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Chapter 36: The Avengers (end)

TL: Yoni

Edited: Yoni, Myoni

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He spoke with a dull emotionless tone.

However, there were ripples in Muyoung’s eyes.

‘It’s not hard to kill him again.’

Even if it was an illusion, Muyoung had already happily killed assassins including Wung Chunglin in the trial of Gremory, the Star of David.

Muyoung had not once regretted his decision.

Even if he was put in the same situation, he will redo what he had done.

His firm determination allowed him to pass the trial at the Star of David.

“Did Wung Chunglin send you? To procure materials to create an assassination machine?”

The eyes of the assassin who entered the room were also completely calm.

Muyoung wasn’t able to feel any emotions from him. It was because he was a puppet.

However, the process of making a puppet was unbearably horrifying.

Following Chunglin’s orders, after hundreds of materials are collected, only 1% of them would survive. The surviving 1% would be then castrated from all emotions and would become a marionette on a string

Muyoung chuckled. He could only laugh.

He couldn’t understand why he bothered to talk to him when he knew already that the man would not reply.

Was it because he still hoped he might reply?

From the position Muyoung was in, he just lifted his upper body, sat on the side of the bed, and spoke.

“Right… we didn’t exist even from the start.”


The man’s neck snapped.

And the eyes of an assassin were turned off.

He was instantly killed.

Muyoung quietly turned his head and gazed at the red full moon.

Including Muyoung, assassins were the ones who normally lived in the shadows. Since they could never come out into the light, it was like they didn’t exist.

Shadows. They were the ones who existed but weren’t really there.

Even if they were alive, it was no way of living as no one will mourn for their death.

“Don’t you want to revenge him? The man who filled himself up with your blood.”

The already dead body didn’t move a muscle.

However, Muyoung looked at the eyes of the dead man, feeling what was beyond those eyes.

He thought he was feeling the trembling cry of his soul.

‘Art of Death.’

The dark aura which emitted from his entire body touched the corpse of the assassin.


<‘Avenger’ has been created.>

Level: 58

Type: Shadow Ghoul

Strength 50   Agility 80   Stamina 50

Intelligence 15   Wisdom 15   Darkness Aura 55 >


+ Very high resistance to darkness.

+ High movement speed in darkness.

+ Binding of the Darkness, Shadow Hide, and Crit skills are usable.

+ You get closer to ‘Darkness’ as your Darkness Aura increases.


Nothing particularly changed on the outside. But, his eyes were emitting a fierce beast’s aura. He was definitely more assimilated in darkness.

‘Prince and his subjects.’

Right away, Muyoung summoned the Dark Ghoul.

The Dark Ghoul was able to select up to 30 ‘ghouls’ and increase all their stats by 5.

Avenger was a ghoul type undead.

Just in time, he had extra space from the fight with the Fire Dragon Woo.

With this, he was now able to summon the Avenger when he summoned the Prince and his subjects.

Since he only needed the Dark Ghoul to maintain the effect, he summoned back the regular ghouls.

‘Even though he was a low ranked assassin, this should do.’

The Forest of Death always operated with 500 assassins.

The lower the number, the stronger the person and the higher the number, the weaker the person.

In the past, of course, Muyoung was Number 1. Since Chunglin had died, you could say he was in reality Number 0…

Number 447 meant that he was low ranked within the Forest of Death.

‘Either way, only low ranked assassins would go out to hunt for beginners.’

The Forest of Death operated under the silent protection of all the guilds and clans. Therefore, it was possible for the low ranked assassins to wander around the Great City

All the big shots lived inside the ‘castle’ in the middle of the Great City, so there wasn’t anyone who could restrain them.

‘Wung Chunglin isn’t here.’

At first, Muyoung believed that Chunglin would be somewhere around here.

However, after looking at a couple of places in the Great City, he concluded that Chunglin wasn’t here.

If he was here, the Hellhorse would have tried to make him use up one of his favors. The horse would be willing to protect him if a situation arose where someone who Muyoung was unable to win against was present.

Its stealth ability was so great that even Muyoung was unable to tell where it was. None of the strong currently gathered here were able to sense the Hellhorse.

That meant that Chunglin’s presence could potentially be found.

But, wasn’t it quiet?

That meant the stage was set for Muyoung to freely act.

‘I will gather your brothers.’

Muyoung wasn’t planning on having Number 447 be all alone.

After making all the assassins here into the undead, his goal was to take all 500 of the members and make a surprise attack on Chunglin.

Muyoung took out his talisman and took out his equipment.

The Lunatic Sovereign’s Set.

He went out of the window after putting his red cape and his red helmet on.


Behind him, the Dark Ghoul and the Avenger followed.



It wasn’t the best move to search every place and rule them out one by one.

First, how efficiently they did this was a big problem.

Muyoung only had his own body while there were many assassins.

There should be about 100 low ranked assassins currently active.

That was why Muyoung waited at a path where they will commonly pass.

The Great City was just a location where they used a special talisman to release the ‘Ancient King’s Castle’.

Secret hidden pathways existed and Muyoung knew the locations of such pathways very well.

