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Chapter 114: The Devil's Long Night (1)

TL: Tay

Editor: Lesurous

Tacan dusted off his sword.

The human hunt was over. It had been a good opportunity to check his skills.

It was the result of devouring everything to live up to the name of Evil Spirit Predator.

If he was stagnant, it wouldn't have ended this way.

"From what Woohee' sees, 30 points out of 100."


Tacan's skeletal frame shook.

Before he knew it, Woohee had come to sightsee and was closely watching Tacan's fight.

Then she evaluated his overall score and began grading.

Even though he didn't ask for her opinion.

He thought she was a fairy with nothing to do, but he couldn't help but be offended by the incredibly bad score.

Woohee flew round and round in the sky while saying, "There's no intensity. There's nothing to see! It's boring. Aren't you too self-absorbed?"

"I see there's nothing you can't say. Do you want to die?"

"Try to be half as good as Husband. That liveliness! His transcendence that is difficult to express in words! Besides, he's cool. In many ways you're different from him, child. Hihihi."

Tacan shivered.

He wanted to split that wicked fairy in half with a single stroke if he could, but it wasn't easy.

Because this was the fairy that followed Muyoung around?

That also played a part, but there was another reason.

'I don't know why the Fairy King and the Demon God's Blessings are given to such a fairy.'

Others could be deceived, but his eyes couldn't be fooled.

Evil spirits. In other words, there were some things that were visible only to Tacan, who managed many souls.

Even Muyoung would not have noticed.

Many of the blessings bestowed on Woohee were clearly contrasted with the other fairies.

If he messed with her in the wrong way… the result was unknown.

All the blessings were equal to a small miracle.

It was horrible just thinking about what effects would result from activating that many blessings.

But the one he understood the least was the Demon God's Blessing.

'Weren't the fairies helping Solomon?'

He only knew there was such a contract. But, even by taking only that into consideration, it was still strange.

So it isn't the 72 Demon Gods. Maybe there is something similar in the Fairy World.

After taking a closer look, the result felt a little different from the 72 Demon Gods.

Well, those guys were true evil that couldn't pass down blessings and the like.

They were the 72 Demon Gods that were born and raised in evil.

It must have been another entity in the Fairy World that placed blessings on Woohee.

Fairies originally didn't match well with 'evil', but by seeing how she followed Muyoung, who was so close to evil, it seemed to have some sort of influence on her.

If it was some other fairy, they would be terrified of Muyoung.

"Wooheeheehee. Husband, not there~."

Woohee wiped the side of her mouth while drooling.

She seemed to be imagining Muyoung again.

For a stupid fairy like her to be so greatly blessed…….

One would use the words 'pearls around a pig's neck' in times like these. [1]

Tacan sighed deeply.


From a place not too far away, Muyoung approached.

Muyoung and someone else.

'An arc lich.'

Tacan instinctively grasped his sword.

Not simply because he was an arc lich.

He was powerful.

Also, the mysterious energy of the light surrounding the lich aroused Tacan's aggression.

"This lich is not an enemy. From now on, he will be with us."

"Was he the bastard mixed up with the Disordered Terror?"

"His name is Bae Sungmin."

"Muyoung, let me give you one piece of advice. You can't carelessly believe a lich. Also, this lich is giving off a strange aura."

Muyoung grinned.

Although Tacan's advice was unexpected, it meant that Bae Sungmin's energy threatened Tacan that much.

You could say it was a good thing for someone who was usually so thick-skinned about most things to have this much alertness about the lich.

"Don't worry. The lich is under my control."

"Did you make it? ….. Hmmm. It's my first time seeing a lich with energy of light that strong. If the light's effect was a little greater, he might have been born as something other than a lich. Something more transcendental."

Something else could be born?

Tacan's words were quite profound.

Bae Sungmin's energy was that strong because of the 'Lineage of Light' and the necklace with the 'Talisman' embedded in it.

If Bae Suzy, the descendant of the Lineage of Light, was to be involved, what form would it have taken?

