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Chapter 115: The Devil's Long Night (2)

TL: Nadu

Editor: Lesurous

The Three Pickaxe Alliance was working towards a massive reorganization.

After the dragon died, they had been busy as they started military training and recovering the damaged buildings in the place where its energy dwelled.

In reality, after the death of the Dark Dragon Barca, the signs of dragons died down.

The dwarves made it known to the whole world that they were no longer slaves who could be exploited.

Their lord, Bartas, looked at the guests that suddenly appeared with a surprised look on his face.

"Your horns…? Were dokkaebis able to retract their horns?"

Muyoung, who Bartas obviously believed was a dokkaebi, horns had disappeared from his head.

From Bartas's perspective, it was something that made his eyes widen.

Even so, it wasn't enough for Bartas to not recognize Muyoung but it was true that it made him look completely different.

'This will be troublesome.'

Muyoung inwardly clicked his tongue.

If Bartas was to react this way, the reaction of people in the territory was obvious.

Inevitably, Muyoung, who shook his head, momentarily looked at grains.

A world where it became 4 times slower.

Muyoung felt a bit disappointed as he was able to watch even the movements of the facial muscles.

'For time reduction, the pure stats are important.'

He had slight hopes that he would be able to stay in the slower world for a bit longer as he completed his 2nd metamorphosis, but as there was nothing free in the world, it was all dependent on his basic condition.

That is, his pure stats.

The standard was Muyoung's strength, without adding anything to it, but just as it is.

It appeared that this occurred as the 'grain' itself was about the essence, the purity.

But, through the 2nd metamorphosis, it was going to be easy for him to increase his pure stats to at least 200.

It basically meant that time was the problem.

As his two horns appeared, Bartas's eyes grew bigger.

"Ha, for you to have two horns. As expected, you are 'Oom'. Worthy to be the master of the dokkaebis."


However, the duration was short.

After showing for about 10 seconds, Muyoung returned to normal.

But, the important part was that Bartas recognized him.

Muyoung coldly spoke.

"Keep your promise."

He had finished verifying himself.

The rest was for Bartas to keep his promise.

As a condition when he helped the dwarves be free from the Dark Dragon Barca, Muyoung was planning to borrow their strength.

With a friendly relationship, he was planning to reserve strength for him to at least survive the 'Devil's Long Night'.

Fortunately, Bartas willingly nodded his head.

"If it's a promise, I must keep it. We, dwarves, never forget a favor. I will lend 1,000 dwarves for 3 years. It is what they want as well."

3 years!

Muyoung couldn't help but be slightly surprised by this incredible offer.

At most, he thought it would be around 1 year.

Even though this place was a small kingdom for the dwarves, it had to be a tremendous loss for them to share 1,000 dwarves.

It was more of a loss since they had just received damage from the Dark Dragon Barca.

Although they were unsure how long it would take for them to recover and strengthen this place, they gladly assigned 1,000 dwarves to him.

For Muyoung, who had been  thinking of alternatives if they didn't keep their promise, it was truly a relief.

Soon, a familiar dwarf face came to him with a group.

"I'm glad to see you again, master."


With the start of their relationship since the underground arena, he had become Muyoung's faithful slave after Muyoung had avenged for his son.

Although he was old, it meant he had many years of experience.

His role was to increase his skills at this place while Muyoung took care of Bae Sungmin.

As Muyoung came back, he showed himself to join him.

Kalmooh kneeled.


Bartas cleared his throat.

In all honesty, it wouldn't have been a great sight for Kalmooh to obey Muyoung in front of him, a lord.

It was ill-mannered and rude but he couldn't scold him.

Muyoung was their hero, a savior!

On the other hand, Bartas was a king who continuously made mistakes.

He tried to run away and most dwarves saw this.

It was okay until then.

Since Bartas was their one and only king.

However, after fighting against the dark dragon, the dwarves also gained their own will.

Bartas was in a state where his position would become dangerous if he was to bother their hero.

Kalmooh turned around and looked at the dwarves he brought as he spoke.

"They are all young and skilled companions. There are even kids I kept my eyes on. They should be of great help."

Muyoung nodded his head.

Kalmooh didn't stay here to play around.

Nominally, it was to raise his skills but it seemed like he devoted himself in 'looking for talented dwarves'.

1,000 promising dwarves!

It was enough to newly reorganize his entire territory.

'3 years is enough.'

Although they said 3 years, no one knows what would happen after those 3 years.

Among the 1,000 dwarves, how many would return?

Since Bartas said he would 'lend' the dwarves, it seemed like he was confident that they would return.

However, Muyoung wasn't the type to easily return things he had earned.

It was a continuation of surprises.

Yang Mei thought to herself.

That he was someone that she couldn't keep track of.

However, a Starkeeper was a person who provided guidance.

She tried her best to not show her emotion.

'The Three Pickaxe Alliance is a top-secret alliance of the dwarves. Is the Star-Eating Star the savior of these dwarves?'

But still, she couldn't just remove her inner feelings.

Yang Mei was a woman who knew how to use information in her own way.

This was a secretive place that was only known to those who knew of the Three Pickaxe Alliance.

She was certain they existed, but no one else knew the truth about the existence of the Three Pickaxe Alliance.

At most, only catching glimpses of their shadows?

But, she had confirmed the truth.

On top of that, it seemed Muyoung was their savior and hero.

It was odd why he went to the Demon God's Territory but her doubts about him were removed.

