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Chapter 140: Sky Devil Church (End)

TL: Nadu

Editor: Lesurous



The tentacles absorbed everything.

Like the suckers of an octopus, they latched onto everything and absorbed them as is.

"Shit! What is this?!"

As the building was destroyed, the people inside it came out.

Even though it was the evening, this place was in the inner parts of the Great City.

If there was a commotion, there were, of course, people who would gather.

Maybe because of this, Hyungbish didn't seem like he was going to drag it out too long.

Sword Two sliced a tentacle, took a step forward, and asked Muyoung.

"Please, give me your order."

"Take care of the jiangshi. I'll take care of him."

The 10th type, the red jiangshi and the 4th type, the black jiangshi.  

The jiangshi were corpses and they were unable to feel pain.

Even if their attacks didn't reach Muyoung, they were still enough to be a hindrance.

Muyoung made Sword Two, Sword Three, and the King Mutant take care of those creatures.

It seemed like he could categorize the red jiangshi as at most being high rank, and the black jiangshi at the 1st level of the highest rank.

Just by simple calculations, his undead might seem lacking but Sword Two, Sword Three, and the King Mutant weren't ordinary undead.

Just because their levels of power were similar didn't mean the results of the fight would be the same for the fight between the undead.

It was enough if they just stalled.

'Hyungbish, let's settle this today.'

In the past, when Muyoung was active as an assassin.

Muyoung had a connection with Hyungbish.

While he was completing an assassination, he had to face the person's bodyguard.

While he succeeded in his assassination of the target, Hyungbish had crazily gained on him.

Muyoung tried to avoid useless fights and make an escape, but because Hyungbish persistently followed him,  they fought day and night for two days.

In the end, they both became wrecks and the fight became a draw, but now was the time to complete the match that they weren't able to finish back then.

"Receive my Baptism of Death."

Hyungbish repeated a spell.

Then, on top of his head, a space was opened and a huge skeleton's face popped out.

The skeleton's blank eyes looked at Muyoung.


That skeleton was death itself.

The power to kill the person it continuously looked at.

A skill that was like a big cheat. However, it definitely had a limit.

'The Six Paths, the Asura's Path.'

Muyoung also opened the entrance to another world.

If death popped out then he just needed to fight it with his own manifestation of death.

-It's been awhile since I've breathed the air outside!

Murdudun popped out in a semi transparent form.

Murdudun wore a gold crown and held a silver trident but there was a change in his outer appearance.

His body was similar to a frog but his head was changed to something similar to a seahorse.

It seemed like he was slowly taking the form of the Murdudun King in past literature.

"Fight against death."

-Is Death the name of the skeleton? He is truly ugly!

Murdudun laughed uproariously and called out specters.

The numbers were a staggering three thousand!

It appears it was more quantity than quality but it was more than enough to wrap around that skeleton's head.

As his skill became instantly disabled, Hyungbish frowned.

"What a strange guy."

The gaze Hyungbish gave Muyoung was definitely filled with shock and respect.

He was surprised that there was someone else besides him who could control corpses as well as death, and the fact that all of this wasn't ordinary seemed to have produced these sorts of emotions.

However, was that really all?


Muyoung held Anguish.

At the same time, a horn sprouted on his head.

"Now spiritism? I guess I need to dissect you after I kill you."

Astonishment. And the continuation of surprise.

In a pure way, Hyungbish respected Muyoung.

Although Muyoung did try to assassinate him, the skills Muyoung showed were beyond plain and close to extraordinary.

Hyungbish also found out that the identity of that horn was evidence of a god's gift.

'A god who's extremely rough and strong.'

However, that was all.

Just because he received a gift from a god, it didn't make him invincible.

'However, it's only a drop in the bucket compared to the god I serve.'

The tentacles gathered near Hyungbish more quickly.

Within time, his whole body was wrapped with tentacles and within it, a black eye popped out.


Muyoung's sword reached him. But, it touched a thin layer.

'The grains are continuously changing.'

After the tentacles wrapped around the whole body, as if numerous bodies were put together, there were tons of grains and they continuously changed.

In Muyoung's position, you couldn't help but say that he was a picky opponent to fight against.

"The god I serve is the master of the sky! The true Sky Devil."


The skeleton cried out loud.

Including Murdudun, the specters were greatly swayed by it.

If Muyoung was to drag on like this, death would once again look at Muyoung.

Hyungbish spoke.

"It's incomparable to the blessings of a minor god."

"You talk too much."

A minor god? If Asura heard this, he would personally take his head.

Hyungbish moved.


Anguish stopped Hyungbish's movement.

Then, Hyungbish stretched his body and attacked Muyoung.

'Even grains have a constant form.'

Muyoung concentrated his mind.

Like water flowing in a river, he calmed his mind and paid attention to the form Hyungbish's grains created.

"Look! This is the power given to me by the master of the sky! Incomparable to a gift given by a minor god."

Twong. Twooong. Twooooong.

The attacks stopped at regular intervals.

When the grains changed, the sound was different.

A difference that no one else but Muyoung could tell.


He changed his attitude.

Muyoung moved.

Then, Hyungbish wasn't able to follow Muyoung's speed easily.


The middle of the heart was accurately pierced.

"It won't do any…"

"There is nothing absolute in the world."

