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Chapter 143: Evil Spirit Sovereign (1)

TL: Nadu

Edit: Lesurous

To all Sky Devil followers, Hyacinth was the number 1 target they had to kill.  

As she wasn't strong like Alexandro but just had high influence, to them she was truly an appropriate prey.  

This wasn't unknown to the Sun Guild either.  

Of course, men gathered near Hyacinth and due to this, there were gaps in other places.  

"Hyacinth, just because of you, a lot of people are dying. Don't you think you need to move some men to other places now?"  

Lennon talked about the very point that Hyacinth felt guilty about.  

However, Hyacinth didn't really give orders.  

The power of the seal was considered absolute to the Sun Guild and Hyacinth's brothers and sisters.  

It was because about half their minds and bodies were modified to be influenced by the fundamental force of the seal.  

Hyacinth had the greatest number of seals and the members of the Sun Guild had organized a battle formation to protect Hyacinth before she was even aware.   

Lennon knew this but the reason why he pointed this out to Hyacinth was to sway her.  

Hyacinth secretly turned her eyes and looked at Muyoung.  

Muyoung didn't say a word. However, to Hyacinth, he was the most reliable man in the world right now.  

What was there to be afraid of if he stood by her side?  

"Okay. Let's focus on hunting the Family Ordinance and collecting the essence. I don't think there are that many Sky Devil followers."

Hyacinth changed the formation.  

As she allowed the change so easily, Lennon's expression hardened.  

'This girl?'

If it was her in the past, she should have instantly stiffened with a pale face.  

It would have been normal for her to keep her head down and her mouth shut.  

But, she was completely different now. It felt like she had become another person.  

The girl who was just young to Lennon was now looking straight into Lennon's eyes.  

As if she wasn't going to lose.  

'This won't do.'

As expected, the guy next to her was the problem. 

Muyoung. Because the guy was beside Hyacinth, she was changing.  

If Hyacinth was to pursue power, there was a definite possibility that the Sun Guild would be ripped apart.  

'I must kill him.'

Lennon forcefully stopped his surging urge to kill him. 

However, it was strange. 

Muyoung should have disappeared by now. 

However, there were no signs of the ninjas acting. 

'What in the world is Yuka doing?'

Ootsuki Yuka.  

The master of ninjas and the woman called the Empress. 

A woman in her mid-thirties with glamorous looks and body. 

She made the men who stood in front of her slightly flustered while they looked at her.  

His expression was endlessly cold. It seemed like he didn't have any emotions.  

"Who are you?"

Something that could not happen, had happened.  

For the Empress to speak first.  

On top of that, this was a place deep underground. It was a place that could never be reached unless they were ninjas as the place had layers of safety mechanisms and an innumerable amount of camouflage.

At this place, a man who wasn't a ninja had appeared.  

Casually. As if he came out for a walk.  

However, there were ninjas behind him.  




Yuka corrected herself. In the past, they were ninjas, but now they were a group of undead.  

The man's eyes turned to Yuka for the first time.  

Then Yuka couldn't help but shudder once.  

The man drove death.  

The man was a grim reaper. Perhaps, he was death itself.  

She had never seen such a man before. If she could fight against him, would it be similar to Wung Chunglin from the Forest of Death?  

Yuka believed she was the best at seeing someone's potential and their true character. And so, this feeling wouldn't be a mistake.  


The man spoke for the first time.  

Muyoung. Muyoung.  

'I have never heard of him.'  

No matter how much she tried, he wasn't in her memory.  

If it was that sort of unusual name, she would probably remember him.  

That meant, Muyoung had never participated in external activities.  

If that wasn't the case, there was no way for that strong of a man to just fall from the sky.  

"What do you want? A war?"

Surrounding Yuka, more than 500 ninjas were in hiding.  

Even more, Yuka was also one of the most skilled ninjas.  

Even if Muyoung was strong, this place was like a tiger's den.  

She had the confidence that she would not lose.  

However, what was this strange feeling.  

A feeling like she would instantly be devoured the moment she makes contact…  


Muyoung threw a dagger on the floor.  

Yuka's eyes widened when she saw it.  

"How, how did this?"

"Don't intervene. Ootsuki Yuka."

Muyoung spoke quietly.  

The dagger with 'Ninjado' written in Chinese characters.  

The dagger was an article left by the person who was called the first Ninja King.  

If someone had this dagger, the ninjas couldn't attack the person. It was similar to the seals of the Sun Guild.  

Normally, Lennon had it and so they were unable to touch him.  

"Did you come to give this to me? Then, you're stupid. You wouldn't be unaware of the fact we can't do anything to the person with the Ninjado."

It was right to think that the person already knew of the item if he stole it from someone else and brought it to the owner.  

If he really did come to give it to her, he was naïve.  

However, Muyoung seemed to be far from being naïve.  

For what reason?  

"Do you want to revenge against Wung Chunglin?"

Yuka's eyes grew wide.  

Wung Chunglin. How did Muyoung know his name?!

Even within the Underworld, only a few people knew of the name of the leader who ruled the Forest of Death.  

Yuka was among them. But, she didn't know him in a good way.  


Only a desire for vengeancel was left towards the man who killed the first Ninja King.  

However, this truth was also something only her and Wung Chunglin knew of.  

"That story, who…did you hear it from?"

There was no way Wung Chunglin would have told it himself.

A person close to him. She was certain he was someone close to Wung Chunglin.  

Yuka gently took a step back. As soon as she were to lift her foot up, the 500 ninjas would attack Muyoung at once.  

