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Chapter 157: Cult Judge (2)
Translation: Nadu
Edit: Lesurous


Suddenly, a sound of a bell was heard.

Hyacinth turned her head.

A parade of numerous people wearing white clothing.

A group who wore white hoods and held bells in their hands were heading towards this place.

In the middle, two large men were moving a huge picture.

A picture of clouds, sea, and the sun.

And on top of the three, there was a benevolent mother.

Rring. Rring.

The sound of the bells gradually got closer.

Then, a woman who wore a pure white helmet approached riding a white horse.

"It's strange. A strong scent of flowers is coming from this small girl."

The woman's voice was heavy like a rock.

However, the woman couldn't take her eyes off of Hyacinth.

She couldn't.

She slowly approached Hyacinth and touched her face.

She smelled her hair and once again, looked into Hyacinth's eyes.

Then, the woman realized her own shameful conduct.

"A bewitching scent!"

A bewitching scent which most said succubus had.

But, the quality of scent Hyacinth gave off was completely different.

An overwhelming scent that encompassed everything.

From the moment it was smelled, it made people want to get closer to her and possess her.

The desire to possess her even if they needed to cut her flesh naturally occurred.

It was something that wasn't possible.

At least, to the woman, this sort of scent shouldn't have worked on her.

"The God of Cloud 'Soon', God of Sea 'Ryung', God of Earth 'Han', and their mother 'Idea'. Please guide this poor sheep."

Rring. Riring.

Numerous bells were created around the woman.

It was the ceremony of cleansing. It was to cleanse the consciousness that could have made a mistake due by being mesmerized by the scent.

"Who are you? Do you know me?"

Hyacinth cringed.

However, she couldn't do anything about her curiosity.

Her existence. It was because all her memories were empty.

However, when the woman looked into Hyacinth's eyes again, she shook once more.

"How could such beings exist in this world…?!"

The woman bit her lips strongly.

Even if she had the ceremony of cleansing, she was shaken.

It couldn't and shouldn't be possible.

The woman was the cult judge of the Holy City Mulalan.

As a holy body who had to judge cults, she couldn't overlook this situation.

'I need to kill her.'

The woman took out a huge sword from her back.

The girl, Hyacinth had no evil feelings.

Evil energy couldn't be felt from her either.

However, this scent and body odor paralyzed everything.

If she had this much of an effect on herself, it was obvious how it would be for others.

Hyacinth's scent didn't make distinctions between women and men.

"S, save me."

Hyacinth was completely frightened.

At that moment.

All the bells in the woman's surrounding disappeared.

The sound of the bells also died off.

'I need to kill…'

The woman lost strength from her hand slowly.


Within time, she dropped the sword.

At first, she thought it was the bewitching scent that succubus had.

However, the more she smelled the scent, for some reason she gained a holy feeling.

And so, she made a conclusion.

That she couldn't judge her.

"…I will cover your scent with the 'holy cloth'. Until you are able to control your scent on your own, you won't be able to remove that cloth."

The woman gave up on killing Hyacinth.

Instead, she took out a triangular bell from her side.


As the bell rang, few layers of cloth came down from the sky.

And wrapped Hyacinth.

A holy accessory that was only accessible by the woman.

A holy bell and cloth.

A treasured item among treasured items' that could block all impious actions.

"Seraphina! Did something happen?"

The paladins ran towards the woman.

The woman, Seraphina shook her head.

"Transport this child safely to Mulalan. Nothing should happen in between. Understand?"

"This cloth is…"

"Don't ask any further, and you must never remove the cloth either. You need to send her to the sage king. Whatever happens, you must!"

"I understand."

As Seraphina re-emphasized, the paladins nodded their heads.

Whether or not this child was good or evil would be decided at Mulalan.

The paladins carefully took Hyacinth who was wrapped in the cloth.

Seraphina looked at her worriedly from behind.

'The sage king would make the right decision.'

A girl who suddenly appeared in front of her.

Seraphina couldn't be sure if she was sent by the gods or by the devil.

However, she had no doubt that the sage king would make the right decision.

'Either way, the evil energy is too strong.'

Then, Seraphina looked beyond the horizon.

Beyond the horizon, there was the Great City.

Through the 'Sky Devil's Trial', the reward Muyoung chose was Isaac's boots.

The Herme's Boots he was using originally had the 'acceleration' option but to Muyoung who now had four horns had no particular use for them anymore.

It became the item that needed to be replaced first among all his equipment, but as he completed the Sky Devil's trial, it was the reward that caught his eyes.

'It was owned by a demon king who battled with the humans in the past.'

A time when Muyoung wasn't summoned to the Underworld yet.

The humans fought a war with the demon kings.

Among them, Isaac was known to be the top-ranked demon king.

It was known that his equipment disappeared with him after a huge sacrifice destroyed him in the end.

He wasn't sure why that was on the list for rewards but….

'The Great Calamity after 10 years. After that, the beginning of a full-fledged war started.'

Muyoung thought about it again.

The Great Calamity occurred and when the humans were all summoned, the demon gods started to move after their fight for the fragments.

The humans were slowly pushed back from the front lines and fights between each other slowly started to arise.

'It was good luck for me to find this here.'

Either way, Isaac was in a different league among the demon kings.

Since the demon kings weren't all in the same rank.

Muyoung had never seen Isaac and just heard stories regarding him but if there were no exaggerations in his military power, it meant it was worth anticipating.

