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Chapter 148: Absolute Predator (1)

TL: Nadu

Edit: Lesurous

Muyoung opened his eyes.

Then, he looked at the world.

The rough wind and air blew across his skin.

Refreshment was the first thing he felt.

Even the scent of blood that brushed against the tip of his nose approached him like a welcome surprise.

How long has it been since he smelled it?

How long has it been since he felt the warmth of a body?

As he stretched out his hand, he began to recognize the sensations. He started to remember one by one the things he forgot after spending so much time dully.

'It's imperfect.'

However, the body was terrible.

Compared to his main body, it was at the level of embarrassment.

Muyoung… No, Luciferre clicked his tongue.

But, it wasn't all bad.

He was wearing clothes that didn't suit him but it wasn't like his godship had disappeared.

Luciferre turned his gaze.

A half-crushed skeleton was rolling on the ground.

This guy, he was also familiar.

"Tacan, get up."


From his hands, an opaque energy poured out.

Afterwards, as Tacan was wrapped in it, his bones reformed and within time became complete.

'An unpleasant energy is mixed in.'

However, there was the Sky Devil's purplish energy mixed in with Tacan's aura.

To be precise, the sword Tacan held… that's where it was all gathered.

Luciferre took Tacan's sword.


A purple energy. The Sky Devil's power crazily shook.

As if it was struggling.

However, it soon calmed down.

Luciferre completely won against him in strength.


As if he had done his job, Luciferre threw the sword on the ground like garbage.

Then, Tacan regained his senses.

"This…where isthis? Why am I on the battlefield?"

Tacan looked at Luciferre as he blinked his eyes.

Luciferre also turned his gaze to Tacan and started to speak.

"Do you still see me as Muyoung?"

"If you are not Muyoung…"

Afterwards, Tacan became silent for a moment as he felt something strange.

And then he took a step back.

Although it was only a step, there was a lot of meaning behind it.

Tacan, who was always quick to act recklessly, became hesitant for a moment.


"Now you recognize me."

"However, that body…"

"I have eaten up his soul. For a human, he had quite the high-quality soul."


Tacan stopped.

Luciferre was a true sovereign of Asura's Path.

A leader whom Tacan and another king followed. However, Tacan acted as an independent entity after escaping Asura's Path.

However, once again he was involved with Luciferre.

Tacan's feelings became complicated.

There was a lot to learn from Muyoung.

On the other hand, he couldn't learn from Luciferre. It was because he was inherently strong and because their difference was too big.

What could he learn from someone who was strong from the moment they were born?

'If his soul was eaten, I probably won't see him again.'

There was no way for Luciferre to make a mistake.

If his soul eaten , it meant that it was already destroyed.

It meant that he could never see Muyoung from now on.

It was a strange feeling.

The time they spent together was short and there weren't really any good memories.

"Your old friend misses you a lot."

"Are you talking about Calla? He isn't my friend."

Calla was a king who was in a rivalry with Tacan in Asura's Path.

If Tacan was the Evil Spirit Predator, Calla was the Evil Spirit Seeker.

They had the opposite tendency of each other.

They both proclaimed themselves as the 'king' of evil specters and didn't hesitate to compete with each other.

"Like how you came out, shouldn't Calla also come out to make a good fight? Just in time, this body learned something quite useful."

Tacan used a Death Knight's body to come out to this world.

Luciferre ate Muyoung's soul and took his body.

It was also the same for Calla. He needed a body to possess.

Luciferre raised his hand.

Then, the surrounding corpses were drained of their blood.

Soon, magical circles were created in the surroundings and blood completely filled in other areas.

As the blood gathered, it shaped into a muscular humanoid form.

With a blood-red cape and sharp fangs, the appearance was without a doubt a vampire.

Soon the man opened his blue eyes.

Then kneeled towards Luciferre.

"Calla greets the Evil Spirit Sovereign."

"The form I created for you is a counterfeit Jinzhou Vampire.. Since that is your race, it shouldn't be a big problem for you to move."

"It's an honor."

Calla slightly raised his head and looked at Tacan.

Tacan turned his gaze away.

It was because someone he didn't like had appeared.

Either way, Tacan couldn't be free after Luciferre had appeared.

Tacan had to accompany him and do what he wanted.

A moment later, Calla asked.

"But, sovereign. What are you trying to do here?"

"First… I need to bring down those who pretend to be gods without knowing their place."

Luciferre wasn't technically a god.

He was someone who almost became a god.

So, he hated to see those who rampaged without knowing their place.

'He dares to try and use me, the Evil Spirit Sovereign?'

In addition, he felt uncomfortable thinking that this was the work of someone.

Since Luciferre wasn't the type to not know that Moon made a trap out of Tacan and made Tacan fight against Muyoung for him to come out.

"Then, would you kill all the humans in the surrounding?"

Luciferre hated weak humans.

It was also the same for those who were present without his approval.

Normally, Luciferre didn't allow even a single human to live in his surroundings.

"No, there is even a more unpleasant energy raging. I need to kill them first."

Calla was slightly surprised.

If it was his usual self, Luciferre would have just ordered them to simply massacre everyone.

Then, Luciferre turned his gaze to the devotees of the Sky Devil.

Although humans were bothersome, those who had the powers of the fake god were more disturbing.

It was odd but either way,  the priority of exterminating the humans was just pushed back probably, Calla thought.

Luciferre took out Anguish.


Anguish cried.

However, it was aggressive.

Did it recognize that he wasn't Muyoung?

Although it was a little object, it was funny for it to differentiate owners.