"From the Ninja King himself."

"What sort of nonsense…"

"The Holy City Murdudun. He was trapped underground in that place. To be exact, he had trapped himself there."

Yuka knitted her brows.  

The Ninja King was killed by Wung Chunglin. Yuka saw it herself.  

But, he said it wasn't true.  

It was a ridiculous story. However, Muyoung's words were true.  

Not now, but before he returned from the past, he had seen him in the underground prison of Mulalan.  

The man who lived with delirium and fear of Wung Chunglin.  

It was truly a coincidence of finding him there.  

Who would have thought that he would spend time in the same cell underground when he infiltrated the place for an assassination?  

"You are not the only one who wants revenge against Wung Chunglin."

Ootsuki Yuka was a rational ninja.  

She was quick at calculations and didn't take risks.  

Just, it was annoying if he was to become her enemy.  

There was also no reason to be enemies if they had a similar goal.  

Yuka looked into Muyoung's eyes.  

It was to check if his vengefulness was true.  

And he looked like a volcano about to explode.  

The biggest and most violent thing in the world was being kept from exploding by the man's rationality.  

Using the Sound Transmission technique used by Ataraxia, Muyoung also sent one more word.


Huang. It was a nickname Ninja King called Yuka when she was young.

The man knew of something that only they knew of.

'Was the first Ninja King truly alive?!'

Yuka's body trembled lightly.  

If the man, Muyoung's words were true, she had no time to waste at this place.  

She needed to get to Mulalan at once.  

To do this… she needed to complete this trial.  


As if Muyoung did not need to listen to her answer, he left unconcerned.  

The great Yuka who was called the Empress couldn't help but to vacantly look at his back.  

Muyoung made a small smile.  

Even if Muyoung didn't make any deals with Yuka, Yuka would act to complete the trial on her own.  

Yuka wouldn't become a follower. The pride of the Empress was strong and she had no reason to serve a god.  

She would be useful as an obstacle for the Command Clan and Moon..

'Until she finds out the truth, she can't touch me.'

Muyoung's strength was briefly shown, And she felt it.  

And so, the truth only Muyoung knew had made her uncomfortable.  

It would be the same even if he hadn't killed 50 of her ninjas.  

Yuka was a rational and calculating woman.  

She would know that it is more beneficial for her to leave Muyoung alone than to fight him.  

Either way, the declaration of war was complete.  

Since he had returned the Ninjado, the ninjas wouldn't bother him any longer.

"Attack the Fire Dragon Knights and Lennon.  


Around 50 ninjas moved with one goal.  

While watching them from behind, Muyoung clenched his fist hard.  

'The revenge against Wung Chunglin will only be completed by me.'  

If he wanted to, he could have twisted the truth a bit to make Yuka attack Wung Chunglin.  

Since Muyoung knew of all the stations created by Wung Chunglin.  

However, he didn't do so.  

He couldn't give away this revenge to anyone else.  

The Fire Dragon Knights and Lennon were all humans.  

They were humans who shit, eat, and do things.

Even those who are called elites couldn't keep their sense of tension up all day.  

And that small carelessness took their lives' away.  

The ninjas followed Muyoung's orders and devoured the Fire Dragon Knights from the smallest parts.  

They were able to find out they were being attacked by someone only two hours later.  

"Seven have died and two more are missing."


"How is this possible?!"

Lennon smacked the ground and grinded his teeth.  

'Yuka, that bitch!'

And he found out that the ones attacking them were ninjas.  

He didn't think Yuka would stab him in the back!  

He searched for the Ninjado just in case.  

It was there but it took time for him to notice it was a fake.  

'You'd steal my item? You dare?!'

"Don't lower your guard and follow me. From now on, we will subjugate the ninjas!"


Yuka. Lennon already found out the location she was at.  

Lennon's personality didn't allow him to stay put and be attacked like this.  

Yuka was also aware that Lennon would soon attack her. Wouldn't she have already spread her informants?

Lennon was only able to see an empty basement.   

Then, when he was about to turn around and go back, Lennon couldn't help but doubt his eyes.  



Several hundred jiangshis appeared.  

There was a good mix of red jiangshis and black jiangshis.  

And in the middle, there was a Death Knight.  

When the Death Knight gave his signal, the jiangshis instantly covered Lennon and the Fire Dragon Knights.  

"Those who aren't followers. Answer with death."

The Death Knight spoke.  

Lennon quickly tried to stop him but he couldn't hold them back for even 10 seconds.  

'He's strong!'

Exquisite swordsmanship. On top of that, quick enhanced movement.  

His power was strengthened by Sky Devil and Lennon was losing the fight against this strength.  

Lennon could only barely block him.  


"Ch, chief!"

In the meantime, the Fire Dragon Knights were being disintegrated throughout.  

Although their numbers were also lacking, they couldn't win against the strengthened jiangshis regardless.  

Although the members called for the chief, Lennon couldn't reply.  


Lennon's head flew up in the air.  

Their eyes were filled with astonishment.  

They didn't think his life would be given up this easily.  

However, the Death Knight that killed Lennon was emotionless.  

As if he just killed a bug. He acted as if it was natural.  

He just quietly kneeled on the ground and prayed to the sky.  

Purple light shined in his two hollow eyes and numerous specters became evil ghosts and clung to him.  

From the sky, the Sky Devil's light came down and Tacan absorbed their souls.  

"Through the grace of the Sky Devil, this faithful servant, Tacan, offers death."

Soon, the Fire Dragon Knights were annihilated.  


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