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Chapter 17: Art of Death (2)

“The Rule Administrators have ‘chosen’ you?”

It was hard for him to believe. As if that wasn’t possible.

The Guide asked again.

Muyoung nodded his head and started to speak.

“Is it really that strange?”

He was honestly just curious.

That was why Muyoung asked so bluntly.

The Guide was someone who was wholly dedicated to this place, even before the collapse of humans.

He might even be the one person who knew more than Muyoung.

If the Guide didn’t have the answers, there was no way for Muyoung to find out as well.

His expression was serious.

“I’m not sure of the details. How many manage the Laws of the Darkness, who are part of it, and etc. Just know one thing, that they have really high standards. Even if someone completed the impossible, it was rare for them to choose anyone…”

Then he looked Muyoung again and rubbed his chin.

It seemed like even the Guide did not have the information about the Death Lord or the Lord class that Muyoung really wanted to know about.

The Guide continued to speak.

“But, you were chosen, right?”

Like a kid who had just found a new toy, his eyes started to sparkle.

Great excitement.

At the same time, a slight smile appeared on his face.

“As expected, you truly aren’t an ordinary human being. That’s probably why you were able to win the three wagers against me.”

While he seemed to be particularly obsessed with wagers, Muyoung could not refute his words.

Before Muyoung realized, the Guide was holding an Orc Staff.

Even the mood seemed to have changed.

The aura of magic surrounding them was so dense that it suffocated Muyoung.

Muyoung bent his eyebrows.

As Muyoung slowly moved his hand towards his weapon, the Guide started to talk again.

“Ah. Ah, I’m sorry. I was extremely thrilled. That’s right, I probably said that I was going to tell you my name if you came back alive. If it is you, you deserve to know my name.”


Muyoung clicked his tongue as he removed his hand from the sheath and returned his hand to where it was before.

“Do as you please.”

To be honest, it wasn’t like Muyoung was really curious about his name.

What could happen by knowing letters of a name.

Seeing how the Guide was obsessed about it, Muyoung just thought he really wanted to introduce himself.

“I’m a Druid.”

Druids were known to be the ones who dealt with nature and spirits.


Out of the blue, the wind blew.

The spirits of the wind started to come and surround the Guide.

Muyoung swallowed his saliva.

“I thought you were a magician.”

“At the same time, I’m also the supreme magician. You weren’t wrong. Even though I was born from an Incubus of Darkness, I was baptized right away so that I wouldn’t be infected by evil. Instead I was able to gain an enormous amount of power. Of course, there is no way I can display my true powers in this fake form.”

As if he was boasting, he continued to talk.

“The system of ‘skills’ that humans are able to use were made by me. So that as long as you knew the spell, it wasn’t hard to cast the spell or to exert magic.”

Even though the Guide said that he was going to share his name, he was bragging about his identity.

But, Muyoung didn’t really care about his identity.

“Are you asking me to play twenty questions?”

The Guide looked a bit disappointed.

“You still don’t know who I am?”

As if his identity should have been obvious by now, the Guide clearly found it shocking.

“I still don’t know.”



Muyoung looked at the Guide.

The Guide didn’t seem like he was joking around.

Finally, there was a smile on the Guide’s face.

“I’m the Merlin whom your thinking of.”

Finally, few words appeared in front of Muyoung.



For a moment, a blue light wrapped around Muyoung’s body.

Just by knowing the Guide’s name, his magical abilities rose.

That meant that the ‘name’ had that much worth, but it was the first time something like this happened for Muyoung, so it was natural for him to be a bit confused.

“As expected, you really are talented! Just because someone hears my name doesn’t mean that they all get something. A drawing might be just a scribble for someone, but to another, it might be a work of art.”

Without a care in the world, Merlin became more enthusiastic about Muyoung.

“It’s my first time hearing that Merlin followed Solomon.”

“It wouldn’t be correct to say that I followed him. We had no choice, but to combine our strength. If the Seal of Lemegeton was to be broken… The fake will become real and the real will become fake. It was very obvious that in a state where everything became chaotic, humans would be annihilated.”

He also seemed to be the reason to why humans from Earth were being summoned here.

Muyoung could not take it as a joke any longer.

Right now, Merlin was telling him about the history of this world.

He knew that the 72 demons were going to be freed when the Seal of Lemegeton was broken. But, even Muyoung was unaware of the specifics regarding its background.

“Do you mean the summoning of the humans into this Underworld was already decided upon long ago?”

Merlin nodded his head.

“Yes. And to be honest, it wasn’t too promising either. The demons were too strong and therefore, even if they were to prepare for them, there was always a limit. That’s why, our only hope was human’s unlimited potential, but…”

He became silent.

However even if he didn’t hear the rest of the story, Muyoung understood.

After all, in the end, humanity wasn’t able to stop the demons.

