood Muyoung thoughts.

“We Fire Tars do it like this. However, if it’s a goblin, you could die I guess. If you want, I can reduce the amount of ingredients.”

“No… it’s okay. Let’s just do it.”

Muyoung shook his head.

Of course, there was a physical difference between Muyoung and Fire Tars, but he could control some of poison to certain degree himself.

‘I recently figured out that the spirits of the Six Paths like poison.’

To be exact, they liked objects of yin energy like poison but it was possible to cover the spirits with poison and launch an attack as long as he had enough of it.

Like how the Fire Tars would burn poison, the spirits Muyoung had could take some of the poison away.

He thought it was well worth a try.

“Umm, don’t regret it.”

Muyoung slightly laughed as he gathered the ingredients.

After mixing all the ingredients together, there was only one step left.



“Lastly, we Fire Tars include the essence of the Fire Tar tribe. There are different ranks of essences as well but since you’re our savior I will use the high-rank essence for you.”

He took out a small bottle as if he was being generous.

Then, he poured in the unidentified essence into the bin which contained the other ingredients.

“You need to brace yourself. Since you will die if you lose consciousness.”

This was something Muyoung would do with his life on the line.

Muyoung nodded as he sat on the hot desert ground.

Gulp! Gulp!

Then he gulped down all the ingredients.


At the same time, Muyoung whole body became pale and emitted a purple light.

The most poisonous out of the most poisonous.

They were very rare poisons that could only be gathered in a Demon God’s territory.

It would have taken Muyoung years to even collect these if he didn’t have the help of Ogar who knew the locations of every poison.

However, they were too strong.

Ogar was adjusting with his flames but it wasn’t enough.

It was a relief that his mushy body didn’t instantly meltdown.

‘Six Paths.’

A bit of time was enough.

Afterwards, the spirits started to roam around Muyoung’s body.

Almost as if they were devouring a delicious meal, they sucked massive amounts of poison.



Poison shade?

A shade was a physical form of a normal spirit.

It seemed like it threw away its original shape as it sucked in an enormous amount of dangerous poison.

However, he couldn’t continue his thoughts any longer.

That wasn’t the end.

Muyoung’s body continued to bloat up and sink down repeatedly.


It was too painful to endure.

Something strange was happening inside his body.

The impurities that couldn’t be burned up were being eaten by the poison.

Afterwards, his body started to reconstruct itself at a cellular level.




The phenomenon where bones and structures changed completely.

They say that you would normally go through this when you overcame your limits.

Muyoung was in the process of metamorphosing without overcoming his limits.

He tried his best to not lose consciousness.

Then… after his body had been emptied out, a new wave filled Muyoung’s body up.
<1st stage of metamorphosis has been completed.>

Soon, a peony-shaped light bundle shining brilliantly in various colors appeared on Muyoung’s forehead.

Ogar who saw this widened his eyes.

‘The Flower of Glory!’

The flower that only bloomed in only one in a thousand Fire Tars was on the goblin’s forehead.

How could he not be surprised?!

The light bundle fully bloomed then penetrated inside Muyoung’s body.



Everything was progressing and Muyoung lost his consciousness.

Ogar looked at Muyoung with a complex expression.

“Ha, this bastard. Wasn’t a goblin.”

And as if he had received a blow, he laughed vigorously.

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