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Chapter 128: Hellhorse (1)

TL: Nadu

Editor: Lesurous

The red moon was still dominating the sky.

Vibrant like blood.

And it even felt like it gave off the scent.

Muyoung reconstructed the castle with the help of the dwarves and waited for more devils.

'We were lucky.'

In the case of Bastro, he could say they were lucky.

Because Bastro didn't attack Muyoung abruptly, he had enough time to prepare.

However, he couldn't continuously be lucky.

"Soul's Tail."

Just, Muyoung accomplished a big development as he got rid of Bastro.

He earned a few skills and even had a steep increase in his stats themselves.

One or two high level devils wouldn't be able to win against Muyoung.

And Bastro's Authority which was similar to replicating.

He was now able to imitate it.

The Soul's Tail created a clone that was the same as Muyoung.

He wasn't able to make and control six clones like Bastro, but the clone had about half of Muyoung's strength.

'With a B rank, there isn't a chance. Or is there something that I'm lacking?'

He inwardly shook his head.

Then, he reviewed the explanation for the skill.

Name: Soul's Tail

Rank: B

Effect: It creates a clone exactly like the user. Depending on the condition of the clone, the user's strength can be placed.

* Only one clone can be summoned

* It imitates 63% of the user

* The duration is proportionate depending on the user's intelligence and wisdom (currently 7,850 seconds)

** When it reaches S rank, the 'Soul's Tail' evolves to 'Soul's Rehabilitation'.

** The special condition to exhibit abilities isn't met.

S rank and a special condition.

Both were a long way off.

Currently, A rank 'Swordmaster' was the highest rank among the skills Muyoung had.

As he couldn't say that the difference between A and S was really only one level, it probably would have been faster for Muyoung to find out what the special condition was.

"You are such a crossbreed. There are quite a lot of different smells coming from you."

A knight rank devil mocked him.

After Bastro had died, about every 7 days, one devil like this would wander in from the surrounding.

Most were lower than a high rank devil, but sometimes like this, a baronet or a baron noble devil would roam around on his own.

Muyoung visited those sort of devils one by one and tried to hunt them.

"That's why you look tastier. It's like you changed your body to become a great dish for us."

The devil smacked his lips.

It seemed like he was telling himself that a mix breed was tastier than a pure breed.


Sharp nails popped out as the devil pushed from the ground.

But, Muyoung left the fight to his clone while he crossed his arms.

From head to toe, the clone was wearing was wearing the same equipment, but the total of all those performances was only 63% of Muyoung.

'It's not a usual skill.'

It was even able to imitate S rank equipment, at only B rank.

Although there was a difference in performance and duration, it still was amazing.

It was similar to a miracle that could come true if it was a main skill offered by a secret class.

It meant that it was the authority that went beyond the norm…

"Huhu! You are hiding around like a mouse. Wait for me. My teeth will soon be nailed to your neck!"

A baronet. He seemed to be lacking in intelligence, maybe because he was a devil classified as a knight.

However, his movements were exceptional.

The clone which held Anguish was slowly being pushed back.

However, it didn't easily get pushed back either.

It was because even if it was only 63%, it was similar to Muyoung before he fought with Bastro.

While controlling his clone, he turned on his Status Viewer.

Title ->

Darkness and Abyss (All stats +10)

Achievement effect ->

There are nine achievement effects.

Class Effect ->

Death Lord (Lord Class, Ruler of Death)

King Slayer (Lord Class, Slayer of Kings)

Stats ->

Strength 372 (229 + 143)   Agility 393 (215 + 178)

Stamina 350 (191 + 159)   Intelligence 357 (223 + 134)

Wisdom 328 (224 + 2104)   Fighting Aura 291 (152 + 139)

Magic Resistance 429 (90 + 339) Spirit Ability 259 (120 + 139)

Evil Tendency 389 (300 + 89)

Total Level: 355

Special Note: Fighting Aura has been awakened. Completed the 3rd metamorphosis.  You have accomplished Three Flowers Condensing onto the Head and Five Qi and have realized purity.

[Before and After Comparison]

Strength 305  Agility 242   Stamina 276   Intelligence 266   Wisdom 247  

Fighting Aura 291   Magic Resistance 300   Spirit Ability 200


Strength 372  Agility 393   Stamina 350   Intelligence 357   Wisdom 328  

Fighting Aura 291   Magic Resistance 429   Spirit Ability 259   Evil Tendency 389

Although there were small changes with the title, there was a great difference regarding the stats part which could even be called 'revolutionary'.

Among them, agility and magic resistance showed the most changes.

Even if he had lost agility by summoning Sword One, as if the misfortune turned into a blessing, he gained much more in agility stats

The one that gave the most influence in this was the equipment of the 12 Zodiac Stars.

Also, total level part caught his attention.

He remembered people saying how if you surpass a certain standard, you could check your level.

The total by adding the pure stats and the supporting stats.

'A top rank monster's standard was around 300.'

If it was 355, among the 5 levels of top rank, it could be around the 2nd level.

This was enough to fight against the Hellhorse and the Evil Spirit Predator Tacan.

Even if he wasn't in the top 10 humans, current Muyoung was strong enough to be within the top 100 humans.

Truly, it meant that he was caught up to around the halfway mark towards becoming a top 10 human.

Considering how he reached this level within just one year, it was an unbelievably insane speed.

If he was to enter any group, he would have a role as an influential figure. He also would not be lacking to act as a leader of a group above a mid size.

Being among the top 100 meant that he had that much destructive power.

Of course, he was talking about it just simply by looking at the figures.

If he read grains and used acceleration, Muyoung was able to exhibit a strength greater than that.

