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Chapter 169: Forest of Death (2)

Translation: Nadu

Edit: Lesurous

Muyoung was still moving around with his armor and helmet on.  

He was drawing out his own world at the front of the line beside Seraphina.  

'The sword I have is cold-hearted.'

The sword he learned for 40 years while he was part of the Forest of Death was only cold-hearted.  

The fastest and most effective way to kill someone. It was a sword that cut infinitely for that sole purpose.  

However, that wasn't enough.

For him to create his own sword, he needed to experience and learn a lot more.  

In that sense, the King Slayer was the perfect fit.  

'King Slayer. His sword was honest.'

However, it was too honest that it was scary.  

It recognized every weakness and only went in that fixed direction.  

It excludes everything that blocks in the middle.  

Even if he wanted to imitate King Slayer's sword, it wouldn't be easy.  

But, Muyoung couldn't just give up and so he tried to fit himself into that 'frame' in some way.  

Sword One.  

His sword also had another color.  

It was like a spider web. It was very dense. It wasn't fast, but it was that much prudent and stable.              

And lastly… Dragon Lord Hansung.  

It was a swordsmanship that he dared to call a death sword.

Although Muyoung had watched him for many years in the past, he was able to know it better now that he experienced it himself.  

Hansung didn't have a frame. That was why it was so irregular.  

His unique colors took away Muyoung.  

Muyoung was planning to take the advantages of his swordsmanship, get rid of the disadvantages and add his own 'color' to it.  

'It isn't easy.'

This was an opportunity.  

Rather than repeating the past, an opportunity to walk an entirely different path.  

If there was a god of creation, wouldn't it feel like this when he created the world?

If there was something Muyoung was better off with, it was that the direction he was supposed to go towards was already given to him.  

"They say that the cult members are gathered at 'Suicide Hill'."

As Seraphina rode a horse, she received communications from a small crystal and this information was told to them.  

Then, Pendragon tilted his head.  

"Cult members? Are you talking about heretics?"

Normally, Mulalan doesn't call people 'heretics' just because they didn't serve the same god.  

It's because Mulalan believed the root of most gods was the Mother of Everything, 'Idea'.  

However, heretics weren't followers that served normal gods.  

The worshiped either evil gods or the Demon Gods.  

They called those who followed them heretics.  

And Muyoung knew why the heretics were gathered on top of Suicide Hill.  

'Diablos' priests.'

Originally, Muyoung needed to head towards this place after gathering the three rings.  

However, thanks to Luciferre, he didn't have to go to the altar because he was able to mimic divinity.  

"They say they were unable to confirm which cult religion it was. Just that they are followers of a strong evil god that can even move mountains."

"Do cults still exist? I thought they were all destroyed?"

Pendragon clicked his tongue.  

In the past, when demon gods first invaded the humans, humans started to fear and worship their strength.  

People tend to be attracted to something that is eviler, darker, and more mysterious.                   

As they believed it would protect them from the devil's attacks.  


'That was also sidetracked.'

After the invasion of the devils had ended, a few of them tried to become a privileged class.  

They gathered soldiers to create a city. They cruelly exploited people under the name of their gods.  

As the people who tried to benefit were left behind, those who were strong became more powerful, and the dark ages had arrived.  

The power of humanity was in an extremely vulnerable situation.  

When everyone was being quiet, the sage king of Mulalan came forward.  

And for 10 long years, the bloody war that was called the 'Holy Battle' had arrived.  

It was widely accepted that the cult religions and heretics were destroyed during that time.  

However, their roots weren't completely removed.  

"They say there are currently five cult religions that are identified and are of considerable size."

"They are like cockroaches. There isn't any action being taken  by the sage king?"

"The current sage king doesn't really like wars."

"Ahh, true… from my memories, he was like a kindly neighborhood grandpa."

Seraphina grinned.  

Then, Pendragon secretly clenched his fist.

He thought he could earn points like this from her!  

On the other hand, Muyoung rubbed his chin.  

'It seems like there were less than 10 people gathered there.'

From what Muyoung could remember, Diablos' priests were weak. They were also small in numbers. At most, 10 people would be gathering near the altar.  

But, they were followers of a powerful evil god who could move mountains?

