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Chapter 35: The Avengers (2)

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“That is…”

“I’ll say it.”

When Taehwan was avoiding the question, Muyoung stepped forward.

After all, if they were to investigate, they would naturally arrive at Muyoung. Since he was the first one to have contact with Woo.

He decided it would be better to come out before they found any faults.

As the man wearing the Sun Helmet nodded, Muyoung acted as if he was talking about something insignificant and opened his mouth.

“The Judge Fire Dragon Woo betrayed the other four.”

“What, did you just say?”

“He helped us attack the other Judges. And as a result, they all died.”

“Is that the truth? If you’re lying, I won’t be able to assure your safety.”

“Why would I risk my life with a lie that could instantly be proven false.”

Muyoung had nothing to hide. Since the rest of the 650 people saw the same thing.

The man wearing the Sun Helmet examined the people behind Muyoung.

He didn’t find any traces of falsehood from their reactions.

“Could you tell me the situation in more detail?”

Muyoung had seen Fire Dragon Woo’s Status Viewer.

History was like a stream.

Although there was no way to know the finer details, he could know the significant events that had occurred in Fire Dragon Woo’s life since birth.

There were also some he found out when he had previously infiltrated the Fire Dragon Clan.

So it was enough if he could slightly adapt the truths to match his story.

“Fire Dragon Woo seemed to have been driven to a corner. I didn’t know why, but he was impatient to show off his skills. He mumbled how he wouldn’t be able to prove anything by facing against us weaklings.”


The man wearing the Sun Helmet couldn’t help, but become slightly nervous.

If it was false, how could Muyoung know the current situation of the Fire Dragon Clan?

The Fire Dragon Clan had adopted a son and, as a result, it was common knowledge that Fire Dragon Woo’s position in the clan was obscure.

However, Muyoung was a beginner who had only spent a month in the temple.

There was no way he could have known that.

Although it was hard to believe that those words came from Fire Dragon Woo’s mouth, the words Muyoung said were all ‘true’.

But because of this, there was a concerning matter.

“So that’s why even Lady Code…”

“Are you talking about that girl who used lighting? Right. Fire Dragon Woo definitely killed her.”



The head of the Fire Dragon Clan, Fire Dragon In, who was standing on top of platform shot to the ground.

With an incredible killing intent, he stared at Muyoung as if he would kill him if he said another word.

‘It’s been a while.’

It felt like a long time since he had felt this much killing intent from someone.

His breath became stifled and each cell in his body was on edge.

However, even so, Fire Dragon In was still a coward.

Fire Dragon In was one of the figures who would choose to settle than struggle.

’20 years of struggling, 30 years of comfort.’

It had already been 50 years since humans have started being summoned into the Underworld.

At first, the demons were quite aggressive and humanity had to fight to survive.

For 20 years, they slowly expanded their territory and at the same time, were able to reclaim a Great City as well as a few other cities.

However, afterwards, the attack from demons and the Demon Gods had stopped.

People changed from fighting to protecting what they had.

As a result, everyone settled down and this continued for 30 years.

‘In 10 years, the Great Calamity will start.’

There was no way to know why the Demon Gods had stopped their attack. At one point, they just stopped attacking.

However, even that would end in 10 years.

After 10 years, once all humans have been summoned into the Underworld, the Great Calamity will start and the Demon Gods will more aggressively corner humanity.

No, at that point, the Demon Gods would lead the way.

It was definitely different when they previously only sent demons.

After killing the Supreme Magician Merlin at the Blue Temple first… The Nine Guilds and Five Great Clans would collapse one after another under the cruel massacre.

This was why Muyoung wasn’t afraid of the killing intent emitted from Fire Dragon In who stagnated after settling down.

He was still a coward.

A man who kept his feet on the ground was unable to kill a man who attempted to climb the skies.

“How dare you lash your short tongue out to deceive the Fire Dragon Clan!”

“The truth will be clear as day once the investigation team goes in. Isn’t there no need for me to lie?”

At this moment, Fire Dragon In’s insides must have been burning.

The Lawless Clan was one of the Five Great Clans and although there were many who could replace Code, she was still a part of their strength.

Perhaps it would have been different if there was no relationship between them but for Fire Dragon Woo to have killed Code, who was his fiancée… It was inevitable that the relationship between the two clans would break down.

Fire Dragon In’s goal of raising the Fire Dragon Clan to become one of the Five Great Clans became difficult.

“Do you need to die for you to shut your mouth?!”

However, Muyoung didn’t even blink.

The possibility of Fire Dragon In killing Muyoung was extremely low.

It didn’t look good for someone as established as him to punish a beginner.

Above all, people could be suspicious that he killed him to shut him up.

Killing to keep a secret. If he was to erase evidence in front of everyone’s presence, the status of the Fire Dragon Clan would completely dissipate.

‘He cannot kill me.’

Muyoung didn’t take the lead for no reason.

There was no way for the head of the Fire Dragon Clan to not know this.

In fact, because he was so calculating, he knew he could not lay a hand on Muyoung at this time.

It was just that if he was to stay still, it would be the same as admitting Fire Dragon Woo’s betrayal.



The Hellhorse was hidden somewhere as it observed Muyoung.

It was indeed a top ranked monster.

Its stealth ability was high enough to avoid the eyes of the strong. Even Muyoung never had a hunch on where the horse may be up until now.

