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Chapter 15: Necromancer (End)

TL by Myoni

Edited by Myoni & Yoni


Giant bird-like monsters flew around the steep cliff.

There were a countless number of monsters, including one known as the small pterodactyl, ‘the Sword-Beaked Bird’, and another whose body was half transparent, ‘Transparent Bat’.

The only thing these monsters had in common was their fierce appetite towards prey.

You had to prepare to lay down your life if you wanted to climb this cliff.

“Are… you seriously thinking about climbing this cliff?”

The Guide spoke slowly with a pale face.

Even while coming here, Muyoung ceaselessly hunted.

To show someone the way, meant that that someone had to be alive.

Muyoung maximized that subtle reasoning and travelled as slowly as he could.

Even if the Guide understood his intentions and travelled in places where there were no monsters, Muyoung would always find a way to draw monsters to him.

Like they say, he got his money’s worth.

And thanks to that, the one to suffer was the Guide.

They only arrived two days later than they expected, but the Guide’s appearance made it look like he aged a few years.

“I’m going to climb it.”

Muyoung replied as if it wasn’t a big deal.

Unlike the Guide, he used Anguish to continuously stack up Stamina so he wasn’t as tired as he thought he would be.

The Guide’s face stiffened and he opened his mouth, “Within the boundaries of the temple and the forest, this is one of the most dangerous places here. Since we’re here, I can take to all the way up, but…”

“No thanks.”

It was like the Guide was offering him a last bit of service, but Muyoung flatly refused.

The Cliff of Agony.

At the top, there lied the secret class, Necromancer.

And one of the few conditions to receive the Necromancer class was to climb the cliff ‘by himself’.

If he was to accept the Guide’s help, all of his efforts would become meaningless.

“You really have a thoroughly adventurous spirit.”

The Guide shook his head side to side.

Although he had this thought numerous times while coming here, the human in front of him was definitely not normal.

He really couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

It felt like he was recklessly running towards his goal, but since he acted as though he had 12 lives, he felt that it was slightly contradictory.

People who have clear goals value their lives.

To achieve their goals, they would not hesitate to use any method necessary, but they would at least value their lives.

However, when looking at Muyoung’s actions, it felt like he was moving on the premise he was going to die.

‘Does he not care about his life?’

While coming here, Muyoung faced situations where, if it wasn’t for the Guide, he would have died at least 50 times.

If he was to make the slightest error, he would have lost his life.

Although he had promised to keep him alive, it was still reckless.

What was more, the Cliff of Agony was known as one of the most dangerous places even in the forest.

Logically speaking, it was hard to resolve this matter with Muyoung’s current level.

But he still wanted to attempt it?

And without any help.

He was thoroughly insane.

Because of this, the Guide was excited.

How far could this insane human go?

It felt like it had been a long time since he felt this way.

Although his memories weren’t complete, he felt that it had been a few decades since he felt this kind of feeling.

‘If only he comes back alive…’

The Guide imagined an impossible scenario.

The Blue Temple was a place where people who attempt the impossible will be aptly rewarded.

If by any chance, Muyoung returned after climbing the cliff, the Guide had no choice, but to admit that Muyoung wasn’t crazy, he was just different.

That’s right. Different.

Those that tread a completely different path than others were known as ‘Heroes’.

Although there were many people who claimed they were heroes, in the Guide’s eyes, they all were incompetent.

However, the human right in front of his eyes seemed to be out of the ordinary.

“If you can pass the Cliff’s trial, I’ll tell you my name.”

A small swirl of emotion appeared in the Guide’s eyes.

And Muyoung stared at his eyes as if he was being pulled in.

Now that you mention it, the Guide, the Supreme Magician were simply titles, there was no one who knew his real name.

It didn’t seem like even the Demons knew his name.

‘How strange.’

Up until now, he never really thought about it.

He wasn’t even curious.

The fact that he was able to fight against the Demons for 10 days was important, his name wasn’t really that important.

Of course, the question was will there be some change by knowing his name.

“Do I really have to know?”

“There won’t be any disadvantages from knowing it.”

The Guide’s expression was extremely serious.

Muyoung shrugged his shoulder and turned around.

“Do what you want.”

There was no reason for him to refuse if he insisted on telling him.

However, it was more important to climb the cliff.



The fierce winds attacked Muyoung.

Like a swaying twig, he perilously climbed the cliff.

‘The only thing confirmed by reading his history was that he had climbed this cliff.’

The Status Viewer he read after killing the Necromancer was not very detailed.

The facts that the Necromancer class was attained by climbing the cliff and killing the Five Gatekeepers were all that he knew.