Name: Isaac's Boots

Rank: S

Classification: Equippable type  

Endurance: 150,000

Effect: A relic of the Demon King Isaac. There is a strong magical power within it.

* Stamina +30

* Agility +30

* Evil tendency +50

* Blink (A distance movement proportional to your intelligence and wisdom)

The stats were all quite decent.

Instead of raising one stat, it was better to have a variety of stats that increased in terms of balance in general.

Although it did bother him that the evil tendency went up, he was more interested in the special ability 'Blink'.


It was a teleportation type skill.

Like what Alexandro used, it was difficult to transport long distance but he was able to instantly run towards a place he could see with his eyes.

On top, since it didn't have a restriction on the number of times it could be used…

It meant that he could use it until he was exhausted, moving to an advantageous place.

'It is quite rare to find a transportation ability attached to equipment.'

Among equipment with a transportation type ability, there was hardly anything that had decent stats as well.

From what Muyoung knew, this was so.

Normally, he needed to give up stats to gain a great effect but Isaac's boots had both.

It was no different than normal leather boots in the outer appearance but his strength increased the moment he wore them.

'This is nice.'

It adjusted it's size to fit the user on its own and a black energy rose strongly on his body.

It was because his evil tendency had risen even more.

And in proportion to this, the black wings on his back became larger.

'After absorbing the Great Harmony, my black wings are growing bigger and bigger.'

Muyoung sat in the Sun Guild's castle and frowned.

At first, he didn't even realize it.

But, now when three days had passed, the wings were the size of an average adult's body.

As time passed, the black wings only continued to grow.

These wings couldn't be hidden like Gabriel's wings.

Thanks to this, there might even be 'rumors that he was a devil'.

'Two pairs of wings…'

Besides the pair of black wings, if he opened Gabriel's wings, in total there were two pairs.

Four wings were completed.

Gabriel's wings were on the top side and the black devil's wings were on the bottom side.


He clicked his tongue.

Right now, Muyoung was in the Great City.

He was looking for information he needed within the restored Sun Guild castle.

As Alexandro, Lennon, and Hyacinth died, the Sun Guild lost most of their power.

Nevertheless, they weren't collapsing because of the vice guild master Abdullon's presence.

But, if Muyoung was to also leave them now, the Sun Guild would crumble like a sand castle.

That's right. Right now, the Sun Guild was no different than a sand castle.

However, it was a necessary power.

The Great City was a place that was connected to the Blue Temple.

It was because the Sun Guild was the only one that could control this place.

If the Sun Guild was to collapse, this place would become chaos.

All kinds of different huge groups would try to take control of the Great City.

It was obvious they would ignore the beginners' safety.

'The Sun Seal.'

Muyoung had the majority of the seals.

The seals were an important strength that represented the guild.

It meant that he could control the Sun Guild depending on his wishes.

'I can't stay here forever.'

There were a lot of things Muyoung had to do.

Although he did have the seals, if he wanted to take the position of the guild master, it would take too long.

Since he didn't build his foundation within the guild but suddenly appeared.

It was obvious that most of the Sun Guild members would oppose as they were very traditional.

Even if he was to be treated as an emissary, the situation would still be the same.

Rather than that, it was better for him to take what he wanted and move moderately.

'Information and talents.'

He had no thoughts to help the Sun Guild.

Just, because of the need for the Sun Guild, he was planning to not let it collapse.

Afterwards, it was his goal to get his hands on information and talents and leave for the Demon God's Territory.

To prepare for what is to come in the future, he needed to raise his strength.


It was at that moment.

The door opened and Oscar came in.

"Mu, Muyoung! Something big happened!"

Oscar was Merlin's successor.

Although he did run away after just one year, because he seemed to be listening quite well after his punishment, Muyoung was using him as a secretary.

"What's wrong?"

"A cult judge from a place called Mulalan came!"


Muyoung knitted his brows.

Why would someone from the holy city come to a place like this?

"And the cult judge says she wants to meet you!"

Oscar had a decent amount of knowledge about the Underworld.

He was partially forced to learn by Merlin.

Of course, he also knew how scary the Holy City Mulalan and the cult judge from that place were.

If someone was to cause trouble and get caught by the cult judge, it wouldn't be unusual to see a decent size city disappear.

There were only seven cult judges from Mulalan.

Those seven easily had the power of a huge group.

"Should I go out in disguise? What if you get hunted by the witches…?!"

Oscar's eyes headed towards Muyoung's back.

Black wings.

It was obvious what the cult judge would think after she sees this.

However, Muyoung shook his head.

'If she came knowing, I can't avoid her.'

He still needed to do things within the Great City.

Finding solid information and selecting talents.

He needed to take them to the Demon God's Territory.

He made it possible for it to be possible periodically.

On top, he needed to read about the information that only Alexandro knew about the 'Forest of Death'.

Since there weren't many people who had contact with the Forest of Death as much as Alexandro.

It was possible that he knew of things that even Muyoung didn't know.

After organizing his thoughts, Muyoung asked.

"What is the name of the cult judge?"

"She said it was Seraphina."


Muyoung nodded his head.

If it was Seraphina, she wasn't as stuffy compared to most of the cult judges.

Of course, a battle might be unavoidable if contingencies occurred but it would be troublesome if he was to become enemies with Mulalan right now.

So, unless the opponent acts too rashly, he was willing to welcome her appropriately as his guest.


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