"Anyway, can't I fight him once?" Tacan asked while pointing his sword.

Besides his doubts, it seemed like he had a great heart to win.

Muyoung shook his head.

"We have to go back. It seems like it has been cleaned up."

"These worthless beings are no match for me," Tacan said as he sadly put away his sword.

At that moment, there was a noise that strongly pierced his ears.


Woohee, who had seemed to have been frozen like ice, immediately came flying over.

Then she wailed as she pointed towards the top of Muyoung's head.

"This, this, is this an affair? What is this wicked bitch? That's Woohee's place!"

The spirit of Armful's Cradle still didn't have a form yet.

It was merely a mass of light that stayed above Muyoung's head.

Seeing that, Woohee became quite agitated.

However, there was no response from Armful's Cradle.

It was obvious. To Muyoung the spirit of Armful's Cradle was not dissimilar to a baby.

Since it wasn't fully grown, it was poor at expressing emotions.

When words didn't work, Woohee began to use force.

She spoke as she poked the Armful's Cradle's side.

The more she poked, the more the Armful's Cradle helplessly shook.

If one was to see an 'abusive sister-in-law', it would look like this.

"Get lost. You're not moving? Will you leave once you taste bitterness from Woohee?"


Muyoung was forced to interrupt.

Woohee's wings drooped..

"Hmph~. Husband, but….."

Muyoung closed his mouth and turned around.

He was obviously ignoring her.

Realizing that, Woohee stared at the Armful's Cradle's spirit and shrieked, "Aiishi, anyway, Woohee is the wife. You're a concubine!!"

The Lawless, Reign and Beast clans were caught in a state of emergency.

They had lost contact with the elites who went to find the Talisman.

Everything happened at the same time and it was a totally unexpected scenario.

The leaders were taken aback. Who the hell was it?

They'd immediately dispatched an investigation team, but all that remained were corpses.

Decaying corpses and broken undead.

And all that could be seen was a skin that seemed to be the remainder of the Disordered Terror and its reeking tumors.

"Who is it? Who did this?"

Veins stood up in the neck of the Lawless clan leader, Lawless Jin.

He angrily gasped for breath.

During the investigation, he confirmed the badge of the Reign and Beast clans.

They had also suffered. However, something felt off.

'They were robbed of the Talisman.  The only ones who know of it are the Reign and Beast clans. There is nothing strange if those sly foxes were to put on a show.'


Blood flowed from his tightly clenched fist.

If there was one strange thing, it would be the outsider from Twilight Village they found out about through their investigation.

'The outsider. Muyoung or something.'

He didn't know what sort of person he was.

However, he was also suspicious.

In order to do such a thing, he would have to rank amongst the top 10 humans.

Also, all the huge groups knew of those strong men; their names, descriptions and movements.

Among them, the name 'Muyoung' didn't exist.

Also, there was a high possibility that this Muyoung was planted by another clan for the sake of confusion.

"Beast…… Reign……."

Lawless Jin ground out the names of the two clans.

What kind of thing was the Talisman?

It was a sacred power that could even create holy spirits.

Its value was beyond description. Even several castles could be bought with it.

If the culprit was from one of those two groups, he'd never let it slide.

"Contact the operatives infiltrating the two clans. Let's take a closer look at their movements! If there is anything odd, report it immediately!"

It wasn't like there was no way.

Lawless Jin had planted operatives in all the clans and guilds long ago.

In other words, spies.

Other guilds and groups did the same, but when it came to this, no one could compare to him.

"Yes, sir."

A man wearing a white gown nodded his head and immediately left Lawless Jin's room.

And Lawless Jin opened his lips slightly.

"Ataraxia, I have some work for you."


Hundreds of snakes began coming down throughout the room.

However, Lawless Jin looked at them emotionlessly as if he was familiar with them already.

Soon, the tail of the largest of the snakes could be seen when Lawless Jin said, "Look into the person called 'Muyoung'. If you can capture him alive, do so. Ah, also…

After pausing for a moment, Lawless Jin continued.

