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Chapter 120: The Duke, Bastro (2)

TL: Nadu

Editor: Lesurous

A red light shined on Muyoung's surroundings.

As the Absolute's Territory was proclaimed, it started to influence even the devil.


However, the first to approach wasn't Muyoung.

Sword Two and Sword Three suddenly popped out from Muyoung's back.

"Kyehahaha! Fine! Let's have a fight!"

Baron Alliman laughed out loud.

He was currently drenched in the magical power of the red moon.

He wanted to see blood and he would only be satisfied after seeing it.

On top, he also had a boundless fighting spirit that couldn't be explained unless he was 'mad'.

The reason why humanity called devils a fighting species, the fragmentary example was in front of him.

Not only Baron Alliman but the two thousand devils in the surrounding were shuddering their bodies as they thought of the fight that would soon occur.

'The devils at this time are more like undead than undead.'

They fought until their last breath.

They didn't even bat an eye even if a part of their body was cut off.

Devils were a type of creature that forgot about pain when they were excited.

It was the reason why humanity avoided the 'Devil's Long Night' even after the fight with the devils intensified.

Even if the number was only two thousand, they couldn't be disregarded.

"It is a holy battle that Oom participates in! Hunt down every last one of the enemy!"

"A-Oom! A-Hoom!"

"A-Oom! A-Hoom!"


Seohan smashed a devil soldier using his huge club.

With that as a start, a fierce fight began.

However, about four or five people were needed to face against one devil soldier.  

If there was something that was fortunate, it was that the quality of equipment the different species including the dokkaebis were all wearing was greatly enhanced, incomparable to what they had before.

It was the result of all the dwarves hammering day and night.

"Kyahahahaha! This is the smell! The smell of blood spilled in battle is making me crazy!"

The thorns on Baron Alliman's entire body rose.

The thorns stretched freely and pierced through those who he identified as 'enemy'.

Alliman took the blood that ran down the thorns himself and drank it.

And as he drank more and more blood, Alliman's wings throbbed like a heart.

His body was slowly getting bigger.

Even more, it seemed like a few thorns were released.

"Sword Two and Sword Three, aim for the 'knights'. I'll take care of Alliman."

After watching the thorns, Muyoung gave them an order.

Even among the devil soldiers, there were two devils dressed as knights who were protecting Baron Alliman.

As long as the two were present, it was hard for Muyoung to face Alliman alone.

But, if it was Sword Two and Sword Three, they should easily be able to fight against high rank devils.

'The fact that they have a noble position itself means they are top rank devils.'

It meant that they also had small authority.

Baron Alliman's authority was precisely those thorns.

Numerous thorns acted as a spear and a shield at once as they protected his body and pierced his opponents.

Even more, as his body enlarged as he drank more blood, if Muyoung didn't stop him quickly, unpredictable levels of damage would occur.

'A noble's true strength is because of their authority. If he could see through the authority and destroy it, he could be no more than a high rank devil.'

A noble, a Demon King, was like that.

A view that perhaps it would be the same for the Demon Gods was predominate.

A devil's strength wasn't simply due to the rank difference but due to their authority.

That means that if he could nullify their authority, he could definitely handle them.

"Tacan, clear the way."

"Trust me. I have faced devils tons of times."

The Evil Predator Tacan was normally a being living in the Asura Path.

It wasn't odd at all for a devil to be there in the form of an evil spirit.

Swoo, swoosh!

Afterwards, Tacan moved quickly with his sword in hand and slew devils.

His swordsmanship and movement were very familiar.

'In that short period of time, he made those his own."

Sword Two and Sword Three's specialty.

He was able to replicate some degree of their swordsmanship and the way they ran.

You could say that it was stealing but because Muyoung knew how crazy it was to learn simply by watching, even Muyoung couldn't help but to accept it.

Following the path Tacan made, Muyoung ran straight.

And using the 'fly' ability of the Belt of Aries, he reduced the distance instantly.


Anguish touched the skin of Baron Alliman.

However, all it did was scratch it slightly.

It was because the thorns interlaced his entire body like a form of armor.

"It tickles."

Alliman laughed.

Afterwards, Alliman smirked.

"A prey approached to get himself killed. I don't know why but you're getting on my nerves, even amongst all the ones here, but it's good that you've come."

The one who was on Baron Alliman's nerves was Muyoung.

From the moment Muyoung appeared, Muyoung was strangely on his nerves.

Instinctively, it was similar to a repulsion.

Alliman was planning to clear his surroundings and approach Muyoung himself but he just fell into his lap.

How could he not laugh at this situation?

'It's hard to read his grains.'

However, besides Alliman's intentions, Muyoung endlessly was trying to figure out Alliman.

Everything has grains.

If he could just find the grains, he could destroy even the toughest things in the world.

But, because tens of hundreds of thorns were interlaced, it was quite difficult to read the grains on him.  

It would be endless for him to remove them one by one.

There should be just one grain that could pierce through that entire armor.


In an instant, thorns surged out and dispersed from Alliman's body.

He barely blocked them but as the thorns bent, it destroyed Muyoung's entire scope of movement.


At the same time, he activated Dragon's Soul.

Muyoung's whole body was blazing with fire and instantly burned the thorns.

After seeing this, Alliman let out an exclamation as if it was amusing.

"A dragon fire? Amazing. But, it's nothing compared to Hauress's flames."


