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Chapter 116: The Devil's Long Night (3)

TL: Tay

Editor: Lesurous

It was the emergence of new talent.


Honestly, Muyoung didn't have high hopes.

He firmly believed that apart from the undead he had created, those in his territory were just an assortment of people.

The speed of their growth was slow compared to Muyoung's and if this continued, he felt certain that they wouldn't be a big help.

However, he brought many citizens in order to increase his Lord's skill ranking and to rule over them a bit easier.

'Anguish's patron, Gremory, the Demon King of the 27th Legion.

In order to get a glimpse of the two secrets, he needed to do so.

The path for Muyoung to become a Demon King himself!

In order to become a powerful 'thorn', he needed to expand his territory.

That was all. As a matter of fact, it wasn't an exaggeration that Muyoung had no hope in them. However….

"I am Arand. Lord! I will show you my skills!

"I am Garwon. My Lord. I will surprise you!"

Before fighting, everyone greeted Muyoung.

Their eyes were filled with vigor.

In addition to the 500 dokkaebis and 20 humans, 300 others who had lived as slaves in the Arena volunteered.

A total of about 800 participants that were overflowing with fighting spirit.

Did they enjoy fighting?

However, that didn't seem right.

Maybe not for the dokkaebis, but the majority of the slaves were weak. They gave their will to the dogs.

However, that image was completely different now.

The will to fight!

Their fighting spirit shone in their eyes.

They were merely hoping that Muyoung would look at them.

'Do they want compensation or status?'

Surely they had something to gain from fighting.

Since Muyoung had promised, they would be treated well for getting good results.

Expanding his territory, increasing the population….

In order to deal with them effectively, leaders were needed.

However, that didn't seem to be the only thing.

'I suppose if I watch I'll know.'

It may have been because of Ogar's words, but in any case, he wanted to watch them more.

Even though he wasn't knowledgeable, he was able to understand.

That their lord, Muyoung, didn't simply put them together.

He wasn't a good guy and he was far from having a kind or caring personality.

However, there was one thing.

There was one thing that was imprinted in everyone.

His movements swept through everything.

He was like a typhoon.

In addition, there was something unusual about those gathered around him.

Muyoung just moved, but they all naturally followed him.

Why was that?

'Because he is a leader.'

That was it. He was gifted with the fate of a great leader.

Great leaders were born with the power to rule.

And he didn't think this would end at just this simple territory.

Even if he didn't wish for it, he would soon be crowned as king.

Although the situation ended up this way, it wasn't easy for other species to live together in harmony.

No one was willing and it was considered taboo.

This was because the lifestyles and behavior of the tribes were not all the same.

However, Muyoung accomplished it.

His overwhelming charisma made it possible.

If he really became king…… They might experience a world that they had never seen before.

His heart raced.

His rule was something that the dokkaebis wished for, and the two thousand arena slaves held no hostility towards his rule.

In this situation which was unseen and unheard of, the humans were in a state of half doubt.

However, they had to fight and prove themselves to survive.

It was a situation where there was no other way but to fight to avoid being swept away in the fierce wave and endure the struggle.

'My sword is exclusively for the sake of the king.'

Of course, for Baltan the Territory Guardian, Muyoung was already the king.

And in order to receive the qualification as the King's Knight, he had to win at any cost.


Seohan stifled a growing smile.

An ice dokkaebi with an evolved dokkaebi's form, a duaxini.

Although he managed almost 20,000 dokkaebis, he still participated in this match.

This was because he had to finish things with Baltan.

However, that aside, he couldn't hold himself back because his body itched to do this.

'Ah, it's fun. It's really fun!'

His mouth itched. If he could, he wanted to laugh out loud.


Their Oom had gotten so much stronger after going outside for a while.

Seohan the duaxini was able to tell.

Now he couldn't be a match for him.

'There's no way of knowing how much stronger he will get.'

His steep growth rate was not normal.

But if he was Oom, then, of course, he should be so.

He must lead the goblins by accomplishing what could not be done by anyone and by showing them.

That was why he was Oom and their master.

However, what of the dwarves?

Dwarves were famous for being a stubborn race.

They didn't really follow others. They didn't trust or get give their affection easily.

However, he came leading hundreds of them.

The image of Oom in their eyes dared them to think of a hero.

For them to worship and naturally follow him was indeed due to Oom's presence.

'Dear Oom, are you trying to become king? I will give my life to help you.'

If Oom became a king, this territory would become a kingdom.

However, Oom was greedy and trying to put together all the species.

In order to always aid Oom in the front lines, he needed to gather the scattered dokkaebis and show their strength.

"Oom has proved his qualifications. Now it's our turn!" Seohan cried out.

"A-Oom! A-Hoom! A-Oom! A-Hoom!"

"A-Oom! A-Hoom! A-Oom! A-Hoom!"

The 500 dokkaebis that were participating in the tournament shouted in excitement.

They also knew Seohan's sincerity. They'd become aware of what he saw and felt.

That they couldn't lose.

They'd risk their lives for this fight.

It was intense.

No, calling it intense was not enough.

