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Chapter 160: God-Killing Spear (1)
Translation: Nadu
Edit: Lesurous

A night of pleasure had passed and the morning light of day brightened.  

Seraphina fell asleep with her eyes closed.  

However, Muyoung wasn't able to fall asleep.  

He never had the experience of having someone sleep next to him.  

It was unfamiliar and there were also many things he needed to think about.  


Muyoung read that in Seraphina's eyes yesterday.  

Although Seraphina seemed like she was following Muyoung, she had a tinge of hesitation.  

The worries would be regarding her positions as a cult judge and Muyoung's identity.  

And so, if he was to act rashly, he could ruin everything.   

Perhaps the reason why Seraphina gave her body to Muyoung might be to find out Muyoung's real identity.   

Total trust was tabooed.  

If it was most men and not Muyoung, they would have lost their mind by Seraphina's actions but Muyoung didn't let his guard down.  

Seraphina was beautiful, strong, and pure, but she had poison.  

Seraphina was described as a flying serpent so it wasn't right to believe in a snake's cold heart.  


The moment you were in a hurry, meant that it was a losing fight.  

He wanted to know information regarding the God-Killing Spear but he still had a lot of time.  

Until he was able to erase all of herhesitation, Muyoung placed a mask on himself.  

If Seraphina was to find out the truth about Muyoung…

If she was to find out about Luciferre, Asura, and Oom, she would try to stab Muyoung without any hesitation.  

But that didn't mean Muyoung was the type to just let her do that, and if he earned Seraphina, there were a lot of advantages.  

Information on Mulalan couldn't be easily collected, even by the Forest of Death.  

The assassins who entered there died 9 times out of 10.  

Five became servants of a god and four became idiots.  

Only one returned.  

That was how high Mulalan's defense was.  

For Muyoung, Seraphina was, of course, mouthwatering since she would bring inside information to him.  

'I need to check the things Alexandro hid.'

He raised his body.  

He got dressed and started his day.  

After hearing the rumors, one by one, people entered the Great City.  

They wanted to find out the truth about the rumors.  

If he was truly an angel, or a fraud pretending to be one!  

However, after that day, Muyoung didn't go outside.  

He stayed inside the castle.  

To be exact, the underground of the castle.  

For days, he confirmed and analyzed the 'trial' Alexandro made deep inside the castle

'Trial boxes.'

As Muyoung looked at a black cube, he rubbed his chin.  

A trial box was an item where a trial and rewards were placed.  

They were all over the place.  

The number was a staggering 100.  

These seemed like 'training boxes' that Alexandro had prepared.  

It seemed like he categorized them so that he could train the strong or use them for his own use.  

'They are training boxes that allowed you to raise your pure stats.'

It was the result he made after analyzing them.  

All boxes didn't really have a reward.  

Instead, these trials were set to require extreme physical labor.  

The intention was obvious.  

It was like a training room to raise pure stats.  

Although he made them on large scales, it seemed like he didn't get the chance to use them.  

'I have to try them and take them.'

The tips of Muyoung's lip slightly went up.  

He thought about the message that was related to these in Alexandro's journal.  

[The training trials are optimized to raise pure stats. Although stats on equipment, achievements, and supporting options do help, they are not pure strength. We need to engineer our body and our mind to prepare for the unknown 6th metamorphosis. The trial box is only for that purpose.]

6th metamorphosis!  

There was no one who had achieved that standard yet.  

After 40 years, there were few people who he thought had achieved 6th metamorphosis but it was still an unknown territory.  

The 5th metamorphosis was known to be the limit of mankind.  

Muyoung had also achieved 4th metamorphosis at the moment.  

There were stories that if someone was to achieve 6th metamorphosis, they became a transcendental being, a god, gained infinite strength, etc.  

For this unknown 6th metamorphosis, Alexandro thought he needed to increase his pure stats even more.  

Certainly, the pure stats have been an indicator of metamorphosis.  

However, how many people could raise their pure stats to 500, 600?

It couldn't be achieved simply by effort.  

It was still lacking even with brilliant talent and the matching investments.  

It really needed the arrangement from heaven.  

It was only possible if someone goes through a strange chance, luck, or a miracle that couldn't be explained with words.  

'This is good.'

However, Muyoung agreed with Alexandro's opinion.  

Pure strength was important.  

On top, due to his wings, the balance of his body collapsed.  

He needed to train anyhow, but Alexandro had prepared the trials for him.   


Muyoung took off his equipment.  

After making it all into a talisman, he placed it in his Infinite Pouch.  

Anguish as well.  

It was a place where he could raise pure stats. If he was to receive help from his items, the effect would decrease by half.  

And although the trial boxes hadn't entered use, the foundation was complete.  

From the beginning, these were only completed recently.  

It seemed like he had contacted the Sky Devil right after they were complete.  

'I need to taste it first.'

Muyoung relaxed his shoulders.  

Alexandro's arrangement. He needed to find out what that was.  

The content of the trial box was different from box to box.  

