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Chapter 142: Chaos (End)

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Edit: Lesurous

After seeing his name on the 10th spot, Muyoung frowned.

The rankings seemed to vary according to influence rather than force.

Hyacinth was currently the most influential girl in the Sun Guild.

Since the Sun Guild itself was the strongest guild in the Great City, it seemed like she was ranked first.

'Like this, disorder is induced.'

The more the Sky Devil's devoted followers increase, the more difficult it would become to complete the trial.

The number was small now but as more and more people were divided and frightened, in the end a lot of people would lose heart.

He had to move fast even if he had to divide his attention.

'Luminescent Guild's Guild Master Bahamude, Lawless Clan's leader, Lawless Jin, and Ninja Group's Queen Ootsuki Yuka…'

The representative groups of the Great City included the Sun Guild, the Luminescent  Guild, and the Lawless Clan.

But not the ninjas.

It seemed as though a lot of them had flowed into the city, but due to the trials their identities were exposed.

'Alexandro's name didn't come up.

The name of Ootsuki Yuka, the enemy that had never shown herself directly, was included in the list of targets for elimination.

However, Alexandro Quintart's name had not been shown at all.

'He's either hidden perfectly, or he's dead.'

The future had changed.

A situation where he didn't know what would happen or when.

However, Muyoung inwardly shook his head.


He wouldn't have died easily.

In the past too, hadn't he survived to the end?

"Muyoung! So you're Muyoung! Keuhaha!"

There was a man who approached him with the specters.

When the man laughed loudly the spirits united and formed the shape of a sword.

"I'm overflowing with strength! The Sky Devil's blessing is really beautiful!"

The man's eyes were half rolled back into his head.

He'd become a devout follower and it seemed he had lost half his mind.

'A devout follower…'

In the end, becoming a believer meant being a coward.

If he was in his right mind, there would be no way he wouldn't have been suspicious about becoming a devotee of the Sky Devil.


Muyoung pulled Anguish out.

Then a red light began to hang in the air surrounding Muyoung.

It was similar to the light that had appeared immediately after the Sky Devil's trial, but compared to that it was much more sluggish.

The Absolute's domain!

As soon as the man stepped into Muyoung's domain, the sword made of spectrers trembled greatly.

"What, what is it? Are the specters afraid?"

The man's half-lidded eyes widened.

Specters. A flock of the already deceased.

There was no way that a feeling similar to fear would be possible, and shouldn't be possible, for them to feel.

But… the specters were afraid. As soon as they had entered Muyoung's domain, they acted as if they had come to a place they should not have entered.


Muyoung's movements were like a shadow.

Without even a sound.

As if he wasn't there from the start, he approached and sliced the man's neck with one stroke.



The man's neck spurted and vomited up blood.

But he didn't stop there.

Muyoung cut his fingers off one by one. He made short cuts to each joint so that the man felt the maximum amount of pain.

He cut off his ears, gouged out his eyeballs and finally he tore his mouth open so that the interior was exposed.

It was a scene that was brutal to the degree that even the Sun Guild members who were watching furrowed their brows.

However it was something he had to do once.

"The devoted followers of the Sky Devil will die in the most painful way."

Soon after, thousands of spirits led by Muldudun swarmed behind Muyoung and attacked the man.


The man uttered  a strange shriek, even though his neck was cut.

As the specters burrowed into and passed through the man's entire body afterwards, nothing but bones remained.

This was Muyoung's warning to all.

You had to be brave in order to become a Sky Devil's devotee.

Muyoung had no intention of participating in this game.

The total amount of seals Hyacinth collected was eight.

In fact, she basically held similar influence to the Sun Guild's guild master.

But, there were certainly those who looked upon Hyacinth with disgust.

"Hyacinth is too young. At this rate, the Sun Guild will be taken over by that man."

The Fire Dragon Knights' leader, Lennon.

He, who had grown a long beard, stared at Muyoung with blood-thirsty eyes.

He was too wild.

"But, Sir. The Commander-in-Chief's forces could be ranked amongst the top 10…"

"Shut up. Commander-in-Chief? He's just a guy with good luck. If you knew why the top 10 humans are the top 10 you wouldn't be able to make such absurd statements."

Lennon's face was twisted like a wicked spirit's face.

Originally, Lennon should have had the highest authority in case of emergencies.

As it was now wartime, and the Fire Dragon Knights was the Sun Guild's strongest group.

The strength of 500 elites was truly enough to even kill a dragon.

"At this rate, if the trial comes to an end, it will be a problem if Alexandro returns. I have no cause to attack Muyoung, and if Hyacinth wants it, command over the guild will probably be divided."

Disorder, division.

They weren't good words.

Since the result would end up being the downfall of the Sun Guild.

But Lennon knew better than anyone else that Hyacinth was a soft-hearted girl.

However, because of her strong defensive shield called Muyoung, her colours had changed for a moment like a chameleon.

"What will you do?"

"If he dies, Hyacinth will also come to her senses."

Lennon gnashed his teeth.

That was right. The main culprit behind everything. In the end, it was Muyoung.

If only Muyoung was gone, Lennon would have been commanding the troops and breaking the trial.

He could also have been nominated as the strongest candidate for the next Guild Master.

One rotten apple completely spoiled the lot.


When the deputy chief tried to drew his sword, Lennon blocked him.

"Not now. I still have some cards left."

As if he knew what the card was, the Deputy Chief was dissuaded.