The feeling of meeting a lifelong enemy.

Also, the shape of that fight somehow resembled Muyoung.

"Isn't this fun? It hasn't been all that long but already they follow you."

Muyoung was silent.

Honestly, he still didn't understand.

In the end, what they wanted to resemble was Muyoung himself.

There really wasn't much shown by him. The times when he was absent were more often.

"Spending a lot of time together isn't everything. All they needed was just a little hope."

"Are you saying I gave them hope?"

"Although this place is on the outskirts, strictly speaking, it's a place where the Demon Gods rule. The dokkaebis and the other species are bound to feel uneasy every day."

"The fire tars too?"

The Fire Tars were top predators.

Were they afraid of the demons and devils too?

Ogar nodded affirmatively.

"It will soon become the onset of the Devil's Long Night. In those days, even the Fire Tars act carefully. If even we are like that, how do you think it would be for the weaker ones?"

"So, you're saying I'm hope?"

"Exactly. You're changing daily. Just by looking at what you show, they can be comforted and have hope."

"I don't really understand…"

He was getting stronger, but others saw that and had hope.

In another word, vicarious satisfaction.

Well, Muyoung was growing at an unbelievable pace.

Even when he thought of the past, there was no one who grew like he did.

But to see that and have hope?

Was it not a greater pleasure to cultivate one's own strength and get what one wanted?

Muyoung couldn't understand their mentality.

But somehow it was obvious.

The assassin Muyoung, who was  created to just follow orders from Wung Chunglin, was never satisfied by just looking at someone.

Even when he just returned, he wanted to strengthen himself and didn't think of anyone else.

On the other hand, they were following Muyoung's example.

If their master, Lord Muyoung, got stronger quickly, they hoped that they too would be able to get stronger.

It was only a tiny spark, but in this place, even that spark was hard to find.

Just by Muyoung's existence, it lit a fire.

Muyoung had no idea what an amazing thing that was.

And this made Ogar smile and think, 'Now I too will have a hard time with my opponent.'

The simple feeling of the atmosphere changed.

He didn't know what had happened in a little over 100 days, but he dared say the difference was like heaven and earth.

If time continued to flow in this way…..

He could not even imagine.

The unknown was terrifying, but sometimes it inspired motivation.

'All this while, I've been careless with my training. I too should begin moving.'

Since it had even influenced Ogar, there was nothing more to say.

New talent.

As a matter of fact, there were appearances of those with potential.

Muyoung didn't pay much attention, but they were the ones that were buried in opposition.

Through this opportunity, they spread their existence.

Arand was one of these.

A young Dark Elf. He was a male that had been defeated in the arena and turned into a slave.

He'd been living in confinement in the arena for a good 5 years.

Of course, he had no will, and in a spirit of defeatism had thought of himself as a slave.

The rank at that place was determined from the time of entry.

In reality, everyone was afraid of the challenges.

They'd been satisfied with the place they were staying in and refused to move to the next level.

How was he different from a pig inside a cage?

'I'm trash that isn't even a pig.'

At that moment, a dokkaebi appeared.

At first, nobody noticed the dokkaebi.

His fights were always intense, yet he never fell.

However, Arand had been watching.

From the beginning to the end.

The actions of the dokkaebi that oddly drew his attention fascinated Arand.

The dokkaebi moved along.

Without hesitation,  he had no worries as he challenged.

He gave the impression that he was just doing what he was supposed to.

5th floor, 4th floor, 3rd floor.

The more he advanced, the more his fame rose.

At first, they didn't know who he was, but as time passed, there was no one that didn't know the dokkaebi's name.

Muyoung! Muyoung! Muyoung!

Everyone shouted. They were enthusiastic about the appearance of a dokkaebi fighting.

In other words, he had become a celebrity.

Every time he fought, he gained strength and won.

Arand closely watched him from the beginning.

He was truly an aloof warrior that didn't suit this hog pen.

Arand cheered.

That night, for the first time in over 5 years, he cheered.

He even shed tears. He didn't know why.

It was just that the dokkaebi's victory moved Arand.

Aah! That was it. To Arand, the dokkaebi was an idol.

And now.

That idol was before his eyes.

In a place where it seemed he could touch him if he only reached out.

"It, it can't be……"



The dokkaebis were astounded.

Seohan. The one responsible for 20,000 dokkaebis had fallen.

The great warrior, the victor of countless battlefields, had fallen to the floor, spewing blood.

Then, Arand recovered two sacks of daggers he freely moved.

Arand had not sustained even one injury.

He had perfectly dominated Seohan.

When he was a slave at the arena, it was something he could not even think of doing.

But as flowers blossomed, Arand changed as he left the arena. He'd gotten stronger.

And he sent Muyoung a provocative look.

"My Lord! If I win, can I ask you one favor?"

Arand was no longer a pig in a pen.

He wasn't trash.

"What is it?", Muyoung asked.

And Arand answered.

"Please fight me."

Now Arand was a warrior.

A blood-hungry warrior!

At that moment, Muyoung's lips lifted.

He now understood Ogar's words.


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