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Chapter 170: Forest of Death (End)

Translation: Nadu

Edit: Lesurous

How long did he wait, longing for this moment!

He ran tirelessly. Towards a different path from his past.

Muyoung's goal was only Wung Chunglin. The rest of the assassins were no different than Wung Chunglin's scapegoats.

However, it seemed like Wung Chunglin came to Suicide Hill leading a number of assassins.

The assassins didn't speak. Instead, they were connected by a single command system.

Their orders were clear.

If there are any followers, to get rid of them!

Muyoung didn't hide. He quickly shortened the distance between him and the assassins.

It was obvious for him to get caught.  

Five assassins stopped and looked at Muyoung.

Muyoung also looked into their eyes.

'Assassins in the 100th number.'

Familiar faces.

Those who could be considered his comrades as he trained with them in the past.

Assassins in the 100th number were strong enough to kill most strong men.

They were classified as high-rank assassins and 10 were above their rank, the 'great assassins' and Wung Chunglin.

If five 100th numbered assassins were to gather, they would be able to do the work of one great assassin.

And a great assassin could assassinate one of the top 10 humans by himself.

Muyoung was also a great assassin in the past.

However, he wasn't just a great assassin. He became Number 0 after he killed Wung Chunglin.

Five 100th numbered assassins weren't a match to Muyoung.

"Don't blame me."

Muyoung spoke softly.

It was Wung Chunglin who brainwashed them. Even if they were no longer brainwashed after years, decades of trying, they wouldn't be able to live a normal life.

Nevertheless, Muyoung was a very special case.

He gathered few thousands, no, few hundred thousands of people's Status Viewers.

The Status Viewer was a compass that pointed to the person.

Their information, the path they walked, everything was written in it. Muyoung read them all. That was how he kept his identity.

However, for the rest…

They were no different than breathing dolls.


Numerous hills rolled up.

A different trial existed on every hill.

However, Seraphina and Ramiella advanced without hesitation.

Although people might say things about the two, they were both cult judges.

They were able to reach the meeting point in half a day because they were two of the seven cult judges who were selected among few hundreds of thousands of people in Mulalan.

"Ahh! Ramielle, Ramielle!"

"The cult judges have arrived! Not just one, but two!"

"We are now able to live!!"

Everyone cheered.

The gathered were in critical condition. There were tons of people who were suffering from critical injuries and moaning in pain.

As proper treatments weren't readily available, they were just maintaining their current conditions.

Even those who were moving normally seemed very tired.

The fact that their enemy continuously attacked them day and night, and the terror that their divine powers didn't work against them, pressured them enormously.

For the power of a divine empire, the power of god, to not work against cults!

It was unthinkable.

"It's nice to meet you. Cult Judge Ramielle, Cult Judge Seraphina."

"You are the vice-captain of the Haphener Paladin Group. Are you the one giving orders at this place?"

Seraphina asked first.

Then, the person who was called the vice-captain nodded his head.

His armor was ragged and he had a splint on one arm.

"The past commander, Tooth, gave his life for us during a battle. So for now, although I'm lacking, I'm the one who is leading this place."

"It's really, terrible."

It wasn't Seraphina.

Ramielle who descended from her horse made a bitter remark.

"I have no face."

The vice-captain bowed his head.

There were about 10,000 paladins and priests who left for Suicide Hill.

There was that much interest and it was a situation Mulalan was actively watching over.

But, what was this situation they were currently in?

The Mulalan status could not be felt at all.

It was truly a remnant of a defeated troop.

After 10,000 men came, not even half survived.

On top, most were injured.

There were at most 2,000 men they could use for battle instantly.

"Please explain to us. Exactly what cult religion has this much power?"

Seraphina carefully asked.

The cult religions were the ones that were needed to be destroyed. That should've been the case, but instead, they were the ones who were suffering.

It was necessary for them to approach them more cautiously.

The vice-captain started to talk.

"Do you know Diablos?"

"Isn't it a devil that exists in literature?"

There was no one named Diablos among the 72 Demon Gods and their subordinates.

However, when you read the ancient literature, he would solemnly appear in stories destroying the world.

The vice-captain nodded his head.

"To be exact, Diablos is a Demon God in a different world, not this one. Perhaps, he might be the devil within our imaginations. Normally, Diablos's power should not be inherent."

"Isn't that the limits of the heretics?"

"Yes. The gods that don't exist or the evil gods are extremely reluctant to give out their powers. That is why there aren't many followers with their strength. But…"



The vice-captain gulped his saliva.

His pupils shook greatly.

"There is a witch. A witch who has both white and black wings… is being revered as a 'vestal' by the heretics."

Black and white wings!

Seraphina was startled.

She recovered quickly but she couldn't do anything about her beating heart.

"Are you saying she has two pairs of wings?"

"Yes, she is a being who is human, but not human. Someone who isn't of a form…"

The vice captain's body shook.

It was enough to know how severely they were destroyed.

'She's similar to Muyoung.'

But, Muyoung had three pairs of wings.

However, Muyoung did not follow an evil god.

Because of his strength, his divine powers, were saintliness itself.

Of course, the fact that he had wings was definitely an unusual thing itself.

"Not just that. There are people who are helping them."

Ramielle stepped forward.

