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Chapter 124: Gremory (1)

TL: Tay

Editor: Lesurous

Instinctively, he recognized Muyoung as the main culprit behind all this.

The main culprit whose enormous influence was behind the elimination of the four nobles under his command and the massacre of over 50,000 devil soldiers!

As if that wasn't enough, Bastro was caught in a trap.

Now that he was under the influence of the red moon, Bastro's rage was reaching the extreme.

Rip! Riiipp!

The muscles of his body expanded and increased in size.

A mist similar to a heat shimmer formed around him.

After a while, the fog merged together and reproduced Bastro's figure.

A clone!

A total of six clones were created.

Soon after, the completed clones began to move and rampaged through the surroundings.

However, only their physical features were identical, but their equipment varied.

For example, the person presumed to be the main body was riding a unicorn, while the remaining six weren't mounted.

Their weapons and armor were different.

'So that's his authority.'

Each of the clones had as much power as the main body.

Muyoung's soldiers could not even resist.

That literally meant they had to deal with the 7 Bastros.

If these were regular clones, one might think he would just need to kill the main body mounted on the unicorn but…….

'All seven are both a clone and the real Bastro.'

Muyoung read the grains of all seven of them.

And the grains were all the same.  

If the main body was to die one of the remaining clones would become the main body again.

Its authority was as such.

Indeed, the authority of someone who'd become more or less a duke wasn't ordinary.  

"I'll handle Bastro. You and Ogar deal with the rest."

The great chieftain of the fire tars butted in.

He was someone revered by 700 fire tars.

If you thought about the fire tars' ecology, that was a tremendous thing.

He was capable of sufficiently dealing with Bastro.  

Also, if the great chieftain handled Bastro, after that there was only one person that could be considered an obstacle.  

Count Argong!

Considering that all four nobles eliminated by Muyoung were barons, if it was a count, his existence was a much greater obstacle.

He didn't carry a weapon. Instead, he was carrying a single bead.


Every time he stroked the bead, black gusts of wind projected outwards.

The devil soldiers also leaped from the remnants of the groundwater that burst forth.

It wasn't an entirely good situation.  

"Muyoung, do you know why the fire tars are called unrivaled predators?"

Ogar spoke with a calm expression.  

"Isn't it because they're inherently strong?"

"That is also true, however… We have acquired the habit of fighting. Even if we aren't given orders, we know what needs to be done on our own."   

Muyoung looked around their surroundings.


Bastro and the great chieftain were in a fierce battle.  

Suddenly, he moved closer and reached out his fist, and through the force of wind alone, it was enough to shake the ground.

The other fire tars cleared the area for the great chieftain's battle.  

They were tying up the feet of the high ranking devil soldiers and strongly fighting back.

"Although we also had a cutthroat competition regarding the Poom tree, we were able to peacefully progress our work thanks to you, Muyoung, as you solved the chronic problem."

It was like a butterfly effect.

What if Muyoung hadn't been able to solve the chronic problem of the Poom tree?

The fire tars would not have been able to easily unite.

They competed for the Poom trees because Poom trees had short lifespans and once the problem was solved they were able to fully share them with each other.

However, just when they were about to live harmoniously, Duke Bastro burned down the Poom tree.   

It was this occasion that led to 700 fire tar comrades that had aligning interests with Muyoung.

"Ogar, Tacan. Open the way. I will put that typhoon to sleep."

"Is there a way?"

The area of the typhoon was spread wide with Count Argong at its center.

The blades of wind that did not discriminate between foe or ally.

Muyoung nodded his head.

"It seems we can offset it."

It would have been impossible before, but there were some skills that were obtained from ingesting the crystallization of the devils.

Although complete destruction was impossible, if utilized properly it might be possible to offset the typhoon adequately.

'So far I've earned 4 skills.'

He'd killed 4 barons and earned 4 skills.

Thorn Formation, Pain's Perspiration, Total Combination, and Underwater Explosion!

Among those Muyoung had made a new skill from combining Pain's Perspiration and Underwater Explosion.

'The skill acquired from combining the two, Zero Explosion.'

Muyoung stretched out his hand.

At that moment, numerous ice crystals began to form around his palm.

As a crystal the size of a fist was made, Muyoung tossed it.  


The ice crystal that flew directly towards the typhoon exploded and caused the creation of countless ice formations.

Eventually, to his surprise, the typhoon was frozen.

However, once was not enough.

Muyoung ran out and continued to use Zero Explosion.

"Where did you learn to use that kind of skill?"

Tacan's bones rattled as he asked.

For some reason, he seemed envious, but Muyoung merely shrugged his shoulders.  

When they exploded the groundwater, the surrounding area became humid from the heated water spread throughout the air.

It was natural that the typhoon itself seemed to freeze because it had sucked up all the moisture when it was being created.


However, the authority of a duke wouldn't merely summon a single typhoon.  

Several gusts of wind lashed at their surroundings.

Dozens of powerful gusts of wind similar to black holes were created, and it felt like you could be sucked in just by being close to them.  


Anguish gave a small cry.

Ogar and Tacan were faithful shields. They were blocking the gusts with their bodies and cut through the wind as they opened the way.

'It's not difficult.'

Two horns sprouted from Muyoung's head.


The world slowed to quarter speed.

However, there wasn't much opportunity for dueling the Count.

To even continue the fight, he needed to end it with a single stroke.


With Ogar and Tacan shielding, Muyoung flew up.

Bae Sungmin. He was an arc lich.

He had the ability of a Saint and a Necromancer.

Even though he was a lich, his existence was incompatible with the devils.  

It was possible for Bae Sungmin to inflict a fatal blow just by injecting a devil with holy power and then exploding it.  