Of course, there was no way for Muyoung to know the methods the previous Necromancer had used.

That was why he increased his stats as high as he could. To prepare for any situation.


A Sword-beaked Bird targeted Muyoung’s back with its sharp beak.

Muyoung immediately used Anguish to cut its beak in half.

The increased Agility enhanced Muyoung’s senses.

Taking care of a bird that would make a sound while rushing at its prey was simple.



However, as one died, as if they were getting revenge on their fallen comrade, ten Sword-beaked Birds rushed at him.

‘From the beginning, I never intended to dodge.’

There was nothing more barbaric, but the method Muyoung chose was a direct face-off.

He planned to crush all the obstacles and attempt to climb the cliff directly.

He took a deep breath, pulled his body close to the cliff and wielded Anguish.


How far did he climb?

The clouds touched the top of his head.

‘Almost there.’

His whole body was a mess.

If he didn’t receive the leather armor from breaking the hunting record, he would have had a few fatal injuries.

The Giant Centipedes that jumped out from between the boulders were especially dangerous.

He was nearly crushed to death by a centipede wrapping around his body.

Others would have sworn that he was completely insane and that he had lost his mind, but to Muyoung, these situations weren’t particularly weird.

As climbing an endless cliff was part of the Forest of Death’s training regime.

If you don’t climb, you die.

Even if they climbed, they would die from starvation or would fall to their deaths.

Half his fellow recruits died from simply climbing a cliff.

‘A Red Orc…’

He quickly ended his thoughts, as he climbed onto the top of the cliff and looked around.

There was a single cave in the center of the summit.

And at the entrance of the cave, there was a red-skinned orc standing guard.

It seemed to be one of the Five Gatekeepers, nevertheless it didn’t seem ordinary.

The fighting aura emitted from his body!

His tempered muscles and physique made it seem like it was born to fight.


The Red Orc stared at Muyoung.

“Come at me.”


Muyoung motioned with his finger.


The Red Orc grabbed his big axe and rushed towards Muyoung.


His shoulder got dislocated.

The Orc’s raw strength was greater than what he had imagined.

If it had become a battle of strength, there was no way for him to win.

He seized his victory wholly through his exquisite skills.


As he stabbed the center of the orc’s carcass, Anguish started to absorb the blood.

He was able to regain a bit of his empty stamina back, but this method was only temporary.

Nevertheless, Muyoung immediately started moving.


The next opponent he faced was a ‘Knoll Thief’.

True to his name, he was incredibly fast.

He aimed for Muyoung’s neck with his poisoned dagger.

Unfortunately, the pairing was bad.

Muyoung was an assassin second to none. He was able to predict all of the Knoll Thief’s movements.

The fight concluded in 5 minutes.

“This is driving me crazy.”

The victor was obviously Muyoung.

However, he groaned after killing the Knoll Thief.

His leg was poisoned.

He definitely should have evaded it, but the dagger lengthened and cut his leg.

It was completely his fault.

However, each Gatekeeper he fought left a wound.

It was as if it was predetermined.

It was like for every Gatekeeper, the challenger had to be inflicted with a wound.



Muyoung did not stop.

To expel the remaining poison, it would take 5 more days, but he didn’t not have the time.

As a result, his actions would become rougher the more wounds he had received.

Like the uncontrollable Norse warriors, he went berserk.

In the end, he able to hunt down the last Gatekeeper.

Huff! Huff!

He panted heavily while gazing at the chunks of what used to be a giant serpent.

‘I think I’m going to die.’

His complexion was deathly pale.

He couldn’t put any strength in his fingers.

The fight was intense to that extent.

He narrowly came out victorious in the life-or-death struggle.

Muyoung slumped to the ground.

It seemed he really had pushed himself too hard.

There may have been a better way to do this.

As there was only one Gatekeeper per fight and there was no time limit.

Perhaps if he took his time, he would have been able to win more easily.

The previous person to get the Necromancer class must have spent days figuring out ways to defeat the Five Gatekeepers.

However, Muyoung foolishly forced his way through.

He crushed everything with a frontal assault.

It was truly an intense surprise attack.

‘Overcoming danger makes me stronger.’

He only knew how to get stronger by pushing himself to his limits.

Even if someone kindly taught him a different method, the current Muyoung would still tread this path.

To push himself like this was definitely dangerous, but he strongly believed if he was to endure it, he would take a step towards his growth.

‘I endured this time and will continue enduring.’

Muyoung gritted his teeth.

He will not die.

Live the way you want and achieve your goals!

Before long, his vision became hazy.


<’The Death Lord’ has chosen the User.>

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