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Chapter 155: Absolute Nothing (End)

Translation: Nadu

Edit: Lesurous

A cry of rage!  

It was like a bell that signalled the beginning of the battle.  

However, the dark colored wave wasn't simply just for appearance.  

It dampened the enemy's fighting will, made him frightened, and gave off all sorts of debuff effects.  

This ability which strengthened depending on the fighting aura was quite useful in battle.  

The doppelganger flinched.  

His fear regarding Muyoung had grown larger once again.

Muyoung instantly broke it down into pieces and made it into dust the moment it was born.

That fear was engraved in his instincts.  

'He is young.'

Not the Sky Devil or Alexandro, but someone in the middle.

A strong kid.

That was Muyoung's definition of the doppelganger.  

It was slightly odd.  

Alexandro Quintart.  

Was he just trying to make that?  

'Everything is a variable. He wouldn't have guessed this result either.'

Muyoung himself acted as a variable.  

Moon, the Sky Devil, and Alexandro couldn't flexibly act against him.  

Everyone betted their everything and as a result, they all faced different catastrophes.  

Even Alexandro wouldn't have known that a half Sky Devil would be completed.  

Furthermore, Moon's body was melted down at that place. Mahoraga even interfered that a great chaos occurred.

"I'm going to kill! I'm going to kill!"  

"What a fool."

The doppelganger clenched his teeth.  

He made a last-ditch effort to win against his fear of Muyoung.  

Muyoung carelessly raised his wings.  

From the wings that had a haze of light, feathers poured out again.  


A lord class's skills can't be corrected.  

However, thankfully, Gabriel's wings had no level. It meant that it was influenced a lot by Muyoung's abilities.  

Although his divine powers were low, it acted like a poison against the doppelganger's body.  



The doppelganger let out a horrible shriek as he swung his wings to attack Muyoung.  



Muyoung was jammed onto the ground.  

However, as if nothing happened, he got up.  

'I should refrain from air combat for a while.'

He wasn't used to air combat.  

Either way, where he was hit was quite burning but it wasn't enough that he couldn't endure it.

"I'm strong!"

The doppelganger was triumphant.  

It was because he was successful in attacking Muyoung and found out that his strength worked on him.  

It was a body that he grew after eating a few hundred humans and a few thousand spirits. Even Muyoung couldn't stop him.  



Three skills were shot at once.  

The power of fire, ice, and lightning!  

They were indiscriminately poured on top of Muyoung, like a hailstorm.  

Crank! Crank! Craaaaackle!  

There was no end to the doppelganger's magical abilities. He continuously poured out skills to pressure Muyoung.  

And everyone who watched the scene was worried.  

"Oh, the emissary of the Sun…!"

"Shouldn't we move to help him?"

"Our attacks don't work on him. Didn't you see him instantly recovering from our attacks?"

"But, the attacks made by the emissary were recovered slowly. If we were to interfere, it would only be a bother."

The Sun guild's members were also known to be strong.  

In reality, they did land numerous hits onto the doppelganger.  

However, the problem was that he instantly recovered from them all.  

"Shit, the skills are pouring out endlessly."  

"Let's try to stop that at least!"

But, not everyone had the same opinion.  

There were people who acted thinking that Muyoung would be able to move once the doppelganger stopped pouring out all those skills.  

Especially Kim Taehwan, who lead that opinion.  

He stopped the skills that poured out as he held out the Shield of Eradication.  


Kim Taehwan invested everything on his stats and skills related to the shield.

Even then, he was continuously pushed back by the doppelganger's attacks.

People shot arrows and used skills to support from a distance.  

Those who were proficient with defense or used shields joined Taehwan.  

Those who had classes related to priests used their healing skills to support them.  

The doppelganger frowned.  

"Food should die quietly!"  

The doppelganger knitted his brows.  

He didn't like the fact that his prey was rebelling so much.  

However, the doppelganger continued to attack Muyoung.  

It was because Muyoung was the one that seemed the tastiest of them all.  