The 64th seat Demon God.

It was unexpected to hear his name at a place like this.

'They are Hauress's devils. One of the most dangerous Demon Gods.'

There were images that passed through Muyoung's head.

That guy. Only hell was left in a place where Hauress passed by.

Hauress's fire burned every enemy. However, if Hauress wanted, he could stop an enemy from dying while they burned from the fire.

They could truly be burned forever and feel pain.

And he was also one of the Demon Gods who acted to break the walls of the Blue Temple and kill Merlin.

After the breakthrough, the Great City was swept by hellfire and burned away some few thousand lives.

'I'm steadily moving forward.'

Muyoung's lips made a slight curve.

Muyoung was truly moving forward for him to hear Hauress's name out loud.

He felt certain that the power of 72 Demon Gods was close to his reach.

Baron Alliman was just the stepping stone.

Clash! Clank!

Numerous attacks repeated.

Alliman's thorn armor didn't break.

"Are you only able to make ticklish attacks?! Kyahaha!"

He laughed in Muyoung's face.

The number of wounds on Muyoung's body was increasing.

A dragon's fire couldn't burn infinitely.

However, Muyoung's eyes were continuously scanning Alliman's whole body.

Just one grain.

He just needed to find just one grain that could pierce through those thorns.

Nothing else was important.

'…I see it.'

Muyoung eyes sparkled.

Muyoung clearly found a strange grain at the moment when the thorns were released and extended.

It was more close to a dot than a grain.

A dot that joined all thorns!

That was his weakness. It was the only flaw to Alliman's authority.

At the same time, two horns appeared and Muyoung's time slowed.

Although it only lasted for a minute in real time, for Muyoung, it felt closer to 4 minutes.

In a world where it was slowed down by 4 times, Alliman's attacks seemed very slow.

And by focusing on only that one dot, Muyoung ran.


Anguish accurately pierced through the dot.

A strong repelling power was resisted but he didn't care.

"Youuu baaastard!"

As if Alliman also felt something strange, he withdrew all the thorns he released.

Soon, every thorn approached Muyoung aiming to kill him.


An ability included in Hermes' Boots.

The world felt much slower.

Although it was only for 3 seconds, Muyoung's world played 5 times slower.

All the muscles in his arms screamed out loud. His veins bulged as if they were going to pop out of his skin.


Soon, the dot was pierced.

"How… my… armor?"

Alliman spoke as if he couldn't believe his eyes.

However, Alliman's whole body turned into ash before crumbling.

Normally, devils didn't leave their body behind when they died.

Like this, they became ashes and disappeared.

The thorns that flew towards Muyoung also turned to ashes and dropped to the ground.

'Devils are imperfect.'

As he watched the situation, Muyoung once again reminded himself.

Unless they were at the level of a Demon God, he was able to place Demon Kings within the 'devil' category.

And devils were very unstable beings.

Devils were a species that seemed as if they went against the laws of the world.

As they weren't even able to leave behind their body after they died.

<'Anguish' cries in excitement. Blows against devils are now much stronger.>

Thud! Thud! Thump!

Sounds of explosion continued all around.

Even if Alliman died, the devils continued to fight.

They wouldn't stop until every devil was annihilated.

'Ashes to ashes.'

But in Muyoung's eyes, they were already no different than ashes.

He got rid of Alliman and his two thousand devil soldiers.

On the ground, only ashes were rampant.

Of course, it wasn't like Muyoung didn't suffer any damages.

'Almost six thousand people.'

While suppressing the two thousand devil soldiers, almost six thousand people died.

Although the fight didn't pay off, it was quite an excellent result for their first fight.

However, only about 24,000 were left.

With this number, he couldn't reach Duke Bastro.

There were even over 90,000 devils left that he led.

If they were to just fight like this, the results were obvious.

Muyoung's complete defeat.

'I must join forces with the fire tars.'

It seemed like it was time to make a decision.

Like how Alliman found the castle in the outer parts, there was still a chance for other devils to find this place.

In the end, he felt it was most effective to join forces with the fire tars to fight against the devils.

Of course, whether or not the fire tars will accept Muyoung's offer was a different matter. Still, it was the best move.

Even if Ogar was to come forward, there would be a limit and it seemed like regarding this matter he needed to think more about it.

Afterwards, Muyoung took out a black marble from his side.

It was the size of a fingernail but the size of power within it was quite remarkable.

'When a top rank devil dies, there is a small chance for a crystallization to appear.'

A crystallization was a marble condensed with a devil's power.

When someone swallows it, their stats increase. They could also be used as a material for a weapon or an armor.

But the best option was to eat it.


Without hesitation, he dropped the thorn crystallization inside his mouth.

At the same time, all his muscles jolted.

Name: Thorn Formation

Effect: Covers the entire body with strong thorns.

* Physical resistance increased by 200.

* Magic resistance increased by 150.

* When used, agility greatly falls (-60%).

* It leeches a bit of the attacker's health.

Pure stats and a skill were earned.

Thorn Formation.

Although it was a defensive skill, the skill itself was quite decent.

As it was a skill made by an authority, there was no way for it not to be good.

During emergencies, it seemed like it could be of good use.

Although there was a flaw that agility decreased when used, if there was a situation for Thorn Formation to be used, it would probably be in a situation where he couldn't move too much.


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