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Chapter 158: Cult Judge (3)
Translation: Nadu
Edit: Lesurous

Even in the Underworld, the cult judges were notorious.

So, there weren't any owners of a city who didn't feel nervous when they appeared.

Even if it was a influential group, it was the same.

If they looked at the Holy City Mulalan not just as a religion but as a power, an organization, no one could be their opponent.

Although they weren't part of the Nine Guilds and the Five Great Clans, the Holy City Mulalan was something that they couldn't ever ignore.

In the past, when the top 10 humans 'meant those who could face and kill the demon kings', most of the top 10 came from Mulalan.

Those who received a god's power were able to face the demon kings by themselves.

Now, the meaning of the top 10 had changed and there weren't as many names of the Mulalan's priests within the top 10, but their fame of the past still existed even now.

Not just that but there were more than 10 cities that disappeared after being caught by the cult judges.

"If Mulalan didn't give their blessing, a city can't be created."

A mercenary besides Kim Taehwan spoke.

Taehwan was still mixed with a crowd of mercenaries.

However, if there was something that changed, it was the embroidery on their shoulder.

The Luminescence Guild's embroidery was placed on the mercenaries' shoulders.

Taehwan received high scores through harmony with the Sun Guild and his activities during the trial and he was granted permission to create his unit.

The captain was, of course, Taehwan but he didn't really consider the hierarchy as important.

Comfortable in unofficial occasions. During official occasions, respectful.


As Taehwan asked, the man that looked calm and cool replied.

"Captain, when a city is about to be created, the first thing they need to do is get rid of all surrounding monsters completely. However, when monsters are killed they leave behind their body odor. It will bring devils or even stronger monsters during the Devil's Long Night. That is why a blessing is needed."

"A blessing blocks them?"

"Well, it's similar. When the priests build an altar and seek a god's blessing, there are barely any monsters that enter the city. If there is no blessing, a few hundred monsters would invade in a day. If it was you, do you think you would want to live in a place like that?"

"You wouldn't even be able to sleep well."

Even Taehwan was convinced.

A few hundred monsters in a day.

Compared to the size of the Great City, it could seem small but it was a problem of frequency.

How could someone relax comfortably in a place where monsters appeared all the time?

People would leave the city and the city would get smaller and smaller until it disappeared.

"This blessing needs to be given at least once a year. It was one of the reasons why all the cities and the owners of the cities couldn't do anything if it concerned Mulalan."

The outside of the castle.

The man's gaze went towards the streets.

Taehwan's gaze also moved with him.

Mulalan's priests also came to the Luminescence Guild.

The number of priests who entered the Great City was a staggering ten thousand.

Rather than the number, they were overawed by their presence.

Taehwan couldn't help but gulp his saliva just by looking at them.

"Cap, do you know? The female priests of Mulalan even pour holy water there."

The man smiled shrewdly and spoke of dirty jokes.

Others also giggled as they laughed quietly.

Taehwan's job was to protect the castle gates but because it was quite a serious mood that even a small noise couldn't help but gain attention.

The mercenaries looked at where Taehwan and his group were at.

"Shut up and just focus on your work."

"Yes~ Captain."

Maybe it was because the position made the person, but the mercenaries didn't talk any further.

'I don't see any cult judges.'

Although the high priest did look for the Luminescence Guild, there weren't any cult judges.

Did people say that they were investigating what happened in the city on their own?


However, it was natural to feel uneasy when he thought about Muyoung.

In reality, there were a lot of evil energy that Muyoung gave off. Taehwan who was the Guardian of the Eradication was more sensitive to things like this than others.

You could say that the black wings were especially the peak of the evil spirit.

If the cult judge was to see it?

One of the two could be in trouble.

"But, captain, did you hear the recent rumor?"

While they were concentrating on their work, once again the man that looked calm spoke quietly.

This time, as if he was telling him a secret, he spoke into Taehwan's ear.

"What rumor?"

"You know the Chief in Command of the Sun Guild? The person who is enjoying the peak of his popularity right now."

It was about Muyoung.

"Yes. Did a problem occur?"

"They say that he isn't a person but, in reality, a dokkaebi."

"That's nonsense."

Taehwan dismissed the remark.

He saw Muyoung since they were at the Blue Temple.

Although he didn't seem like a human from time to time, but that didn't mean that he wasn't human.

"Someone named Bug said that he saw the Chief of Command, Muyoung, lead dokkaebis and monsters."

"He must have mistaken him."

"That person is a soul language sorcerer. Soul language sorcerers can't lie."

A soul language sorcerer.

If that was true, then there was a bit of credibility.

A power of words that are spoken.

If the soul language sorcerer spoke of a lie, their power of soul language would weaken.

So, they tend to not say much until they were certain.

They wouldn't do something that would seal their own grave.

"That person name Bug. Do you know where he is?"

"Although I look like this, I am an informant. Of course I do."

"Let's go out for a bit."

The Great City was under tight surveillance.

To be precise, those who were associated with the Sun Guild were acting harshly.

They showed strange hostility towards the cult judges and the priests and whenever they were bored, they even provoked a quarrel.

"Why the fuck are they going around other people's home like it's their house?"

"By looking at their faces, I completely lose my appetite."


The young men yelled out loud as they smashed the table inside a bar.

On the other hand, the paladins ignored them and quietly ate their soup and bread.

Taehwan stroked his chin slightly as he looked at the scene.


"They are inspired prospects."


