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Chapter 147: Evil Spirit Sovereign (End)

TL: Nadu

Edit: Lesurous

Starting off the battle, all kinds of specters entered the arena.

Muyoung personally jumped to the front lines to block the enemy.

The Star of the Absolute shined, covering his surroundings, and consuming everything it considered the 'enemy' in its aura.

And, despite his past as an assassin… Muyoung's true power came out in large-scale battles.

A battlefield where numerous people faced each other!

It was at a place where the dead piled up that  Necromancers could rampage most extraordinarily.

Even more, the Death Lord was the pinnacle of the Necromancy classes!

'Art of Death.'

Muyoung didn't conserve his energy.

Up until now, he still suppressed himself and didn't show everything, but it was now an important time to go all out, to determine if he would win or lose this battle.

<758 corpses were turned into undead.>

He didn't care.

He wasn't planning on finding art on a battlefield.

At least, in that sense the Death Lord's and Muyoung's artistic views were different.

Since the Death Lord wanted him to create beauty with every death.

However, the goals were the same.

To win!

"Ther-there are that many undead?"

"Even liches can't raise that many corpses at once!"

"Did the Commander in Chief Muyoung do this?"

Even decent liches couldn't make over 700 corpses into undead at once.

As the Art of Death skill became an A rank, he was able to leap a step forward.

Everyone's gazes were on Muyoung.

Every time Muyoung waved a hand, the corpses revive and chewed on the flesh of their enemies.

It was impossible for Corpse Sorcerers. Although there were more occupations that could control corpses, there were rarely classes that could revive them into functioning undead. Even more, raise them at that number…

A miracle.

Perhaps, Muyoung might not be human.

Without any connections, he suddenly appeared and won against strong men who were like glittering stars of the Sun Guild.

Not just that.


A dragon made of fire cried.

The Dragon of Fire that grew few dozens of meters tall circled around Muyoung and his surroundings, and ate up the specters.

A Dragon of Fire. The mystical guardian creature of the Sun Guild!

That was it. With just its appearance, it gave everyone a strong will to fight.

If the undead were yin, than that dragon was like yang. Muyoung was able to deal with both yin and yang and his appearance was like a devoted follower of the Sun God or that of a great lion.

'The Sun God suppresses his flames to approach humans.'

If you were a member of the Sun Guild, everyone knew about the phrase regarding the Sun God.

There was a phrase like this.

Because the energy of yang the Sun God had was too strong, and caused the humans to burn and die, he was sad and so created the powers of yin.

In other words, he made the Moon.

As far as it goes, this sort of creation mythology was created because it was a story that focused on the Sun Guild and the Sun God, but Muyoung's current appearance didn't make it odd for someone else to think he was the reincarnation or the envoy of the Sun God.

No, perhaps… they might have just wanted to believe it that way.

The battlefield was a perfect place to grow such faith.

If the Sky Devil desired faith, Muyoung created it.

"The Sun God's guardian is with us!"

"Praise, Dragon of the Sun!"


As if it was responding to them, the dragon raved even more.

At the same time, Muyoung's influence was instantly increased.

<4th place (3,000) to 2nd place (10,000)>

It was an obvious trick.

Muyoung ignored it.

If he fell for that sort of sweet talk, his pride would be hurt.

He acted more violently. He only placed killing intent on his sword.


"Lawless Clan, you son of bitches!"

It wasn't difficult to deal with the specters.

The devotees? There were barely any who could be considered strong amongst them.

The problem was the Lawless Clan.

The group where Lawless Jin was the head.

He created the Disordered Terror, placed the Armful's Cradle spirit together with the Disordered Terror, tried to earn a World Tree through the Sword Bone Trio, and also ordered Ataraxia to assassinate Muyoung.

In the end, the Disordered Terror was in the hands of Bae Sungmin, and the rest went to Muyoung.

If you think about it, Lawless Jin was truly a treasure like existence to Muyoung.

One that continuously gives.


Muyoung shifted his feet.

Lawless Jin. It was the first time he got to face him face to face.

However, it was uncourteous to go empty-handed.

"Sword One, Sword Two, and Sword Three."

He took out the three talismans and called on them.


That sort of thing overflowed here.

Not just 100 but the death of a 1,000 people could be provided.

Soon, Sword One, Sword Two, and Sword Three were summoned altogether.


They resonated and even looked at Lawless Jin.

As if Lawless Jin was attracted to the summoned power, he looked at Muyoung's side of the battlefield.

And was greatly surprised. Even he couldn't help but be shocked.

"The Sword Bones…!"

"Kill Lawless Jin."

Even the members of the Lawless Clan who were rampaging wildly were shaken by this.

It couldn't be helped.

The Sword Bone Trio was like a symbol of the Lawless Clan.

Since their stories and strength never lacked to move people.

That sort of symbol returned as their enemy.

Like seeing a loved one lose their head to a guillotine, the betrayal of the Sword Bone Trio was like a cut to their heart.

'Although it isn't a betrayal.'

But, they would think of it that way.

"You bastaaarrd!"

Then, the voice of Bahamude was heard from close by.

The place where Bahamude was at. There was also Tacan.

He was strongly pressuring Bahamude as he swung the sword that had a swirling black smoke.

'The Sky Devil's blessing. And the strange energy that could be felt by that sword.'

When the two were added, he changed into a strong being that could even pressure Bahamude.

However, it was strange.

'He couldn't see the soul.'

If it was normal, he should be able to get rid of Tacan through Soul Exploitation.

But, no soul was visible on top of his head.

Perhaps, he might be under control due to his soul itself being taken away.

