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Chapter 159: Cult Judge (End)
Translation: Nadu
Edit: Lesurous

Sponsored by: C.B., S.A., and M.H.

He's a devil. He's a cultist. Black wings.  

Muyoung, the Commander in Chief of the Sun Guild, was without a doubt 'evil' itself.  

He needed to be.  

A cult judge did only one thing.  

They eliminated evil!  

Seraphina was her baptismal name which originated from one of the seven Archangels, Seraph.  

A being who had the greatest love for a god.  

An angel who is the closest to the god's throne!  

And 'evil' was something that denied that god.  

And Muyoung who was like an assembly of evil was, of course, someone who she needed to get rid of.  

She knew from the moment she saw him.  

An uncomfortable energy.  

A strong evil lying within.  

Goosebumps appeared all over her body.  

Muyoung was evil, if not eviler than any devil she had seen before.  

He was just hiding it with a pretty packaging.  

His ability to deceive people's eyes were beyond what she had imagined.  

But. That should be the case.  

'Angel's… wings.'

There were no angels in the Underworld.  

No matter how much they look for and cry out for them, angels or gods weren't visible.  

However, through the gifts of a god, they were able to maintain their faith.  

The divine powers.  

A holy strength they received from a god.  

They just imagined a god's or an angel's form by just receiving their strength.  

A little wish was like that. The angel that appeared when you used it was a product of your imagination.  

They didn't know what a true angel or a god looked like.  

Not the saint, sage king, or anyone else.  

However, wings appeared in front of her eyes.  

An angel's wings that were full of divine powers…

Was it a simple skill?

There were numerous skills in this world and there were skills to make something that mimicked an angel's wing.  

However, no matter how many times she looked at it, the energy was different from the normal.  

The wings were made up of divine powers.  

That was entirely different.  

'This also would be fake and deceptive.'

Seraphina denied it.  

There was no way evil and good could coexist.  

That was common sense.  

Muyoung had two pairs of wings.  

The evil existed in the lower side and good existed in the top side.  

All or nothing… a proliferation of incompatible.  

"You devil, don't try to sway my eyes with your false form!"

She took out a bell.  

A holy bell!  

The ability to deny and remove impious powers was within the holy bell.  

Seraphina had no doubt in her mind that Muyoung's true evil would pop out when the bell rang



The bell rang. Numerous bells of light were created.  

Everyone who heard the sound lost focus in their eyes. They automatically clasped their hands together and started to pray.  

It was the same for the paladins and the members of the Sun Guild.  

"The God of Cloud 'Soon', God of Sea 'Ryung', God of Earth 'Han', and their mother 'Idea'…"

The four gods that Mulalan served.  

And the holy bell was the gift of the predecessor Idea.  

The demon kings avoided them. Even the demon gods couldn't withstand their attacks from the front!  

Seraphina's gaze headed towards Muyoung.  

Muyoung had his head down.  

He didn't show his face.  

Was it because he was reacting to evil?  

If he was proven to be true 'evil' at this place, he wouldn't be able to survive.  

He would try to desperately hide it.  

However, those thoughts of Seraphina were completely wrong.  

"It's not even a funny joke."

Muyoung raised his head.  

With a frown on his face.  

The energy of the bell didn't have any influence on Muyoung.  

On the contrary…

<'Gabriel's Wings' are reacting to the sound of the 'holy bell'.>

The wings ate up divine powers.  

He didn't know why it suddenly reacted but it would mean that the holy bell was that great of an item.  

Thanks to this, the wings grew bigger.  

The divine power that was despondent due to the strong energy of Luciferre was now able to find their way out slightly.  

That wasn't all.  

<'Luciferre's Wings' are reacting to the sound of the 'holy bell'.>

<'Void Wings' started to newly appear.>

Grey wings appeared in between.  

The size was very small but with this, three pairs.  

"H, how?"

Seraphina was surprised.  

Gabriel's Wings had embraced Muyoung and the bell.  

Whatever Muyoung did, it was 'justice'.  

A harmony with evil?

If he was an angel he would have naturally fallen but Gabriel would never fall.  

Instead, he grew another wing in the middle and made a balance.  

That was the Void's Wings.

However, Muyoung wasn't happy with this phenomenon.  

A transformation of his body meant that he needed to adapt again.  

To adapt, he needed a lot of time, effort, and experience.  

"In your eyes, do I still seem evil?"

Was this being truly a cultist?  

Seraphina was swept in confusion.  

The holy bell had acknowledged him. That he wasn't evil.  

His wings were real and this divine power was purer than anyone else.  

However, a scent of evil definitely came from him.  

It was still the same now.  


The wind blew.  

Gabriel's Wings stretched widely and its feathers fluttered nearby.  

As the feather reached the ground, grasses grew on the dead ground.  

Flowers grew and gave off a beautiful scent.  

This was the true power of the divine.  



People kneeled.  

They cried.

A god had finally sent them an angel.  

In this Underworld, where there were only devils, hope was given!  

The cult judge basically proved him.  

Every member of the Sun Guild showed respect to Muyoung.  

It was a respect shown to a truly holy being.  

Even more, a few paladins and priests also…

"Don't be fooled! Don't you see those black wings?!"

Seraphina raised her greatsword.  


However, Muyoung knew that Seraphina's hands were trembling badly.  

Fighting spirit had disappeared from her the moment she saw his Gabriel's Wings.

Muyoung slowly stretched his hand.  

It wasn't his line of business to kill unconditionally.  

He would be able to make good use Seraphina who had Mulalan at her back.  