Of course, he was the priority target for the devil soldiers for this reason .  

However, it wasn't easy for the low level devils to even approach Bae Sungmin.


The necklace Bae Sungmin wore, the Talisman, spewed out light.

The Talisman was the material that makes up the holy sphere.

It was a necessity for the manifestation of a Wish and was desired by over 100,000 priests, popes, and saints.

Just by its existence, it had the ingrained power to repel evil.

However, there was a lot of devil soldiers.

3 high level devil soldiers surrounded Bae Sungmin in no time.

"You have an incompatible object."

"Hand it over to us. We'll dye it with evil."

"What can a single lich do? Give it up!"

The devils spoke in a tone akin to whispering.

It was similar to some kind of temptation, but Bae Sungmin answered calmly.

"I too have no idea what I am capable of."

He had memories, but they weren't accurate.  

Even if he conjured up his memories they would only be boring.

That was because he had lost all emotions as he had become a lich.

The memory of the living enemy couldn't affect him in any way, and so he ignored them.

He wasn't certain of what or how much he could do.

However, it was strange.

Only one doubt continuously showed its face in his head.

'What am I searching for? What do I have to find?"

The one buried memory he had.

However, he didn't know what it was.

Bae Sungmin thought he would have to search for that 'something' forever.

"But one sure thing is that you can't stop me."


Bae Sungmin clasped his hands.

He placed a divine blessing on him.


An increasing sound of singing from somewhere.

As if they were bewitched, the high level devils lost their focus and drooled.  

After a while, a light formed above Bae Sungmin's head.

The light gathered and formed into a circular disk shaped like an egg, and encircled him.

The power of a Saint.



Soon,the particles of light brightened til they exploded outward.

Although the radius was not wide, the devils within it were instantly reduced to ashes.


Bae Sungmin opened his mouth wide.

Then, the ashes of the devils got sucked into his mouth.  

'These Devil's memories. Whoever they killed and fought. As expected of devils, they were evil.'

Bae Sungmin was an undead that could grow infinitely from light and darkness.

Also, now that he'd inhaled the ashes of the devils, he gained their memories and power.

Although it was completely insignificant compared to eating crystallization …..

"It's not what I wanted."

They weren't the memories and power Bae Sungmin wanted.  

'Will I be able to know if I covet more evil?'  

As if he was put on a spell, Bae Sungmin moved and began to hunt the devils.


Count Argong fell.

His entire body was frozen solid and within the ice, he had turned to ashes.


<'Wind Crystallization' has been acquired.>  

Five consecutive times.

He'd gained a crystallization everytime he killed nobles.

Muyoung immediately picked up the crystallization and swallowed it.

Then, his whole body wriggled and changed once again.   

<'Wind Crystallization' has been ingested.>

<'Squall's Cruelty' skill has been acquired.>

This wasn't bad either.

However, it was hard to be happy for long.


In the distance, the time had stopped.  

The battle between the great chieftain and Bastro was at the level of a miracle, but like Muyoung's disposal of Count Argong, an outcome was produced.

And the winner was the great chieftain.  

"Bastro, you're Hauress's breed. Do you think Hauress will protect you?"

Hauress was a Demon God's name.

And the last remaining body was the main body.

The great chieftain seized its neck.  

However, Bastro didn't lose his smile.

"He is evil itself. It's not a name someone like you could even speak of."

"You may not remember me, but I remember you. The one who married Hauress's daughter, the king's son-in-law, Bastro."

The great chieftain pointed to his own forehead.

The only wound left on him.

He was the fire tar's living legend, but somehow only that wound was still visible.  

"I was a performer caught by Hauress. My entire body was mutilated and I crawled like a dog. Blame yourself for following him."

Bastro did not respond.

Instead, he only gave a creepy smile.  

Then, the great chieftain took him by the head and legs and tore him apart.


Bastro's entire body stretched like rubber and his internal organs poured out as he died.

After a while, little by little, the intestines that had been scattered on the ground began to turn into ashes.

The great chieftain, who confirmed that they had become ashes, turned his body.

He had also suffered numerous injuries while dealing with Bastro.

One ear was cut off and his skin was scratched to such a degree that his right cheekbone was visible.

But the great chieftain was the victor.

"The great chieftain killed the enemy's leader!"

"Bastro died!"

The great chieftain raised one hand.

It was a sign of victory.


It was that moment.

The great chieftain frowned.

Then he bent his head and saw the stab wound that had penetrated his heart.

"Wasn't it the virtue of the fire tars to remain vigilant until the end? Haruka the Clown."

Bastro was not dead.

It wasn't only that he hadn't died, his appearance had changed again.

A gigantic bizarre creature with four legs and six tails!

It had no fur. Instead, it was as large as a fire tar and covered in blazing black flames.

"Why do you think I was chosen as the king's son-in-law? I who isn't even a demon king!"


Bastro's tail slipped out of great chieftain Haruka's body.

"You bastard……"

The great chieftain Haruka's eyes drooped.

But he couldn't speak anymore.


As he collapsed, all the movements on the battlefield stopped.

As if it were agreed upon.

Even Muyoung, who was watching from a distance, frowned.

However, the change in Bastro's appearance was extremely ominous.  

That was the real main body which appeared when the seven bodies were crushed.

The seven grains were all gathered in one place.  

'If it's like this, I can't win.'

However, it wasn't that there was no way at all.

Muyoung took out one talisman.


As he tore the talisman, a phrase appeared.

Bastro. That jerk wasn't the only devil.

Sword One had also become a devil.

He who was among the top 10 humans, he stared at Muyoung as soon as he appeared.

Muyoung drew Anguish and said briefly.

"You will have to take the lead, Sword One."


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