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Chapter 121: The Duke, Bastro (3)

TL: Nadu

Editor: Lesurous

'I didn't have a proper defense skill so this is good.'

There were definitely things which he couldn't take care of with just equipment.

On top, after Muyoung reached his 2nd metamorphosis, most of his skills were fixed to be above B rank.

He was talking about all other skills besides the ones given by the Masters of the Darkness.

You could definitely call that a blessing.

Just by learning them, they all became B rank skills unconditionally.

Even in the past, not many had this.

Unless they had crazily high intelligence like Queen of Frost Wind, Kim Hannah.

'Intelligence is related to skill proficiency.'

Just because it was high, didn't mean someone got smarter.

Instead, it became easier for someone to use their skills and it helped in raising their proficiency.

You could say that it allowed people to read the skill's structure itself.

Occasionally, it allowed people to entirely remove the repelling power that skills had.

Fortunately, Muyoung's intelligence wasn't on the low side.

However, you couldn't say that it was on the high side either.

A value that wasn't even 300.

It was hard to say if he had the intelligence to maintain a skill higher than a B rank.

'Through this opportunity, I might be able to learn a bunch of skills.'

Muyoung thought of it optimistically.

By killing devils with noble status', he could earn crystallization.

By gaining all of their skills like this, he could be able to complement parts that he felt slightly lacking.

At least, there was nothing to lose by learning them.

Of course, by learning the skills once, you couldn't get rid of them easily.

There was also a possibility for it to become a matter of eternal regret if he was to learn a wrong skill.

However, something like regret couldn't be possible for Muyoung.

The numerous experience and information he piled up for 40 years.

It was because those times weren't just wasted.

The present after returning from the future, there was no one else who spent as much time as Muyoung in this place, the Underworld.


Achievement Effect -> Devil Hunter (B++, The chance to earn a crystallization after hunting a devil increases.)

Muyoung nodded his head.

When someone hunts, there should rightly be something left.

It was an effect worthy for a hunter.

"Are you going to join forces with the fire tars?"

Bae Sungmin asked.

Although he died and became a lich, like a lich, he also had some of his intelligence left.

Every now and then, he made suggestions like this.

However, Muyoung shook his head.

"Joining them comes later."

Even if he tried to join forces with the fire tars, it was doubtful whether they would accept Muyoung.

No, it was more likely for them to not accept it.

He couldn't think all fire tars were like Ogar.

However, to fight against Duke Bastro and his close to 10,000 devil soldiers, the fire tars help was essential.

So, even if they didn't want to, it was best to make them cooperate.

"We will cut the enemy's supply route."

Devils also needed to eat to survive.

Although he said supply route, it was just them hunting monsters and drinking water from a lake. What would happen if those disappeared?

Furthermore, the devils were currently excited as they were influenced by the red moon.

'Even if this is to the extreme, it should be that much of an effective solution."

This was one of the tactics he created to manage Devil's Long Night.

Since cutting the supply route in a battle was the basic among basics, there were some parts that were in common.

On top, fire tars could live for a long period of time without eating.

Even the dokkaebis and other species could live off the food supplies they stored for a few months.

'The one who is more in a hurry loses the battle."

Since there was no better or easier place to assassinate someone than during a battle, it should be very rare to find someone with more battle experience than Muyoung.  

And after watching numerous battles, he made one conclusion.

The more of a hurry you are in, the more mistakes you will make.

A small error would greatly help  to produce an irrevocable result.

So… Muyoung was planning to steadily suffocate his enemy.

Muyoung's gaze deeply sunk.

The fire tars gathered in a place near a Poom tree.

The fire tars were a type of species that were unable to live without a Poom tree that gives them a sense of stability. It was an obvious reason.

If not, they would be eaten up by the flames they produced themselves.

And Bastro and devil soldiers were threatening the Poom tree.

Even the fire tars that were hostile towards each other joined forces for this occasion.

"Vice-chieftain Ogar, has the great chieftain not made a decision yet?"

And so, those fire tars that gathered were a surprising number of eight hundred.

The five fire tribes gathered.

Compared to the devils, the numbers were quite small but their strength could definitely not be ignored.

As they were all, one by one, a top predator.

And as a chieftain who ruled over one of the five tribes asked Ogar, Ogar silently just shook his head.

"For our victory, the chieftain is still thinking."

"Don't we just need to crush the devils?!"

"That's how the 'Sharp-edged Feather Tribe' was annihilated. Did you forget already?"

"A fire tar's enemy is only a fire tar."

They were in sharp disagreement.

The fire tars were strong. Even humans and devils tried to avoid the fire tars.

However, they didn't just avoid them because they were afraid.

It was because nothing could be earned from meddling with the fire tars.

Basically, the fire tars only lived near a Poom tree and the Poom trees were normally apparent near the outskirts where the devils' influences were low.

There was no reason for others to meddle with them if they could save so much more time by going around a bit.

Of course, you couldn't say they weren't scared at all of the fire tars' counterattack…

'There is no answer like this.'

Ogar inwardly let out a deep sigh.

Even when he looked at it, the fire tars were too arrogant.

Without wanting to advance, they were just stagnant.

A fire tar's only enemy is a fire tar?

Ha, they could only be helpless at invasions because they say stuff like this.

They couldn't properly face the reality as it was.

They didn't know a thing about what was going on in their surroundings.

How could they if they kept their eyes and ears shut themselves.

It was also the result of them living in one territory for a long time.