Instead, due to conflicts between humans, numerous humans with potentials were killed.

And, even Merlin, himself, wasn’t able to consider human’s desires and their selfishness.

No, even if he knew, like a Pandora’s box, he might have still firmly believed in them as their last hope.

“However, if it is you, the person who was chosen by the Masters of the Darkness, I believe you have the potential of becoming a true hero.”

The burning look of Merlin’s eyes were making him feel uncomfortable.

However, Muyoung didn’t really like how he was sweet talking him.

Muyoung placed a lot of pressure on his neck before he spoke.

“So what is your point?”

“Become my successor.”



Muyoung thought he had heard of this somewhere.

That a person could potentially receive a class from supreme beings.

Unlike other people, Muyoug was able to accept four classes.

As of now, since he has earned a secret class, it wasn’t a bad idea to earn another.


‘Death Lord is one of the magic-type classes.’

Muyoung was planning on getting specifically distinct classes.

And just by the name, he could tell that the Court Magician class was one of the magic-type classes.

“I refuse.”

“You… refuse?”

In an instant, Merlin’s expression became strange.

It was an expression like he never expected to get refused by his offer.

Muyoung calmly spoke.

“To become your successor means that I need to be here for a long time right?”

Merlin was a being unable to leave this Blue Temple.

To learn from him meant that a lot of time will be spent here.

“10 years would be more than enough. You will be an accomplished magician…”

Muyoung just shook his head from the expected answer.

Becoming an accomplished magician seemed nice, but in 10 years, he could gain a lot more by living in the Underworld.

He needed to be the first to retrieve specific treasures.

“I’m more curious about the world beyond these gates.”

“Even if you go there, there aren’t many good things to see. It’s much better to learn from me now and go against the demons later.”

“If I become your successor, does that mean I can kill the demons for sure?”


Of course, it would be impossible.

Like he said, all Muyoung could do was fight against them.

Muyoung knew the end of Merlin.

Even when he returned to his former self, all he could do was tie up three top ranking demons for 10 days. That was all.

Even if Muyoung was to take all Merlin had to offer, it meant that there was a limit.

Of course, just that by itself was an incredible thing. It was enough for him to be called the supreme magician.

However, Muyoung knew too much about the past.

It would be foolish for him to waste 10 years here.

Therefore, he calmly replied.

“As humans are faced with trials, by overcoming them, they get stronger.  And a system that rewards you appropriately is exceptionally pleasing. Since you will be rewarded for the amount of effort you put in.”

“Selfishness of the humans have gone too far. If you pass the gates, monsters and demons aren’t the ones to be worried about, it’s facing the sickening desires of humans, the same kind as you. Are you going to consider that as a trial too?”

“If they stop me, I will destroy them. I’m not willing to leave anything that stands in my way.”


As Merlin listened to Muyoung’s answers, he sighed.

It was because he knew that whatever he had to say, wouldn’t go through to Muyoung.

Muyoung’s determination was that firm.

“What a shame, what a real shame.”

“Why don’t you look for a successor yourself instead of just waiting. There are plenty of people who are more talented than me.”

It wasn’t like Muyoung was exceptionally talented in magic.

However, considering how many real ‘genius’ magicians have shown up in the Underworld, it wasn’t like Merlin couldn’t find a successor.

But, Merlin didn’t move from the center of the forest.

Even if a genius showed up, how can he find a successor if he just sits and waits?

“I’m not just looking at skills. But you do make a good point.”

Merlin sighed out loud.

“I’ve basically given up on relying on humans. Just enjoyed wagering with a few humans who came to see me. However… After seeing you, I wanted to try once more.”

“You will surely find someone.”

Finally, Merlin took out a small bottle from his side.

“Take it. It’s the Secret Medicine of the Sage.”

Inside the bottle, there was a liquid that had a red glow.

The Secret Medicine of the Sage!

It was an item recognized as the pinnacle of alchemy.

It was one of the choices he had when he made it to Solomon’s Hall of Fame for killing the boss. But unfortunately, it was a reward he had to give up.

However, Muyoung gave him a flat refusal.

“I’m not interested in becoming your successor.”

Even then, Merlin didn’t take his hand back.

“I’m not giving it to you because of that. My primary role is to make heroes and to guide them. Since I can see hope in you, I can’t just send you away, can I?”

For a long time, Merlin just looked at Muyoung without saying a word.

Muyoung didn’t try look away either.

If Merlin was willing to give him the Secret Medicine of the Sage with no strings attached, there was no reason for him to refuse.

As Muyoung grabbed the bottle, Merlin spoke as if he was worried.

“I hope your will won’t be broken.”

“Nothing will be able to break my will.”

Muyoung waited 40 years to get this chance.

A chance to go through his life again!

Never, no matter what happens, Muyoung wasn’t willing to waste this chance.


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