Taehwan screamed out loud.  

It wasn't just Taehwan.  

"Hang on! Fuck!"  

"Whatever happens, we must protect!"

"Until our emissary gets up, we must endure it!"

All defense was gradually being pierced through.  

The muscles in his arms were ruptured and the armor he was wearing was melting.  

He even had burns on his hands.  

It was obvious they weren't going to last long like that.  

"It was at most 3."

When the thick smoke was lifted, Muyoung walked out.  

With a completely cold expression.  

He didn't seem to have received a lot of blows.  

Everyone was surprised. Even the doppelganger.  

However, most skills couldn't even scratch him as he had over 500 magic resistance.

And there were probably 3 people who had over 500 magic resistance.  

And Muyoung became one of them.   

However, more importantly, most skills used by the doppelganger were all in the middle'.

'There is a limit to him as well.'

Muyoung recalled.  

When the doppelganger mimicked him slowing down speed.   

Even then, Muyoung was still fast. He only had the world that slowed down 2 times at most.  

Also, he was only able to use 3 magic abilities at one time at most.  

Muyoung was just overwhelmed by his appearance at first, he wasn't an all-rounder as he had thought.  


Anguish cried.  

The cry was incomparable to the past.  

"…! Try to endure this as well!"

After finding out Muyoung was fine, the doppelganger flinched.  

However, if the spells didn't work, he just needed to pour out stronger skills.  

A huge sphere of fire was made on top of the doppelganger's head.  

The sphere of fire was slowly increasing in size.  

It had the power to wipe out everything if it touched and exploded.  


Then, the sphere of fire suddenly exploded.   

Muyoung had moved.  

His horns increased to two.  

4 times.  

In his accelerated condition, he saw the grains of the fire.  

And swung Anguish.  


The sphere split exactly in half.  

And he ran as he spread his wings.  

He sliced the doppelganger's body diagonally.  


At the same time, the Curse of the Vampire Lord was inflicted.   

The Vampire Lord ate up smaller and weaker demons than itself.  


The doppelganger shrieked an eerie cry.  

He was fine when the humans attacked him numerously but his body that was just sliced wasn't recovering like before.  

The Curse of the Vampire Lord invaded and influenced the doppelganger's authority.  

Kyaack! Kyaaaack!  

It was a creepy sound.  

The doppelganger's body that was sliced in half staggered as if he was dancing.  

Soon, an energy of purple light surrounded the doppelganger's whole body.  

'The Sky Devil's Power.'

Before he used Alexandro's skills and now it seemed like he could also use the Sky Devil's powers.  

Then, surprisingly the body started to regenerate.  

However, it wasn't a simple regeneration.  

The doppelganger became two.  

The numbers continuously increased as he killed.  

That number now became 32.  

It seemed like he couldn't continuously proliferate but could only be made up of 32 bodies.  

All 32 bodies possessed the original powers of the doppelganger.  

At once, 96 skills were poured out.  


Although he didn't receive a big damage, if the doppelganger poured out so ignorantly, it would be too much for Muyoung to handle.  

Of course, even if he was to get injured, he just needed to recover.  

Unlike the past, Muyoung now was able to recover on his own.  

Even if Muyoung was in a dying situation, the 'Divine Blessing' would allow him to recover at once.  

It was much better than the doppelganger's regeneration skill.

In a day, at most he could use it three times, but it meant that he could fight wihtout worry with that much.  

But, that didn't mean he could really fight endlessly.  

And so, he activated a barrier.  

With the Star of the Absolute, the barrier shined and changed the surroundings into a different color.  

The Wilderness.  

Like the word itself.  

The surroundings were all desert, devoid of civilization.  

Muyoung had seen this scene somewhere.  

'The Star of David.'

It was when he first arrived at the Blue Temple and found the Temple of Gremory.  

Muyoung won over everything in this endless desert.  

In the past, his limits!  

This rough desert was a sort of a mirror.  

A place that showed their nature and tested them.  

