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Chapter 134: Hyacinth (3)

TL: Nadu

Editor: Lesurous

A Sun shaped seal.

It was a very small item, the size of a thumb, but it's worth was beyond one's imaginations.

It was because this little seal had about 100 permanent skills and numerous authorities within it.

There were famous stories of a sneak called the Biggest Thief, and of the master artisans who were famous for replication. Yet both failed to get their hands on the seal.

It was definitely impossible to replicate and even within the Sun Guild, as there were only 15 seals, it goes without saying how rare these were.

"You really did win…"

Even if quite a lot of time that had passed since the trial had ended, Hyacinth was surprised.

It seemed like she was still unable to differentiate between real and unreal with her slightly flushed face and eyes that hazily lost focus.

It wasn't strange for her to be like that.

To be honest, she gave up after hearing Muyoung's opponent was 'Bastille'.

Even within the Sun Guild, he was someone that was within the top 20 people.

Because he enjoyed slaughtering, he always killed the opponent he fought.

However, he wasn't swayed easily. Mendini had him, who didn't act for most temptations, as his substitute.

Other brothers and sisters would have probably helped out.

She had given up thinking that this was 'the end', but goodness!

"Were you not confident?"

"It's Bastille! He was a match for a hundred people! He wiped out an entire dungeon on his own and was even famous for destroying 'IM' Guild… how could I possibly believe you could win?"

"You lack self-confidence. There are a lot more cards in your hands than you think."

Hyacinth would be surprised if she realized how many advantages she held.

She just didn't know how to use them right now.

Hyacinth's eyes shook.

The small and pure girl was still in shock.

"I still can't believe it. Someone like you volunteered to stay beside me."

"Wasn't it you who looked for someone?"

To be exact, it was Hyacinth who looked for a person first.

Since it was Hyacinth who spread around papers looking for a bodyguard all over the Great City.

However, since Hyacinth's position was so uncertain and most of the people in the Great City knew of this, not many hastily came forward to be her bodyguard.

If you looked at the rumor's surrounding Hyacinth, it was basically this.

The misfortunate girl who was sold off to the Arpeggio Guild.

The victim of a power struggle.


It seemed like she had these nicknames because she was bullied.

Humans tend to find a scapegoat whenever a fight occurred.

The youngest and the weakest, Hyacinth was chosen in this situation.

Of course, others knew of this truth.

That they would get hurt in this fight if they decided to register as her bodyguard.

Most of the people who registered and said they would become her bodyguard did it for money or were just dead weight who had impure intentions towards Hyacinth.

And by chance, she was able to get Muyoung.

"That's right but…"

"I have little worldly experience, I just trained a lot until now."

Muyoung didn't tell the whole truth about himself and spiced it up a bit.

It seemed like Hyacinth had no choice but to inevitably accept his answer.

"But then again, you can't just win against Bastille with a day or two worth of training…"

The investigation on Muyoung had already ended.

However, no matter how much they tried, they couldn't find any dirt on him.

Muyoung was like a person who suddenly spurted from thin air.

But, if that reason was because he was training in a secluded area, it was understandable to a certain degree.

Currently, Hyacinth was going to believe Muyoung as much as she could, even if he told her water was fire.

Muyoung spoke calmly.

"I thought there is no better place to gain worldly experience than this place."

"I can be confident about that part. The place beside me is more spectacular than another other place."

The place Muyoung sat was first class.

Worldly experience? You could experience a whole lot of things if you stayed within the Sun Guild.

The tip of Muyoung's lips slightly went up.

It was interesting to see her give off such a determined impression when she set her mind to it, as when he first saw her, she just seemed like a weak girl.

The short conversation ended and Hyacinth let out a deep sigh before she broached the main topic.

"By the way… what are we going to do about this?"

The Sun shaped seal.

She had earned the seal after winning the 'Trial of Swords'.

The ownership of the seal had already been vested to Hyacinth.

"It's yours. It's a privilege you would naturally enjoy."

"If I have two, I can enter the B rank treasure storage room whenever I want. Like the name implies, it's a room where B rank equipment is piled up like a mountain. It should be okay to get at most three items."

"I don't need it."

Although Hyacinth spoke in goodwill, if it was B rank equipment, he didn't need to greed over it.

It was better to not receive anything now and continue to make her feel indebted.

It was an action to try and take the load off her mind even a bit but as Muyoung wouldn't accept it, Hyacinth let out a sigh.

"Then, would there be a reason for me to use it?"

"The seal is power itself. Just by holding it, it will become your symbol."

"However… I will soon be a foreigner."

"Do you want to go to the Arpeggio Guild?"

"No way! I also don't want to be sold off to that sort of rude person. I think I'm too good for him."

Hyacinth quickly declined.

As if he already knew she would act like this, Muyoung continued to talk.

"Then, collect more seals. You can just possess enough power so that no one could refuse you, even if you speak your mind."

Just collect more seals.

They were very cruel words to Hyacinth.

In the end, it meant for her to have a bloody fight with her brothers and sisters.

"The seals…"

The two seals.

Hyacinth's eyes expressed her nervousness.

"But Muyoung, will we really be okay? It's not that I don't believe in you but there are too many and too strong opponents."

"Of course."

Muyoung spoke with weight in his voice.

Firm. Confident.

He didn't use these expressions often but it seemed like he could use it quite effectively right now.

Then, Muyoung looked straight into Hyacinth's eyes and placed his hands on her shoulders and slowly spoke, articulating each word.

"There is no one who could win against me at this place."

"One rotten apple has spoiled the barrel."

Inside a huge hall.

