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Chapter 129: Hellhorse (End)

TL: Nadu

Editor: Lesurous

Muyoung lightly warmed up.

The fight with the Hellhorse had  been expected from the beginning.

Since he was a present given to Muyoung by King Slayer and the one who didn't like being a present, the Hellhorse.

So, the Hellhorse declared that he would only grant Muyoung three wishes.

By judging him, he would keep any promise he makes.

It was Muyoung's part to stop him from making another move.

To make him obey, this was the only way.


The Hellhorse blew from his mouth.

As if the meaning of this fight is to only show off to the unicorn, his movements were extremely light.

Carelessness, or arrogance.

The Hellhorse didn't know well of what was deeply at stake in this fight.

Since he didn't know that even Woohee sensed it, they said he was 'foolish'.


Muyoung took out Anguish.

By listening to the sonorant, Muyoung finished his preparations.


A horn sprouted out.

Muyoung was able to multiply time by 8 and each horn added a multiple of two.

When only one horn was sprouted, the time accelerated by 2 times.

Inversely, the duration was much longer. If he only sprouted one horn, he could maintain it for over 5 minutes.



As if Muyoung had no chance against him, black spheres were created from the Hellhorse's wings.



The black sphere flew towards Muyoung and restricted his movements.

Explosions didn't occur but it was an attack where the area itself was corroded.

It wasn't strange to call it a small black hole.

Instantly, the surrounding region was a mess.

It was disrupted with shapes that seemed as though a monster opened its mouth and took bites out of it.

Muyoung's horns increased to two.

He escaped the erupted zones quickly.

Although he grazed them a bit, because of his over 400 magic resistance, he didn't receive much damage.

If magic resistance was 400, those attacks could almost be nullified as long as he doesn't get hit directly.

There was also 'Belt of Aries' which ignored skills below B rank.

In short, his body became incompatible with the Hellhorse who used mostly magic skills.

Muyoung sliced the black sphere that flew right towards him into two complete halves with Anguish.

As speed, strength, and resistance were added, he was able to simply slice the black hole attacks.

It was something unthinkable if it was him in the past.

"Compared to your sense of confidence, this is nothing."


The Hellhorse's entire body burned with hellfire.

He was furious and this was circumstantial evidence that he was that much taken back.

Normally, you couldn't really feel the person improve if you see them every day and stay beside them.

When the Hellhorse first saw Muyoung, he was completely weak compared to him and the Hellhorse disregarded him as he thought Muyoung would always be below him even if he improved.

But that opponent had directly faced his attack.

How could he not be surprised?

Muyoung grinned.

'As expected, he is strong.'

Unlike the Hellhorse, Muyoung observed his behavior closely from the very beginning.

Because he thought he would one day face him, he watched his every move.

Simply by looking at their fighting power, the Hellhorse slightly exceeded the 2nd level of the top rank but if he looked at his utilization, the Hellhorse was in a level where it was meaningless to even divide the levels.

'However, he has a weakness.'

That he would spurt out stronger flames as he gets worked up.

That fire was the Hellhorse's source of life.

If Muyoung could just suppress that fire, it was like suppressing the Hellhorse.


Ice crystals formed on Anguish.

Then, on top of Anguish, a countless number of ice needles floated.

'Squall's Cruelty, Poison Fog, and Soul's Tail.'

At the same time, a powerful wind blew, ice needles were spewed, and poisonous fog appeared.

Then, as if he accepted the frontal confrontation, the Hellhorse started to dash towards Muyoung.


The hellfire burned everything.

There was no way the Hellhorse would allow mere ice to touch him.

Unfit for the name Zero Explosion, it couldn't even explode.

Then, Muyoung who nodded his head had another horn sprout from his head.

With this, three horns now adorned his head.

'Eight times.'

The world slowed down even further.

A feeling as if only he was left on a stranded world by himself.

But, he was used to it.

The moment he lifted his feet into midair, Muyoung rushed recklessly.

He just looked straight ahead and ran as he felt the air's resistance.

They said everything had grains.

Because fire's nature was very tempered and fierce, he wasn't able to see the grains.

But, in the world where it was slowed down by 8 times, he was able to see them.

'I didn't expect fire to have grains as well.'

He didn't know when it was 4 times slower.

It was the truth he found out when the horns became three and he felt the world slowed by 8 times.

Perhaps, really perhaps, there might be 'grains' to things that aren't visible like air and the huge Underworld itself.

There might be a world which you couldn't see at a few hundred times slower.

Just by the thought of it, he felt a shudder.

King Slayer left Muyoung with something that didn't make sense.

The Hellhorse's immediate proximity.

First, the clone which was created by the 'Soul's Tail', jumped up from Muyoung's back.

Because he had skillfully blocked the Hellhorse's view, the Hellhorse didn't notice.

Clone. Of course, because it had a similar energy as him, it was hard to differentiate unless you checked with your eyes.

The clone had ice crystals all over its body.

Zero Explosion!

The clone became the Zero Explosion itself and approached the Hellhorse.


Due to the explosion, the flames shook.

Within that time Muyoung's eyes quickly took notice of the flame.

'I can see it.'

The grains.

Even the hellfire had grains.