Luciferre grinned as he swung the sword once.


Rough wind pressure.

Towards where he swung, the sword was followed by it's image, and a sharp sword wind was created.

The Sky Devil worshipers in its path were bisected.

A good three hundred people lost their lives by one hand movement.

Everyone was baffled. Then, huge ice particles appeared around Luciferre's body.

Claaash! Classshhhhh!

The particles instantly flew off and exploded in surrounding areas.

It was a completely different destructive power compared to the Zero Explosion that Muyoung used.

'Why is he using the half magic of a human?'

Calla and Tacan both tilted their head.

Luciferre. The Evil Spirit Sovereign was a being that reached demigod level.

Of course, he knew how to use divine powers and authority.

Such skills were embedded in the soul, so it didn't mean that you couldn't use them just because your body changed.

It meant that he didn't need to use a human's poorer skills.

Luciferre didn't even try to hide his powers. He always used his best attack to crush his opponent. When you thought of the usual Luciferre, it was truly odd.

However, just by using the half magic of a human, he instantly killed a few thousand soldiers.

"I can't just stand and watch my sovereign fight."

Calla was the first to get up.

He looked at Tacan challengingly.

At the same time, he transformed into a few thousand bats and swept the battlefield.

Tacan blanked as he looked at the scene.

He didn't know how to express this fidgety feeling. It might be because this was the first time they met after coming to this world but…

Tacan grabbed the sword he dropped.

'I'll just follow.'

Now, Muyoung was no longer in this world.

It was in an instant.

For them to turn the table and for their enemies to cry while they died.  

Just one man changed everything.


That appearance. Was he really the envoy of the Sun God?

Everyone went wild. Everyone called out Muyoung's name.

"Oh, Sun God!"

"The Sun God is overlooking us!"

It was hard to think he was this powerful with normal reason.

With just one hand movement, a few hundred people were slain and no one was able to stop him.

However, it was slightly different than his normal strength.

As if he had become a different person.

But, it didn't matter to the members of the Sun Guild.

Right now, Muyoung was the Sun Guild itself.

Eventually, the Command Clan, Lawless Clan, and the devotees of the Sky Devil were completely destroyed.

In the middle of it, because Hyungbish rebelled,  they couldn't even retreat.

"Humans don't know their place! How dare they compare a mere Sun God to Luciferre. If you command me, I'll remove all their blood and make them shriek."

Calla was furious.

Luciferre was a being who failed to become a god.

Due to this, he had fallen but that was why his hatred towards gods was extraordinary.

Calla was confident that Luciferre would allow him to do so.

But, the result was the opposite.

"It's fine. Since I've come out to this world, I will be generous this once."


A word that didn't seem possible for Luciferre to say popped out of his mouth.

The Evil Spirit Sovereign of Asura's Path was a tyrant. He didn't compromise.

That should have been the case but for him to be generous?!

Then, someone approached.

An arch lich that had a pitch dark robe on.

The guy suddenly came up and bowed his head down.

"Master, thank goodness! You're okay!"

"Who are you?"

"It's me. Bae Sungmin, the one who you created and gave new life to."

"Ahh… Bae Sungmin. What's wrong?"

Luciferre spoke.

He spoke as if he didn't have the slightest doubt.

There was even a bit of friendliness that could be felt through his voice instead.

"Please allow me to continue to follow you."

Bae Sungmin's attitude had become strange.

If he was that strong of an arch-lich, he would have noticed that the owner of the body had changed.

However, Sungmin suddenly bowed down first.

"Sovereign, his intentions are strange."

Calla objected.

Luciferre shook his head.

"Calla, he is following this body anyway. And a very strong ancient spirit's smell is given off by this guy. If it is this scent, he would have been the Disordered Terror that was once as strong as a demigod."

Was it because he felt kinship because he was also a demigod?

Luciferre continued to talk.

"I'm going straight to see the guy who acts like a god. Will you follow me?"

"Yes, I'll do my best."

Sungmin replied in a loud voice.

Soon after, Luciferre turned around.

He looked at the Sky Library that was floating in the air.

At that place, there was someone who acted to release him.

He must have an aim. The notion of using Luciferre as a pawn was very ridiculous.

'Those who disturb what must not be disturbed tend to be ruined.'

Luciferre moved.

Bae Sungmin watched from the beginning since he arrived.

But, he distanced himself. It was because a bad energy flowed out.

'He isn't my master.'

He could know by watching him.

He was a totally different being.

A person who had an astonishing class.

The one who truly reigned!

'It's strange.'

However, it was still strange.

Muyoung's existence reflected from him ambiguously.

And so, he checked.

Bae Sungmin had pledged his loyalty himself.

If he was a totally different person, he would reject Sungmin and if his thoughts were correct, a totally different reaction would pop out.

'Now, I understand.'

The results were quite satisfying.

He was mixed.

He was being mixed.

To be precise, Muyoung's soul which he thought had disappeared was slowly eating away Luciferre's soul.

Bae Sungmin was also unsure how his soul was still left.

However, Muyoung had returned once.

To be exact, he needed to be destroyed twice in order to make him disappear.

Bae Sungmin and no one else knew of this truth.

Thanks to this, Muyoung's soul was moving.

Very secretly.

So that Luciferre himself wouldn't be aware.

Although the speed was slow, he had slowly invaded the area of the soul.

The appearance was like watching  an assassination.

An assassin who had reached the peak, now aiming for their target, the movements were that.

If time just flowed like this… or if another opportunity is given.

Luciferre wouldn't be able to notice his own death and would be absorbed by Muyoung.


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