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Chapter 130: Sun Guild (1)

TL: Nadu

Editor: Lesurous

The Great City.

The starting point for all survivors which was connected to the Blue Temple.

People endured one month at the Blue Temple then came to this place to check their aptitude.

It was also the place where people fell behind, were absorbed by different groups, clung to others, or died afterwards.

It was a completely huge castle where hundreds of thousands of people could live together.

That was the Great City.

"That crazy bastard, he starts again today."

"Is he a mercenary or what? Why does he come here and do that?"

"Tsk, tsk, I wonder what Luminescent Guild is doing. That Luminescent Mark is a waste. He's really tarnishing their reputation…"

In a corner of the Great City, a dark place that was dug up like an underground cave, a man stood among the mercenaries.

As the man appeared at that place, everyone clicked their tongues.

The man who wore light plate armor, boots, etc. Was Kim Taehwan.

He had the Luminescent Mark on his shoulder but the moment Kim Taehwan appeared, he sat down in the middle of the mercenaries after bringing a sign and a chair.

This place was the Mercenary's Market.

It was a place where the mercenaries who couldn't find work, came to look for work personally.

At that place, Kim Taehwan crossed his arms and quietly closed his eyes.

[If you desperately need help, I will help you.]

All that was written on the sign was this.

There was no one who didn't know of him as the message was automatically translated if you wore the Status Viewer.

And the content itself was flawless.

So, truly there were people who asked Kim Taehwan for help in the beginning.

Among them, a few were rejected by Taehwan and the ones he accepted weren't much of a help.

In other words, sloppy!

To solve complex problems in the Underworld, Taehwan was short of experience.

Only a year.

Since it had not been long since he arrived in the Underworld, everything couldn't be solved just because he was strong.

However, Taehwan was highly enthusiastic.

At least, he didn't try to solve everything carelessly.

So, he was oddly quite popular.

Since there were a few requests even in a day.

On the other hand, the mercenaries thought Taehwan as a thorn on their side as he took away their jobs.

The Luminescent Guild was one of the nine biggest guilds.

Why would a new recruit of that great guild appear in the Mercenary's Market?

He was probably known as a queer one even within the Luminescent Guild.

'Let's not be impatient. There isn't anyone within the guild who has high hopes for me. Then, I need to thoroughly develop from the bottom.'

Kim Taehwan made a promise and stayed at his spot even today.

With the size of the Luminescent Guild, they had many talented individuals.

Taehwan was definitely a new recruit who stood out but still, there weren't many people who had high hopes for him.

It was because the existing vested interests were controlling everything.

All they did was support to a point.

Besides that, everything was fierce. They needed to develop on their own.

Taehwan was planning to go up from the bottom thoroughly.

"Who the hell is he?"

"He's fully armed. That's how you die from suffocation."

"From the looks of him, he probably is a wanderer. Here at the underground, fashion victims die, child."

The mockeries of the mercenaries unexpectedly filled the surrounding.

The sound of keke, keke, which disturbed his ears was among them.

Taehwan furtively opened his eyes.

At the same time, someone who was definitely not suited for this place called the 'underground', came within his sight… in the darkest, dampest, and dirtiest of places, the Mercenary's Market, where the untouchables lived.

Fully armored truly suited him.

From the head to toe, the combination of equipment.

Even if others used observation type skills, they were unable to identify them.

Muyoung had used a talisman to hide his stats and information about his equipment.

However, if someone was to be determined, it wasn't that hard to find it.

They were hard to find formally but Muyoung knew many mercenary's unofficial routes in this underground area.

Anyways, there weren't any mercenaries who came to the underground with that much armor.


The man quietly leaned against the wall.

As if he didn't care about the gaze of surrounding mercenaries.

'That sword is…?'

But, Taehwan's gaze reached the man's sword.

For some reason, it was a sword he was familiar with. It's curve and form, he thought he saw it a lot somewhere.


After pondering for a while, Taehwan was able to realize.

Anguish, it was Anguish.

It was Muyoung's sword.

In the past, Taehwan was with Muyoung in the Blue Temple and Muyoug had earned Anguish after finding the Star of David and finishing the trial there.

Taehwan also earned the Shield of Eradication there.

'It's a bit different.'

However, he then was disappointed.

The overall contour was similar but the detailed parts were different.

Taehwan had a good memory and things regarding Muyoung were especially difficult to easily forget.

There was no way for him to make a mistake.

'You can't last long like that.'

Then, Taehwan turned his attention away.

Here, the underground was truly wild.

If you drew attention, everyone attacked you together.

It was also the reason why Taehwan purposely went lightly equipped.

To survive, you needed to have a certain degree of 'blending in'.

However, the man showed no signs of it.

He didn't seem like he knew anything about the physiology of the underground.

If you stood out, there might be a lot of requests but you couldn't complete all the work without the help of other mercenaries.

And if you were too greedy, they would kill you.

In the end, they would give up on their own or would leave after being harassed by mercenaries.

Either way, it was hard for it to end well.

"Ballet Guild has requested three swordsmanship and shieldsmanship instructors. They say you are a must. Will you go with me?"

Then a man who approached Taehwan from the side spoke to him.

Taehwan nodded his head.


The owner of the Ballet Guild had two sons.

The two were now both at an age where they should slowly learn swordsmanship.