'However… Tacan was at the center of all the specters.'

He was truly a being full of ups and downs.

It seemed like he reigned as the head of the specters in no time.

'I should kill him.'

Thump! Thump!

His heart pounded.

Was it the influence of the battle?

Or was it because he finally reunited with Tacan after a while.

Muyoung shook Anguish once and headed towards Tacan.

Bae Sungmin.

He became Muyoung's faithful servant after becoming an arch-lich.

So, you could say he knew something about Muyoung's strength and where it originated.

'I need to quickly pierce through this wall.'

By looking at the Great City from the outside, the place was covered by a red wall.

Bae Sungmin was taking out parts of that wall.

His strength was restored to some extent and his intelligence was extreme due to the Disordered Terror.

Thus, he was able to feel the energies of other undead and Muyoung.

It required a great amount of concentration but through this, he was able to confirm that Tacan was still alive.

'Master, you can't kill Tacan.'

Bae Sungmin's hands had ripped through almost half of the red wall.

As if it was proportional to the damage he was doing to the wall, Sungmin's hands were damaged as well and had to recover repeatedly.

Although he had already pierced through several layers of magic, he still had about half left to go.

However, Sungmin was in a hurry.


After confirming Tacan's energy, Sungmin instantly found out what Moon was up to.

'Tacan is bait!'

Moon knew of Asura.

He also knew what sort of power Asura's Vassal used.

It was because Moon was a human who wasn't a human.

Moon was a snake. The true alter ego of Mahoraga.

At first, he didn't know. However, after going through the knowledge of the ancient spirit, the Disordered Terror, he found related information about him.

It was originally forbidden.

To artificially create a god.

However, Mahoraga had done something similar to this in the past.

Making a god!

He experimented using all kinds of specters and fairies.

At the time, the Disordered Terror was one of the candidates. But, after the Disordered Terror had absorbed the World Tree, it had became a demigod, but was unable to become a true god and was abandoned.

Back then, he had failed, and yet once again he is trying to make a true god, not a mere demigod.

Either way, Tacan was bait.

'If my master kills Tacan, he will be awakened. With master's current body, he can't handle him!'


Bae Sungmin didn't know his exact name.

However, he knew that like Tacan, he was 'a god stuck in Asura's Path'.

Of course, he was a king but he wasn't at the same level as Tacan.

His existence was like a god.

In the end, Muyoung would lose his body like Moon.

That was Moon's trick and bait. By making Tacan and Muyoung face each other for sure, he was going to strike a blow to Asura.

Maybe it wanted to summon the king of Asura's Path and use him as his servant.


Bae Sungmin finally pierced through the wall.

At the same time, Bae Sungmin who assimilated with the shadows moved on the ground and immediately headed towards the location where Muyoung was at.


A battlefield.

A place where the smell of blood reeked.

And the center of the place, there was Muyoung.

Muyoung's sword pierced through Tacan's heart.

After attacking with Bahamude, Muyoung was successful in creating an opening.

The heart was where Tacan's essences were gathered.

It was where his grains were located.


Then, Tacan let out a scream.

Concurrently, a black current flowed out of Tacan's entire body and was absorbed into Muyoung's.

"Stay back!"

Bae Sungmin quickly approached Muyoung.

It was to make him stay away from the thing that was attached to Tacan.


However, a black barrier was created and Bae Sungmin bounced out.

The barrier instantly swallowed Muyoung and started to palpitate.

Thump! Thump!

The form was like a huge black heart.

Tacan was strong. He had surprisingly gotten stronger.

If Muyoung didn't join forces with Bahamude, it would have been difficult for him to do it alone.

Besides simply looking at their stats, Tacan's skills were quite exceptional.

However, the winner was Muyoung.

He had seen the 'grains' and pierced through them.

Nothing in the world could survive after getting their grains pierced.


"Did you awaken me?"

It was a dark world.

In the center, there was a man who looked exactly like Muyoung who sat on a throne.

The throne was old and rusty. Behind him, there was a thin tower that soared up to the sky but as expected there were cracks all over the place.

"Who are you?"

"Did you awaken me without knowing who I was?"

He laughed. An expression which Muyoung could never make, he expressed it naturally.

"This place is Asura's Path. I have ruled this place for a long time because of Asura's request."

Asura. It was harder to figure out who he was who spoke of Asura as if he was their next-door friend.

If it was Asura's Path, it was one of the six places Muyoung had awakened.

'Murdudun had talked about it before. How there was an existence who was sealed in the path.'

And he remembered how Murdudun told him that the existence looked similar to Muyoung.

At the time he didn't really listen but he never thought he would meet that being.

Was it the influence of Tacan's death?

"I was here for a long time. So long that I can't remember… I'm talking about hundreds of millions of years, a multitude of layers of time."

He was tired.

Asura's Path was quite a boring place.

He wanted to get out of this place but he couldn't.

"Who… are you?"

Muyoung felt a chill.

His whole body shivered. Muyoung strictly controlled his emotions but his instincts were 'warning' him.

Telling him to run away.

That this being had surpassed the line!

However, he couldn't even move.

And so, he asked.

He thought that if he knew his opponent even a bit, he could escape from the unknown fear.

He once again laughed.

"I'm Luciferre. In this world, I once ruled as a sovereign of evil spirits, and the people had called me Luciferre."

The fallen angel Luciferre.

Muyoung's eyes shook.

In the Underworld, in this world, there were no angels.

Only devils existed.

However, there was someone who was an angel that had appeared.

He slowly got up.

And approached Muyoung little by little.

"Now, give me your body."


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