There weren't real enemies and so they stagnated.

'In that sense, Muyoung, was a better man.'

It was surprising how fast he was getting stronger each day.

He was also fearless in taking up challenges.

He seemed somewhat crude but his mentality itself was extremely great.

Because he had that sort of mentality, Ogar was drawn to Muyoung.

On the other hand… how were the fire tars?

"The devils are no match for us."

"We just need to bring one warrior for every hundred devil soldiers. Simple."

"It's obvious that the great chieftain gets easily scared in his old age. In the past, chieftain truly made everyone shudder by moving numerous territories."

They didn't know.

The great chieftain gained insight as he aged.

He realized that it wasn't everything to just thoughtlessly face a problem.

Among the fire tars, only the great chieftain knew how to win most effectively.


Afterwards, everyone turned their eyes to the Poom tree.

As if he was bonding, the great chieftain who sat near the Poom tree and was lost in his thoughts finally moved.

A physique that was 1.5 times bigger than other fire tars.

He had an x-mark scar on his forehead and hair that were burning furiously.

He slowly opened his mouth.

"We will leave the Poom tree."

"…the Poom tree?"


Of course, there was a strong resistance.

The Poom tree was like the fire tars' mother.

For them, it was a sacred place.

Even if they were to leave it, it was hard to promise that they would find another Poom tree.

"If we were to get our hands tied to this place, we will lose."

However, the great chieftain was firm in his opinion.

It was the conclusion he made after considering the enemy's size and number.

If they were to fight in a limited area near the Poom tree, the fire tars could never win against the devils.

"Are you scared? Great chieftain!"

"I'm disappointed. For you to desert the Poom tree for mere devils!"

"Shut up."


The blood that dripped from his clenched fist instantly burned in flames and evaporated.

Everyone tightly closed their lips.


He had the vigor to rule over everything in his surroundings.

They once again remembered the legend of how the great chieftain made everyone shudder by moving numerous territories.

"You guys don't know the terror of the devils."

He slowly rubbed the x-marked scar on his forehead.

It was the only scar on the great chieftain's body.

"Hauress, he played with me as if I was a toy."

He spoke the Demon God's name.

He ground his teeth.

He also knew of the Bastro who invaded his territory right now.

And because of this, he made the critical decision to leave the Poom tree.

At the same time, everyone couldn't help but be surprised.

The great chieftain was a living legend to them.

Their confidence level about their fire tar origin shot through the roof.

Secretly, the fire tars thought that they could face against Demon Kings and Demon Gods when they worked together.

But, for that scar to be from a Demon God.

It was the first time Ogar heard of this as well.

"If the current devil soldiers were led by Bastro, they are even a match for me. But, is there anyone here who can be a match for me?"

Only silence filled the surroundings.

Of course, there were no fire tars who could be a match for the great chieftain.

The great chieftain turned his body as everyone became quiet.

"If we get our hands tied here, it's impossible to even win. However, we aren't running away. We are going to move a bit wider and crush Bastro."

The great chieftain showed strong will.

Unless a miracle happened, there was no way for them to win right now against them.

And he wasn't that thickheaded to rely on a miracle.

Just, he waited for the opportunity.

The 800 fire tars were overwhelmed by just the great chieftain.

In the end, everyone started to move and leave the Poom tree.

To move two steps forward they moved back a step.


Ogar looked in the direction where Muyoung and his territory was located.

The fire tars left at once.

During that time, he didn't know what the devils would do.

If Muyoung was caught by the devil soldiers, it would hard for him to fight against them with just the strength he had.

However, at this current situation, there was nothing Ogar could do to help.

Unless something changed the situation.

But, no matter how hard he thought about it, a plan to overcome this situation didn't come to him.

They burned the forest.

They dried up the water and got rid of everything that could become a food source.

Five thousand soldiers were divided into 50 units and each acted uniformly.

They killed every monster and burned their flesh to ashes or buried them deep in the ground.

They were planning to remove everything the devil soldiers could eat up within their active radius.

"I think the devils have noticed."

Arand spoke.

This also was within his predictions.  He couldn't avoid the eyes of 10,000 devil soldiers.

"It seemed like cutting off their food supply was effective but the devil soldiers are extremely agitated. If we don't quickly evacuate, there won't be anyone left from the 5,000 soldiers."

Arand spoke as if he was in a hurry.

Muyoung gently closed his eyes.

There was an effect.

Now, the devil soldiers will move to defend themselves.

He was divided on if they should fight or not.

However, with their fighting power, they weren't a match.

Still, if there was anything they were more exceptional than the devils at, it was their delivery of information.

The uniformed operation system which Muyoung personally made, operated, and built!

He needed to use it to the max.

It was basics to use favorable points to the max to face an unfavorable situation.

'It's the way for the weak to win against the strong.'

He wasn't well versed in strategies and tactics but he had some knowledge.

He witnessed numerous battles with his own two eyes and he also saw that many turnarounds.

There were even a few heroes who won a fight that was never winnable.

Muyoung thought of their moves.

'Fighting them is the worse move.'

It was no different than suicide.

However, it wasn't like there was no way for the weak to fight against a strong opponent.

First, with the finished system, he was going to delay as much as he could and start a speed match.

Fighting at a place he wanted and putting his enemy off their guard.

The main gist was making them feel as if they could win but not letting them.

An opportunity would definitely come if he made them as impatient as he could.

Muyoung opened his eyes.

"Don't retreat and set up a stronghold. I will lure the enemy."


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