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Chapter 118: The Devil's Long Night (End)

TL: Nadu

Editor: Lesurous

Baltan and Arand's fight didn't seem like it was going to end easily.

They both showed ideal development beyond what Muyoung had expected and he was now seeing the results with his own two eyes.


Baltan was an undead and Arand was a dark elf.

They were both beings that were far from human but their growth speed was monstrous.

He thought only humans had infinite potential due to Solomon.

However, this wasn't true.

Other species also had the same, perhaps even more, driving force.


Arand's attacks were swift and sharp.

Baltan had sturdiness as his weapon.

Currently, Baltan seemed to have the upper hand.

It was a common belief for it to be difficult for lightness to win against heaviness.

However, the expectation was once again knocked down.


The greatsword flew up high in the air.

And in time, was pierced on to the ground like a sealed sword.

"I won."

Arand made a smile.

Although his body was cut and bruised, he didn't hide his joy at his victory.

He looked at his two hands that pierced through Baltan.

A warrior with no weapon couldn't be an opponent against Arand.

Arand's victory wasn't expected from anyone.

The audience became silent.

Not a dokkaebi or a human but a dark elf.

It was a result that not one person welcomed but Arand didn't care.


As if he wanted Muyoung to quickly keep his promise, Arand straightened up in front of Muyoung before he kneeled one knee.

'Certainly, Baltan was superior. Just that Arand's ability to see his opponent's openings was beyond what I imagined.'

Baltan who was weaker than Seohan had achieved surprising development that surpassed Seohan in no time.

Just by this, it was a complete surprise but a figure who he had no thought of had appeared.

In a Lord's point of view, this was absolutely not a bad situation.

And rather, it might have been better for Arand to win instead of Baltan.

Arand was the representative of the slaves of the arena and they were looked down on quite a bit from both the humans and dokkaebis of the entire territory.

Through this event, somewhat of a balance would be made.

"To the winner Arand, I will give him the position of 'Banneret Knight'. He can perform duties of a Commander and has the authority to lead up to 50 people. While I'm away, he will perform as lord deputy with Baltan."

After he finished speaking, he looked at Arand's eyes.

As if he didn't have any interest in that sort of position.

As if they were burning, Arand's eyes glared.

Muyoung inwardly thought it was 'fun'.

As Ogar said, would he be able to enjoy the festival?

"Heal Arand. As final entertainment, I will allow you to face me and my sword."


Anguish cried in excitement.

Bae Sungmin went up and cured Arand's injuries.

Although Bae Sungmin was a lich, he also had the ability to use saint skills.

Saints were rare, to where there was only one saint among ten thousand priests.

Saints were valuable talents that even in the Holy City Mulalan, there were only a few dozen saints.

Truly, saints only lived in Mulalan.

It was practically impossible to see them besides a specific period when the saints made their rounds.

And so, having a saint meant that the group didn't yield against any guild or otherwise, and had an advantage.


Light surged all over Arand's body.

With an incredible speed of recovery, the wounds were completely healed.

Skills or techniques weren't needed. Just showering holy power was enough.


Muyoung slowly walked up.

Arand got up as he made a dignified smile on his face.

No words were needed.

'He has no plans on losing.'

Muyoung chuckled.

Arand had no intention of losing the fight against Muyoung.

Classical eyes of a warrior!

Muyoung felt his blood pumping in a long time.

Muyoung never did anything roughly.

Even when he tried to catch a rabbit, Muyoung was the type to try his best.

Even more, Arand was a warrior. It was discourteous for him to fight by restricting himself.

And it was necessary to surely teach him who was at the bottom and the top.


That was needed.


A blazing dragon went around and around Muyoung's entire body.

The audience who saw this were astonished.

It wasn't made up of a simple form.

Although it was weak, there was truly a 'dragon fear' effect.

They could feel the soul of the dragon through their skin.

This strength didn't exist before he left the territory.

"Did Oom… even conquer a dragon?!"

Seohan's eyes widened as much they could.

His entire body shivered as he was deeply moved.

Only a few months. It was clear that he had dominated a dragon and had its soul in his hand.

Ogar was also surprised.

Dragons were much higher ranking species compared to fire tars.

It might have been possible if the opponent was a chieftain of the fire tars.

He never thought Muyoung would even gain that level of strength.

'It seemed like only yesterday when he cured the Poom tree.'

Ogar inwardly led out a sigh of relief.

At this speed, it was certain he would soon surpass the chieftain.

If at that time, they mistreated Muyoung, it was unknown how far the aftermath would have been.

Even if he did solve the chronic problem about the Poom tree, the stubborn elders were hesitant to give Muyoung a reward because he was a dokkaebi.

Even more, they certainly would have had thoughts of removing him by finding some fault in him.