Even the difficulty was all sorts.  

Easy trials were simple and hard ones were even difficult for Muyoung to clear.  

For example, there were trials that you simply needed to hit scarecrows while there were others that were truly a repetitive training where you needed to move mountains.  

It seemed like Alexandro thought the repetitive training was the best way for the body to adjust and strengthen.  

"Wooheehee. Husband, why are you shoveling?"

When Muyoung was working hard to move a mountain, Woohee appeared.  

Woohee would be busy for some time to commemorate the fairy king with other fairies.  

But she sometimes appeared like this.  

Muyoung didn't reply.  

He didn't even have time to answer.  

He was sweating like a pig.

It was a task of moving a mountain using just a shovel.  

Without the use of equipment, and using only pure strength.  

Nevertheless, it was a speed that was incomparable to a normal human. Still, he felt it had been a while since he had done such physical work.  

The rise in stats was not fast.  

However, it was rising steadily.  

It was already his 29th trial.  

As he carried the last pile of dirt with his shovel, the following message popped up.  

It took a whole 4 days and 2 hours.  

If it was a normal person, it would have taken them at least a few years, but Muyoung did it in just a few days.  

Depending on the trial, a talisman was given.  

Just a plain piece of paper that didn't have any abilities.  

'It seems like if I collect them something else will be created.'

However, a talisman wouldn't be given out without a reason.  

Muyoung instantly started the next trial.  

He stepped on top of the cliff.  


An enormous typhoon blew from both sides.  

At the same time, Muyoung's body floated.  

It was because the resistance received by his wings couldn't endure them.  

All Muyoung did was eat, sleep, and complete trials.  

At times, he did eat with Seraphina but that was all.  

Almost for a month, he did that.  

And he was now completing his 90th trial.  

Moving a mountain took the most time but normal trials took about six hours.  

Easier ones ended as soon as he started.  

The problem was this trial.  

Thump! Thud!

A steel giant appeared in the 90th trial.  

If he simply needed to fight and win, it wouldn't have been difficult.  

However, the content was strange.  

A triathlon against a steel giant!  

Throw 300 kg cannonball, swimming through an ocean, finish a 420km course without going astray just by running.  

The steel giant was created to specialize in these three courses.   

'It stimulates a certain amount of amusement, fulfillment, and enthusiasm.'

He lost in a row.  

But, it was fun.  

It was a type of training Muyoung had never done before.  

He didn't need to kill anyone, didn't have to experience the limits of pain, and his stats went up. He became stronger.  

Something like this was possible?  

All the trials stimulated his whole body and made him surpass his limits.  

The process was natural like water flowing.  

If this could be commercialized and useable universally, other people would be able to raise their strength at a tremendous pace.  

'This also was a privilege of the upper class.'

However, even in the past, it wasn't used universally.

Muyoung planned to take these and use them for full-fledged development.  

'If you could feel joy in getting stronger…'

His mouth dried.  

Muyoung was excited.  

It was because all the 'strength' Muyoung had experienced came from the extreme.  

To survive. It was all from fights where it was kill or be killed.  

Even if you had talent, you couldn't win against someone who enjoyed what they were doing.  

This idea of Alexandro was completely different.  

"Tin can, let's do it again."

Muyoung spoke to the steel giant.  

Then, a line was drawn in front of Muyoung.  


With that sound, the giant started to run.  

A 420km long race.  

Muyoung was able to barely get a win after 16 losses.  


Human's ability to adapt was truly amazing.  

And you could say Muyoung was at the edge.  

'I'm slowly adjusting to my wings.'

He was able to move his wings.  

When he surpassed 100 trials, Muyoung was even able to tuck his wings in.  

At the same time.  

<100 talismans started to gather.>

An Space Talisman!  

Like the word, it was a new space given only to Muyoung.  

It was a place where physical law worked, and he could also enter it himself.  

'He made an Space.'

He probably created a huge Space and shared it with the people who passed all the trials as well.  

And what about the Sage's Potion?

'Was there a stat he should enlighten?'

Most stats were all enlightened.  

Although it was randomly strong, depending on the time and place the stat that became enlightened changed, he needed to think about it more.  

'I need to think about it slowly.'

Muyoung placed the Sage's Potion to the side for now.  

The Sage's Potion was a very precious item that was priceless.  

It was an item which had reasons for its use even if he didn't want to use it yet.  

Then, Muyoung made all 100 trial boxes into talismans.  

His pure stats also greatly increased.  

At least, the case of his equipment having higher stats didn't occur any longer.  

'These are… amazing.'

After using them himself, the average of humans would greatly increase if these trial boxes were commercialized.  

It was even better for beginners.  

Rather, if they were to start by completing this trial, at least their lives wouldn't end in a violent death.  

It was also worthwhile for existing strong men to complete.  

Even experiencing that you could get stronger in this way could be an opportunity to throw away a person's own limits.  


If this was something he made on purpose, you could say he was worthy to be called a genius.  


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