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Chapter 137: Sky Devil Church (1)

TL: Nadu

Editor: Lesurous

Muyoung left the storage room after looking around a bit more.
'Alexandro. I now know why you disappeared.'
It was the story about the Command Clan and the Sun Guild.
However, the story went a bit differently than how Muyoung had remembered.
The incident in which the Command Clan tried to infiltrate the Great City, failed originally.
The incident ended quietly because the Command Clan was counterattacked before they could even fully start.
All of the clans and guilds gathered their strength and drove them out.
However, this time they weren't able to gather their strength.
They weren't able to manage it beforehand.
As a result, the Command Clan was able to infiltrate deep into parts of the Great City.
'There is no greater butterfly effect than this.'
If the Sun Guild was the center of the Nine Great Guilds, the Lawless Clan was the center of the Five Great Clans.
But, the Lawless Clan was in a situation where they couldn't act easily.
They were quite weakened because of the ancient spirit, the 'Disordered Terror'.
Because the Lawless Clan couldn't use their strength, the other clans cautiously studied the situation.
They seemed like they weren't planning to become enemies with the Command Clan.
A divided power was easy to penetrate through.
Alexandro had realized this truth beforehand.
There was no way for that snake like bastard to just go into hiding for no reason.
'Alexandro is moving with the most valuable treasure within the Sun Guild, the Sun Mirror, to stop the Command Clan's ultimate goal and to take their power entirely.'
In other words, Alexandro hid himself to engross everything.
What was it about for him to even hide himself?
It meant that the Command Clan had something that even the one who reigned as the king of the Great City wanted badly.
And now Muyoung knew what that was.
Muyoung's hand touched Anguish.
The problem wasn't the Sun Guild.
'The sect leader of Sky Devil church and the successor of Makura, one of the Eight Deva Guardians of Buddhism.'
He was the mastermind.
Even the Command Clan was just a chess piece controlled by him.
'I thought I heard a lot about it from somewhere.'
Sky Devil Church. There wasn't a group like that in the Underworld. Well, used to not be one.
However, it appeared all of a sudden.
It was after the Great Calamity.
They built a huge castle and lured people to become a place greater than the Holy City Mulalan.
Then, a cult judge who took two thousand soldiers to Sky Devil Church was killed and a huge battle called the 'Holy War' erupted.
However, they were unable to come to a conclusion easily.
Even when fifty thousand crusaders and a hundred thousand priests joined forces.
For a newly created cult, the Sky Devil Church was extremely strong.
And the one behind this strength….
'He raised devils.'
He's was a devil.
The cult leader, Moon knew how to control devils.
At one point in time, there were even rumors of him being a Demon King, but in fact, he was half human.
Another transcendental being with the blood mixed in.
The Holy City Mulalan won in the end but due to this, they weren't able to exhibit their great strength when the Demon Kings and Demon Gods invaded.
And so, Muyoung needed to catch him now.
If Muyoung lost him now, he wouldn't be able to take back the 10 years he would lose due to him and Moon would deal a great blow weakening humanity's strength after the Great Calamity.
Muyoung's gaze became much sharper.
Moon, the cult leader of Sky Devil Church was after one thing.
'Sky Devil.'
The devils of the sky.
The source of evil.
Wasn't it said that if you gather the Eight Deva Guardians of Buddhism that Buddha would descend?
That Buddha would descend and save humanity. There was such classified information.
The Sky Devil was a similar context.
From the sky, a true devil will descend and save humanity.
However, the method of saving was different as the Sky Devil saved humanity by 'slaughtering'.
'That man is trying to sacrifice the Great City to descend the Sky Devil.'
Making those trials in all kinds of dungeons was just practice.
He was currently trying to create the 'Sky Devil's Trial'.
If it gets created, Muyoung couldn't be certain of the results, but it would be a catastrophe large enough to wipe out the Great City.
No one would be able to stop him.
'If my memory is correct, Alexandro can't stop him.'
Moon was a transcendental being. He was human but also not human.
Even if Alexandro was within the top 10 humans, he couldn't win against Moon.
He could try to take one shot to win with the Sun Mirror but from what Muyoung remembered, Moon didn't have any flaws.
He was someone who couldn't be assassinated.
Of course, Muyoung understood Alexandro's intentions.
If he was to vacate the Sun Guild, the Command Clan would run wilder and Moon, the one behind it all, would show himself.
Alexandro was correct up to that point but he misjudged as he didn't verify how strong his opponent was.
Muyoung knew because of his memories, but truthfully, there was no way for Alexandro to find out.
'I guess… I need to stop him.'
Only Muyoung perceived the situation correctly.
However, if Moon was left alone like this, even Muyoung would be swept away by him.
Muyoung refused to be in that sort of situation.
He was going to kill Moon, the cult leader of Sky Devil Church, and keep his promise with Asura.
And after finding out what Alexandro was really after, Muyoung was going to snatch it from him.
It would be enough if Muyoung completed these two things.
A barrier was used to block someone from entering.
And a reality marble blocked the world from entering.
It allowed the user to fill the space with their own color and suffocate their opponent.

