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Chapter 33: Free-for-all (end)

TL: Yoni

Edited: Yoni & Myoni



Code’s body was lying on the cold floor.

However, this wasn’t the end.


The people who were strengthened by the Lightning Runes started to go wild.

After watching the scene, Muyoung just turned his head.

‘Taehwan needs experience.’

Taehwan was still a rookie. But, he had the qualities to become a hero.

Only through rough experiences would his potential fully bloom.

In the very least, the so-called heroes Muyoung had seen weren’t the type who needed help from others and had to overcome numerous trials on their own to raise the voices.

And, it was the perfect situation for Taehwan to gain experience. If Muyoung was to engage now, Taehwan would lose this chance.


Muyoung completely moved his attention to the reward he received.

He turned his Status Viewer and looked carefully at the newly appeared sentence.


Soulmate (B+, When you have a high assimilation with an undead, the undead’s stats will slightly increase)



It seemed as though using Blazing Spear Soldier to kill Code made it possible.

In reality, all of the Blazing Spear Soldier’s stats were increased by 2.

That wasn’t all.

‘Piece of the Earth Dragon’s Skin… Materials from dragons were very rare.’

A green piece of skin appeared on top of the soldier’s hands.

The amount was small as it could fit in two hands, but even it if it appeared that way, it was still a high-grade material.

It was particularly difficult to find a dragon’s skin.

It was because a dragon didn’t leave any trace of their shed skin.

‘And among the various skins, the Earth Dragon’s skin had exceptional magic conductivity.’

There was less chance of a leakage in magic power when a material with high magic conductivity was used to make an equipment.

Since there was also a high chance to amplify the magic, receiving the Earth Dragon’s skin was better than most rewards.

Muyoung pondered for a moment and placed the piece inside the Infinity Pouch.

There was no need for it right now, but later in the future, there were a lot of ways this material could be useful.

‘Hedley’s Kow. It might be nice if I get the heart of the Phoenix and use it together.’

Making an equipment with the heart of the Phoenix and the Earth Dragon’s skin?

It would depend on the blacksmith’s skills, but whatever he makes, it will at least be an A++ rank equipment.

It was enjoyable just by thinking about it.

For it to be higher than an S-rank, he needed a blacksmith recognized as legendary, but he already had some thoughts about that.

Anyhow… Muyoung looked at Code’s body lying on the floor.

‘What should I do.’

First, using the flaws of the Box of Trials was successful.

It has been confirmed that Code was killed under Woo’s name.

The rest of the Judges will know this truth by now.

As Woo wasn’t considered dead, sufficient conditions weren’t met to leave this area. Alive. It was because he was made into an undead when he was on the boundaries of death.

Indeed, if they thought Woo was dead, there was no way he could receive such a reward.

How he was going to use Code was the problem.

It was the best evidence to make Woo the killer. If he left it alone, people will believe that Woo was the killer and he will be solely responsible for the crime.

But, it still seemed unfortunate.

Muyoung believed that Code’s material was worth more than the other Judges.

She even had a ‘story’.

It was really a waste to dispose of her story with Woo.

‘I must hide it.’

There was no need for a lot of evidence.

The corpses of the rest of the Judges were enough evidence for others to see.

While everyone else was busy looking elsewhere, he used the Art of Death skill.

A black aura emitted out and wrapped around Code’s dead body.


Level: 81

Type: Demi-Lich

Strength 70 (67 + 3)   Agility 66 (63 + 3)   Stamina 76 (73 + 3)

Intelligence 91 (88 + 3)   Wisdom 95 (92 + 3)   Lightning Power 100 (97 + 3) >


+ Lightning Rune (Can strengthen up to 30, by planting them.)

+ Rune Explosion (Explosion of the one with the lightning rune.)

+ Lightning Storm, nailing down Sky’s spears skill is usable.

+ ‘Love-Hate’, if Blazing Spear Soldier and Sorcerer of Lightning are summoned together, all of their stats will increase by 3.


Muyoung nodded in satisfaction.

Love-Hate, it was outstanding for a buff.

Indeed, the Art of Death skill certainly relied on the story of the undead.

It was newly found information that relationships before their deaths had an effect.

