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Chapter 139: Sky Devil Church (3)

TL: Nadu

Editor: Lesurous

'How in the world did Muyoung hyungnim enter the Sun Guild?'  

Kim Taehwan started to act quickly as he realized there wasn't much time left.   

Afterwards, Taehwan couldn't help but tilt his head to the side when he arrived at the front gate of the Sun Guild.  

As he had been so busy, he wasn't able to think deeply but he had no way of knowing how Muyoung became part of the Sun Guild.   

'From what I remember of hyungnim's skills, even the Sun Guild would be interested in him…'  

That's right. Muyoung was strong.   

From the time they met at the Blue Temple, he was strong, incomparable to anyone else.   

Even the great Sun Guild would try anything to recruit him if they knew Muyoung's true worth.   

However, Muyoung was always alone.   

He never socialized with anyone.   

He seemed like he purposely made a distance between others so that they didn't interfere with one another.   

And that sort of man entered the largest group, the Sun Guild?  

Those who know of Muyoung wouldn't be able to help but smile at the thought.  

Of course, it was in itself hard to believe that he was still alive.   

As, he had thought Muyoung died in the Sky Library.   

Even when he met the fully armored man a while ago, and had suspicions that the man might be Muyoung, but he didn't bother to really check because of the same reason.   

Taehwan was certain to some degree of Muyoung's death.  

'If he is alive, he would have secretly infiltrated the Sun Guild because he had a plan.'  

Taehwan inwardly nodded his head.   

Muyoung didn't like showing himself.   

He would have certainly spent his time with other guild members quietly.   

Even if Taehwan was to enter the Sun Guild, it was most difficult to know how he was going to find Muyoung.   

"Stop. What can I do for a member of the Luminescent Guild?"  

The Sun Guild's main castle.   

It was a huge castle that had about 10 floors and surrounding the huge building, the atmosphere was chaotic.    

Taehwan was fully alert as he felt like the guards who were walking around the place would draw their swords at any time.  

Among the guards, one asked Taehwan after seeing the Luminescent mark on his shoulder.   

"I'm looking for a person."  

"Who are you looking for?"  

"Someone named 'Muyoung'. He might go by a different name. Please allow me to enter to find him…"  

"Are you talking about Muyoung, the commander in chief?"  

Taehwan's eyes shook slightly.   

Was there such a position in the Sun Guild?  

If there was, he could feel the greatness of the position just from hearing his title.    

The commander in chief represented the highest commanding officer within an army.   

"The commander… in chief?"  

"Actually, the commander in chief did say that someone would come looking for him. Who should I tell him you are?"  

Taehwan was still doubtful but the cold atmosphere lifted somewhat .    

Since only the members of the Sun Guild knew about Muyoung, they felt that it would be unlikely for an enemy of his to appear.   

On the other hand, Taehwan was just dumbfounded.   

Was the commander in chief really the Muyoung he thought he knew?   

Muyoung's image was always close to solitude but the title was completely opposite to that image.   

On top, it was a ridiculously fast promotion speed.   

It had only been a year since Muyoung disappeared.   

It was obviously impossible for Muyoung to become the commander in chief in just 1 year even if he entered the Sun Guild right away and built his status.   

It would have also been impossible for Muyoung to gain that much ability in just 1 year.   

It was because, at the Blue Temple, Muyoung did stand out, but compared to the strongest humans, he was still lacking.    

"I'm 'Kim Taehwan'"  

Either way, the die were cast.   

After bringing up the name Muyoung, if their reaction wasn't great, he even thought of secretly infiltrating the castle or even fighting them.   

"Please wait here for a moment."  

A guard left.   

However, they didn't easily let Taehwan in.   

'They're impenetrable.'  

There were more than 20 people visible to Taehwan.   

To protect the castle, this many people were on watch.   

After waiting for about 30 minutes, the guard who went into the castle quickly ran out.   

"Please, enter. The commander in chief wishes to see you."  

How many people were members of the Sun Guild?  

There was a statistic that there were more than 20,000 people.   

Among them, most were middle-aged men who were members of the Sun Guild for more than 5 years and if he counted the visitors who stayed at the castle, there seemed to be about 21,000 to 22,000 people.   

