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Chapter 133: Hyacinth (2)

TL: Nadu

Editor: Lesurous

They say that a low frequency accompanied a lion's roar and prevented their prey from moving.
In other words, an intangible energy greatly influencing a living creature.
Muyoung's currently was like that.
As the family member of the Sun Guild's leader, Mendini would have grown up eating well since he was young. That was why he was completely the opposite from Muyoung who went through struggles upon struggles.
A sheltered life.
His obese body which didn't even have any calluses.
It showed how much he neglected training.
It was inconceivable that this sort of man was Alexandro's child.

Muyoung instinctively knew that Mendini was easily frightened.
Muyoung was able to judge a person to a certain degree just by their body movement, the movement of their eyes, or the unique scent that flows out when a person is nervous.
Unless they were specially trained to hide these sort of emotions…
'He's pathetic.'
Muyoung inwardly clicked his tongue.
He was Alexandro's family. So, there was no way he wouldn't have received that sort of training.
He would have also developed a mental defense mechanism extremely well.
However, Mendini was shivering just from Muyoung's forceful words.
He was pathetic and furthermore a disappointment.
A tiger's child that couldn't even be a dog.
Wasn't he just a greedy pig then?
Just by having a taste of Muyoung's vigor, Mendini was continuously breaking out into a cold sweat.
In Mendini's eyes, Muyoung was seen as a king of the underworld.
Muyoung's hand gradually pushed down on Mendini's shoulder.
As Mendini naturally let go of Hyacinth's hand, Muyoung threw Mendini to the ground.
"Wh, what are you guys doing! Kill him!"
The grin disappeared.
Mendini spoke with a face brutally ravaged by anger.
Then, the dozen bodyguards instantly surrounded Muyoung.
"D, don't do this. Mendini oppa."
"You bitch! Did you sleep with that bastard already? Both of you guys will never get away with this!"
Mendini shouted this as he dragged his butt on the floor quickly moving back to hide behind his bodyguards.
Hyacinth's body shivered faintly.
It was because she had never heard of this sort of improper remark.
"You weren't normally like this, Mendini oppa. Why…"
Muyoung placed his hand on top of Hyacinth, who bursted into tears.
Hyacinth must not break down right now.
For Muyoung's goal, she must not stop fighting against him.
So, he decided to help her.
"There's more than meets the eye."
Hyacinth was too young.
So, she needed to be tougher.
So no one would disregard her or look down on her just because she was young.
During this time when Alexandro had concealed his whereabouts, she needed to create her own territory so that others wouldn't violate it.
Muyoung quietly whispered.
"The world isn't as beautiful as a painting either."
This world, this Underworld, was filled with filth.
The only difference was how much they were covered by it.
The world in which everyone lived in was never beautiful or clean.
She needed to know this.
If she simply avoided this, it would only cause her tragedy one day.
Mendini's dozen bodyguards raised their swords.
However, Anguish didn't cry.
'Are you saying they aren't even worth showing your true color?'
Muyoung couldn't help but smirk.
Anguish didn't even wake up. As if it wasn't a fight it needed to show up for.
It meant they were below its standard.
It was a completely different attitude compared to when it desired the blood of the monsters in the Demon God's Territory.
It couldn't be helped since the fighting power of humans was very lacking.
At most, their main stats would be within 250.
Muyoung didn't even take out Anguish.
A dragon form created from flame appeared behind Muyoung's back.
As the dragon cried loudly, the guards in the surrounding couldn't help but stop lunging towards Muyoung.
However, the dragon did not have mercy just because they stopped.
As it opened its mouth widely, it devoured five people instantly.
There wasn't even time for them to burn. They just became ash and fell to the floor.
"A dragon knight…?"
Everyone was shocked.
Mendini's expression was especially worth watching.
Mendini only knew that Muyoung was a Prestige Knight, he wasn't well aware of Muyoung's skills.
There weren't many who volunteered to be Hyacinth's bodyguard and their skills were all lacking,so he wasn't able to fully figure out Muyoung.
'Was he truly a Prestige Knight?!'
One by one they all burned and disappeared.
It was hard to even read Muyoung's movements.
Was the Prestige Knights in the legend like him?
The ones who fought through thousands, millions of enemies and cut through the necks of Demon Kings.
Afterwards, the ashes of the guards blew away.
Mendini was only able to watch with his widened eyes.
Soon, Mendini who finally recovered his senses, noticed he had wet his pants.  
He had pissed himself from being afraid.
As Muyoung approached, he awkwardly fell and spoke with clenched teeth.
"Don't you know who I am?! You won't be safe after killing me!"
At the same time, Hyacinth grabbed Muyoung's sleeve.
Even in this situation, she was worryied about Mendini?
However, thankfully it didn't seem to be true.
Her eyes seemed to be worried about Muyoung as it might be hard for Muyoung to manage if things got worse due to Mendini.
"I will just cut off the hand that touched you."
She didn't even see him move.
In the blink of an eye, Anguish popped out and took Mendini's right hand before it returned to its original spot.
"Gaaaaaaaaak! My hand! My hand!!"
Mendini rolled on the ground as he held his wrist as it spurted out blood.
Nevertheless, Muyoung's face didn't even change in the slightest.
Hyacinth momentarily looked at the scene she was seeing.
However, that was all.
Even if she grew up sheltered in the Underworld, seeing a corpse was still an everyday experience.
"As a Prestige Knight, there is only one person I serve. Not the Sun Guild, and no one else. So, you can be more confident."
It was obvious who that one person was.
Only one person.
The sweetness in those words was enough to bring Hyacinth to her senses.
Hyacinth clenched her fist as she looked into Muyoung's eyes.
As if she was making a promise silently.
The news about Mendini losing his hand spread far and wide.
Of course, a lot of people swarmed in to interrogate Hyacinth but whenever they did Hyacinth clearly spoke.
"Mendini oppa tried to molest me. As my knight, he just did what he needed to do."
"There is no way Mendini would do that! You are just lying to protect that knight!"
"Second eldest unni[1], it's not a lie."
"He said that all he did was approach you because he gained interest in your painting. But, you cut off his hand? I didn't know you were that spiteful."
The only ones who lived after watching the incident were Mendini, Hyacinth, and Muyoung.
However, the story of both sides was completely different and the one to give others more faith in was unfortunately Mendini's.
"I'm telling the truth. But, what are you going to do by continuously insisting that it's a lie? Are you telling me to give up Muyoung's life? By pressuring me with this many soldiers?"
A few hundred soldiers were positioned inside and outside of her room.
However, Hyacinth didn't yield an inch.
Normally, she would have bent down.
The woman who was called the second eldest sister seemed a bit taken back.
"Of course! We are the foundations of the Sun Guild. An outsider who suddenly appeared tried to kill one of these pillars. Is it not obvious for him to give up his life?"
"If we can't bridge our different views, we have no other choice. Wasn't the system the 'Trial of Swords' made for these situations?"
The woman widened her eyes.
The Trial of Swords.
It was a system created to battle for the truth when a situation arises where people couldn't bridge their differences and it could not be resolved by basic rules.
Simply, it was somewhat of a selfish system that stated the stronger person was the winner.
However, it was moderately acceptable in the fact that the swords spoke the truth.
That system was mentioned by none other than Hyacinth.
And Muyoung stood behind Hyacinth like a great mountain.
'She is wise.'
Hyacinth was young and softhearted but wasn't simply a gentle girl.
To protect herself and Muyoung, she instinctively knew that this was the only way.
She needed to advance forward and not bend the knee to live.
Muyoung was planning to forcefully drag her forward if he needed to but it was a good thing she realized this on her own.
"Do you know what you are saying?"
"I do. It is a trial against each other by betting each other's seal."
All the children of the Sun Guild had a seal.
That seal itself was all of their strength.
The Trial of Swords was a fight with everything on the line.
"I'll nominate Muyoung as my substitute. Is my opponent going to be you, unni? Or Mendini oppa who is now sick in bed?"
"You… were you always this sort of child?"
"It was brothers and sisters who made me like this."
Hyacinth didn't back down even an inch.
Hence, the woman who was fed up with her turned her body as she clicked her tongue.
"If you want, I understand. Let's have a Trial of Swords. It seems like you trust in that Prestige Knight or whatever he is but there are much stronger people in our Sun Guild."
As if it was too late even if she regretted her decision, the woman stared at Hyacinth once before she walked away.
All of the soldiers followed the woman.