"Chief, you shouldn't trust that wench, because you don't know when she might stab you in the back."

"She's still a woman. In the end, they become soft around men. Also, as long as I have a family heirloom, she has no choice but to follow me."

Lennon groped at his chest and pulled out a talisman.


Then, as soon as he tore it, a black crow drawn with an ink stick flew up into the sky.

He was summoning her.

The ninja, Ootsuki Yuka.

Since he had sent the order, there was no need to say more.

Now the ninjas would remove Muyoung.

'Yuka, you can't escape me.'

Lennon laughed.

He felt he should have done it sooner.

Lennon nodded as he racked his mind, trying to think of a way to coax Hyacinth after killing Muyoung.

The ghosts evolved little by little.

For example, the houses united and became increasingly larger Family Ordinances, and the night hags materialized and attacked people  more and more regularly.  

Perhaps it's likely that their influence grew more and more as the Sky Devil's followers increased.

"Lennon is a really dangerous guy. You're going to have to be careful with him."


The deputy-guild master suddenly went close up to Muyoung and spoke.

Inside the guild, Abdullon's arms and legs had been cut off and he had become a useless person.

However, somehow his spirit had not died.

'The composure of someone who knows something.'

Muyoung was able to guess where that spirit and composure came from.

Those who had unknown power or secrets showed this kind of special composure.

"Is that advice?"

"Lennon has a lot of greed. So he can't win this trial."

"You speak as if you know about the Sky Devil's trial."

"I don't know about the Sky Devil's trial, but I do know about the Sky Devil."

Abdullon laughed humbly.

Given the fact that he had just dealt with the colored Family Ordinance and obtained their essence, Abdullon's composure could not be explained in plain terms.

When Muyoung didn't reply, Abdullon continued speaking.

"The Sky Devil is revered as a god, but in fact he isn't a god. He's just an enormous collection of evil. If he is a god then… He would be an artificial god…?"

An artificial god?

Moon had erected the Sky Devil Church.

That was because he revered the Sky Devil that much.

It was also described as 'The god opposing Asura'.

So Muyoung believed that the Sky Devil was one of many gods.

However, Abdullon said that he wasn't.

"What does that mean?"

"In the end, it's a difference of faith. If one becomes a god through faith, if that faith disappears, wouldn't the god also cease to exist?"

It was a new view.

That meant, if you removed all those that believed in the Sky Devil, then the Sky Devil itself would disappear.

'That's the reason they are causing fear and gathering devoted followers.'

Did he mean that it wasn't a matter of simple division?

The fake god was increasing the number of people that believed he was a real god.

It would be the case if Abdullon's words were true, but….

At the centre of this was Moon.

If Moon had created the illusion of a god, he would be the key to everything.

―'There is suspicious movement.'

It was a skill called Sound Transmission.

The technique of conveying sound through the wind from a distance.

It was the voice of Ataraxia.

―50 ninjas are moving. It seems they are after you, master. What are you going to do?


'It's Lennon.'

Muyoung knew that he had a relationship with Yuka.

He knew that Lennon would make a move someday, but that time had come faster than he had thought.

It seemed he really didn't want to see Muyoung commanding and leading the soldiers.

'Kill everyone.'

However, if it was the ninjas, especially if Yuka was included, Ataraxia alone was not enough.

Inwardly he shook his head as he added one more thing after his order to kill.

'No, we should go together.'

During the battle, Muyoung made a clone with the Soul's Tail, and ordered it to stay in the guild.

Afterwards, he moved to hunt the ninjas with Ataraxia.

Ninjas and assassins.

Who was stronger and who was more useful was a popular issue for a long time

In particular, Wung Chunglin's research about ninjas was severe to a point where it was extremely focused.  

Perhaps it was because he felt they shared the same net.

As a result, Wung Chunglin developed all ways and means to deal with ninjas.

He dissected all of their peculiar skills, and injected all those techniques into the assassins in order to polish them up.

Muyoung inherited all of those as the best assassin.

Even though he had returned to the past, those skills were still alive.


Below the bright red moon.

A body was cut. Blood gushed.


The ninja couldn't even finish his words, and his mouth was pierced.

A surprise attack.

In an instant, half of the 50 ninjas had perished.

Even the ninjas could not react quickly to the sudden attack.

A fight between ninjas and assassins.

In short, the biggest difference lay in who attacked first.

They never thought Muyoung would attack at this point.

That small difference produced an irrevocable result.

Ataraxia and Muyoung had transformed into the most perfect assassins.

They assimilated into the darkness and cut off the lifelines of the ninjas.

'I don't see Yuka.'

Ootsuki Yuka and the strongest ninjas weren't visible.

Did they think this was enough for Muyoung's assassination?

If so, it was disappointing.

Yuka should have the discerning eye to determine the degree of Muyoung's true self.

Unlike Lennon.

If she had seen his true self, she would have turned up personally or sent the greatest ninjas.

The fact that she didn't was a testament to the fact that she did not even care about Muyoung.

It seemed they were sent to just show that they followed Lennon's order.

'Keep their bodies whole. They will be made into undead.'

― 'I will follow your command.'

A voice flowed out.

The Lawless Clan gave many advantages to Muyoung in various ways.

So much help had been provided just from the Sword Bone Trio and Ataraxia alone.

Also, the ninjas needed to be killed in the best condition possible.

Muyoung smiled begrudgingly.

He intended to turn the attacking ninjas into undead, and present them intactly to Lennon.

You reap what you sow!


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