"You know the 2nd generation. Those who were born and raised in the Underworld. They say that young children were especially quite influenced by the Commander in Chief."

"That's unusual."

He thought of the time when he just left the Blue Temple.

Those who were called prospects didn't have any repulsion towards murder.

It seemed like they were strictly raised to be murdering machines but for them to be influenced.

And they felt it from Muyoung.

"The emissary of Sun. A devil. A monster hunter. Unique. Number 1 of the trial… Those rumors are making him out as an almost god-like existence. Muyoung's overwhelming power and a decent amount of rumors tend to influence children."

That was true.

Certainly, even Taehwan was influenced by him.

"By the way, he should be around here somewhere."

The man looked around.

Then, he stretched his hand as he found a man who in the corner of the bar drinking beer.

"Ah, he's there. Chief."

Taehwan slowly walked towards him.

Bug. The name was quite strange.

He was there alone and his entire body was wrapped in bandages.

A sudden appearance of the two made Bug turn his head.

"Do you have something to say to me?"

"I came regarding that 'matter'. Although it isn't something we should speak loudly about."

Taehwan spoke.

As if Bug understood what he was trying to say, he smiled slightly.

"It is true. He is a dokkeabi."

"Do you have any proof?"

"He is the king of dokkaebis, Oom. The person who can rule over all dokkaebis."


It was a word he heard for the first time.

However, for Muyoung to be the king of dokkaebis.

Bug then continued to talk.

"You might not believe me but I have seen him. Not just that but he could even control death. I don't know why he is at this place right now but…"

He didn't seem like he had ill will towards Muyoung.

A pure curiosity.

"Also, he is the owner of a star."

An owner of a star!

There were only a few who became an owner of a star.

However, their names were widely known.

They were the ones that could be called 'main characters' in a novel.

Although most died in the war with the demon kings in the past, their fame was well known.

But, Bug said that Muyoung was the master of dokkaebis and an owner of a star.

What do you need to do in a year to make that possible?

Bug spoke bitterly.

"Well, he may not be a dokkaebi. I'm also curious about his identity. That's why I'm waiting to see what sort of judgment the cult judge will make."

"What do you mean by making a judgment?"

"Although it isn't known publicly. Hmmm… Sound Block."

Instantly, the surrounding sound was blocked.

It was because he recognized paladin eyes and ears were nearby.

Making things come true with words. That was the power of a soul language sorcerer.

"There are even words that the cult judge didn't come to the Great City with soldiers because of the trial that happened here but because of the Commander in Chief of the Sun Guild."

Taehwan's shoulders shook.

Everyone thought it was because of the trial.

The Sky Devil's trial. Even from the name, it was ominous.

However, from the beginning, if the cult judge came to see Muyoung, the point of view itself changed.

Bug took a deep breath in and slowly talked.

"There was a prophecy. A prophecy that a man with black wings would destroy this world."

An official meeting.

Muyoung contacted the cult judge.

And met Seraphina in a transparent place where everything was opened.

There were even calculations on if he would act audaciously in a place like this.

"That person is the Commander in Chief?"

"Ohh… it's the Commander in Chief!"

Clap clap clap!

A wide-open space.

The paladins and the soldiers of the Sun Guild blocked the people.

At that place, there were already tens of thousands gathered.

Most of their gazes reached Muyoung.

A person who was called the emissary of the Sun God by the Sun Guild.  

If he was judged as a cult, it would mean that he would become complete enemies with the Sun Guild.

And if this was to happen in an official meeting, it would become a much bigger diplomatic problem.

Seraphina took off her helmet.

Smooth pink hair reached her waist.

All priests of Mulalan were beautiful. It was because they managed their body through strict self-management and their names that were a god's blessing.

Her eyes were fixated on Muyoung's wings.

Black wings.

The thing that was completely ominous!

'Luciferre, can you get lost for a moment?'

Muyoung spoke to Luciferre's soul.

However, Luciferre didn't respond.

From the beginning, because their souls were assimilated, he couldn't really get lost.

A pun.

Still, he felt distant from Luciferre.

But, he couldn't just continue to play with Luciferre.

It was obvious what Seraphina wanted to say with her eyes.

The two were quiet.

Muyoung didn't really have anything to say and he wasn't the type to forcefully start a conversation.

On the other hand, Seraphina seemed like she had a lot to say.


Her lips started to move.

She finally spoke.

Everyone in the Sun Guild made an uncomfortable expression.

There were some who even placed their hands on their swords.

Seraphina continued to talk and ignored them.

"I can feel a very powerful devil's power from you."

"Have you seen a devil with wings like these?"

Fallen Angel Luciferre.

The wings that grew through his influence were completely different from a normal devil's.

Within the darkness, there were traces of how he was an angel in the past.

There was no way Seraphina wouldn't know of this.

"You are a dangerous devil."

It seemed like she concluded that he was a devil.

Well, the energy that could be felt by Muyoung was very different from good.


Seraphina took out a greatsword from her back.

All paladins took out their weapon.

Even the Sun Guild.

An order. If an order or a signal was sent, this place would become a battlefield once again.

A heavy tension surrounded the place.

Meanwhile, Muyoung grinned.

'Gabriel's wings'.

And he opened a different pair of wings.


As the wings spread out through the wind, it was more holy than anything else.

It was pure white, incomparable with anything else and it even had a rich thick amount of divine powers.

When Seraphina saw this, a slight tremor occurred in her eyes.


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