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"How about that… that Xiao Yulong? How did they deal with him?" Chu Xiongcheng was raged: This bastard actually dared to lay his hand on my grandson; I can't pardon him so easily. Even if I can't take revenge him openly, I will do so covertly…

As Chu Xiongcheng asked, Yang Bao suddenly remembered as he followed up and said, "Yes! Damn it, where's Xiao Yulong, that son of a bitch? I want to tear him apart, alive!"

Chu Yang sighed and said, "I'm afraid that you'll not be able to satisfy your wish. Xiao Yulong had not only obstructed law-enforcement processes but also scoffed at the law-enforcement organization and laid hands on them, causing ten law-enforcement officers to be seriously injured… Currently, he was already sent into the death cell… to await the final jurisdiction."

Everyone took in a heavy gasp of cold breath.

"This f**king Xiao Yulong really has guts…" Yang Bao couldn't help to exclaim, "Motherf**ker, obstructing law-enforcement processes, lay hands on law-enforcement officers, I don't even dare to do all these… Damn it, the nine great clans are indeed good!"

Everyone began to chip in, asking what had exactly happened. But no matter how they asked Chu Yang, he only mentioned the impartiality of the law-enforcement officers, how horrible Xiao Yulong was, and the ending. When they asked about the details, he seemed to not know anything. Or he simply acted dumb when they asked too much, "I just came back… I really don't know about them…"

Ultimately, everyone still didn't get any information about the accident.

"Yang Yang, you're familiar with Commander Sha?" in the crowd, Chu Feilong's eyes flashed as he asked Chu Yang.

"Yes," Chu Yang replied as he revealed a naive and honest smile, "Last time, it was him who invited me over to ask me some questions. This time, it was also him that upheld justice for me. Commander Sha is a good man."

Chu Feilong smiled and said, "Yes, Yang Yang is really blessed."

Chu Yang said shyly, "Second uncle, thank you for your compliment."

Chu Feilong smiled gently, "You're my nephew. Of course, I'll have a share of your glory, haha."

Chu Yang said sincerely, "Second uncle, if I'm really that blessed, surely you also will."

Chu Feilong laughed, and said affectionately, "Good child."

Chu Yang said as he pursed his lips and smiled shyly, "Second uncle, you're flattering me."

The pair of uncle and nephew looked really harmonious. This clan was really admirable.

Aside, Old Master Yang Bao stood aside and listened blankly to the duo's conversation. Suddenly, he turned around and whispered to Old Mistress Yang, "It's strange, they're having such a warm conversation, but why do I feel so chilly? I'm beginning to have goosebumps all over me."

Old Mistress Yang flipped her eyes on him and whispered, "There's indeed something wrong…" She pondered for a while and said, "But I can't tell where exactly it's wrong."

Yang Bao agreed and whispered, "Previously, Lan Lan said before… Chu Feilong has great suspicion for the matter that happened that year… What's your opinion?"

Old Mistress Yang glanced an inconspicuous look at Chu Feilong. She frowned and did not speak for a long time.

Seeing that Chu Yang was safe and sound, but ignorant and denied all knowledge of the accident, everyone felt more at ease, but they were still miserable. They knew that this matter wouldn't be that simple, but they had no idea of what to do. So, the crowd dispersed after some while.

Chu Feiyan remained at the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall. He was nervous: Please hope that fourth uncle and that little girl wouldn't slip their mouths. When he entered, he realized that Chu Feiyan and Chu Le'er were still inside, and didn't leave with the rest of the clan.

"Everyone was preparing to put up a big banquet. Why didn't you leave?" Chu Yang was stunned.

Chu Feiyan smiled bitterly, and pointed to Chu Le'er, "This girl doesn't want to let me off."

"Erm?" Chu Le'er looked at Le'er.

Chu Le'er creased her small nose and said, "We've not aligned our confessions for some things with yours. This would be bad for you."

"Align confessions?" Chu Yang smiled, "What confessions?"

Chu Le'er stared at him and said, "Don't be so cheeky. I'm speaking serious matters with you."

Chu Feiyan smiled bitterly, "This girl is vigilant. Before you came back, she warned me to answer that we don't know anything, no matter what question that other people asked us, and instead evade the responsibility of answering to you, and say that you know everything. Even when your grandpa asked me just now, she also pinched me at my back… Hiss, my waist had turned purple because of her."

Chu Yang was startled. He gazed at Chu Le'er deeply and said softly, "Le'er… has a very promising future…" When Chu Yang said this, he dragged his tone. He looked solemnly at his own younger sister, just as if he was looking at a person of his own age.

He dared not to underestimate her again.

Probably, she would be the only kid that would allow the King of Hell Chu to reveal this kind of expression.

Chu Yang looked heavy. He held Le'er up and allowed her to sit on his laps, then asked gently, "Le'er, why did you do this way?"

Chu Le'er was 12 years old, but her health conditions had lagged her development. Now, she only looked to be eight or nine years old. So, Chu Yang didn't feel anything wrong to hold the girl on his laps.

But this girl felt awkward, and her face even turned red. She struggled slightly, before sitting calmly on Chu Yang's laps, as if she had convinced herself to do so.

