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Chapter 50: Endless Battlefield (2)

Of course, he couldn’t ask for a huge wish that could disrupt the system.

However, it was useful in various of different ways from finding something, to tell the difference between a truth and a lie and even increasing his stamina in the case of an emergency.

‘Of course, it falls short of a Wish but depending on how I use it, it could definitely be worth having.’

Wish was one of the highest powers while Little Wish was a degraded version of it.

The past during the final territorial war, so 30 years before Muyoung was first summoned, one of the women revered as a Saint used her own life as a medium to make a wish.

It could literally be called a God’s blessing as it displayed a strength so powerful that it stuck two Demon Gods to death.

The highest power that took out tens of thousands of demon soldiers and brought small victory to humans.

Afterwards, the Saint’s name carried power.

The next Saint hadn’t appeared yet but in 5 years, ‘Snow’ would appear and prophesize the Great Calamity. With that, she would rally up the humans but she died with the appearance of a legion of the Demon God of the 64th seat, Haures.

Muyoung saw that scene right in front of his eyes.

‘If the legion didn’t kill the Saint, I would have.’

That was Muyoung’s assignment.

To kill the Saint!

However, Saint Snow wasn’t able to use the highest power like the past Saint.

If she did use a wish, at least one of the Demon Kings’ legions would have been demolished.

He didn’t know why.

There were rumors floating that it was because Snow wasn’t human.

Snow was a mutant who had skin white as snow and wings of both the angel and the devil.

Where she was born and where she came from… no one knew.

Even Muyoung didn’t know.

‘If it’s Little Wish, I might be able to figure out who Snow is.’

Even if it was the degraded version of Wish, Little Wish was still an amazing tool in its own way.

For five years, tens of thousands of clerics practiced together to just barely make one.

From what he knew of, they stopped making them when they had about 3 made as it wasn’t worth the amount of effort that was needed.

He never thought he would find one of the few in a place like this.

It might be possible to reveal Snow’s identity which no one had ever found out about.

The fairy calmed her expression and scratched her cheeks as she spoke.

“Ehem, this is a special reward.”

“Special reward?”

“I can’t tell you the condition. Because I’m not allowed to just tell people. Then, I’ll get punished. What I can give you was just that necklace, that’s the best I could do.”

“Then, you don’t have to just tell me. Is there anything you want?”

There were a lot of uses for Little Wish.

He could find the location of the Hedley’s Kow and the specific whereabouts of where the other two rings that would release the S rank weapon, Diabolos, were.

Like with Hedley’s Kow, he wasn’t sure of the exact whereabouts of the other two rings, Oris’s Throne Ring and Hamel’s Rune Ring, even though he had the Lunatic Sovereign’s Ring.

So it was more important than any other reward.

As Muyoung asked, the Fairy laughed playfully.

“Wooheehee, I might let you know if you guess my name correctly.”

Muyoung frowned.

Fairies were normally very playful species.

They were also the species which no one knew anything about.

However, he could understand that the answer was quite simple just by talking with her for a bit.

‘I need to keep talking with her.’

Muyoung shrugged his shoulders.

Although it didn’t seem like she would say her name right away, she might let it slip as they continued their conversation.

“What’s the reason for having you, a fairy, manage the Endless Battlefield?”

“Shucks, is this your first time entering a trial like this? There should be quite a few places made by fairies.”

“I don’t really remember entering those places.”

It was true.

After Muyoung had finished his assassination training, he had been continuously running around assassinating people until he died.

He never had time to enter a trial and clear it.

The fairy became boastful.

“Well, you do look like a very weak human. Then, I will specially explain it for you. When I make a successful trial and manage it, I can get a home!”

“A home? That’s it?”

“What do you mean that’s it? We fairies all don’t have a home. We’re all poor. But, if fairies get a lot of homes, they can even make a castle and bridges to create a world. However, we fairies don’t have anything right now.”

It seemed like she was trying to say that she had no home to go to.

Her shoulders dropped and she pouted her lips.

“A new fairy king was born but since we’re all poor, so he doesn’t have a home. We fairies need to work hard to get a home soon. Solomon promised that he will give us a home if we fairies make good trials and run them well. We can be free from being poor.”

Although he couldn’t really understand what she was saying, he could see that she was desperate.

Muyoung thought that he probably had never heard of stories regarding fairies as they created and managed trials properly and earned their homes.

They were adjusting the balance of the Endless Battlefield by using monsters to test them.

‘Then, most of the trial were probably made by fairies.’

No wonder. He thought that although the trials were meant to develop humans, they were too difficult.

If these playful fairies made them, then he totally understood.

“Solomon is dead. Wouldn’t you only earn a home when he is alive?”

“Doesn’t matter. He already stamped and signed it. Even after his death, if we fairies just keep our promise, then we get it. We fairies are poor and have nothing to lose so we will act even more aggressively to get it.”



She seemed like she was weak to compliments.

Muyoung looked around the Endless Battlefield and spoke.

“This is well-made. You should be able to earn a home soon.”

“Of course. I will certainly earn a home and be free from being a poor.”

He could felt her overflowing will.

“What are you going to call your home?”

She made a wide smile as if she was imagining it in her head for a moment.

“Woohee… Ehem, I don’t fall for those leading questions.”