She spoke with a disgruntled look on her face.

"A place that helps a cult is another cult itself. We need to consider them all with the harshest punishment."

"It isn't easy as we think. They are the deepest darkness of mankind. Do you happen to know of the Forest of Death?"

"…Are you saying the Forest of Death is involved in this?"

Ramielle's voice became cautious.

There was no way she wouldn't know.

The Forest of Death was the darkness of mankind.

It was the place that was created when all kinds of ugly emotions came together.

However, no one knew the true nature of the place.

It was a strict cell. Even Mulalan tried to find out about them for decades but they only skimmed the surface.

Everything was unclear as to how many members made up the organization, and how many groups there were, and who was in charge.

"Many priests and paladins were assassinated. Even I was wounded after an attack by one of their assassins."

There was no confidence in his words.

Someone who was recognized and had the position of vice-captain of a paladin group had already lost his fighting spirit.

In reality, no one survived the assassination attack.

Even if there were any, they all soon disappeared within a few days.

They would continuously go after a target they have set their eyes on, even if a few years or a few decades passed.

The persistence was enough to make someone quiver.

The vice-captain was aware of his death.

He knew that he wouldn't last long as long as the Forest of Death was after him.

"Be careful. You need to be alert of your surroundings. The assassins of the Forest of Death used all kinds of extraordinary methods to go after your life."

Ramielle and Seraphina's expressions hardened.

Of all times, for it to be the Forest of Death!

It was the only place Mulalan couldn't really do much about.

Although they 'presumed' the size of the Forest of Death was the size of most huge organizations, there was no way to know for sure.

Of course, even information known was limited.

From now on, they needed to face the 'shadow' and the Diablos's Altar.  

Every day they shivered in the fear, struggling to keep it in check and be alert of an enemy they didn't know existed for certain.

The influential power of the three words, Forest of Death, was greater than one's imaginations.


Blood was splattered.

The splattered blood was on his face.

Muyoung didn't even think to wipe it off.

He continued to raid the places where the assassins hid.

It was obvious where they hid their bodies.

They hid themselves from outsiders completely, but Muyoung had been a part of the Forest of Death for 40 years.

It was too easy for him to find the places where the assassins would hide.

On top, he needed their 'blood' in order to find out where Wung Chunglin was.

'Blood is the medium.'

Wung Chunglin placed restrictions on his strong assassins.

He restrained both their body and their soul. The blood was the medium for his brainwashing.

However, thanks to this it was also his weakness.

The blood of strong assassins was the only guide to find where Wung Chunglin was located.

It was because Wung Chunglin needed to mix his own blood to place a strong restriction.

'The assassins I met in the Great City were all low levels.'

With a fragmentary order, they moved simply.

But, the assassins at this place, at Suicide Hill, were on a different level.

Muyoung collected the assassins' blood and refined it. He started to extract only Wung Chunglin's blood and collect as much of it as he could.

The problem was, for him to move with certainty, he needed to collect the blood of at least 50 assassins…

'Wung Chunglin. Did you bring the entire Forest of Death?'

That part was clearly resolved.

The number of assassins hidden at Suicide Hill was more than he imagined.

From the beginning, it seemed like Wung Chunglin brought over the main military strength of the Forest of Death.

'It seems like you're not simply after the God Killing Spear.'

Muyoung didn't know what he was after.

As everything at this place was a variable itself.

He didn't try to think about it either.

However, Wung Chunglin made a mistake.

Like usual, he should have moved with just a few.

It became easier for Muyoung to act because he brought everyone.

By now, Wung Chunlin would have also noticed that something was wrong.

He would have recognized that someone was hunting his assassins.

'Will you run? Or fight?'

However, it was still too late.

As Muyoung was steadily headed towards where Wung Chunglin was located!

Of course, he didn't move without any thought.

'Art of Death.'

The dead assassins were revived.

In a much more stronger form!

They would become Muyoung's minions and act.

A dog biting the owner who raised it.  

How would it feel?

Spat spat!

Suddenly, a rain of daggers poured down from the sky.

At least a few thousand daggers started to pour down like rain.

Muyoung quickly twisted his body and used his 'Thorn Formation.'


While Muyoung was busy blocking the daggers, he felt someone behind him.

Instinctively, he felt danger.

Even if his defense was solid with his Thorn Formation skill, he couldn't help but be weak against a strong one blow attack.


Muyoung reacted faster.

As Anguish pierced through the air, an assassin who wore black clothing made one full turn in the air before landing on the ground.

The mask the assassin wore was cut in half and dropped on the floor.

Anguish didn't just pierce through the air.

Muyoung smiled again after seeing the assassin's face.

It was because he was able to find out Wung Chunglin's decision.

If Wung Chunglin had sent this man, it meant that Wung Chunglin was willing to fight and not run away.

How could he not smile?!

If Wung Chunglin did run away, Muyoung would have been disappointed.

'The great assassin. Number 10.'

The one who was after Muyoung was a great assassin.

One among the 10 people who represented the Forest of Death!

On top, the great assassins especially knew each other very well. A part of their mind was shared.

Although it wasn't the case anymore, he felt like he met his family.

The words that felt like they would overflow out of Muyoung's throat were forced down.

'It's been a while.'


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