"Wha, what is this?!"

"This is my body! Get lost!"  


All the doppelgangers let out a scream.  

There were so many things mixed inside him.  

Everything gushed out at once and tormented him.  

Muyoung won against it with his strong mentality.  

Would he be able to do the same?  


The main body used a teleport skill.  

Of course, it didn't work.  

This was the Wilderness. Inside Muyoung's barrier, there was no leaving.  

Without Muyoung's permission, you couldn't escape.  

'Now, I see your true nature.'

The doppelganger's nature was absolutely unsteady.

Since he didn't have a nature in the first place, it would have been quickly made.  

After all, being placed in a situation like this, he couldn't help but feel a great deal of confusion.  

"I won't forgive you! Never!!"

The doppelganger started to rejoin again.  

The 32 bodies combined to make a huge giant.  

Because it was forcefully made, the body shook as if it could collapse at any moment.  

Like magma, his flesh popped and reattached continuously.  

But, he couldn't be ignored.  

He felt the strengths of all those he ate up.  

It would be too much for even Muyoung to receive his blows straight on.

"I just need to break this barrier!!"


As his fists touched, the ground split.  

A huge explosion occurred and the force swept the surroundings.  

Muyoung's horns increased to three.  

Acceleration by 8 times.  

He quickly stepped and jumped on the debris of the ground that bounced up as it broke and instantly went near the doppelganger.  

Soon, as he approached the doppelganger… his eyes were opened.  

"The Sky Devil's eyes can see the future!"

The doppelganger caught Muyoung's ankle.  

A reaction that couldn't be possible unless you know what was going to happen in advance.  

Crash! Crash! Crash!  

Muyoung was shot down as he was.  

Every time he bounced off the ground, Muyoung's body let out a scream.  


As he coughed up blood, Muyoung stabbed the doppelganger's arm with Anguish.  

The Curse of the Vampire was once again flown into his body.  


The doppelganger was surprised as if he was shocked by electricity, and let go of Muyoung.

Muyoung who barely landed on the ground, spat out the blood that was in his mouth.  

The sturdiness of his equipment, his high stamina and his magic resistance.  

If anyone of these were lacking, he would have died.  

Like this, the Wilderness was a double-edged sword.  

While it could bring out the enemy's nature and everything about him and give him a trial, but in return, it made their fighting powers explode.  

But due to this, the curse worked more effectively.  

The Curse of the Vampire Lord penetrated the doppelganger's body.  

The problem was those eyes.  

'If he could read all my attacks…'

The speed of 16x was his last move.  

Only 5 seconds.  

In reality, 0.3 seconds.  

Within that time, he needed to bet everything and if he failed, he would have to die.  

It was at that moment.

"You stupid bitch! What are you doing inside me! Kyaaaaakk!"

The doppelganger was confused.  

He scratched and smacked his own body and tried to drive something out of himself.  

"You prey! It's useless to struggle!!"

It was strange.  

Muyoung used Dance of Death.

His eyes were dyed black.  

And he saw.  


Hyacinth's presence was felt inside the doppelganger's body.  

Hyacinth played an important role in forming him.  

Muyoung thought she disappeared completely but she survived until the end at the very bottom, and through the Wilderness, as the doppelganger's nature was maximized, she showed herself again.  

Hyacinth was harassing the doppelganger.  

The doppelganger's eyes started to shut little by little.  

Afterwards, both eyes were completely shut.  

'16 times.'

It was an opportunity.  

Muyoung also changed.  

He raised all four horns.  

A world where he could even see the movements of the air.  

Muyoung ran.  

Anguish butchered the doppelganger's body.  

One, ten, a hundred…

The doppelganger was continuously cut through.  

The doppelganger who was combined unstably couldn't even divide himself up again.  

The Curse of the Vampire Lord and the strength of the archangel stopped his regeneration.  

Exactly when 0.3 seconds had passed in real time, the world turned back to normal.   

The doppelganger's movements stopped.  



His body crumbled and became dust.  


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