And a total level of 500 was considered as the standard for transcendental beings, and even Dark Dragon Barca was far lacking when put to that standard.

At most, Barca was around the 3.5 level of top rank.

Either way, Muyoung ceased his idle thoughts.

It didn't seem like there was a change to the clone.

'A clone's possibility for growth. First, it wasn't by fighting.'

He already fought a few times using his clone.

But, the clone's condition didn't change at all.

"With just this mere clone, it would only allow you to kill time!"

'It seems like there is another special condition that affected its development.'

"I'm going to stop playing around! Kyahahaha! Be terror-stricken!"

'Come to think of it, Bastro's clones all had slight differences.'

"Just by thinking of ripping off your intestines, I feel extremely happy!"

"You're loud."

It was in the blink of an eye.

In no time, Muyoung approached very close to the devil and delivered a kick.

The devil who flew with a 'pop' sound, rolled on the ground.

A while after he flew, the devil was able to barely become conscious.


The devil made a dumbfounded expression.

It was because he didn't sense Muyoung approaching at all.

Before he knew it, three horns crowned Muyoung's head.

It was so. He didn't simply have an inner change.

His two horns increased to three and he was able to manage his slowed world much better.

By achieving the 3rd metamorphosis, his speed had also increased.

The speed was now 8 times.

Instead, the duration decreased to 30 seconds.

But, he was able to run 8 times slower with close to 400 agility.

It wasn't possible to simply calculate but at the very least, you could say he was able to be close to or exceed a 'transcendental being' for 30 seconds.

Not just that but he also had devil wings.

Was it due to the influence of the evil tendency stat?

Now he was in an ambiguous form that was weird to call it a dokkaebi or a devil.

There was no way for the baronet devil to react.

There was nothing weird for him to mistake it for blink, the magic to instantly move short distances.

"There is a slight burden."

Once again, he moved closer to the devil as he murmured to himself.

While he became faster, his body was unable to endure it.

'I need to raise my stamina more.'

Stamina was deeply related to the body's endurance.

In his current situation, if he used it for any longer than 30 seconds, his whole body would be torn into pieces.


Once again, the devil rolled on the ground.

He could have ended in one shot but he did it to learn a bit more about the limits of his body.


As the devil got up, he spat blood and spoke as he was confused.

"I don't see any signs of you using magic!"

But, as if he wasn't a knight for no reason, he quickly pulled himself together and gathered both of his hands.

From his hand, blue poison started to spread.

It was a fog of poison.

The ground melted and the surrounding air was instantly contaminated.

It was truly worth being called a deadly poison.

"Even if you use a strange move, it's useless. This poison fog melts everything it touches! If you misuse blink, you could fall straight into the poison…"


Muyoung stretched out a fist with all his strength.

Even though that was all, the air violently bounced out.

A wind like a typhoon blew and it blew away the fog of poison.

Although he had immunity against poison thanks to the effects of the Cape of Gemini, he did it because his vision was disturbed.

The devil widened his eyes.

"This is nonsense… Ar-are you saying you are a Demon King level? B-but I didn't hear that there was a Demon King like you!"


The devil froze.

The devil's whole body instantly became frozen.

Muyoung twisted the devil's neck with his hand, the clear difference in power evident in the resultant snap.



Afterwards, a green crystal was dropped in the middle of the fluttering ashes of the devil.

Muyoung gulped the crystal without hesitation.

As he ate more crystallizations, the lower grade ones had much lower effect in increasing stats

However, it was still better than nothing.

Muyoung shrugged his shoulders and unsummoned his clone.

'I need to find a different condition.'

There should be something else that is hidden in regards to Soul's Tail.

Didn't he almost see the final result of Duke Bastro's authority?

Muyoung had no plans of giving that up.

However, he had other things to do.

'Before then, I will fight against the Hellhorse.'

It was almost time.

The Hellhorse roamed around the lake.

Beside him, a unicorn elegantly raised her face.

It was originally the unicorn managed by Duke Bastro.

However, unicorn's mind was being manipulated by Bastro and when Bastro died, it instantly returned to its original elegance.

Then, the Hellhorse clung to her as if he waited for this moment.


The hellhorse spread its wings wide and showed off its strength.

However, the unicorn didn't even look at him.

The two had a completely different tendency and as a side effect of mind manipulation, she raised her guard against everything related to devils.

Nevertheless, the reason why she couldn't leave was because she didn't recover all her strength.

Because the Hellhorse knew that she was going to leave once she was nearly recovered, he was even more desperate.


The Hellhorse was under King Slayer for all his life.

Of course, there was no way for him to have a mate.

He didn't know when an opportunity like this would come by.

He raised his voice powerfully and rubbed his body or secretly wagged his tail.

"In Woohee's eyes, he's just making a fool of himself."

Then, unwelcoming visitors approached from the side.

Muyoung. And Fairy Woohee!

"You're making a fool out of yourself."

Muyoung supported her.

Then, the unicorn beside them became afraid.

It was because she saw how Bastro died with her own two eyes.

Also, Muyoung gave off a strong evil scent.

The Hellhorse came between them.

He acted to try and protect the unicorn but Muyoung just sneered at his actions.

The Hellhorse was still coercive but Muyoung didn't think the Hellhorse had this sort of side to him.

"I will use my last favor. After a fight, the one who loses will obey the other. That is my last favor."

The Hellhorse raised all of his furs.

This guy?

He looked at Muyoung with the sort of feeling that it was ridiculous.


It was a sign of acceptance.

As if he was going to show off as much of his dashing figure in front of the unicorn, the Hellhorse took a step forward.


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