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Stop at least 3 waves while you’re barely alive.

Then it would start the moment he was on the brink of death.

He had to get into that state before the next wave to be able to properly stop 3 waves in a row.

As it was a special reward, he couldn’t leave an ambiguous record.


The first method he thought of was self-injury.

If it was regarding body parts, Muyoung was an expert.

It wasn’t hard to leave someone barely alive.

When he trained in the Forest of Death, a forceful command to commit suicide once his identity was revealed was implanted in his mind.

Countless assassins died following the command Wung Chunglin implanted in them.

‘My body’s resisting.’

Was it because of this?

Muyoung placed Anguish close to his wrist before shaking his head slightly.

He wasn’t willing to.

Perhaps it was due to him deciding to walk the path against Wung Chunglin that his body cried out as it instinctively wanted to do everything opposite of what Wung Chunglin did.

What was more, this was a battlefield. It was a place created for battles.

To self-inflict wounds wasn’t self-injury but closer to suicide.

“Black Sun Warrior.”

So Muyoung decided on another solution.

Since he was going to be on the brink of death anyways, he chose a slightly more honest method.

The Black Sun Warrior who wore a full black armor gazed at Muyoung.

He was the strongest undead Muyoung had and was the best rising star of the Sun Guild when he was alive.

Wasn’t he named after the Sun God Horus?

If Muyoung didn’t kill him, he would have rapidly become stronger.

However, currently, he was an undead that followed Muyoung.

Muyoung held Anguish up towards the Black Sun Warrior and said.

“Attack me like you want to kill me.”


There wasn’t a moment of hesitation.

The Black Sun Warrior cast the ‘Sword of the Black Sun’ skill from his hands.

He shot towards Muyoung while emitting an aura that wanted to slash everything in the world.

Although he was stronger than when he fought Horus, the Black Sun Warrior had also been strengthened.


Muyoung who clashed with the sword was pushed away.

He immediately held Anguish in reverse and lowered his stance. Then he bounced off the ground and aimed for the Black Sun Warrior’s belly.


The wings of the Black Sun Warrior blocked Muyoung’s attack.

However, Muyoung anticipated that.

The Black Sun Warrior’s sword shot out between his wings of light.

Muyoung rolled on the ground and quickly threw two daggers in a row.

But it only looked like he threw one dagger. It was only possible because the paths the two daggers were flying in were identical.



The first dagger broke in two but the second one was blocked by the armor.

If it wasn’t for the armor, it would have been a critical blow.

His ‘high defense’ wasn’t just for show.

In reality, he barely received any damage when facing the Dark Red Orc Warchief.

‘Not bad.’

He had never fought against one of his undead.

He never really felt the need to and he thought that it would be much better to hunt other prey than wounding his undead.

A completely new experience.

Muyoung became absorbed into the fight.

It had been quite a while since he had fought 1-on-1.

Because Muyoung’s profession specialized in 1-on-1 fights, it felt like he had only just put on the right set of clothes.

‘Let’s see how long you can block.’

The Black Sun Warrior had high defense.

He wouldn’t leave a scratch with most of his attacks.

Didn’t even the Dark Red Orc Warchief fail to leave a decent mark?

Muyoung used all his techniques.

Bam! Clash!

The intense fight continued for hours.


The fairy Woohee was stunned as she watched the Black Sun Warrior and Muyoung fight.

“Ehem, was the condition so hard he went crazy?”

She touched her lips with her finger and tilted her head.

She could only see it as him going crazy.

In a situation where it wasn’t enough that they were saving all their strength, they were fighting each other.

A bloody battle with no compromises. It wouldn’t be weird if one of them died.

However, something strange occurred.

The more they fought, the faster their movements became.

It was only a slight difference but Woohee who had seen countless monsters could tell.

That they were growing every time their swords clashed.

‘But can the undead get stronger too?’

Then Woohee who had realized something strange blinked her eyes.

Even if she could accept Muyoung’s growth as humans had rapid growth potential, the undead were monsters created from corpses.

A dead creature wouldn’t get stronger.

Like that, the undead would stop growing from when they died.

But… when that undead wearing black armor clashed with Muyoung, he was getting stronger at a slightly slower pace than him.

It wasn’t that he became more skilled but his absolute stats were rising.

“Wooheeheehee. Fight, fight! The winning side is Woohee’s side!”

But afterwards, her worries melted away like snow.

Woohee cheered while flailing her arms and legs around.

Woohee wasn’t the type to worry for long.

The two fought to kill.

She was satisfied as long as she could see this entertaining scene.


How long did they fight for?

When Muyoung’s body was becoming a rag, a new change appeared.


<’Black Sun Warrior’ has increased his strength by 1.>

<’Black Sun Warrior’ has increased his agility by 1.>


Messages that made even Muyoung, who was absorbed in the fight, stop for a bit.


Muyoung raised his hand and restrained him.

Immediately, the Black Sun Warrior stood in his place.

Muyoung frowned.

‘He grew stronger?’

It didn’t make sense.

Although it wasn’t like there weren’t any undead who could get stronger, it was extremely rare.

There were monsters like vampires who grew stronger by sucking blood or monsters like specters who increased their spirit power by extorting their enemies’ lives.

In other words, monsters who had an ‘appetite’.

However, the Black Sun Warrior was different. He was getting stronger simply by fighting against Muyoung.


‘This never happened when he fought others.’

That was right. If there was a cause, it was fighting with Muyoung.

‘Did I affect him?’

To make sure of this, he changed his target.

“Blazing Spear Soldier, Sorceress of Lighting. Attack me.”

“I will, follow your orders.”

The two had become his enemies.

Although his body was already exhausted, Muyoung was like a fish in water as he fought without rest.

