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Chapter 156: Cult Judge (1)

Translation: Tay and Nadu

Edit: Lesurous

However, it didn't quickly regenerate like before.

It only wriggled.

The powder repeatedly clumped and scattered.

Although the Wilderness was a barrier that maximized essences, the countless cutting of his grains by the strong curse made him unable to regenerate.

Muyoung's appearance returned back to normal.

The doppelganger. The incomplete Sky Devil. Moon. Alexandro Quintart.

The Lawless Clan, the Sun Guild, the Luminescent Guild.

And Hyacinth.

The problem that everyone was entangled in was coming to a close.

Now all he had to do was finish it.

< 27 types of kings have been slain. There are 73 types remaining.>

It was the Archangel and King Slayer's skill.

They both gave stats when he killed a strong opponent.

Especially in King Slayer's case, there was a trial for killing 100 types of 'kings'.

Even if it wasn't really a king, the same effect could be achieved if such a unique being was eliminated.

Now there were 27 species. He had crossed the Demon Kings' territory and hunted countless monsters, but there was still a far way to go.

He hadn't acquired stats alone.

<'Hell's Path' has been opened.>

Hell's Path!

The succession after the Asura's Path.

It was one of the Six Paths and the place where the most terrible demons lived.

In a moment, an entirely different world unfolded before Muyoung.

It was dark, muddy and filled with incessant wails.

However, there was no master in Hell's Path.

If Asura's Path was united due to three monarchs, this place was literally lawless.

It was merely divided into ranks by power.

From rank 9 to rank 1.

Of course, the demons got stronger the closer they were to rank 1.

At the same time, the specters Muyoung had were also divided.

<4th rank - Muldudun>

<6th rank - 42 creatures>

<7th rank - 555 creatures>

<8th rank - 1,544 creatures>

<9th rank - 3,787 creatures>

Even Muldudun was in the 4th rank.

It looked like monsters had to be strong as Calla and Tacan to be in rank 1 or rank 2.

At any rate, though Asura's Path could swallow up even Luciferre with a little expediency, Hell's Path was completely different.

The place full of embittered evil spirits.

Perhaps Muldudun's strength alone could not conquer it.

'I'll have to make time later.'

Because of Luciferre, Muyoung learned how to divide his soul.

It meant that it was also possible for him to enter Hell's Path.

However, that was work for later.

Right now, gaining what was before him was more urgent.

Muyoung slowly lowered his body.

He reached out without hesitation.

'Authority Predator.'

Luciferre's authority!

The power to devour his opponent's authority.

Now, when he couldn't resist, was the best time to devour it more easily.

A blue hand shot out and dug through the doppelganger's remains.

<'Authority Predator' is activated.>

What was he to get?

This time even Muyoung couldn't be sure.

It would be nice to eat everything, but if that was possible, Luciferre would regain his position.

In addition, authority was power and the doppelganger was anything but ordinary.

Muyoung's body would also be unable to withstand the sudden surge of power.


A mouth appeared in the palm of the blue hand and began to inhale the powder.

Random authorities could be obtained, but the doppelganger's authorities were amazing,

Right away, there were four authorities that Muyoung could think of.

Super recovery, quick learning, split, and eye of the Sky Devil!

The Seventh Trial?

Muyoung mentally tilted his head to the side.

However, it was after the blue hand of the Authority Predator had disappeared.

He turned to his Status Viewer.

And within the skills bar, he looked for the authority with the same name.

Skill Name: Seventh Trial (None)

Explanation - The Immortal King has resolved the most difficult and great seven trials. And so, he received seven lives.

*Lives left: 7

*You lose something important every time you resurrect.

Muyoung's pupils shook greatly.

For it to be a resurrection!

It wasn't even super recovery.

The effect that was like the word, the name itself.

It was the strength to even refute death.

'I have never heard that such an authority existed.'

In the past, although he had stolen numerous Status Viewers from the people he assassinated, and even saw documents related to it, he never heard of the name 'The Immortal King'.

It was the end if you died in the Underworld.

That's why you lived more desperately.

That was logic.


'It's not the doppelganger's authority.'

The doppelganger had a super recovery.

He didn't resurrect from the dead but he reversed time on his own to regain his normal form.

If that was so, whose authority was this?

'The Sky Devil.'

To be exact, the Fairy King's.

Although it was only a bit, Muyoung felt like he approached the true identity of the Fairy King.


The remains of the doppelganger lost its color and strength.

In time, it just became loose soil.

He was lucky.

'He could have resurrected a few times.'

If he didn't steal this authority, there was still a possibility for him to resurrect.

For him to have super recovery and resurrection, wasn't it truly an undying combination.

Just the thought of it was awful.

'Seven lives…'

It stated that he would 'lose something important' every time he resurrected but it didn't really specify what that meant.

However, even if he did consider it, he could never give up the merit of being able to exonerate death seven times.

Muyoung's body trembled finely.

A strength no one in the past could find.

An authority no one could possess!