"You're amazing. It's a shame you guys are Asura's underlings."
Moon was relaxed.
On the other hand, Bae Sungmin and Tacan became total wrecks.
Their bodies were burned all over and their joints were dislocated.
They were only able to fight continuously up until now because their skills greatly improved while they were with Muyoung.
It was true. Their skills did improve.
However, it wasn't enough.
To kill Moon… that monster.
"Whose life is more of a waste?"
Tacan held his sword properly.
Within the barrier, it was crawling with devils.
Like a flock of bats, there seemed to be at least a few thousand.
The devils Moon had raised within his reality marble.
No matter how many they killed, there was no end.
Because of this, they couldn't even reach him.
"If you really calculate it, I think it's more of a waste for the lich to die."
"Kuekuekue! Your eyes must be skewed! You will be sorry if you look down on the Evil Spirit Predator Tacan."
"It sad to kill you guys both. What do you guys think about becoming my underlings by accepting my rite?"
"The blessing of the Sky Devil. You will forget all your worries and your sorrows. Being invited to true paradise. I'll grant you a greater happiness."
It was no different than a pseudo-religion.  
On the outside, it seems the same as any religion but the roots were very different.
The rite he talked about probably meant brainwashing.
"Do you think I'll be brainwashed by someone like you?"
The Evil Spirit Predator Tacan.
He was the terror and king of evil spirits and had devoured numerous evil spirits.
Although his strength did decrease quite a bit by coming to this world, his will didn't die off with it.
Turn his back because he was going to lose?
Well, Tacan didn't really have any promises to keep with Muyoung.  
Since Muyoung only bossed him around.
However, Muyoung was the successor of Asura.
Asura. The king of all monsters.
A true sovereign that couldn't be compared to a king of evil spirits!
Since Muyoung was Asura's successor, there was a need to remain a bit loyal.
"Lich, do you think the same as the spirit?"

Bae Sungmin didn't answer.
He tried to find out this barrier's structure and a way to get out.
Bae Sungmin acted as the Disordered Terror and wore his soul.
The Disordered Terror was an ancient spirit.
It was a monster that even reached the state of a half god by absorbing a world tree.
Of course, the universe that is engraved on its soul transcended normal perception.
Just, Sungmin didn't use it much because it placed pressure on his brain.
But, it was different now.
'Two is impossible.'
He had found out about the structure and was able to read the weak point to the barrier.
There was a weak point.
However, both couldn't escape.
Bae Sungmin looked at Taan.
Just by exchanging gazes, Tacan understood Bae Sungmin's intentions.
"That's unfortunate."
Moon worked the devils as he smacked his lips.
Tacan spoke to Sungmin quietly.
"Tell him. Although the time we spent together was short, that it was fun."
Things he couldn't experience while trapped in Asura's Path.
They were adventure and excitement.
By following Muyoung's path, he even felt shudders and at times he was even envious.
Envious of Muyoung who was getting stronger each day.
'It was nice to be able to experience this world, if only for a short while.'
As expected, it was more fun to be with the living than the dead.
'I'll make you realize why I am called the king of evil spirits.'
He was incomparable to the past when he completely lost against the Sword Bone Trio.
He was that much stronger.
He absorbed each of their skills and made them his own.
It seemed like he could have a good fight now if he was to fight against Sword One again.
'Muyoung. It's a bit of a shame I wasn't able to fight with him.'
It wasn't like he didn't have regrets.
However, they were all stories of the past.
"I understand."
Bae Sungmin nodded his head.
Then, Tacan went first and opened the way.
"Come at me! You scumbags!"

Their signals were disconnected.
Bae Sungmin and Tacan.
'They were attacked?'
Muyoung's expression instantly hardened.
Someone who could win against those two. It was extremely rare even if they were in the Command Clan.
At best, Hyungbish.
However, it would still be impossible for Hyungbish to fight and kill them both.
'Bae Sungmin and Tacan's visions weren't accessible.'
It was strange.
When an undead dies, what they last experience before their death normally becomes visible to Muyoung.
This was one of the Death Lord's authorities.
However, no images entered Muyoung's head.
He just felt the disconnection from the two.  
'Someone who can offset an authority.'
Furthermore, if it's the Death Lord's authority…
It could only be a transcendental being.
Among the humans, there was currently no one who was close to becoming a transcendental being.
But, there was someone who he was suspicious about.
Moon. He was a transcendental being when he first appeared 10 years in the future.
Of course, he would be in a similar state or slightly weaker right now.
Muyoung ground his teeth.
It was a costly mistake to lose Bae Sungmin and Tacan.
However, he couldn't just stay put.
'I'm certain that they were heading towards the Sky Library.'
But, he was still able to know where they were headed.
The connection lasted until there.
However, if they camped at the Sky Library, it was impossible for him to go up there alone.
That's why Muyoung returned to the Sun Guild and went to Abdullon with Hyacinth.
Abdullon was the vice guild master of the Sun Guild.
There wasn't anyone even protecting his room.
It was because his hands and feet were tied due to Hyacinth's brothers and sisters.
"You are Muyoung… and Hyacinth?"
Abdullon lowered his head as he wore a white gown.
Muyoung spoke instead of Hyacinth.
"Right now, the Great City is in grave danger. You are already familiar with the invasion of the Command Clan, right?"
Abdullon's face hardened.
He was curious as to why Muyoung spoke casually to him and how he even knew about the Command Clan.
If Muyoung came to him with knowledge, there was no point in lying.
"If I do know?"
"I have found the Command Clan's base."
"Is that true?!"
"It's the Sky Library. However, we can't just solve the problem on our own. We need to use all the military strength of the Sun Guild."
"I have no powers to do so."
"You have the authority though."
"Do you think the world revolves around a cause with just authority?"
Muyoung shook his head.
Then, Hyacinth came forward.
"I'll help. The strength of six seals should be enough."
Abdullon led out a small sigh as he looked at Hyacinth.
"Hyacinth, you need the majority. You need at least 8 seals to place strength on my authority and the cause."
"We are short on two. I understand. I'll gather it quickly."
"Hyacinth…? How can you?"
"I have realized something. That you can never pretend to be weak. Watch me."
Hyacinth turned her body right away.
As if it wasn't hard to collect two more seals.
After watching Hyacinth's change, Muyoung inwardly admired her.
'She is growing.'
The weak girl in the past was slowly becoming an adult.
This also could be considered as a development.


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