Since it wasn't a hard thing to do, it wasn't a bad idea to repay the debt of a fellow mercenary.

Taehwan heard that he was sloppy and made lots of mistakes but he was diligently making his own people.

For change within the guild, he needed 'his own people' and basically this place was the place where he could find people who could be his wingmen.

Before leaving the underground, Taehwan once again looked at the man who was fully armored before he turned around.

In any case, he wouldn't last long.

A quarter of a day.

After Taehwan finished his instructor duty at the Ballet guild and returned to the underground, the man was still there leaning against the wall.

However, the surrounding reactions were odd.

He felt a few mercenaries who didn't want to approach the man.

A strange silence and nervousness had settled.

It was a mood that didn't make sense in the underground.

"Hey, did something happen?"

Taehwan asked a mercenary who was still at the underground.

Then, the mercenary cautiously nodded his head.

"That son of a bitch, that bitch isn't human."


Among them, if they were an underground mercenary, they were well known as tough.

Being called inhuman was like a compliment to each other.

However, it seemed like the meaning behind the words 'that bitch isn't humansaid by this mercenary was slightly different than that.

"What the hell had happened here?"

Just a quarter of a day.

Within a day, their understanding of him changed.

He couldn't help but be curious and the mercenary just gulped his saliva.

"A corpse sorcerer."

"A corpse sorcerer?"

"Yeah. That bastard deals with corpses."


Now he could understand why the mercenaries were so tensed up.

There was clearly a bias towards corpse sorcerers in a bad way.

All of the five clans were divided into the Lawless Clan, Beast Clan, Advanced Clan, Reign Clan, and Command Clan, but the only clan which was stated last had corpse sorcerers as their main members.

And Command Clan's people were well known to be vicious.

It was a place that dealt with corpses and to obtain a high level corpse, they even ignored moral sense.

Because their power was so great, no one touched them.

This also was one of the rotten pus of the underworld.

"Then, he is a member of the Command Clan?"

"Probably. Shit, why are these bastards who had a place at the front coming here one by one these days?!"

The Command Clan was a group that wasn't located in the Great City.

They created a village and lived there which was a closed area about 50 days of travel by horse from the Great City.

But, these days, the corpse sorcerers were one by one coming out to the world.

All, one by one, powerful people.

It meant that that person was also the same case.

It was an enough reason for even the mercenaries of the underground to avoid

'So… a person had died.'

Taehwan nodded as he looked at the surrounding situation.

Someone fucked with him and the scuffle resulted in the person dying.

And the dead person started to move as a corpse.

The lifeless figure that was currently moping around the man seemed to be the one revived as an undead.

However, this place had a low sense of comradeship.


There was no way such a thing would happen.

There was no one who would interrogate another even if someone died.

These were the mercenaries of the underground.

Even more, since they found out that he was a corpse sorcerer, they would be busy trying to spare themselves.

"Maybe because the timing was wrong. Damn, I'll end it for today."

The mercenary left his spot.

Kim Taehwan had a good look at the man and rubbed his chin.

A corpse sorcerer.

'There isn't anything good in meddling with him.'

It's even more so if he was a member of the Command Clan.

The man would not be of help to his great cause.

So, he decided not to be involved as much as he can.

The next day.

A man showed up at the underground.

He was a young man with the Sun guild mark on his shoulder.

"A new trial was created in the dungeon under Sun guild's jurisdiction. To those who participate, we will give two C rank talismans."

"What sort of trial is it?"

As a mercenary asked, the man put on a sour face as he replied.

"I don't know much about it. It isn't dangerous. Since it's a trial in a low level dungeon. Let's just say it is an exploration to figure out if the trial is dangerous or not."

A trial exploration!

It was quite hit or miss.

However, if it was a trial that occurred in a low level dungeon, as he said, it was most likely for it to not be a big deal.

Two C rank talismans were enough goods for him to find three months' worth of food.

For mercenaries who lived hand to mouth, it was a quite a tempting offer.  

"Is there a limit on the number of applicants?"


That was all.

All of the mercenaries in the underground participated.

"Aren't you a member of the Luminescent Guild?"

Then, the man from the Sun guild asked Taehwan.

Taehwan just smiled a little.

"Hmm, they say that there is someone odd in the Luminescent Guild, I guess you are that person. If you participate, I'll make an exception and give you 2 B rank talismans."

"That's not necessary. Just give me what you offer to everyone else."

"You sure…? That's not a bad deal for me.

Taehwan lowered his head slightly.

Afterwards, all the mercenaries of the underground moved and followed the man.

The dungeon was big.

The dungeon managed by the Sun guild.

There were 1~9 levels of the dungeon but this place was about level 3.

It might be easy to think that basically, monsters of orc level were going to appear.  

"Only five people can go in the trial at once. Go in, in order."

The middle of the dungeon.

While the soldiers of the Sun guild were protecting the trial, a huge wave of light flew out.

And with no option, the soldiers grouped in fives and entered into the wave of light.

"What rotten luck."

"For me to be teamed with a corpse sorcerer of all people."

From right beside Taehwan, he could hear sounds of dissatisfaction.

'It's best to not be involved but…'

Taehwan also let out a sigh inwardly.

His decision to not get involved as much as he can was broken within just a few days.


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