'It's strange.'

It was clearly strange.  

It was something that a talented paladin could handle on his own.

However, if a report was sent to Seraphina, it meant that he was outclassed by them.  

"There is no one on Suicide Hill who I have influenced.'

Although butterfly effects were big, all of Muyoung's actions had nothing to do with Diablos' altar.  

It meant that there was no reason for a heretic to become stronger in power all of a sudden.  

However, there was something that was bothering him.  


The only variable for Muyoung.  

That was correct, Snow was a variable.  

If she was really here, he was unsure what would happen on Suicide Hill.  

"I think we need to hurry."

Seraphina erased her smile and spoke.  

If a report was received, it was sort of an SOS.  

It meant it was hard to cope with just the military power there.   

Currently, Seraphina brought about two thousand soldiers.  

She basically had the military power to fully find out what was going on.  

Muyoung was also really curious.  

'I don't know what your intentions are, but…'

Muyoung was uneasy about Snow.  

He didn't know the reason why she was trying to help him and the reason why she approached him was unclear.  

But, the moment he pledged himself to create his own sword, those worries all disappeared.  

The current Muyoung was different from the one in the past.  

But, who Snow wanted could be the Muyoung in the past.  

If that was really true…

'She should wait for me.'

Muyoung's gaze became bleaker.  

The corpses overflowed.  

The rotten scent was strong.                           

The ground had also died. All the surrounding grass and trees were stained black and were split.

Suicide Hill was a place where low mountains were gathered.  

Because it was always heavily fogged and those who got lost weren't able to come out alive, the location was called 'Suicide Hill' so that they could let people know of the danger.  

It was definitely heavily fogged.  

It was even hard to distinguish what was in front of you.  

"Start the cleansing ritual."

As Seraphina spoke, the priests came out.  

There seemed to be about two hundred corpses in the surrounding.  

Then, they started the cleansing by uttering the names of the Earth and the Sea god.  

The fog disappeared and the rotting smell also reduced.  

At least, the ground was stabilized.  

However, not everything was cleansed.  



The corpses that were touched by the divine power got up.  

The priests who were closest to the corpses were killed first.  

"Undead! They're undead!"

"Why would undead react to divine powers…?!"

Seraphina hurriedly turned her horse's head.  

"Knights to the front!"

Seraphina screamed as she drew her sword.

She needed to protect the priests. If all the priests die, they would be unable to go through these deep hills.  

'The divine powers don't work?'

It was quite far from normal.  

Muyoung quietly grabbed Anguish.  

At least, the paladins' and the priests' divine powers didn't work against undead.   

On the other hand, the undead absorbed the divine powers and became stronger.  

When they were pierced by a sword with divine powers, they quickly regenerated.  

Everyone couldn't help but be taken back by the situation they never experienced before.  

However… there was also something else that was strange.  

'They don't attack me.'

To be exact, undead were avoiding Muyoung.  

Although he drew Anguish, the few hundred undead didn't enter the area Muyoung was at.  

As if they were avoiding something they were afraid of.  

Muyoung forced in and cut up the undead.   

Then, the undead turned into dust and blew away.  

'My divine powers work.'

Muyoung looked at Anguish and the undead that became dust alternately.  

For his experiment, he placed divine powers onto Anguish.

Although the undead absorbed other divine powers from paladins and priests, they reacted as if Muyoung's divine powers were deadly poisonous.  

Was it because the source of Muyoung's divine powers was from Archangel Gabriel?  



When everyone was taken back and were helplessly attacked, out of nowhere arrows flew in and pierced through their heads like skewers.  

Swoosh! Swwing!  

Afterwards, another few dozens of arrows dropped at once.  

"Don't use divine powers! Those undead absorb divine powers!"

In the middle of all this, a woman appeared with her long blue hair blowing in the wind.  

She was also riding the same breed of white horse as Seraphina, but she was wielding a huge bow.

'Cult Judge Ramiella.'

The newly appeared woman was one of the seven cult judges.  

At the same time, a few thousand soldiers came out from behind Ramiella.

They skillfully sliced off the undead's heads and instantly cleared their surroundings.  


Ramiella let out a sigh after she placed an arrow in the middle of the last undead's forehead.  


