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Chapter 132: Hyacinth (1)

TL: Nadu

Editor: Lesurous

A late night.

Muyoung was lost in thought for a moment as he sat on the ledge of the castle.

How was Muyoung in the main castle of the Sun Guild?

To explain this situation, he needed to return to 40 days before.

First, to earn the Hamel's Rune Ring, Muyoung left the Demon God's Territory and entered the Great City right away.

He infiltrated the Sun Guild by forging his identity, and afterwards, he realized that Alexandro Quintart was missing.

On top of that, it was then that he realized something strange was continuously occurring within the Great City.

'The Sun Guild and Arpeggio Guild's collusion. If my memories were correct, there were many people who tried to interfere with their plan. Also, through this event, a lot of Alexandro Quintart's children died.'

Arpeggio Guild was also one of the Nine Great Guilds.

The Sun guild tried to ally with them by an arranged marriage.

However, from his memories, he believed it didn't go through.

Since all of Alexandro Quintart's children who were to be married  died by the hands of those who tried to interfere with their plan.

'An arranged marriage is just a formal affair on the surface. There is a hidden story hidden behind it.'

Alexandro's disappearance was on Muyoung's mind.

Someone of that much strength wouldn't have just hidden his identity and even if he was to be ambushed, he wasn't the type for that to work.

However, the details of these events weren't avaliable to Muyoung.

He could only try to predict what would happen as during this period he had been  kidnapped by Wung Chunglin and was training.

He just remembered a decent amount of information from documents and the history of his Status Viewers later on.

However, there was a person who helped Muyoung's actions.

'The Assassin. Ataraxia.'

An assassin who handled snakes.

The moment he tried to leave the Demon God's Territory, the man ambushed him but Muyoung defeated the assassin as if he was nothing.

Muyoung had doubts about the fact that the assassin was specifically after him, and found out about who was pulling the strings behind the assassin.

He had turned the assassin into a living undead and heard about his story.

'Alexandro tossed his family out as bait and is waiting for someone to appear. Announcing the absence of the guild master and waiting for someone to appear at the moment when the guild is vulnerable.'

It was his overall conclusion he made after listing to the information and people's stories.

Alexandro's disappearance was definitely done on purpose.

He didn't even try to hide this fact.

Furthermore, the Sun Guild was currently in a situation where they were moving all their troops to take care of different disturbances.

If there were any hostile organizations, now was the right time to strike the Sun Guild.

'What is he trying to earn?'

For the leader of the Sun Guild, the guild that was considered the top of the largest nine guilds, to act on his own.

Muyoung knew how big Alexandro's greed was.

An item he would earn by mobilizing this sort of operation.

Even Muyoung couldn't help but be greatly interested.

Perhaps, the Hamel's Rune Ring was nothing compared to the item Alexandro wanted.

To find out what exactly was the item, Muyoung accepted a job as the top bodyguard of the seventh daughter 'Hyacinth' who was expected to have an arranged marriage with someone from the Arpeggio Guild.

'First, I'm certain that someone from the Command Clan is pulling the strings. Hyungbish. A difficult guy has appeared.'

Hyungbish was someone who Muyoung knew well of.

He was able to freely deal with black jiangshi and even had high  personal fighting power and intelligence, to the point that he was an opponent who was hard to manage.

Hyungbish fought with Muyoung in the past once.

Although it was before Muyoung had become the top assassin, he had developed quite a bit by fighting with him.

In many ways, he was an opponent he remembered.

He was a person who was extremely careful.

It was the right thing for him to dispatch his clone.

"Bae Sungmin."


Bae Sungmin who was assimilated with darkness appeared behind Muyoung.

Muyoung spoke calmly.

"With Tacan, follow the energy of death. The ones who deal with jiangshi. There won't be many who could stop you guys in the Great City right now."

"Just follow them?"

"Find them and kill them. And find out everything."

"I understand."


Bae Sungmin returned to the darkness once again.

Muyoung was planning to start participating in this mess.

Although he was there as a bodyguard, he wasn't sure when enemies would invade.