The dwarves' eyes were full of trust as they looked at Muyoung.

'But what is an Oom?'

Everything that was said by the lord of dwarves, Bartas, was surprising but she couldn't understand the title Muyoung was called by.

A ruler of the dokkaebis.

In reality, all Yang Mei knew about Muyoung was that he was the 'Star-Eating Star', and nothing else.

However, it didn't take long for her to understand the meaning of the word 'Oom'.

A stretch of land.

A huge territory that existed within the Demon God's Territory!

Yang Mei felt a shiver after seeing a number far greater than ten thousand dokkaebis gathered at that place.

It was a place where dokkaebis and humans coexisted and there was even a fire tar.

If you even add the small number of other species, there was no end.

On top, the dwarves had joined.

It truly was an odd combination of groups but they were mixed and blended together.

'This all was the strength of the Star-Eating Star. His potential.'

It was the first time she had seen something like this.

There were many times where monsters followed humans but if that number goes beyond ten thousand, the story changes.

This was the start and if he could acquire a vaster area, his power would be just as good as other groups.


Yang Mei wiped her brow.

Sweat ran down like rain.

The Star-Eating Star. The more she knew about him, his achievements approached her more sincerely.

A Star of Beginning was born when all the stars were eaten.

And so, within a new law, the world will be restructured.

Perhaps she might be facing the waking phase of the legend to be.

"Greetings, Lord."

"Greetings, Oom!"

Baltan and Seohan kneeled at the same time.

Muyoung was worried about the fact that they might not recognize him but it was just utter groundless.

Baltan was an undead and Seohan recognized Oom instinctively.

Also, Baltan, as the Guardian of the Territory, and Seohan, as the director of dokkaebis, they each had different roles.

However, compared to the past, there was a big difference in the tension in the air.

Their body position and the powers that could be felt from them became much keener.

They had brushed up on their skills as they looked forward to the day they were to fight against each other.

It was obvious that they would become a bigger problem if Muyoung was to leave them alone.

"Hold a festival. Like I've promised, we will start arranging ranks."

Muyoung also didn't plan on standing by.

Before the Devil's Long Night started, he needed to tie up loose ends.

If they didn't prepare as one, the territory would be destroyed from the inside.

He wasn't simply trying to endure it.

He also had devil hunt in mind.

'To open the book, Call of the Devil, a high ranked devil is needed.'

The last reward of the underground Arena.

It was an item that a devil tried many times to earn.

He was unsure as to why the devil wanted it, but he would know of the reason if he was to capture a high ranked devil and open it.

After hearing Muyoung's statement, Baltan bowed his head more deeply.

Seohan grinned and showed respect.

<702 dwarves joined.>

<500 Lord points has been added.>

A festival had started.

They danced and sang together as they drank.

Although it was considered a festival, there wasn't much that was different.

Muyoung sat on the throne they had made and watched them.

An arena that was created last minute by borrowing the help of the dwarves.

Although it was just a fenced space with marble flooring, the formality wasn't that big of a deal.

For a day, as a mean for turning over a new leaf, everyone had fun.

The dwarves were luckily able to mingle with the people.

And on the second day.

"It is a place for each of you to show your skills to distinguish the strongest. Fight and win. I will promise that you will be rewarded a position and a reward right for you."

The territory was getting bigger.

Muyoung couldn't always be the one to rule over the land.

He needed to give people positions that were right for them and handle matters transparently.

However, most species left out weaklings.

It was sad that fighting power was the only way to simply compare their skills, but that was also the reality of the Underworld.

After Muyoung's short announcement, everyone's attitude changed.

In total, about 2,000 people signed up to participate in this fight known as a playoff.

Dokkaebis, humans, and other different species were all mixed in.

They each held their own weapon and stood with their blade facing up.

The fun and laughter from yesterday had disappeared.

As if it never happened, the mood was as if they were about to go into battle.

"Muyoung, they have looked forward for you to come back. Every day was survival and was time they used to brush up on their skills.'

And as an observer, Ogar participated.

His expression showed how he was also quite interested.

As he stood beside Muyoung, he started small talk with Muyoung.

"Is that so?"

As Muyoung answered without much thought, Ogar clicked his tongue.

"You are a king to them. Not simply a lord. Do you not understand the difference?"

Ogar said something very significant.  

A giant like figure, the vice-chieftain of the fire tars.

He was truly a strange fire tar but was also one of Muyoung's closest people.

At least, he wasn't the type to lie.

He was truly asking Muyoung.

'The difference between a lord and a king, he says.'

It was the same how they ruled over their lands.

Kings took care of a few lords to cultivate a much wider land.

The numbers were different and their positions were different.

They even made rules and started broad events.

But, strictly speaking, this also wasn't greatly different from what lords had to do.

Muyoung was unsure what other differences there were besides this.

From the beginning, Muyoung didn't have much experience leading others.

It was an obvious thing.

Unless it was Wung Chunglin, Muyoung always moved alone.

Managed everything by himself.

It was very new for him to lead others and to rule over them.

He just acted on the standards of what he had heard and saw over someone else's shoulder.

"Watch. They will fight with their life on the line. Not just Baltan and Seohan but new talents will appear. A group is maintained like this."

Ogar rubbed his chin.

He had the expression of a child with a fun toy in front of him.

Muyoung was still puzzled as he watched the fight.

All he wanted to do was awaken the atmosphere and make them unite as one.

But, there was something that even he was unaware of?


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