When the undead were cleared, Seraphina quickly got off her horse.  

Then, she went towards Ramiella.  

Seraphina seemed happy to see her but Ramiella's face took on a set expression.  

"It's been a long…"

"Seraphina, are you planning to kill all your soldiers?"

Seraphina removed her smile as she heard Ramiella's question.  

"What do you mean if I'm planning to kill all my soldiers?"

"Your circumstantial judgment is so slow! Did you not see how the undead absorbed the divine powers? But, you didn't give any orders but just stood there. If it wasn't for me, your soldiers would have just died. Do you know?"


Seraphina nodded her head.  

It was her mistake. Even though she saw the situation, her judgment was delayed because she was taken back.  

For every second she was late, one person died.  

If Ramiella didn't appear, there would have been huge losses.  

"Please, pay attention. This place is a battlefield."

"Ramiella, I'll keep that in mind."

"You cannot perform the cleansing ritual carelessly. Since corpses can become undead."

"Why aren't the undead affected by the divine powers?"

"That I'm not sure myself. I was barely able to confirm that the Diablos' heretics are hiding in Suicide Hill."

Ramiella shook her head.  

Although Ramiella had heard the God Killing Spear was in this place, she hadn't heard about the heretics.   

Seraphina was also taken back.

"Anyways Seraphina, let's move to the gathering point."

"I understand."

"Please don't forget that although you were the top candidate to become a saintess, you are now a cult judge who needs to make better decisions than anyone else."

Seraphina stopped talking.  

Ramiella let out a small laugh.  

Who cares if she was one of the best candidates to become a saintess?

Now, she was just a bad cult judge.

When Seraphina was about to turn her horse's head around, Ramiella asked her another question.   

"By the way, you got yourself a First Knight? Where is he?"

Beside Ramiella, there was a huge man who seemed to be over 2 meters tall.  

A knight was a huge greatsword.

He was a man who seemed to be a match for a hundred men.  


Seraphina turned her head.  

And she frowned for a moment.  

He wasn't there.  

Muyoung disappeared without a trace.  

"He didn't run away leaving his cult judge behind, right?"

"He isn't that sort of person."

"Then, why isn't he here?"


Seraphina didn't have anything to say.  

He was definitely here just a moment ago but where did he go off to in that short period of time?

Ramiella scoffed with all her strength.  

"Pfft, you really suck."

"Wait! Aren't your words a bit too harsh?"

Suddenly, Pendragon came forward.  

It was because although they were both cult judges, their conversation was too aggressive.  

"And you are?"

"I'm Pendragon! I was a candidate to be Seraphina's First Knight."

Ramiella smirked.  

"Which means you aren't her First Knight?"

"That's true but, either way, the real First Knight isn't the type of person to just run away. He is very strong that he doesn't need to."

"Then, why isn't he here?"

"I'm not sure about that. But, I hope you'll be cautious of what you say. Aren't you both cult judges? Your conversation doesn't sound friendly."   

"It's just our way of expressing our affection. Isn't it true, Seraphina?"

Seraphina nodded weakly.  

Pendragon looked weird for stepping up.  

Pendragon knew that his image would only become stranger if he stepped up any further.  

"That's what Seraphina says, Pendragon. Don't intrude on what doesn't concern you."

Ramiella turned her horse's head.  

Pendragon's face turned red.  

"Are you really okay?"

When Pendragon asked Seraphina as he suppressed his emotions, she replied weakly.  

"Yes… but have you not seen Gael?"

"No, I haven't."

"Where… could he have gone?"

Seraphina seemed like she didn't have any strength.  

However, even at this moment, how could she look for the man who suddenly disappeared?  

If it was him, he would have protected Seraphina by her side no matter what.  

The problem was he couldn't say it out loud right now.  

And so, Pendragon didn't say a word.  

Muyoung ran.

He ran and ran, and continued to run.  

He didn't need to be secretive.  

The people he was pursuing were the ones Muyoung looked forward to meeting in the near future.  

The dead branches shook wildly.   

Muyoung's heart also raced wildly.  

Right now, the ones who were running away from Muyoung were…  

The ones who watched Seraphina and the priests from afar!  

'The Forest of Death!'

Muyoung smiled widely.   


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