Before then, Muyoung was planning to attack the Command Clan and get information.

Either way, the Great City was currently chaos itself.

He became more certain after entering the Sun Guild.

There were very few people who could stop Tacan and Bae Sungmin, but if the two were active in the darkness, they wouldn't be able to find them.

'I don't need to earn Hamel's Rune Ring right now.'

Muyoung thought of Hyacinth, the seventh daughter of Alexandro.

The small girl was wearing Hamel's Rune Ring.

And he didn't need to take it again right now.

It was because the owner had to die for the ownership to be transferred over to a different person.

Hyacinth woke up as she stretched her body.

As she looked around drooling with her vacant look, she saw two maids.

"It's time for breakfast. Please get ready."

The maids took off Hyacinth's pajamas, washed her with the bowl they brought, and put a white dress on her.

"Can't I just skip breakfast?"

"You must eat breakfast. Isn't that the only thing Alexandro wants from his family?"

"Alexandro is… I understand."

After letting out a big sigh, Hyacinth trudged.


It was sad how she couldn't call her father, father.

Everyone said Alexandro was brass necked and cold-hearted but that he was warm in his own way towards his family.

That was why the family meal time was always full of laughter but Hyacinth recently realized that all of it was a mask.

It was a peace maintained only because Alexandro was there.

Right now, when he wasn't there, everyone became wolves who were after his interests.

They were too busy ripping each other apart and the days of harmony were in the past.


As she opened the door and went out, a man lowered his head.

"Muyoung! I'm sorry. Were you waiting for me?"

As if she was never in low spirit, Hyacinth smiled a beautiful smile.

It was a good smile that showed the girl's purity.

Honestly, Hyacinth didn't know much about Muyoung.

She just knew that Muyoung was a member of the legendary 'Prestige Knights' in the past and that he accepted their wishes and was wandering around the world.

Of course, she didn't know Muyoung had forged these 'truths'.

Just, in the girl's eyes, the fact that he was a 'member of the Prestige Knights' greatly appealed to her.

The legend that had disappeared now.

The ones who held the record of killing eight Demon Kings more than 30 years ago.

Muyoung had the swordsmanship skills and the heavy atmosphere to match.

His image didn't seem lacking when compared to a prince charming.

Even more, that knight had chosen no other person than her.

That pride was like an oasis in the desert in her current situation.

"No, my lady."

"Really? I'm glad. Then, please escort me."

Hyacinth slightly lowered her back and offered her right hand.

She was wearing white gloves but it was so thin that it seemed like it would break if someone tapped it.

Hyacinth's cheeks became slightly rosy.

Muyoung lightly held her right hand and started to walk forward.

Within the Sun Guild, there were fifteen people who could be considered as Alexandro's family.

Fifteen people would sit around a circular table and eat their meals.

Normally, it was against the rules for a bodyguard to enter this place but after Alexandro had disappeared, one bodyguard was allowed for each person.

Of course, more than a hundred men were on standby outside.

It was justified, that in case of an emergency they needed to enter to manage things, but in reality, it was all posture and a part of the power struggle.

'This is no different than a cold war.'

The atmosphere was completely cold as ice.

It was difficult to determine if the 'food was going through their nose or mouth[1]' at this point.

Of course, Hyacinth was frozen.


As she dropped the fork she was holding, other people glared fiercely at her right away.

Among them, a quite old woman with glasses let out a sigh.

"Hyacinth, why are you so sloppy as a girl? I'm worried. Do you know that you will be an embarrassment to our family if you act like that even at the Arpeggio Guild?"

"I'm sorry, sister."

Hyacinth lowered her head deeply.

Hyacinth was the youngest and she received love that much greater from Alexandro.

After he disappeared, the rebound was devastating to her.

"Sister, don't be too hard on her. Isn't her potential spouse that playboy among all men? Of course, she would be uneasy."

A man laughed as he covered his mouth.

At the same time, a few also bursted in laughter.

As they did this, Hyacinth's head lowered even further.

Hyacinth's marriage partner was a playboy that most people knew of.

He had already married five times and was also called 'human trash' as the previous wife had even died.