Shortly after, Hyacinth sighed deeply in her empty room.
"Whooo! I'm still not sure if this is a good thing."
"Everything will turn out well."
Muyoung was certain.
Now, while Alexandro is vacant.
Through Hyacinth, he was going to infiltrate much deeper into the Sun Guild.
'To strike root and absorb its nutrients.'
There were a lot of places that only Alexandro and his deputy could enter.
Even Muyoung was reluctant because of the maximum security.
However, if Hyacinth collected the family seals and gained a much higher authority, he would be able to enter those places.
Even though Hyacinth was arranged to be married to another guild, it was only on the surface.
On top of that, if Hyacinth was able to gain authority, she would be able to refuse that sort of promise.
The Sun Guild was a place with that sort of strength.
Even more, it was told that there was a mountain of numerous hidden treasures and information in the Sun Guild.
Even in the past, Muyoung was unable to properly steal from this place.
It was exciting just by imagining what could be in this place.
A moment later, Hyacinth spoke as if she relaxed a bit.
"But, when did you start talking using the familiar form?"
"Is it uncomfortable?"
"Ummm…. No, it's good. I like this better."
Muyoung wasn't sure what was good but Hyacinth nodded after thinking for a second.
Coming to an internal decision, she continued to talk.
"From now on, when it's just us, call me Hya. It's my nickname I only allow people who are close to me to call me. Try saying it. Hya."
"I'll say it later."
"Not later, now. Hya!"
At the same time, Hyacinth blushed her cheeks.
"Gogood job. Continue to call me that."
As if she felt awkward, she plumped herself onto the bed.
Muyoung sat beside her.
Within the silence, a trust was formed.

The substitute Mendini brought was an experienced warrior with a red beard.
He was a strong man, definitely strong enough to be in the top 300 humans. However, his strength was lacking compared to Muyoung's flames.
Bastille's red beard was on fire due to Muyoung's dragon flames.
Then, everyone looked at Bastille who lose consciousness and fall to the floor, as if they couldn't believe what they were seeing.
An unexpected change.
An unexpected change close to a natural calamity had occurred.
No matter how strong Muyoung was, Bastille was a warrior who was labeled as one of the strongest within the Sun Guild!
"This, this is unbelievable…."
Mendini who watched this scene from afar, foamed at the mouth and passed out.
The tradition of the Sun Guild.
He lost in the Trial of Swords.
He bet his seal on the trial.
The seal was his strength, his authority, his everything.
Since Hyacinth had taken that away from him, Mendini's future was crystal clear.

[1] unni - It is a term for a woman to call an older woman or an older female sibling.


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