‘Lightning Runes could be used on the Prince and his subjects.’

It didn’t seem like a bad idea in making Code into an undead.

An amazing scene could be pictured if Lightning Runes were placed on the 30 ghouls summoned by Prince and his subjects and if they all exploded.

Right away, Muyoung made the Sorceress of Lightning into a talisman and placed her inside his Infinity Pouch.

Even though the corpse disappeared into thin air, it was an incredibly intense battle. It wasn’t odd to find the body disappear without a trace.

Afterward, when he turned his head, he found that the fight was slowly coming to a stop.



The faces of the 3 Judges wrinkled.

“Woo killed Code?”

“He’s crazy. Well, he was naturally not a normal person.”

“But, it will only be his last frantic attempt. What could he do with a bunch of beginners?”

Unlike their disregarding tone, they seemed a bit nervous.

They were completely unaware that Woo was turned into an undead when he was still alive.

“By the way, why would Woo hang around with those bugs?”

“Isn’t it because he is the child of the shallow Fire Dragon Clan?”

“But, if Woo turned against us, it would be dangerous for us to move alone. How do you want to do this?”

Even if they were overflowing with bravado, they weren’t going to be reckless about it.

Unlike Woo, they were members of the Five Great Clans.

It was the same for Code, but if Code had died, it was necessary for them to be cautious.

“I don’t like the fact that we all have to act together to fight against someone like Woo… but, it can’t be helped since he was the one to ruin our plan in the first place.”

“We need to teach him why the Five Great Clans are known as the Five Great Clans.”

It wasn’t like they were in a good relationship with Woo in the first place.

Originally, they didn’t acknowledge people other than the Five Great Clans.

Since it was going to annoying if they were to annoy him and because he was engaged to Code, they decided to let him pass.

However, things were different if Woo killed Code.

If they were to just withdraw here, it will only confirm that they were scared of the Fire Dragon Clan and Fire Dragon Woo.

Accuse Woo of the crime outside of the Box of Trials?


There were many others who could take their place.

There was no way the Clans would peacefully accept them once they dishonored the clans’ face.

They should be glad if they weren’t ‘disposed’.

They couldn’t just be soft on them as they have until now.

‘Woo. We will definitely kill you.’

Now, even for them, it was a matter of survival.



Gradually, the numbers increased.

At first, many people were unsure if Woo really did betray the others, but after Woo killed one of the other Judges, Code, their thoughts about him completely changed.

After the appearance of the message about Code’s death, people started to come out, one by one.

After placing Taehwan and Blazing Spear Soldier on the front lines, Muyoung was preparing something from behind.


The Emperor of Shrewmice popped out from the ground.

It was very active and was double the size he was in the beginning.

“Uh? Kking Kking. Where did you come back from?”

Suzy who was beside it tilted her head.

Kking Kking’s body was covered in dirt.

As if it was tired, he came out of the ground and lied down with his belly out.

Suzy talked as she poked its belly.

“Mister. Why is Kking Kking like this?”

“Well, I’m not sure.”

Muyoung denied he knew anything about it and just walked down the road.

It wasn’t that big of a deal. He was just making a few preparations for the fight.

Suzy lifted up the droopy Kking Kking by its neck.

“Are you a mole? Why did you dig your way out here?”

Koo! Koo!


As they waited motionlessly at a designated location, the rest of the 3 Judges appeared.

Even from the beginning, they looked at the Blazing Spear Soldier, Fire Dragon Woo, with eyes filled with murderous intent.

“You crazy bastard! Did it feel good after killing your fiancée?”

“You don’t think you could win against us by combining forces with these bugs, right?”

“Just give up trying to leave here alive.”

They all said something, but Woo did not reply.


He just stood there quietly.

Since the beginning, as Muyoung was controlling him, it could be said that it was obvious.

The soldier had intelligence, but he lagged a bit when he spoke. So others would always be able to tell that something was weird when he spoke.

As if they accepted his silence as him ignoring them, the Judges grinded their teeth.

“Hyungnim. Isn’t it better to just attack first?”

Taehwan asked for Muyoung’s opinion.

However, Muyoung shook his head.

“Just watch them from a far.”


“Woo will handle them on his own.”