Hyacinth was being sold off to that sort of man.

Although they say it was for the unification of the Sun Guild and the Arpeggio Guild, it was completely appalling.

"Since it won't be long until you leave, be more careful of your behavior."


They didn't care about Hyacinth.

She was the lowest in rank and was in a position to be sold off to the worst man.

There was something else that was the main issue.

"We can't keep Alexandro's position continuously empty."

"I should obviously take on his position. I have handled the administrative tasks for numerous years following Alexandro. There is no other person who knows about the guild more than me."

"That's funny. The guild is currently in danger. Isn't it normal for me, the head of the 'Fire Dragon Knights' to temporarily take his role?"

Everyone's voices quickly rose.

There was no way for them to find a resolution, and so they fought amongst themselves..

By looking at them, you were able to know about the guild's situation even if you didn't want to.

'It's a mess.'

Even the largest guild, the guild that received the reverence from others, was rotten on the inside.

It wasn't just simply the Sun Guild.

Other places could only be worse, as they wouldn't be lacking when compared to the Sun Guild.

After lowering his head close to the plate, Muyoung looked at Hyacinth.

She seemed like she wanted to leave the place as quickly as she could.

After breakfast time had ended, Hyacinth headed outside right away.

In the outskirts of the castle, where lots of flowers and grasses grew, she prepared a paper and a brush and started to draw a picture.

She was very skillful at painting.

"Ah! Just stand like that for a moment. The composition is really good right now."

Hyacinth stopped what she was painting and took out another paper.

After, she stroked with her brush and painted Muyoung and the surrounding scenery.

Since there was nothing he needed to do right away, he did as she wished.

How long did it pass since he stood there?

"I'm finished. How is it?"

Muyoung simply walked up to Hyacinth and looked at the painting she painted.

Muyoung who was inside the sunflowers was truly like a picture.

"It's not bad."

"Hehe. I'm glad. Ah… Then, can I keep this picture?"

"Since Hyacinth drew the picture, you can do whatever you please."


Hyacinth clenched her fists.

It was an action that reminded him of a tomboy but it suited her age.

"You're having a good time."

Then, a man with a dozen bodyguards appeared at the scene.

It was the man who laughed at Hyacinth as he talked about the playboy during breakfast.

His belly plopped out and he seemed to be in his mid-thirties.

He was Alexandro's fifth child and his name seemed to be 'Mendini'.

"Me-Mendini oppa[2]."

Hyacinth quickly became froze.

Mendini always looked at Hyacinth with a hint of lust.

Since there was no way Hyacinth didn't know about this, she instinctively froze.

Afterwards, as Mendini approached, Muyoung quickly stopped in front of him.

After looking at Muyoung, Mendini grinned.

"Ahah, are you the Prestige Knight? You look pretty good on the outside. I don't know if you're a fake or real though…"

Mendini pushed Muyoung aside and look at Hyacinth's painting.

"Were you painting a piece of crap like this? At a time like this, haa! Are you saying that you're now leaving the Sun Guild completely? Is that it?"

"It…it's not that."

"There are still people who are displeased with your actions. How long are you going to act like a child? Follow me. I will now train you in how you need to act as an adult."

Mendini stroked Hyacinth's shoulders before he grabbed her hand.

In broad daylight. It wasn't like things like this didn't happen before but today, he was more direct.

Hyacinth completely froze.

The hairs on her entire body rose. A feeling as though a bug was crawling on her body.

"Let go of her hand."

At that moment, Muyoung grabbed Mendini's shoulder.



Then, at the same time, a dozen of bodyguards raised their weapon and pointed it at Muyoung.

"Hand… what? I couldn't hear you well, could you say it again?"

Mendini slowly turned his head.

And with a triumphant look on his face, he smirked.

And so, Muyoung clearly spoke again.

"Let go of her hand."

[1] food was going through their nose or mouth - Basically, they were too distracted about other things that they couldn't focus on what they were eating. Hence, they were unsure if they were putting the food in their mouth or their nose.

[2] oppa - It is a term for a woman to call an older man or an older male sibling.


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