Slowly, he grabbed Seraphina's fists.  


Seraphina's face became pale.  

Muyoung looked directly into Seraphina's eyes and spoke.  

"Do I still seem evil to you?"

A man with black wings would destroy the world.  

However, the man didn't just have black wings.  

He also had white and grey wings.  

When all of his wings were opened up, Seraphina couldn't say anything.  

He had different appearances.  

The appearance of a few gods were reflected from him.  

Destruction, death, life, and love, everything existed.  

Perhaps, this man could destroy or not destroy this world.

Seraphina was just scared.  

She felt like she was left alone at the end of the sky.  

And so, she lied with her face down.  

She bowed.  

"I don't… see you like that."

She shed tears.   

It was like a clip from a con game.  

However, it was for the sake of convenience, Muyoung was really far from 'good'.

Going into the Demon God's Territory and leading monsters was Muyoung's true form.  

He created another 'image' as he worked here by himself.  

"An angel has descended into the Great City."

"A god's emissary has appeared in the Great City!"

"To drive out all evil and save mankind!"

There were such rumors as these.

From person to person, from city to city.  

There were also many people who followed Muyoung.  

Thanks to this, it was easier to 'find talents'.

Oscar did his job well.  

"But, Muyoung. Are you trying to gather talents and raise them?"

"Raise them?"

"Or, there is no reason to gather them, no?"

However, even Oscar didn't know of Muyoung's intentions.  

And so, he asked.  

Muyoung sat on a padded chair within the castle and grinned.  

"I told you before, I just need talents who can live in the Demon God's Territory."

He didn't raise them himself.  

The Demon God's Territory.  

If he placed them there, they would grow on their own.  

Since they would need to fight to survive.  

Just, he would provide minimal support.   

There were people, dokkaebis, and other friendly monsters at that place.  

"Nah, you're just saying that, right? They say the Demon God's Territory is really no joke. How can beginners live in a place like that?"

Oscar freaked out.

Muyoung didn't reply.  

Instead, he looked at the documents piled on top of the desk.  

All were documents regarding the Forest of Death.  

'Here it is.'

Among them, he took one out.  

Alexandro really did know a lot of things about the Forest of Death.  

There were even things Muyoung didn't know included in the document.  

'I never thought Wung Chunglin was the successor of Yaksa.'

This was something that Muyoung also didn't know about.  

Eight Deva Guardians of Buddhism.

Perhaps those who were part of history were all successors of them.

Either good or bad.  

'Wung Chunglin doesn't have a base. However, I know where he goes.'

Wung Chunglin was a shadow.  

He never appeared.  

However, Muyoung knew the 'results' that Wung Chunglin had created.  

If he followed the results, he would definitely meet Wung Chunglin.  

'First, the God-Killing Spear.'

He thought about one item in his head.  

A weapon he thought Wung Chunglin would definitely try to get.  

It was the beginning of a hunt.  

Even Seraphina no longer doubted him.  

She helped Muyoung.  

She tried to partake in everything Muyoung asked or did.  

After bowing down and shedding tears, Seraphina no longer tried to prove Muyoung was a cultist.  

She just accepted it. Because she was pressed down by his great strength and the unknown, she decided to give up on her judgment about Muyoung.

Instead, other emotions sprang up.  

Seraph was an angel of love.  

Seraphina was also the same.

She openly showed her love.  

'It isn't a bad thing to plant a person in Mulalan. And if it's Seraphina, she would also know about the God-Killing Spear.'

Muyoung tried to use her for his goal.  

The God-Killing Spear!  

It was a weapon that wasn't found yet.  

However, looking at the timeline, related information would be gathered around now.  

Although the name was God-Killing Spear, it was a treasured item that penetrated every being.  

In the past, it appeared only once.  

And Muyoung knew who the owner was.  

'Wung Chunglin.'

Wung Chunglin was the owner of the God-Killing Spear.

However, Mulalan found the information regarding it first.  

It was something that only the high priests knew about but Wung Chunglin figured it out and snatched it.  

Because they thought it would even penetrate demon gods and kill them, they were all in anticipation.  

Of course, because it was sealed, it wouldn't be godly beyond what he imagined but either way, it was after this incident that Mulalan became complete enemies with the Forest of Death.  

Nevertheless, the Forest of Death was alive and well. A controlled cell. It was because Wung Chunglin restricted everything.  

'I'll get it.'  

Muyoung's gaze was deeply immersed.   

If Wung Chunglin was going to get it, it was better for him to get it instead.  

On top, Chunglin was an opponent he had to face one way or the other.  


Just by thinking of him, Muyoung grinded his teeth.  

40 years.  

He lived not as a human.  

He was just a  weapon, a tool.  

Few thousands, no, a few tens of thousands of people were raised and abandoned by Wung Chunglin.  

Now, it was time for him to take revenge on him properly.  

It was time to end this long relationship.  

A part of the revenge. The first step was to retake the 'God-Killing Spear'.  

He was confident that if he had to face Wung Chunglin, he wouldn't lose against him.  

Muyoung didn't lack compared to himself in the past.  

Rather, in terms of stats, he was better.  

Just, his pure stats were a bit lacking but even if he did consider the fact that it was low, Muyoung had a lot of cards he could play.   

He was also well aware of his tricks.  

He would try to hide but he was destined to be inescapable from Muyoung.  


Dark evening, inside the bedroom.  

Muyoung stripped Seraphina's clothes.  

He grabbed her hips roughly.  

With heavy breathing, Seraphina's body bent like a bow.  


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