However, as his vision became hazy, Muyoung couldn’t help but find it odd.

‘Only the Black Sun Warrior grew stronger.’

No matter how long he fought with the Blazing Spear Soldier or the Sorceress of Lightning, their stats didn’t increase.

As he wondered why, Muyoung came to a conclusion.

‘Art score.’

Only the Black Sun Warrior had an art score greater than 80.

Then did it mean that only those who had an art score above 80 could get stronger like him?

This was a very important discovery.

If his hypothesis was correct, then Muyoung would be able to create a much stronger undead army.

In the very least, he would try harder to create an undead with an art score of 80 or higher.

If they grew stronger by fighting with Muyoung, it was definitely one of the hidden abilities of the Death Lord.

‘So I was thinking inside the box.’

Then he smiled bitterly.

If he didn’t have a prejudice that the undead couldn’t grow, he might have figured it out already.

“Are you really going to face the next wave in that state? No matter how I look at it, it seems stupid.”

“I’m going to.”

Muyoung immediately replied to Woohee’s question.

However, his whole body was bleeding.

He was suffering from blood loss and his mind was fuzzy.

He was really on the brink of death.

However, he barely held his sword and found the strength to move.

Woohee clicked her tongue.

“Recklessness is the shortcut to death. Though your growth rate is outstanding considering you’re a human. It seems like you have become sharper in a few hours… It is interesting.”

“40 years.”


“It took me 40 years to get to where I am.”

You became stronger in a short time. You are abnormal. These words were directed at Muyoung. But, Muyoung wanted to disagree.

The past 40 years of experience and information created the current Muyoung.

If an artist who drew for 40 years was to draw an incredible picture in 5 minutes, people would normally react with ‘You completed in 5 minutes. You’re amazing,’ but the artist had spent 40 years to produce that picture in 5 minutes.

It was the same for Muyoung.

It was only obvious that he would grow quickly because he had already experienced power once.

In the very least, he would be able to catch up to his previous self without rest.

“You are a weird human. Anyways, try your best.”

Woohee circled around in the air with her arms crossed.

Not long after, the next wave began.

‘I will make the impossible possible.’

Muyoung’s eyes settled down.



The fairy Woohee couldn’t believe it.

‘Is that really a human?’

What in the world. With a body that seemed like it would fall with a touch, he really beat the 16th wave.

Though the undead did help a lot, Muyoung’s performance was the same if not better than before.

‘Still, this must be his end.’

Woohee shook her head.

It seemed like a special skill was activated when he was in a critical condition but even that would end here.

The next monsters would be trolls. They had a terrifying regenerative power.

And like expected, the fight was long.

The undead were stomped on and Muyoung’s arm was twisted as it hung on one side.

It was amazing that he even endured it.

But… another reversal happened.


He annihilated the trolls.

And Muyoung challenged the next wave right away.

Since he knew that there wouldn’t be a good end if he stayed in a critical condition for a long time, he quickly challenged one wave after the other unlike before.

However, no matter how times you thought about it, it was impossible.

His body was at its limit. Woohee could tell. That even breathing was painful.

He pushed his body with only raw determination.

‘He has surpassed the limits of a warrior. It’s like he’s someone who had died a few times.’

Those who were known as warriors had a tendency to become stronger when they were on the brink of death.

Muyoung had already passed that.

Unless he was someone to moved within the boundaries of death, it was impossible to move like that.

Woohee slowly changed from watching Muyoung’s fight for fun to watching it with a nervous heart.

With sweaty fists and bulging eyes, she didn’t miss a single moment of the fight.

It was the first time she felt this way while watching someone fight.

‘You can do it! Human. You can do it!’


Her eyes were drawn to fight as she cheered for him.

Whenever Muyoung’s body stretched, Woohee’s body felt sore.

To make spectators become completely immersed in it…

It was one of the qualities only those known as heroes possessed.



The fight ended as the last arc goblin’s neck was cut off.


Muyoung fell to his knees.

He stabbed Anguish into the ground and was barely able to stop himself from fainting.

In that state, he forced himself up and approached Woohee.

“Give… it to me.”

“He, here.”

Woohee took out a cloud shaped tool with a foolish expression.

‘Little Wish.’

He had finally reached his goal.

A treasure that would grant 3 small wishes!

Afterwards, Muyoung examined the condition of his body.

‘Any more would be tough.’

Although he could use Little Wish to recover his body, he didn’t think he could beat the 20th wave with his current abilities.

Less than a hundred undead remained.

Perhaps it was because the trolls’ vitality was strong but it wasn’t easy to make them into undead.

At most, he could cast the Art of Death skill 15 times.

With that, he would still be lacking.

Woohee asked.

“You’re going to end here, right?”

“Looks like it.”

“Come back next time. You can get an incredibly special reward when you beat the 30th wave.”

The 30th wave she said.

It was currently too far away.

But, he didn’t remember hearing about anyone stopping the 30th wave and getting an incredibly special reward.

When he glanced at Woohee, her face reddened as she wriggled her body.

“Wooheehee. You can have me.”

“Give me something else.”

“Damn it, I bet you don’t know how popular I am with other fairies.”

Muyoung only grinned.

However, he couldn’t promise when he would return to the Endless Battlefield.

He couldn’t return the same way he came in this time.

If he wanted to return to the Endless Battlefield, he had to find something else besides the marble the Fire Tars had.

Woohee continued.

“… Make sure you come again. I will be waiting for you.”

As if she suddenly became lonely, Woohee nodded weakly.


Then Woohee suddenly pressed her lips against Muyoung’s cheek.

Immediately after, a bright light wrapped around Muyoung.


<‘Endless Battlefield – 18th stage’ has been added to your history.>


1.      No-name – 18th stage

2.      None

3.      None

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