Given that there were no demon gods who had the authority to resurrect, you could truly tell how this was a broken skill.

"The wall is being removed!"

"The trial has ended!"

After the duration of the Wilderness had ended, shouting sounds were heard from the surroundings.

The wall that had engaged the Great City was completely gone.

The trial had ended.

- Overlap of trials.

- Isn't it truly incomprehensible?

- He surpassed the range of rewards we can give him.

- On top, he already has three classes. I think there will be a war of nerves to place the last class on his soul.

- No, didn't he already collect 3 out of 12 Zodiacs? It wouldn't be bad to let him collect all 12 of the Zodiacs.

- Although it is an overlap of trials, it is recognized as one. We can give him at most two. If we were to give him any more than that, we need to break the law of the world.

- Are you saying that we can't give it to him unless we are prepared to become extinct…?

- It's true that he is the currently the most likely candidate but even now, he has received too much in a short period of time. Even if we were to give him something more, he wouldn't be able to withstand it.

- His pure stats are too low. If he was to be noticed by the demon gods now, he would definitely be killed. Since the moment he becomes a transcendental being, all the eyes of the world will turn to him. It would be difficult.

- Then it's best to give him something that he really needs.

- By something that he really needs, you mean?

- You know the thing that Mother Earth gave us.

- Really?

- Hmm, there was that. But, isn't it too dangerous? If something goes wrong, he would be worse off than before.

- That would depend on his efforts. It is outside our jurisdiction. It's best if we don't get involved any further.

- We are the balancers of the darkness.

- Either way, where is King Slayer and what is he up to?

- The Master of all the Mountains, the King of Dragons, Sovereign of Death… He went to see them all.

- For what reason?

- To ask about the unexpected changes in the world. Didn't we also feel it too? Around one year ago.

The item called the Great Harmony was a small blue crystal.

Boing Boiing!

The Armful's Cradle fairy that continuously sat on top of Muyoung's head reacted.

As if it was pleased to see it.

Name: Great Harmony

Rank: None

Explanation: Mother Earth. A crystal the god of harmony has created herself. It has the strength to straighten everything that is out of sync and keeps things in harmony.

Afterwards, the crystal was absorbed into his body through his hand.


It happened in an instant.


There was no pain.

However, there weren't any other effects either.

'It doesn't seem like it's instantaneous effect.'

All the gifts from the Masters of Darkness were useful.

This was also true.

Although Muyoung was slightly suspicious, he wasn't really alert.

Muyoung then turned back.

Since the battle had ended, it was time for him to clean up.

And very small black wings started to sprout on his back.

Alexandro and Hyacinth's souls were together.

They were living inside Sky Devil's body and were suffering.

And at that place, Hyacinth was able to see a picture Alexandro's soul poured out.

His goal and his story.

"I want to go back."

It was when Alexandro had just arrived in the Underworld.

He yearned.

Starting at the Blue Temple, he saw numerous deaths.

And also understood that the Underworld was a place where the strong survived.

"I want to go back."

He hated a world like that. However, he needed to survive to return back to Earth.

And so, he survived like hell.

And then, he became the owner of the Sun Guild.

He got married and had many children.

However, an emptiness within one part of his heart didn't disappear still.

And during that time he met Moon.

The sect leader of the Sky Devil cult. A strange man.

"All of this is god's tricks. If a god had power, he can do everything. He could even transcend death and even cross worlds!"

It was true in reality.

The Sky Devil had the authority to even come back to life after his death.

Alexandro was excited by the strength he saw and experienced for the first time.

It was even possible to move through worlds.

The future the Sky Devil showed. Alexandro was on Earth.

However, the Sky Devil was still incomplete.

Moon tried to complete the Sky Devil.

From then on, Alexandro made a plan.

A plan for him to gain the completed strength of the Sky Devil.

If he was successful, he could return back to Earth.

Even if other important people died, he could revive them.

What was the big deal when he could transcend through death and worlds?

He thought about it that way.

And so he conducted a dangerous gamble.

If it was like usual, he would have thought more deeply but,

"I want to… go back."

His desire was too intense.

However, after entering the Sky Devil, he realized that everything was a lie.

The Sky Devil was right, gods could do those things..

He couldn't transcend death and it was impossible for him to move through worlds, for the Sky Devil wasn't a god.

After realizing this, Alexandro was lost.

He lost everything after betting it all, for it to be a dream.

Even if the Sky Devil was to become complete, Alexandro's dream couldn't be achieved from the beginning.

"I'm sorry. But, at least you need to survive. My daughter, Hyacinth."

At the same time, Alexandro's eyes reached Hyacinth.


It was when everyone had disappeared.

The ashes drifted in the wind.

Everything was scattered.

Among them, a very small fragment. That one fragment started to wriggle.

That fragment slowly got bigger.

In time, he formed a shape of a girl.

'Who am I?'

The naked girl pondered.

'I am… Hyacinth. Hyacinth…'

However, outside of her name, she didn't remember anything else.


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