However, she instantly placed a serious look on her face.

Muyoung clicked his tongue in disappointment.

‘I can only try to lead her while talking to her like this.’

But, at least she didn’t plan on leaving.

Even if she puffed out her cheeks like she was tricked, it seemed like even the fairy had something she was curious about.

“But, are you really going to try and block the next wave too? The trial isn’t balanced completely so you might die.”

“I will do it.”

The Fire Tar told him that he just needed to block the 10th wave.

However, Muyoung was planning to stop at least the 15th wave.

The rewards change after the 15th wave. He was planning to find out about the special reward was in the meantime.

“There will be waves that won’t work even if you have a lot of undead… hmmm, good luck. It’s quite fun to watch a foolish human die.”

“You have bad taste.”




<13th wave – 120 werewolves.>

Muyoung frowned.

Only 12 hours had passed but the next wave had started all of a sudden.

‘She said they didn’t finish the balancing the trial.’

The Endless Battlefield wasn’t smooth yet. It could definitely be different from what he remembered.

The monsters that appeared as soon as the wave started were strong.

Werewolves were quick and fast. A normal undead wouldn’t be able to catch up to them.

On top of that, the arc goblins were mutants born under the ‘holy blessing’.

“Get up.”



Muyoung woke all his undead up.

In total, 312.

It was heartbreaking to have lost about a half of his undead during the 10th wave.

However, it wasn’t only a bad thing.

‘Dark Red Orc Warchief.’

Muyoung looked at the Dark Red Orc Warchief that was swinging its greatsword at a werewolf in the front.

The art score the Orc Warchief received was 68.

Maybe because its score was low or maybe because it didn’t have a great story compared to the Dark Sun Warrior but it did have a drive greater than anyone else.

“Blazing Spear Soldier, you will kill the arc goblins with me.”

“I, understand.”

The arc goblins with the holy blessing were the natural enemies of undead.

Muyoung that that the Spear Soldier, who was still alive, and himself would be able to fight more freely than the rest.

There were 5 completely white, albino goblins mixed into the werewolves.

Muyoung took a deep breath and wore the Lunatic Sovereign’s Set and swung Anguish.



He was able to complete the 13th wave, the 14th wave and finally, the 15th wave.

However, the situation wasn’t great even though he was on a roll.

Now, he only had about 200 undead.

If he continued, the important undead that Muyoung made could all disappear.

The reason was clear.

‘Arc goblins.’

The Art of Death skill didn’t work on the arc goblins that received the holy blessing.

Since they couldn’t be turned into undead, they didn’t help increase his military strength.

It could only be exhausting as they were contrasting attributes.

However, as the difficulty increased, the numbers increased as well.

“Wow! Did you block the 15th wave? You really are amazing. Even if you used your undead, it would have been very difficult.”

The fairy continuously watched Muyoung fight as she strolled around him.

‘If I didn’t fight against the arc goblins, this would have been over already.’

Muyoung knew exactly what he needed to do.

That it was most efficient for him to take care of the arc goblins.

“Is there be a chance that the wait time between the waves will get shorter?”

“Wooheehee, I can’t tell you information about the Endless Battlefield. If you’re scared, you can stop now.”

“I think I can go a bit further.”

“Do you really want to die? Well, it’s good for me as I have more to see.”

Muyoung chuckled.

He could not feel any ill will from the fairy. It was in their nature.

‘Name… A name, huh.’

Then, Muyoung decided to deduce what the Fairy’s name could be.

The past few days, he thought of a few candidates for what her name could be.

There was no way that she would suddenly ask him to guess what her name might be.

She probably thought that he could guess her name correctly through their conversation.

There was always an answer to a trial.

And if a fairy made it, the answer had to be within their conversations up until now.

‘Could it be…?’

However, the candidates he had narrowed down so far were all guesses.

But, there was nothing else to learn from the conversation. He had to make a decision.

“Woohee. Isn’t it?”

“What, what is?”

“Your name.”

The fairy’s eyes widened.

“H, how did you know?”

It seemed like he was correct.

Muyoung shook his head as if he was at a loss for words.

“I didn’t think a fairy’s name would be hard to guess. Fairies are known to not tell their names to anyone but their actions are very flawed. I thought that there was no need to let someone know about it when they kept saying their names out loud.”

“You’re right. My name is Woohee. Because I laughed ‘Woohee!’ when I was born, I became Woohee.”

The Fairy, Woohee’s shoulders sank low.

It truly was the simplest way to recognize her name.

Muyoung calmly asked.

“What’s the condition for the special reward?”

It was time to hear about the conditions in earning Little Wish.

Woohee twirled her hair with her finger as she spoke.

“You wouldn’t be able to even if I told you.”

“Stop talking nonsense and speak.”

“Hing, you need to stop 3 waves continuously in a condition where you’re barely alive.”

Indeed, he understood why she said he couldn’t do it if he knew.

Maybe if it was in the beginning, but as of right now when he was on his 15th wave, it probably was impossible to fulfill that condition.

However… Muyoung nodded.

Muyoung could get even stronger when he is in a state where he was barely alive.

‘Lunatic Warrior.’

Stir up the battlefield after becoming a crazed warrior.

He didn’t know if it was possible but he had to make it possible even if wasn’t.

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