The executives of the Sun Guild sat together and continued their conversation.

"We need to rout that fake Prestige Knight."

A man spoke.

The current topic of their conversation was, of course, regarding the man who defeated Bastille.

However, they had no cause.

The man, Muyoung, wasn't part of the Sun Guild.

He was just hired to be Hyacinth's personal bodyguard.

"With what cause?"

Everyone knew of this.

They had failed to pressure Hyacinth to drive out Muyoung.

On the contrary, they realized the seriousness of this problem after seeing Hyacinth confidently countering their argument.

"Hyacinth is being controlled by that man."

"Then, should we reopen the Trial of Swords? Using revenge against Mendini as the cause?"

"It's too much for Mendini who isn't worth even a penny."

"I don't really want to stand up for him."

Mendini's value was already worthless.

No one protected Mendini any further.

He was already no different than half dead.

To open the Trial of Swords for a man who isn't even worth using as the cause?

There wouldn't be anything more embarrassing than that.

"Brothers, I will take care of it."

Then, from the corner, a man who quietly looked at the floor, spoke.

"Ed Ranger, you will?"

"Isn't it unnecessary for you brothers to get your hands dirty with this sort of work?"

When there was a big or small matter they couldn't handle on the surface, this man always came forward.

In fact, everyone was secretly hoping he would come forward.

Everyone's eyes were filled with trust.

Ed Ranger then made an offer.

"I will place a request to the Forest of Death."

"The Forest of Death…"

Everyone murmured. Everyone was surprised.

The Forest of Death.

All the people gathered at this place knew the power of those three words.

However, it couldn't be spoken of thoughtlessly.

The Forest of Death was the Sun Guild and the other huge guilds' weakness.

The Forest of Death was a group created to monopolize their interests and to maintain them.

Now they operated independently and accepted requests they like but…

Ed Ranger had spoken about the Forest of Death.

"He is strong enough to even defeat Bastille. A decent assassin wouldn't work. Instead, it would only cause backlash. So, we should resolve this situation quietly before then, right?"

He argued that it was better to send a strong person from the start.

He certainly did have a point.

Ed Ranger continued to talk.

"Brothers, you just need to quietly stay silent."

No one replied.

However, Ed Ranger faintly showed a smile.

He also knew that silence was a yes.

Assassins wearing black masks sat on top of the castle.

Their numbers were roughly twenty.

Even if their feet touched the ground, they didn't even make a sound.

They were even controlling the sound of their heartbeat and breathing.

They didn't lack to be called top notch.

They came down by climbing the wall and entered the room Muyoung was staying in.

Swoosh! Swack!

The moment they looked around and entered the room, two assassins immediately fell to the floor.

From the walls and from the darkness, snakes popped out and ripped the necks of the assassins.

"Welcome guests…"

Before they were aware of, the man among the assassins spoke.

The assassins were quickly taken back and moved away from the man, but he was one step faster.

As the man grabbed an assassin with his hand, the assassin's whole body became soft and melted.

The man was Ataraxia.

Originally, he was an assassin who only took orders from Lawless Jin, the head of the Lawless Clan, and was ordered to attack Muyoung in the Demon God's Territory.

However, he failed his assassination of Muyoung, lost his life, and became an undead.

However, Ataraxia had skills even Muyoung was surprised of.

His entire body was trained purely for assassinations.

He contained lethal poison in his body, handled numerous deadly snakes, and chewed his enemies whole.

To fight against Ataraxia, they would need more than twenty top assassins, they would need assassins whose ranked in the 10th range.



A room in darkness.

Ataraxia, who instantly killed twenty top assassins, only to again enter the room and kneel.

"I've cleared them all. My master."

"Since I've received a present, I need to return the favor, right? Ataraxia?"

And the man, Muyoung, who sat on the edge of the bed, spoke.

Muyoung watched the situation from the beginning to the end.


"Ed Ranger. Kill him. It will be possible if it's now."

"I accept your order."


Ataraxia hid his form.

There was no way for Muyoung to not know of their communication.

Muyoung had already placed his strength in different places of the castle.

Although they would never have expected it, it meant that it wasn't just Muyoung who entered the castle.

On top, Ed Ranger would be completely careless and believe that the assassination was a success right about now.

If Muyoung was after him, now was the right time.

Since if he hears that the assassination failed, his defenses would strengthen.

'They used the Forest of Death.'

Muyoung looked at the clothes the assassins were wearing.


He unconsciously grinded his teeth.

The Forest of Death…

It seemed like the Forest of Death was strangely inextricably bound to Muyoung.

Ed Ranger had died.

"This, what is this…"


His head was cut off.

Afterwards, it was placed on a pole located at the entrance.

As it became morning, everyone was shocked and quickly moved to hide the situation.

However, the death of Ed Ranger quickly spread throughout the Great City.

It was an event that was more shocking than Mendini's defeat.

Also, it was a warning sent to them by Muyoung.

For them to stop playing tricks.

Those who were associated couldn't help but keep their mouths shut.

If they were to question Muyoung, they would naturally be linked to the Forest of Death.

There was nothing good if they were found to be working with the Forest of Death.

On the other hand, those who weren't associated but were determined to find out about the truth of this incident.

"For a shameful event to occur within the Sun Guild. The Fire Dragon Knights and I will investigate this event with full authority."

Among them was 'Lennon', the leader of the Fire Dragon Knights and one of the 1st knights of the Sun Guild.

The man who was recognized as the proof of integrity within the Sun Guild.

Of course, one of the people who possessed a Sun Seal!

Lennon and his knights gained full authority and started to investigate this event.


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