Imagining a Muyoung who survives, develops his strength, and one day points a sword at him, made his fiery spine chill.

'It would become a matter of the greatest regret.'

He would have nothing to say if he annihilates everyone because they returned a kindness with ingratitude.

However, luckily, Ogar did everything he could to reward his efforts.

He used all kinds of precious herbs for Muyoung to go into metamorphosis.

"A dragon's strength… it's amazing."


Arand let out a strange sound.

It gave him chills.

All Muyoung did was show him his strength but he didn't feel like he was going to win.

"If you don't want to disappoint me, you will need to try even harder."

Muyoung spoke indifferently.

If what Arand had shown so far was all he had, he would have been disappointed.



Afterwards, Arand came right in front of him after leaving an afterimage.

He moved his daggers freely and approached to pressure Muyoung.



Arand was able to use powers of thunder and lighting.

He was truly as fast as lightning.

The dragon's strength that allowed him to automatically attack and block wasn't able to keep up with his speed.

Even so, Arand's expression was gradually getting impatient.

'None of my attacks are working.'

He thought he would at least be a worthy opponent.

Although he saw the dragon's strength, he didn't believe he would greatly fall behind.

In reality, since he had subdued Seohan and Baltan who were under Muyoung, his level of confidence was so high that it could pierce through the sky.

However, after fighting him firsthand, he was able to understand.

Muyoung's greatness.

Muyoung didn't move a step from his original position.

On the other hand, Arand felt like he was going to get beaten if he was to reduce his speed even a bit, and so he couldn't help but to restlessly move.

This also didn't last long.

Muyoung raised Anguish.

Then, very slowly stretched out his sword.

'A slow sword?'

Compared to Arand's lightning speed, it was too slow.

It seemed like a piece of cake to avoid it.

However, was it because it was out of the recognition range?

At some point, Anguish broke Arand's dagger, pierced through his chest, and crushed his bones.


And with the retraction of Anguish, blood gushed out from Arand's chest at the same time.

Just one strike of a sword.

However, it was a method he couldn't understand at all.


"It's my best sword. Endlessly think about it and fight fiercely. If there was something you learned, you will become much stronger than now."

Muyoung turned his body.

He didn't use acceleration.

Just, he gathered all the enlightenment he learned so far and expressed it in a single strike of a sword.

This was Muyoung's own way of 'acknowledgment' to the winner, Arand.


-They respect their lord. As long as a strong Lord exists, they will not have a different heart.

-The level of Harmony is B. A decent level of harmony has been made with all the species.

-The level of Development is A. They have a strong desire to become stronger. If you provide them with a condition, they would grow faster than anyone else.

-The level of Satisfaction is B-. There are a lot of problems with cleanliness and residence. There is a need to fix the territory overall.>

The moment the festival ended, Muyoung implemented actions to strengthen the overall territory.

By combining the 1,000 dwarves and all the territory's manpower, they built walls and hard buildings.

On top, by using about 1,000 lord points, Muyoung made a small temple.

Normally, you needed 2,000 Lord points to build a temple but you could add the general effects of a temple with just 1,000 points.

'There is nothing bad about having a temple for the Devil's Long Night.'

The temple Muyoung built was a place where the god of dokkaebis, 'Asura' was served.

Although its size was small, Asura was an existence who was concerned with Muyoung and influenced him.

If anything, it would be beneficial and not harmful.

As expected, as he built the temple, additional effects existed.

<'Asura's Small Temple' has been completed.>

The temple was truly worth the price.

As Asura's Vassal changed to Asura's Spokesperson, its rank also increased.

It seemed enough to prepare for the devils.

As the other species quickly developed and gained strength to resist, it created a situation where it would be worth his while to fight most devils.

On top of that, there was a chance for Asura's blessing to continuously be added.

If that happened, he would need to increase the number of temples but this also would be solved at the same time as the Devil's Long Night begins.

"Lord has built a temple for Hoom!"

"A-Oom! A-Hoom!"


The moment the temple was built, the dokkeabis cheered.

They sang and danced as they trembled.

They were able to serve both Oom and Hoom at one place.

Also, there was another extra effect.

"I have heard the sound of Hoom's voice. Please accept us, the earth dokkeabis."

"Are you the Oom? Hoom told us to follow you."

After the temple was built, dokkaebis from all around swarmed in.

The numbers weren't that many but it seemed like the effects of the temple spread quite far.

Most came by saying that they had come to this place by hearing the voice of Hoom.

Like the time when they gathered for the Oom's ceremony, it seemed like there was some sort of a special signal.

Could 'being on a roll' be more of a fitting phrase than now?

Thanks to this, they could accelerate the development of the territory.

All other species quickly developed and became stronger day by day.

And as more time passed, additional information popped up.


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