"I entrust you with looking into the Fighting King. Recently he's been accompanied by a girl? As if he plans to raise her as his student, it seems he treasures her quite a lot. You must use whatever means necessary and get the Fighting King on our side. Technically, aren't we from the same faction?"


The snakes responded by hissing simultaneously.

Then they disappeared once again.

'I'll find out everything. If they're associated, I will get rid of them and take it all back.'

Lawless Jin was not used to being caught off guard in this way.

Lawless Jin was the type of human that caused suffering rather than suffered.

And the one at the center of all this.

If only he could catch and confront this 'Muyoung', he could uncover so much of the truth.

Ataraxia was a swift tracker.

No matter how those bastards hid, he didn't believe she would fail.

They'd escaped Twilight Village and the mountain range 9 days ago.

Tacan couldn't resist asking Muyoung, "When are you planning on cutting off the tail following us?"

Scraape. Scraape.

Muyoung was cleaning his sword.

As they hunted for something to eat, Anguish had become dirty.

He removed the dirt and washed the blood off it.

Even Tacan was dumbfounded by this.

For him to use a weapon like Anguish to catch wild boar.

He thought Muyoung was a man with no great love for the sword, but seeing his behaviour, it didn't seem like that was necessarily the case.

"If you don't get involved, I will. It's quite nerve racking."

"You still have nerves?"

Tacan clucked as Muyoung looked at him unexpectedly.

Since there was only bone there was no way nerves could be left, but there was no need to point that out.

"I'm just saying."

"Bring it back alive."

Tacan moved immediately after receiving Muyoung's permission.

Soon, with a resounding 'BOOM', Tacan returned with a person over his shoulder.

It was a woman Muyoung was familiar with.

Yang Mei.

The woman who had explained the Disordered Terror in detail.

"Why were you following us?"

"Pl… Please take me with you."

Yang Mei seemed quite desperate.

However Muyoung merely wrinkled his brow.

"I can't think why."

"Aren't you the 'Star Who Eats Stars'?"

"Star Who Eats Stars?"


Tacan threw Yang Mei to the ground.

Yang Mei knelt modestly after straightening her clothes.

"I saw your activities. The Disordered Terror is… I still can't believe it, but I saw something at the end. The Red Star. The Star Who Eats Stars!"

It seemed she was talking about the Star of the Absolute.

At the removal of the Disordered Terror the star helped in the final moments.

Yang Mei saw it and seemed certain.

That Muyoung was definitely able to rob other stars using Starlight.

Yang Mei closed her eyes and spoke as if she was reciting a poem aloud.

"If the 'Star-Eating Star' appears all Stars are attracted and fight. Thus, at the end of chaos the Star of the Beginning will be born. Once again, the logic of the world would be created."

"Is it poetry?"

"It's a legend that is passed down in our tribe. I am one of many Starkeepers but…… Please take me with you.  I will be of help in finding other stars."

Yang Mei lifted the edge of her clothing.

Then, a large number of star tattoos appeared on her shoulder.

"This is the Starkeeper's Token. My tribe's mission is to deliver stars and create the Star of the Beginning!  I didn't expect to meet the Star-Eating Star, the one that begins everything, but surely this must be fate."

Muyoung continued to stare at Yang Mei's tattoo.

It was odd but he couldn't take his eyes off of the small picture carved into her shoulder.

Hair as white as snow.

It was a small carving of the woman with wings of a devil and an angel.

"Who is this?"

With a little smile, Yang Mei pointed with her hand.

"This is my Savior. She's as cold as snow and as untraceable as the wind. I kept her alive in a tattoo. It was also my Savior that told me to stay at Twilight Village for my role."


It was most definitely Snow.

The features were only engraved and the face was unknown, but the characteristics were enough.

'Who the hell are you?'

Muyoung's expression hardened.

It seemed like Snow was telling him that if he followed the Stars he would meet her.

[1] 'Pearls around a pig's neck' - Korean term similar to 'To cast pearls before swine.'

     Editor note: To give valuables to those who don't see their worth.


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