On a night of a full moon, a place where even the shadows weren’t reflected. It was a path that led to the underground tunnel and was also a place that couldn’t be detected from afar.

Muyoung stood outside the stream of consciousness.

Soon, 4 assassins who kidnapped beginners discovered him as they approached.

Muyoung welcomed them when he was still wearing his Lunatic Sovereign’s Set.

No conversation was needed.

Showing them was enough.

He took out Anguish.

And ran straight towards them.


It was even before they placed down the beginners.

Muyoung was half a step faster.


Muyoung just broke off their swords and stabbed Anguish into their hearts.

Cough! Cough!

Anguish hungrily devoured the dripping blood.


Muyoung turned his body while pulling out Anguish.

The assassin beside him placed his hand on top of Muyoung.


Muyoung grabbed hold of his wrist and twisted it.

However, assassins were resistance to pain. Muyoung didn’t stop after he twisted the assassin’s arm.


From his position, he just lifted his elbow and smacked the man’s chin.

Anguish headed for the man’s heart like a snake when he fell down from a concussion.


And without giving away any signs, he took out two daggers from his bosom and threw it behind his back.


One fell on the floor but the other one avoided by hitting it away.

Muyoung just looked into his eyes.

Under a silent night, the assassin ran towards Muyoung.

There was no turning back for them as their identities were revealed.

Items that were to be disposed of after being used.

Chunglin never recycled. He could just create another if one dies.

That was why Muyoung showed how furious he was with his actions.

It could be called a fighting aura.

The surrounding air and magic all started to rotate around Muyoung.

Muyoung knew everything about assassins of the Forest of Death, including their insignificant actions and habits.

Their breathing pattern and even the rhythm of their beating heart.

Muyoung had figured out everything about them as he wanted to assassinate everyone and finally kill Chunglin.

He didn’t miss even the slightest detail.

‘They are all the same but slightly different.’

That was how Muyoung knew that they weren’t just normal puppets.

The small habits they had while they were alive didn’t change no matter how many times they were corrected and brainwashed.

For example… The assassin in front of him.

‘Number 493. You still limp your right foot.’

Muyoung laughed as he showed his teeth.

Since Number 493 was born, both his foot didn’t balance. If he did get a corrective surgery, it could have been fixed but after he became an assassin, he kept limping his right foot as a habit.

As Muyoung laughed, he ate up Number 493’s heart as the assassin approached him.

The four assassins lied dead on the cold floor.

‘Art of Death.’

But, they were revived.

In the past, they were colleagues, now they were reborn as allies.

That’s how pitch dark Avengers revived one after the one, under the red moonlight.



The number of Avengers increased.

Muyoung released them as they were.

Muyoung couldn’t guard all the alleys by himself.

And the Avengers started to hunt down only assassins.

Of course, even with the buff from the ‘Prince and his subjects, it wasn’t going to be easy.  But, if he added another effect, the story would be different.

‘Sorceress of Lightning’.

The demi-lich created from Code’s dead body, from the Lawless Clan.

The Sorceress of Lightning could place a special effect on a target.

‘Lightning Rune.’

The Lightning Rune would strengthen its targets!

Their strength and stamina increased by about 4 to 6. Although it varied slightly, each one would also have all their stats increased by 5 which allowed them to move beyond what they were capable of before.

The Avengers infiltrated deeper into the darkness.

Since they were ordered to only use hidden pathways of the castle, there was no way for them to be caught.

And… dead assassins started to arrive in front of Muyoung.

All low ranked assassins, under 400.

The ones in the 300’s were considered mid-ranked.

The ones in the 200’s were considered high ranked and the ones in the 100’s were top ranked. It was like that.

If there were assassins from number 400 to 500 currently active, either way, he was catching about 100 assassins.

‘Tying down Wung Chunglin.’

Muyoung objectively understood himself.

For now, all he could do was hold Chunglin back.

From the beginning, there was no Chunglin and only the low ranked puppets were active.

What was his reason to release all the low ranked?

To kidnap the beginners and to increase his number of puppets.

So, the best he could do to hold him back was to stop him from hunting the beginners.

‘Just today is enough.’

Even if the Nine Guilds and the Five Great Clans were overlooking them, they couldn’t overlook assassins roaming around the Great City every night.

At the longest, just tonight.

If the assassins were active again after tonight, they would step on them and kill them like bugs.

It only looked like this on the outside but, of course, there were more cases of these large groups using the Forest of Death as a tug of war.

It was a sort of a promise.

Since they would present themselves for show even if their insides were rotten.

Even if the Forest of Death was amazing, they existed only because of the agreement between the giants.

Anyways, the number of Avengers was continuously increasing.

So that after 30 Avengers were filled in, there was a change to the talisman.


<‘Dark Aura’ buff effect has been increased from 30 to 50 ghouls.>


Evolution of a talisman!

Normally, you needed five of the same talisman to reinforce the talisman.

But, this time, it was beyond a reinforcement and was closer to an evolvement.

It was a surprising event which occurred as the talisman combined with the Art of Death.

‘So there is even a method like this.’

Even Muyoung didn’t expect this to happen.

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