He might think that if he was to get injured, he just would need to recover once again.

As that's what happened up until now, he spoke as if it was nothing.

However, what Muyoung had pierced was the start of the grains.

All things in the world had grains and when that part was focused, no matter how strong and firm it was, it would crumble.


Muyoung's sword drew a line.

'I can't recover?'

Hyungbish's eye was instantly filled with fear.

The regeneration had stopped. His body didn't move as well. As if he was stabbed by a hook.

It was the first time this had happened.

When he met Moon, Moon was able to oppress his devilishness, but wasn't able to confine his body.

However, this guy was strange from beginning to end.

He was eccentric.

"Oom Baroshio, Coon Jaruja…"

Hyungbish cast a curse.

Then, the surrounding space was distorted and a new world started to form.

It was 'Trial Creation'.

He was trying to create a trial forcefully and separate his body.

Even in front of Muyoung, a message related to the trial started to pop up.

A small hole.

The trial didn't expand yet.

Muyoung continued to strike the grains and took out a dagger from his side.

And threw it inside the end part of the small hole.

'Everything has grains.'

This world would also have grains for sure.

If Muyoung was to surpass King Slayer's level, he would definitely be able to see him again.

It was the same about the trial.

Even more, when it wasn't completely created.

It was much easier to read the grains.

Riip! Riiiiippp!

The dagger Muyoung threw was nailed to the grains of the trial.

Then, the trial that was being created was once again destroyed.

Hyungbish looked at it as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing.  

"Who, who, are you? How is this possible?!"

Something that couldn't have happened, had happened.

Now, it wasn't even extraordinary.

It was impossible!

An area where he couldn't understand in his head.

A gift from god?

Simply just by looking at what Muyoung had accomplished, it was enough to make others believe he was a god himself.  

However, that was Hyungbish's last regret.

Asura's blessing.

A strengthening of a title!

It wasn't bad.

However, Muyoung paid attention to the residue left after Hyungbish changed.

As evidence of a god's gift, a black eye popped out that then turned into a small gem and rolled onto the ground.

When he grabbed the fragment with his hand and looked at it, the Eye of the Sky was activated.

Name: Immortal's Fragment

Rank: None

Effect: A fragment of the Immortal king. When the fragments are collected, it transforms into an essence and the essence becomes a material to administer the strength of the 'Immortal King'.

The Immortal King.

He had found the second clue.

He never thought Hyungbish would have it.

'Moon would also have a fragment of the Immortal King.'

There were a lot of similarities between the energy felt by Hyungbish and Moon.

However, Moon was much stronger than Hyungbish.

It meant that Moon had a bigger fragment or more fragments than Hyungbish.

'Art of Death.'

From the tips of Muyoung's hand, a dark energy stretched out.


Name: Hyungbish

Level: 435

Type: Dark Champion

Strength 440

Agility 379

Stamina 500  

Intelligence 422

Wisdom 385

Magic Resistance 330  

Power of Death 410

+ Skills Tentacles (A), Jiangshi Technique (A+), Death (A+), and Devilification (A) are usable

+ Understanding of death (Immune to mind control)

+ Extraordinary defense ability

+ At most, 20th type of jiangshi can be controlled

As Hyungbish was turned into an undead, the surrounding jiangshi also stopped moving.

And as they were dependent on Hyungbish, they slowly kneeled to Muyoung.

"Greetings, Master of Darkness."

There were five red jiangshi and three black jiangshi that were fine.

Just with this, his military strength had greatly risen.

Not enough to reach Moon, but enough to sway the Command Clan.

'Moon. You have a fragment.'

Muyoung's eyes became heavier.

Moon didn't just have an Immortal's Fragment but another fragment as well.

'Fragments of the Fissure.'

He remembered how Anguish cried when he approached closer to him.

It had realized that another Fragment of the Fissure was nearby and cried.

Gremory asked Muyoung to find three fragments.

And among them, one was kept by Moon, the sect leader of the Sky Devil Church.

Moon's eyebrows wiggled.

'He has started to disturb my source.'

The six hexagrams placed within the whole Great City.

They were Moon's strength but that wasn't all.

However, the Sun Guild was disturbing the hexagrams thinking that they could just weaken Moon's strength.

'Those fools, it's already too late.'

Of course, it was definitely enough to weaken Moon's power.

But, they were already too late in dealing with a more important matter.

The hexagrams have already absorbed the energy they needed.

The preparation in creating a trial was also completed.

Since they had already completed a few dozen experiments to check that there was nothing wrong, now it was time to complete the final step.

Moon smiled.

And spread both arms wide.

"Oh, Sky Devil!"


Red stars started to fall from the sky.

Although they seemed like a group of shooting stars, they all didn't seem right.

A scene hard to see even in the Demon God's Territory.

However, this was all planned by Moon.

He was the sect leader of the Sky Devil Church.

And what Moon wanted to carry out in the Great City was the advent of the Sky Devil.

Soon, the hexagrams that wrapped around the Great City started to emit red light towards the end of the sky.

The falling stars reacted to the light and were altered into blood.

It felt like the world was covered by the light.

Moon shivered.

At last, at last!

After a long time of waiting, he attained his long-cherished desire.

From Moon's forehead and both wrists, a Devil's Seal came into view.

At the same time.

The Great City was drenched in blood.


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