Even though it said it would help, it would only take Muyoung away from the crowd of powerful humans, but even that was incredible.

However, there was no reason to use one of his favors.

Muyoung was certain that Fire Dragon In was only trying to scare him.

He probably thought that if he got angry, Muyoung would kneel and beg for his life.

But, once Muyoung showed no reaction, his face revealed a hint of impatience.

“Head of the Fire Dragon Clan, please stop!”

At that moment, the man sitting in the center of the platform raised his voice.

‘Alexandros Quintart.’

The man who oversaw the whole situation.

The master of the Sun Guild that was contending for first place among the Nine Guilds!

Fire Dragon In wrinkled his face and said.

“Just what right do you have to stop me?!”

“It was not me but Lawless Gong who first suggested it. First, let’s set up an investigation team to investigate.”

“Lawless Gong…”

If the head of the Lawless Clan suggested it, then there was nothing Fire Dragon In could do.

From this suggestion, they could see that the relationship between the two clans was quickly deteriorating.

It meant that he would send the investigation team in to buy some time to find a middle ground.

If Fire Dragon In was to get even angrier, he would lose the chance he had barely received.


Fire Dragon In who calmed his anger turned his back.

Easily as if he was planning this from the start.


He then jumped high into the air and returned to the platform.


<’Hellhorse’ is feeling very sad.>


Muyoung only slightly smirked.

Anyways… he gained enough time to climb the Sky Library.

Shortly after, Alexandros Quintart opened his mouth sitting in the center of the platform.

“To all the small heroes that completed all the trials! We welcome you!”

There was no way to know if those small heroes referred to the beginners or the boys and girls who were Judges.

However, all the beginners, including Muyoung, could not find those words pleasing.

The fact that the Judges were affiliated with them was revealed. They indiscriminately killed people in there, yet they say they welcomed us?


Someone quietly scoffed.

However, if he was to say it outright, he would immediately lose his life.

As they were weak, they had no right to speak.

Muyoung clicked his tongue.

Since they were starting their ‘acceptance’, it was going to be much more relaxing than the trial before.

“This place is the Underworld. We are at war with the Demon Gods of the 72 Seats. If we do not defeat the Demon Gods, we will never be able to return to Earth!”


It was already a name they missed.

It was the secret word that could slightly divert the uncomfortable expressions of the people.

“Let us go to back to Earth together. For that, please lend us your strength. We are going to explain everything to those who have passed the difficult trial and give you a chance to decide. The Sky Library…”

A long speech had started.

Even though he spoke softly, his words somehow stuck to their heads.

Alexandros Quintart had activated his ‘Bewilderment of the Sun’ skill.

If time continued to pass, they would slowly be swayed and truly trust and follow the people who tried to kill them. In some sense, he had some similarities with Wung Chunglin.

After talking for around 20 minutes, Alexandros Quintart smiled as he finished.

“We welcome you.”



The celebrations had started.

Most the areas of the Great City became public and the beginners had the right to go anywhere besides the ‘castle’ in the center.

Those who exited the arena could only be astonished.

The castle stretched out endlessly. The buildings lined up were so tall, they would not lose out to modern cities and the castle walls didn’t lose out to the Great Wall of China.

‘The Ancient King’s Castle.’

Strictly speaking, this castle, like the Sky Library, wasn’t man-made.

It was only that they released a talisman containing the Ancient King’s Castle here.

Because of that, there were still unknown places within the castle.

For example, the ‘Hallway with no shadows during a full moon’ which was used as a route for assassinations and the ‘Underground tunnel that would lead to a special place every 14 days’.

They weren’t all that great but it wasn’t bad to keep note of them.

“This group can stay here.”

A soldier wearing a Sun Helmet herded about a hundred people including Muyoung into an inn.

Since 650 people couldn’t use one inn, they were split up into groups.

“When can we enter the Sky Library?”

Suzy’s father asked.

His body was at its limit.

He asked since he instinctively aware that the ‘Study of the Darkness Spirit’ Muyoung mentioned was located in the Sky Library.

“Only 300 people can enter the Sky Library at once. If you wait, we will come take you there in the morning when it’s your turn.”

“So that’s how it is. I understand.”

Once the small question was answered, everyone entered the inn.

On the first floor of the inn, a plentiful array of foods was prepared.


“I think it’s been a long time since I’ve seen these kinds of foods.”

“Let’s eat first!”

While everyone was deeply moved and rushed to pick up their forks, Muyoung quietly went up to the second floor and unpacked.

‘Was this an unavoidable destiny?’

Muyoung looked around his room and shook his head.

This inn was the exact same one Muyoung stayed in in the past.

He was kidnapped here and used as an assassin for a long time.

He had killed countless heroes.


Muyoung took a deep breath and calmed himself.

Wung Chunglin’s beginner hunt would commence tonight.




Deep into the night of a full moon.

Everyone was passed out drunk.

There was an endless supply of alcohol and because it had been a long time since they could get drunk, their hearts relaxed.


With the speed of light, a man wearing a mask flowed through the window.

The masked man looked around after spreading sleeping powder. He spotted a man sleeping on a bed and cautiously approached him with light steps.

Just when he was about to attack the man on the bed.



His opponent’s closed eyes suddenly opened and grasped the masked man’s throat.

He precisely hit a pressure point and the masked man couldn’t make a sound.

The opponent stared at the masked man with a completely expressionless face and quietly said.

“It’s been a long time, Number 447.”

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