“That… would that be possible? I know that he is strong, but they are also Judges.”

Taehwan was correct. He didn’t see it wrong.

Even if Woo was strong, the three were also strong. Unless if it was 1 vs 1. There was no chance if it was 1 vs 3.

But, Muyoung just looked coldly at the fight scene.



The Blazing Spear Soldier stepped forward.

“I will, kill, you guys.”

One sentence.

That was enough.

As he took the first step on the open field, everyone’s gaze was on him.

There were about 400 people who were gathered here. If they fought together, there was hope.

However, only the soldier moved.

At that moment, when everyone was nervously watching them.

“You foolish bastard! Are you saying that you’re going to fight us alone!?”

The Judge who was standing in front went down on all fours.

An aura of a beast emitted from all over his body.

As the rising star from one of the Five Great Clans, ‘Beast Clan’, who was able to control the strength of a beast.

There was a saying that no one could catch up with their strength or agility.

Behind him, the other two also joined.

‘Cry of Fire.’

The soldier lifted his spear high in the air.

From the beginning, he was planning to use his best skill.

The widespread and destructive skill that was even dangerous to the user!

Thump! Thuuuump!

In an instant, the sky turned red and blazing hail started to rain down.

The ground exploded and places were being destroyed.

“You can’t hit me with that shit!”

However, the Judge who was in the shape of a beast was able to avoid the fierce blazing hail. Instantly, he was closing the distance between them.

The other two were slow, but were still getting closer while blocking the hail.

If it kept on like this, he would be allowing them to attack.

But… the tips of Muyoung’s lip subtly went up.


With the soldier in the center, the ground started to sink.

“What, what is this?”

The Judges seemed quite taken back.

“Are you going to commit suicide!?”

The man who had the appearance of beast urgently yelled, but Woo was still unresponsive.

Instead, he raised his spear and stop the Judges’ movements.

He was already half dead, there was no reason for him to fear death.

In the end, the Judges were destined to sink down as their movements were stopped by the soldier.

If they forced their way out, they would be exposed to the Cry of Fire.

The Cry of Fire was an intense and widespread skill that was even dangerous to its user.

The 400 some odd people were carried away by the scene and looked with their mouths open.


Muyoung crossed his arms.

He basically gathered the people so that he could increase the number of witnesses.

To show that Fire Dragon Woo fought against the rest of the Judges.

The reason why the ground started to suddenly sink was all calculated by his plan.

‘I meddled with the core of the Box of Trials.’

He found the core of the Box of Trials by using Kking Kking, the Emperor of Shrewmice.

Muyoung believed that there was a ‘core’ which constructed and maintained the Box of Trials buried somewhere underground.

As the area, where the core was buried, sucked in magic, it was highly likely for the top layer to be weak.

In honestly, he thought it had a fifty-fifty chance of finding it. Since he believed he was near the Great City, he made Kking Kking look around for it.

The results were successful.

Since he found out the location of the core, all that was left was to properly shake it.

It was the reason why he used the soldier’s strongest skill from the beginning.

“Order them. To stop the ones who are coming up.”


After Muyoung spoke, Taehwan asked again.

Muyoung just stood there with a cold face.

Almost there.

However, they couldn’t look down on their physical stats.

Even though the soldier was stopping them, there was still a chance they would crawl up before they were completely buried.

As if Taehwan understood Muyoung, he nodded and went forward.

“Surround the area and don’t allow them to crawl up! If you have ranged weapons or skills, use them and try to stop their path!”

There was a fixed range of area where the Cry of Fire could rain down on.

If you just surround the area and stop them, even if they were Judges, they couldn’t easily crawl out.


This way, the 400 people could be considered accomplices.

“You, you, bug-like bastards!”

The man who had a beast-like form grinded his teeth as he stepped on the collapsing ground while trying to escape.

However, he was too late to crawl out of it.

He tried to crawl up somehow by avoiding the pouring Cry of Fire and the various of skills people used, but he wasn’t successful in finding a gap.


During that time, the wide area collapsed.

Like a black hole.

Even the place with the core was buried.

The indiscriminate pour of the Cry of Fire had stopped.



The messages that popped up.

The fight inside the Box of Trials has ended.

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