She even swept her hair before saying, "Of course, there are reasons for doing so."

She extended her snow-white finger, and said unhurriedly, "Firstly, this event was obviously organized by you. We still don't know what you're going to do next, or are you still going to take future actions. So, before you answer, whatever we would say would be wrong."

"Secondly, even if we believe everyone within our clan, after all, the more people, the more talk. If what we said was spread out, it would be diverted further and further away from the truth. This would pose harm to you. Thirdly, this matter involves the law-enforcement officers and the Xiao clan, while we're sandwiched between these two giants. This makes it uneasy for us. Since you've arranged this event to happen, you've definitely thought of a way out for the Chu clan. Any random talk that we might make may disrupt your plan."

"I've already told fourth uncle before grandpa came, that you wouldn't reveal anything to them, so it's best that we also stay silent."

Chu Le'er raised up her head and smiled smartly, "I've guessed correctly."

Chu Feiyan was stunned as he listened. Is she even a 12-year-old girl? I didn't even think about some points that she had said…

Chu Yang let out a heavy sigh. He gazed at Chu Le'er and said wholeheartedly, "Le'er will definitely be a very great figure in the future."

He said softly, "Even if I don't belong to the Chu clan, as long as there's Le'er… it could stay undefeated for years to come!"

Chu Feiyan was touched. The way he looked at Chu Le'er also became a little more peculiar. There's even some sort of reverence in his looks.

In the entire Upper Three Heavens, perhaps only he could understand the weight of such a sentence spoken by Chu Yang!

Because such a sentence was spoken by the King of Hell Chu! The King of Hell Chu who had subverted the Lower Three Heavens in one and a half years, overthrown the state of the Middle Three Heavens in less than a year, and was going to stir up chaos among the nine great clans when he had arrived at the Upper Three Heavens for fewer than ten days!

The following days were calm.

After the Yang clan had visited Chu Yang and stayed for a few days, they finally bade farewell. Before they left, they told Chu Yang to definitely come to the Aspen Valley to live a few days.

Chu Yang agreed readily.

Everyone was very zealous. Only Chu Yang's cousin Yang Yaya looked distant to Chu Yang as if she had some scruples.

Chu Yang originally wanted to ignore this, but he carefully analyzed it later on and finally concluded: This indrawn and shy cousin should have a lover already… Chu Yang openly told his mother about this, while she also secretly told this to her brother's wife…

As such, this aunt of Chu Yang had another load on her mind as she left the Chu clan…

After the Yang clan had left, the sword spirit told Chu Yang, "There seems to be some trouble… within the Yang clan."

Chu Yang was startled and said, "Trouble?"

"Your maternal grandpa took his whole clan here to have a look at you, but it's a bit too grand. And, he seems to be hiding away from something… In the Blood-Clothed Troop, there are a lot of people who have cultivations much higher than others. They're obviously the disguise of important experts within the clan…" the sword spirit said.

Chu Yang began to ponder.

"And, I once heard your maternal grandpa asking Yang Ruoxiong: Is it almost okay? Then Yang Ruoxiong said: We've exceeded for two days. Then afterward, they suggested to leave the Chu clan," the sword spirit said, "While the Aspen Valley isn't near from here, they need to travel for at least five or six days. This means that the Yang clan has exceeded their time for two days. After they stayed here in the Chu clan for a day, they still need five or six days to travel back… The time can be said to be more than sufficient for them."

Chu Yang pondered silently as he slightly raised his brows.

"So I concluded that they hadn't come to simply visit you," the sword spirit said, "Only that your return coincidentally provided a justifiable reason for them. Nothing more."

Chu Yang was even more silent. After a long time, he said, "There'll finally be a day when the truth will reveal itself."

The sword spirit did not say anything.

After the Yang clan had left, Chu Yang still remained in his medical center. Chu Feiyan was still his worker, while Chu Le'er was still Chu Yang's small tail, only that this tail was gradually extending and growing…

For a long time, there was no news from the Law Enforcement Hall…

The Bao clan and Liao clan also remained still. The Xiao clan also had no response, or it still hadn't reacted to what had happened…

Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan only had the two treasured medicines left to complete gathering all the medicines in the prescription list…

Boss Chu's medical center had also become more known among the residents because of his incident at the Law Enforcement Hall. Occasionally, there were patients who had come to visit the medical center…

Erm, it must be admitted that there were a few nights that Big Boss Chu wasn't in his medical center, and instead, he had gone out to 'expand his customer base'… And as long as he wasn't in the medical center on a certain night, there would definitely be a 'patient' with weird injuries at the gate of the medical center on the next day's morning, waiting to be treated…

Such cycles repeated over and over again. Big Boss Chu's pockets gradually expanded and he always took pleasure from such gains… Although he only had one or two customers every day, this big boss of the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall could definitely be said to be the most profitable person in the entire street…

He was really too black-hearted… in designing such consultation fees…

But, after a few days, King of Hell Chu once again got an indecent name: Black-Hearted Saint -- He's so good in treating injuries that he could be called a saint. But his heart was so black that it couldn't be even blacker…

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