Although it wasn't visible because it was hidden underneath other flames but when the Hellhorse shook due to the Zero Explosion, Muyoung was definitely able to see them.

If that was so, he had no reason to hesitate.

The Hellhorse tried to revitalize the flames to cover his entire body again but he was one step behind.


Without a single error, with unnatural grace, the Hellhorse and Muyoung passed by each other.

Afterwards, the two stood still.


However, the first to collapse was the Hellhorse.

While Muyoung turned his body and looked at the Hellhorse, he removed his horns.

The Hellhorse's flames completely died out.

'To the Hellhorse, it is his source of life.'

He couldn't aim for anything else, but his very life. The Hellhorse was too strong for him to be relaxed.

However, it wasn't like there wasn't a way to heal him.

Muyoung turned his gaze.


The unicorn that received Muyoung's gaze shivered…

"Can you treat him?"

The unicorn was a magical beast that was considered the best among light types.

Rather than calling it a monster, it was more fitting to call it a holy beast.

There was also Bae Sungmin who had the powers of a saint, but still, he was lacking compared to a unicorn.

However, the unicorn didn't move and just shivered her body.


"Wooheehee, husband. Leave it to Woohee~"

Her voice was filled with confidence.

As if her turn had finally come, Wooheee flew across to the unicorn.

And after some dialogue, the unicorn moved as she showed her beauty.

It was a surprise.

Afterwards, the unicorn specifically approached the Hellhorse and smacked her lips to his cheek.

Then, the unicorn's horn showed vivid light and started to revive the Hellhorse's flames.

After that, things were being done swiftly.

After about 10 minutes later, the flames returned to their original state.


The Hellhorse blinked his eyes.

He seemed like he didn't know what was going on.

Then, he jumped up after looking at the unicorn right next to him.

The unicorn turned her body but she wasn't cold to him like before.

"Blacky, Whitey saved you. You should be good to her. Understand?"

As Woohee furtively gave him advice, the Hellhorse's eyes sparkled.

In other words, it meant that he still had a chance.  

Once again, he started to hit on the unicorn.

"Hellhorse, I believe you will keep your promise."

The Hellhorse looked at Muyoung as he closed one of his eyes.

Muyoung wasn't the type to not know what that meant.

It seemed like it was more important for him to win her over than the fight.


Woohee grabbed her chest as if she wasn't feeling good by watching him.

The Hellhorse kept his promise.

He was quite trustworthy in that way.

Not soon after, the Devil's Long Night ended and at that same time, the castle's restoration was complete.


Childbirth support.

The losses were quite high.

But, they should be able to increase the population with the right facilities, having no worries about food.

Muyoung built associating facilities and stationed people.

He used a bit more strength towards the people's welfare.

"The Lord is working hard for our sake!"

"Ahh… thank you!"

"Indeed, he's our Oom. Oom has more wisdom than anyone else!"

"A-Oom! A-Hoom!"

It wasn't a big deal.

But, everyone was moved and idolized Muyoung even more.

He just did it to increase the birth rate and strengthen the power of the territory.

This sort of reaction wasn't expected.

'My little movements influence them greatly.'

It was a type of realization.

And Muyoung thought of the time before he returned to the past.

Wung Chunglin removed Muyoung's free will and just tried to rule over him.

But, that suppression would eventually be broken.

Muyoung promised that he wouldn't follow that path.

'I'm different from you, Wung Chunglin.'

The leader of the Forest of Death.

'Just a bit more. It won't be long until the day I break your neck.'


Muyoung clenched his fist so hard that it could shatter into pieces.

There was no way he would forget the things he went through while he was in the Forest of Death.

He just tried hard not to think of it because he was busy moving forward.

However, now the picture was slowly being drawn.

Just a bit more. Only a few steps left.

He wanted to run now and clench Wung Chunglin's neck in his hands but to make sure of his fall, Muyoung needed to take a breath.

That's right. The process of taking a breath.

'Since the Devil's Long Night had ended, I probably need to act.'

Right away, Muyoung made his next plan.

There were things he needed to find first.

'Although Oris's Throne is just an accessory, if I can find the Hamel's Rune Ring I can earn the Diablos.'

The Hamel's Rune Ring!

The Lunatic Sovereign's Ring and the Oris's Throne Ring, all that was left was that ring.

If he could get the three rings, he could make an S rank weapon.

He wasn't sure of the exact rank but it could be an even greater weapon that could split skies and cleave the earth.

Its splendors would definitely be thrilling.

'But, Hamel's Rune Ring isn't in the Demon God's Territory.;

Muyoung rubbed his chin.

That was the reason why Muyoung was trying to find the Hamel's Rune Ring last.

It wasn't in the Demon God's Territory, and he couldn't earn it from a trial.

The next destination was not in the Demon God's Territory but another place.

'The Sun Guild.'

One of the nine guilds and the organization where Alexandro Quintart was the leader.

He needed to break into that place and get the ring.

He was unsure who would be wearing the ring. As the owner constantly changed.

It was due to the division within the guild.

The Sun guild was the most turbulent guild and its strife has never ended.

It was amazing that Alexandro Quintart continued to seize power even among those times but either way, if Muyoung was to use their division and seize an opportunity, there might be a way.

Muyoung's heart raced even faster as it was a place which held many memories for Muyoung in variety of different ways.


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