If he added the people who worked for them, the numbers multiplied.   

Amongst the guilds, the Sun Guild definitely had a lot of members to be within the top 3.   

Of course, the group with the most members was, of course, the Holy City Mulalan.   

The city itself was a sanctuary and its inhabitants were a part of the group.   

Either way, that many members didn't all stay at the main castle.   

Nevertheless, the castle seemed full.   

"You just need to open this door and go in."  

The guard who escorted him up the 10 floors purely by walking slightly lowered his head and looked at the large iron door that was in front of Taehwan.   

Taehwan was overwhelmed just by walking up.   

Even though Taehwan entered the Luminescent Guild, one of the Nine Guilds, the size was incomparable.   

The Luminescent Guild might be half the size of the Sun Guild at most.   

But, did that mean the members of the Sun Guild were for quantity rather than quality?   

That wasn't the case.   

'Dragon Pond, Tiger Cave[1]."  

A pond where the dragon lives, or a cave where tigers live. Taehwan felt like he came to a place like that.   

Taehwan swallowed his saliva.   

Is the person on the other side of the door really Muyoung?  


He pushed the door half in doubt.  

Soon, the huge iron door pushed back and the interior of the room was visible.   

"It's been awhile."  

Taehwan couldn't help but freeze due to the voice that spoke as soon as he entered the room.   

He couldn't help but do so.   

There was no way he would have forgotten that voice.  

"Muyoung… hyungnim."  


He felt a shudder.   

He was truly Muyoung.   

Before he arrived, he thought 'perhaps it might be Muyoung' but it was no more than a thought.   

He also slightly felt as though he was dreaming.   

What was more surprising was Muyoung's appearance.   

'It's the same.'  

Muyoung wore the same armor as the man that disappeared into dust after dying from Hyungbish.   

Different from the huge door, the room was small and Muyoung was sitting in a chair with a dragon design while he looked over his responsibilities.   

It didn't suit him but it was still Muyoung.   

"Were you here from the beginning?"  

"I entered just recently. I think it has been a bit more than a month."  

"What's this about the commander in chief? It's my first time hearing about such a position."  

After putting down the documents he was looking over, Muyoung looked at Taehwan.   

"It was a position created temporarily. Since there is no one better than me to get rid of the bastards that are roaming around. That grandiose title wasn't made by me though."  

It was Hyacinth's opinion.   

That Muyoung needed a title that showed his high position to lead others.   

Taehwan was speechless as he was dumbfounded.   

In his head, Taehwan couldn't understand what in the world Muyoung would have done to receive such a position so easily from the Sun Guild.   

No, he was confused as to if this Muyoung was the Muyoung he knew of.    

In this place where there were tons of strong men, Muyoung had to be strong to be within the top 10 humans to stand out.   

"There are probably a lot of things you would like to tell me. But, before that, isn't there something you need to give me?"  


It seemed like Muyoung roughly knew why Taehwan came to this place.   

Taehwan nodded his head.   

Afterwards, he took out a crystal the size of a fingernail from his side.  

"Sungmin mister told me to give this to you."  

"It's an information crystal."  

There was a low possibility for them to drop a crystallization when a noble devil died.   

It seemed like Bae Sungmin created something similar on his own after watching.    

The magical power was contained in the crystal in the form of letters and images.  

After receiving the crystal, Muyoung's expression instantly became serious.   

'Moon. It's about him.'  

Muyoung knew Bae Sungmin didn't die.   

Although he didn't know about the details of the situation, he thought that Sungmin would approach him in some way.   

Then, Taehwan appeared and gave him a crystal with important information.   

Muyoung dismantled the crystal with his eyes and concentrated on it further.   

Muyoung did attack the guys who camped at the Sky Library once but lost.   

The Command Clan, jiangshi, and some guys who he wasn't able to identify.   

Probably the followers of the Sky Devil Church.   

And Moon…  

He wasn't able to push them away.   

Although Muyoung was able to evade all kinds of traps and fight them face-to-face, he was stopped by the mighty seventh type of jiangshi and Moon.   

Muyoung went into battle himself but the results were the same. Even if Moon hid his body, there was no gap to get to him.  

Numerous devils protected Moon. As a result, they failed in their assassination.   

To assassinate a strong person, they said it took a while but to assassinate Moon, it seemed like it would take at least a few years.   

It seemed like he didn't have any kind of weakness.   

However, the information Bae Sungmin gave him would be different in some way.   

- Moon. He deals with this space and within it he raises devils. He uses power related to the space but he has a weakness.   

He flinched while he read along the inner crystal.   

A weakness!   

Moon had a weakness?!  

- A signpost to maintain the space. There wasn't anything visible like a talisman. It is impossible to always maintain that much space and devils just by using a skill. It meant that his powers can only be exhibited in special areas.   

- The hexagrams buried underground. If you destroy the things made by an unknown material, Moon would also lose his strength. A total of six, one in the Sky Library and the other five placed somewhere within the Great City…  


He clenched his left fist tightly   

And pressed the button on top of his desk.   


It filled the castle with noise.   

"What did you do?"  

"It's the signal to strengthen the boundaries and to hold an emergency meeting. Follow me."  

Muyoung quickly started to move.   

Moon's weakness who no one could find out.   

That was found by Bae Sungmin.   

He had no more time to waste.   

Remove the hexagrams hidden within the Great City!   

It was the special command Muyoung gave during the meeting.   

Instantly few dozens of detached forces were created and they started to investigate the Great City.   

And for the friendship with the Luminescent Guild, Kim Taehwan was treated as an envoy.   

If things worked out well, Muyoung thought Taehwan's position would be strengthened and a connection with the Luminescent Guild would be possible.   

Muyoung also didn't just fool around.   

Late in the evening.   

Muyoung became a shadow.   

Although he failed in assassinating Moon, others couldn't escape Muyoung's touch.   

'As expected, he was here.'  

Muyoung found his whereabouts by using the intelligence branch through Hyacinth.   


Finally, caught his tail.   

Because he could suddenly appear and vanish into thin air, if Muyoung moved with a group, Hyungbish would notice and run away.   

His abilities were so great that even within the Command Clan, his rank would be around the top.   

And so, Muyoung came to this place on his own.   

However, if it was Hyungbish, he was worth Muyoung acting alone.   

With his subordinates, Hyungbish was on the other side of the building chanting a spell with his eyes closed.   

He was creating a trial.   


Muyoung who thought it was the best time to act, started to move.   

He became one with the darkness and no one was able to hear his footsteps.  His sword strike was accurate.   


The moonlight reflected off Anguish and spread everywhere.   

At the same time, Hyungbish's right arm was cut off and a line continued to the middle of his chest.   

'It's low.'  

It was a perfect success.   

But, from the beginning, Muyoung didn't think he could assassinate Hyungbish with 100% certainty.   

Hyungbish wasn't a man who would die just because you cut off a part of his body.   

But, this was enough.   

"An assassin?"  

Hyungbish winced. Although blood was flooding out, he didn't show any signs of surprise.   


"Do you know me? That means you would also know that you would die."  

A master of the Command Clan.   

His upper body split open.   

At the same time, from the inner parts of his body, numerous tentacles poured out and surrounded him.   

These tentacles didn't differentiate between friend or foe. Instead, it ate up his surrounding subordinates and recovered his injuries.   

Also, a few types of red jiangshi also appeared.  

It was apparent that Muyoung was getting into a difficult fight.   

However, Muyoung calmly took out his talisman.   

"Sword Two, Sword Three, and King Mutant."  

From the talisman, three undead popped out.   

It wasn't a 'one against many' type of situation.   

"Undead? That's unusual."  

Hyungbish's eyes were filled with curiosity.   

He was a corpse sorcerer who was able to handle corpses.   

He was also a great master.   

Hyungbish quickly realized that Muyoung's undead weren't ordinary just by looking at them.   

"You will soon be added to this line."  

Muyoung made a short affirmation.   

If Muyoung made Hyungbish into an undead, he could sway the Command Clan.   

And so, he had to win this fight.   

[1] Dragon Pond, Tiger Cave - A four-character idiom that means a very rough and dangerous place. The four characters specifically mean a deep pond where the dragon lives and a cave where the tiger lives.   


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